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    Was given a copy of RuneQuest in 1981 by Greg Stafford this kicked off my RGP adventures.
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    Don't really know what to put here I'm a 40+ year old that can't let go a childhood love of RPG's.

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  1. My initial thoughts as the stone is Tied to life death moon and chaos runes. The Moon effigies allow Three Individuals souls to be bound to the stone. Providing Pow and Life force to the holder of the stone. But the powers provided her immediately addictive Starting at a passion 30%. Any time the player uses a stone He must make a will power roll against the passion To prevent himself from trying to draw to strongly on the stone and Resist becoming more strongly addicted to it. Any failure on a roll Causes a 5% increase a fumble roll causes 15% of the Addiction. The stone is not very efficient To heal one point of damage Causes one point of damage to each of the three individuals bound to the stone. Drawing on Pow is 1 for three as well. Anytime A willpower roll is failed the three individuals Who are sole bound Stone Must make an endurance role A failed roll Results in the sole bound fainting for 1d6 rounds And a 20% chance of getting a chaos effect. A fumbled roll Results in the individual Dying and coming back as a cat scratcher in1d6 hours. If this happens the owner of the stone was make a will power roll To gain control over The new Chaos creature. I thought this would be a bit fun And dangerous objects to have in the game. So what are your thoughts and what adjustments you think I should make. I would still love to hear Different ideas on it’s magical properties.
  2. As a hobby of mine I like to carve semi precious stones well I saw this one stone and it screamed at me lunar empire magic item. I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of its powers.
  3. Unfortunately I was unable to go to GEN con this year due to severe back injury. And my kids were more bummed then I was. I definitely plan to be there next year. I was wondering if there’s any West Coast conventions coming up as I now live in Idaho?
  4. So I live in Idaho now, as I am Fairly close to Canada. I was wondering if there was any conventions on the west side of Canada or the west side of the United States that any of the Mythras Writers are going to be at? And this would be including any of the add-ons or modules.
  5. I’d also be willing to run my new campaign. Using the new rules I’m starting it this weekend now this is mainly for my kids and two of my friends so the place testing would be from their perspective. Now my kids have never been DnDers They have gone Through classic fantasy campaign before. So you Would get the perspective of a 12,14,19 year old girls and 17,22,30,33,48 year old boys.

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Let me know how it goes. Are you in my playtest group Belgath? I lose track.

    2. Belgath


      No I’m not in the play test group. But if you need a perspective from the group I’m currently utilizing I’d be more than willing to help. But if you already have enough people that is fine too.

  6. I wasn’t able to make it to Gen Con this year due to back injury. But I would love to run  some of your Scenarios  next GEN con or Maybe one of the West Coast conventions as I live in Idaho now.  I know every classic fantasy game I ran filled up like five seconds after they were posted and so it’s always been a huge hit there I think it’s the name is the key in a number of people Became avid rune questers. I really believe if you did a convention You have a lot of buy-in As the name sells itself. It’s one of the most common search is when people are looking for games.

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Thanks for all of your support. Let me know in advance and maybe I can get you an adventure to playtest before its actually released as well.

  7. Some more updates to the canal city
  8. This southern port city with a bit more work added to it.
  9. Early drawings of the port cities and Curren$y
  10. Some sketches of the unique life on this world this is very stage, there’s central nervous system’s Are broken up to multiple brains to the extent that some portions carry sentience. The Last picture is the lifecycle of one of the species.
  11. This next bit of stuff just brainstorming sketches for this current world that I’m building. First of all here’s some pathogen’s to make the players life happier.
  12. Hello everybody it’s been a while. Life has been a bit crazy busy. But Finally found time to start working on a new campaign. Ruin Seeps Through Shallow Wounds. In this world the two major oceans are completely separated by a narrow volcanically active land mass. That runs along one of the tectonic plates. There’s two major port cities that allow trade between The two major bodies of water. And of course because there Location there is direct competition and a lot of intrigue between the two cities. The player characters Get thrown right into the mix keeping it very open world. It will be interesting to see what direction the players decide to go in. Small rural towns sit outside of the main cities have them spaced out about every 4 to 6 miles stretching along the volcanic islands. There is plenty of room as the cities are being re-inhabited yes after a long span of just abandon being abandoned. People are being paid to move in and Homestead what a fortunate time to be alive.
  13. Yes. I had played with the full RQG but my kids did not like the combat rules and felt to restricted in what they could do. I do use the RQG spells but with the Mythras rules. Now if I had a group that wanted The combat more crunchy and dangerous I would use the RQG rules.
  14. I use the 95% Mithras rules and Add in the RQG rules for rolling up PC and the rules for the rune Affinities. I also use some of the rules from RQG6 and RQG4 but as there is only 50 copy’s of each of Those books and maybe really hard to get your hands on them.
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