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  1. parejf63

    A love of demons....

    Conversions are turning into orginal creations. Will post when more a done. CLASSIC FANTASY is not my thing, if I want to play D&D, I play it, if I want to play OPENQUEST, I play that. I never mix the two..
  2. parejf63

    A love of demons....

    I will 🙂
  3. parejf63

    Classic Fantasy, why run it? (+)

    I enjoy it, but I use it for more spells and creatures for Mythras. If I want to play D&D, I play D&D, but right now, our gaming choice is Mythras...
  4. parejf63

    A love of demons....

    I am in the process of creating (converting) demons from AD&D, anybody Interested?
  5. parejf63

    New Character Sheet available.

    So, is this sheet a keeper, I saw a lot of downloads. I hope it has everything you need on it, any revisions needed?
  6. parejf63

    New Character Sheet available.

    https://www.dragonsfoot.org/php4/archive.php?sectioninit=CS&fileid=445&watchfile= I am known as Milo on the DF site. I created this a few days ago, and Steve, the site owner kindly hosted it.
  7. parejf63


    Yes, but some things have slowed it down. Alot of projects going on right now. Hopefully by May
  8. parejf63


    Professional, NO! I am not a professional writer, just a fan supplement. Mongoose, though I like what they did, I want to do this with OpenQuest rules. White Magic is non-corruptive magic, some of the gods will have access to Sorcery, which will still be Black Magic. Cults will be written out, as per OpenQuest 2 cults. Corruption will be used for Black Magic Although not really a part of Lankhmar, and I am debating if Shaman's will be included. I could easily incorporate them. Battle magic will not be available to everyone, just Priests and Sorcerers, and Shamans if they are included. To cast magic, wether Divine or Sorcery, a POW of 16 of greater will be needed. All I can say at this point.. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, a low but powerful magic setting for OpenQuest (Runequest) As stated above (Races) Lankhmarts/Eight Cities folk, most common humans Mingols, wild horse (or sea!) raiders Northern barbarians, tough viking like warriors Easterners, Arabian/Asian cultured empires Quarmallians, tunnel-dwelling sorcerous race, former overlords Ghouls, transparent-skinned desert warriors Very few references were made as to Ghouls being Translucent. I believe this was done by TSR first. A few passages said they were cannibals, and their lips, genitals, and Nipples on the breast of females vaguely "pinkish in color (almost translucent)". Mongoose confirms this. Yet, I like TSR's interpretation of them being translucent, so I will use that version of it.
  9. parejf63


    I am hoping to do a short conversion of Lankhmar to OpenQuest. I feel the setting fits the game, perfectly. What will be done: 1) Black Magic and White Magic. Divine Spell casters will use white magic, Sorcerers will use Black magic 2) races available 3) New Creatures 4) Corruption and Black Magic 5) Cult Write Ups If you have any ideas, please let me know on here.. THANKS
  10. parejf63


    I have added some more rules for corruption, these are all just ideas at this point. Keep that in mind. At 50% corruption (50% above your original score in Dark Magic), you must make a test vs a d20 roll and your current MP's on the resistance table, if you fail, you must cast a spell that day on a living target, and it must be a damaging spell of your choice. At 100% corruption, you no longer gain or use Magic Points, you rely on those of others through blood sacrifice. (rules Pending) Also, for each 10% corruption you have, you receive a chaotic feature will can be many things, some even helpful. NOTE These added rules reflect how addicting Dark Magic is. You cannot rely on players to role-play this out.
  11. parejf63


    This is my ghoul interpretation from the 2nd Edition Lankhmar setting. GHOULS Although called Ghouls, they are not undead or even related to them. Some ancient curse made their skin transparent, and they do have an appetite for human flesh (this can controlled, however). The are purely carnivorous, and their food is never cooked. Special Abilities: -6 APP Ghouls have normal stats after this restriction. +20% to disguise skill. When a Ghouls is attacked, they get a +10% to parry. In complete or magical darkness, ghouls are almost invisible --- Invisibility rules apply. Restrictions: Ghouls cannot wear but they can use shields. Ghouls are generally not welcome in most civilized areas, and they rely on outfits that cover they faces or the disguise skill. Note: To play a ghoul, it is wise to adjust their skills for their lack of armor.
  12. parejf63


    Thank you, Questbird. Given the nature of Lankhmar, and me not wanting to be too rulesy with it, I have devised this simple corruption system Magic is powerful in the world, but it is also feared by its people. Using magic must be done carefully, mostly in secret, where no one can see you practicing it, unless you are foolhardy to do it openly. I have added three Magical Skills to the Game: Dark Magic (used to cast Dark or SHADOW Magic) INT + POW at the start, Hedge Magic (Balance and Light Spells) INT + POW, and Enchantments (INT). These skills cannot be raised in character creation. This reflects less powerful mages at the start. Each time you increase your Dark Magic skill by 10% you receive either a chaotic feature, or in my game a corruption feature. When you reach 100% in Dark Magic casting, you are 100% corrupt, and an abomination to look upon. Of course, your physical appearance can be masked. A Dark magician can only cast Shadow Spells. A Hedge Wizard can only cast Balance and Light Spells (which are all taken from the spell compilation from this site. Hedge Magic is non-corruptive. But still needs to be done in secrecy. I look at Hedge Magic as "White Magic", they can cast Both Light and Balance spells. PS one of the reasons I like Magic World is its spells. I wanted to devise a system that utilizes all of them. Not restricting any of them from the game. You still need a POW of 16 or higher to become a sorcerer, regardless of which magic you choose to cast. I will also use Demons and summonings in this game, which is only available to Dark Mages.
  13. parejf63


    After getting the Savage Worlds Lankhmar Map, I was AWE STRUCK, best thing I have ever purchased. I have all the RQ books on Lankhmar, as well as those of TSR. I love the MW rules, which is easier than even OPENQUEST, which I also like. But MW seems to fit the setting better. I do have to pose a few questions though: 1 How would you draw up stats for the Ghouls? I have my own ideas but wanted other insights. 2 How did you use sorcery in the game, and the Three Allegiances? I am in the process of converting the Black Magic Rules from MRQII Lankhmar. I will post them when done. My players like a low but powerful magic campaign, and this is the perfect setting for it..
  14. parejf63

    Which skill for ropework

    If all else fails, for those rules not covered in skills, I use and attribute check x4. or 3 depending what they want to do...
  15. parejf63


    Love it. Thanks Jason. Savage North, I use the Corruption and blood magic. Having The Conan D20 books is a big plus. Especially Road of Kings and Faith & Fervor