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    Started playing white box in 1976. Found Chaosium and had a great time since.
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  1. revshafer

    Upcoming Releases

    SoloQuest is out! Anything else in the pipeline?
  2. Any chance of these being brought back into print or being released in pdf?
  3. revshafer

    Great Runequest Campaign

    The mechanics of Runequest Glorantha now allow for the kind of passions and familial connections that exist in Pendragon. Given the success of The Great Pendragon Campaign, and that the course of the Hero Wars have been described in the Glorantha books, Will there be a Great Runequest Campaign?
  4. Humakt and the new Makarava maps. If the shirt was green and Humakt or the Death Rune was offset, I could wear the shirt in uniform.