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  1. No elf or half-elf vampires in Glorantha....due to the reaction to iron found in the blood. Sure, they could limit their blood sucking to horseshoe crabs (copper-based blood). Other than THAT setting, cool beans.
  2. Scribe, it sounds a bit like the storyline of High Chapparal (sp?)...lots of interesting neighbors, all living uneasily/peacefully together until outsiders (or insiders) stir up trouble for everyone.
  3. Ok, Ok...given the pittance paid to authors, I officially apologize for giving Rodney a bit of grief over Classic Fantasy revisions. Clearly its a labor of love and it's not about the money. Rodney, thanks for your efforts on Classic Fantasy! (And I'll buy Classic Fantasy II as soon as you get in on the market)
  4. While diverting from the Bushido part of the thread, I always liked the way the gods were introduced in DragonLance...it's been decades since I read it, but the LG god (and helper?) appeared to the party as an old man and woman in wagon, fleeing some calamity. The party had a choice to act to help them, or not, and they were set on a way of adventure AND demonstrated their compassion to the world. Sometimes less is more (not usually, but sometimes).
  5. Great work! I'd love to see whatever you could send me (ahnen@hotmail.com). After I finish grad school this summer, I wanted to look at a Classic Fantasy conversion to Pathfinder (or to Shadow World). It would be interesting to see how you converted Legend/RQ6 to a Pathfinder setting.
  6. "Intensity" for a Hag, "Just what are those leiderhosen doing on the floor? If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times to pick up after yourself! Cripes, I'm no good until I have my coffee! Arrgh!" (Your hags may vary)
  7. At first glance, a 'glass golem' seems ridiculously dumb and the PC has a short life expectency...especially if he likes opera! However, there are plenty of examples of 'magic' glass. In ICE's Shadow World, there is a volcanic magic glass called 'laan'. In our world, there is 'tempered glass' that is pretty strong, too, and by analogy could be very strong in a world were magic influences the glass' strength. Of course, there would have to be some drawbacks. You all certainly gave the GM (and probably the player) some things to think about. Merry Christmas!
  8. Are you using BRP's Psionics with modifications? Please elaborate as you can. Nice premise.
  9. If they were gifts...maybe let the player define them if and when he needs them to produce a specific effect? (But don't let them know that!)
  10. Atgxtg, "it seems" and "no real" is wishy-washy. Nevertheless, let's drop it.
  11. Atgxtg, Is the publisher the issue? Let's cut to the chase. If so, the rest of this response should be ignored. Talk about circular arguments. En toto, if the product doesn't get published, there won't be any support (ex: Magic World and unfortunately CF). If the product isn't published, there can NOT be sales. No new CF, demand can only drop over time. Its been '80%' for ages. Without new product, most publishers will not support it...a new one won't be substantially different. Is CF legally tied to Chaosium? Does CF's engine rely upon some copyright ties w/BRP? Has Chaosiu
  12. Shea/Atgxtg, Great points all. Please keep shooting the messager. I bought the orginal Magic World and loved it....and waited. BRP came out, the magic system was similar but not improved. Rod's system was terrific. It fits very well w/BRP and actually improves it. Never a big fan of Elric! and not excited about the next Magic World...but clearly there's more product ready to move quickly...and the author is active on this forum. I'm an 'older', busy guy and not getting email responses isn't a big deal, it happens. But the little things add up. Frankly, I'd buy Rod's pro
  13. One, I agree the product is brilliant. Two, there's no intent to 'take him to task'. Three, will changing companies 1)move more product and 2)support the customers? He's a talented and busy guy, great point. I forget that this is more of a hobby than business, so maybe my expectations are a bit higher than reasonable...valid point. (typed as I wrestle with my 5 year old son.... I understand limited time)
  14. Gosh Rod, Clearly I hit a nerve, don't take it personally. The simple fact is that three years is a long time for a follow-up product. I think you need to take on a team or get some kind of support infrastructure, maybe another publisher gives you that...maybe not. Your product is inspired and my personal favorite but clearly you need help to move product (1). I did get one of your very well formatted updates but was left with the impression over the past 3 years that there were more(2). Email inquiries to yahoo group and your personal email went unanswered(3). Facts are facts, perce
  15. Rod, I have to agree with all the others, and throw some other things to consider. Your support for your BRILLIANT system has been tepid. You're available greatly for a while, then you disappear. Promised updates to CF owners don't materialize. In short, your care and feeding for your rabid fans is weak. Despite that, I'd happily buy anything in this line but, well, its been three years. Make your move...whatever it is...but do so with commitment. If you can't do it all, have a team help you; your fans are out there but they are drifting away b/c you don't take care of the relati
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