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  1. Hey Chaosium Intelligentsia! ... Time for my, what now seems to be, annual request for a Credo! update. Last post from MOB, a year ago, said 'Red: Thread of Fate' then Credo (KS?) ... 'R:ToF' has been out awhile ... so, Credo! soon? ... Rick M. stated it was ready for the printer a year and a quarter ago:

    On 8/13/2019 at 11:08 AM, Rick Meints said:

    The game is finished and ready for printing.

    Any news/update will be appreciated ... Thanks gang!


    p.s. Please don't let the update be that it's been cancelled .... extreme disappointment will follow if so :( 

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  2. On 6/15/2020 at 3:09 PM, Mike M said:

    I've not made a firm decision as yet, but I imagine if people like the way I have done it in in Vol 2, with more focus on the narrative and less on the stats (or those stats that are useful, like POW etc.), then future Rulebook editions will probably follow the same or a similar format.

    I like the new way the Greater Mythos deities/entities are presented in the new MM Vol.II, I think you should stick with it ... (interestingly, I just finished watching one of the "Sandy of Cthulhu" YouTube webisodes ... here ...

     and it sounds like the way you've presented the Greater Mythos beings is Sandy's preferred way as well (around 9:43) ... go figure) ... Though now there are statistical and presentation differences between the Greater beings as presented in the MM Vol.II and the Core Rulebook, and I was wondering if future printings of the Core Rulebook would be changed to adopt the presentation as in the MM Vol.II. 

  3. Thanks so much Chaosium! ... Have been slowly digesting the two volumes of the new 'Malleus Monstrorum', and I'm very happy with what I'm seeing, cannot wait to have these physically in my hands, they'll be gorgeous ... I like the route Chaosium went with the updating/presentation of the "stat blocks" for the Greater Mythos creatures/deities and such in Vol. II., but it begs the question ... Will the entries for the Greater Mythos entities presented in the Keepers Core book be updated to the same presentation as 'Malleus Monstrorum's' in future printings, or will the traditional "stat block" presentation remain? It would be nice if there was continuity among the books.

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  4. Hey there good Chaosium folks ... Rick last posted in August that the new Credo was finished and ready for printing ... Are you any further in the process now that it's mid-October? Champing at the bit for this ... Also, are you still going to Kickstart it?



  5. Hi all ... A buddy and me are contemplating running Pagan Publishing's 'Grace Under Pressure' at Gary Con XII next March, and I was hoping to get some feedback from members of the community that may have ran this at a Con before. Looking for suggestions, pitfalls, and general advice for doing this. I'm planning on running it with 7th Edition, and we've already updated all the pre-gen PC's and have made notes on the various system related aspects of the scenario to bring it up to 7th Edition parameters. 

    As an aside ... When I attended Gary Con last year, I noticed there were several Official CoC events that took place in private suites as opposed to the general gaming area in the Forum area (those of you that have attended GC should know what I referring to) ... I was wondering if anyone knows how those private suite games were able to reserve those suites for running the games? It would greatly enhance the experience if I were able to have such a space to run GuP, as opposed to a large, loud, brightly lit area such as the forum.


  6. I seem to recall Rick Meints mentioning at some point that Credo was slated for a reboot. Any word/news on this oh Chaosium intelligentsia? One of my favorite Chaosium games ever ... heck, one of my favorite card/boardgames ever.

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