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  1. Such a great interview. Thank you! The timing is unbelievable. Just picked up the Agents Handbook and am getting into this game right now, too.
  2. Do you suppose the new SRD may allow this book to resurface? a 2nd edition?
  3. Ok. Having looked at some of these files... Do not bother. They are not recognizable as d100 or anything close to BRP. Maybe delete this thread. Or leave it to warn others away from this garbage. Moderator's choice. Either way, I'm done with AEIOUS.
  4. I stumbled upon a series of PDFs that were listed as d100. The World of AEIOUS. Do we have any opinions on these products? Several are free and I'm about to check them out. You can find them here under this publisher.
  5. Anything new on this topic?
  6. In my way to deal with the strange-ness of this whole isolation thing, i ordered all of the M-Space physical books. Four in total, i believe. M-Space core rulebook Reflux Elevation: First Contact The Triton Incident That's the whole collection so far, correct? I've been eyeing them forever and finally pulled the trigger. We'll see how long they take to get here.
  7. Can one correctly assume the The Complete Griselda contains all of these titles? A Brief Return to the Rubble A Day at the Races The Lady of Alone Meet the Parents No Way for a Lady to Behave Ogre Hunt https://www.chaosium.com/the-complete-griselda-pdf/ https://www.chaosium.com/licenses-heroquest/
  8. I was just poking around the DwD site looking to see if these games were still alive. I was very fond of the Covert Ops line as a long ago fan of Top Secret/S.I. which the two games share a lot of DNA, I think.
  9. Well, that sounds almost too good to be true. *checks date* - Dec 1st, not April 1st
  10. Honestly, I was not referring to the Rivers of London announcement. However, I'm extremely thrilled to hear about that and I'm off to go get familiar with that series. I was reading through this thread and it simply sounded like there was more hope for an update than I've heard for a while. Especially the wording in Rick Meints' post, sounded to me like there's a desire to do it, at least. I love the BRP BGB and would love to see an update.
  11. Reading through this thread, it doesn't seem to be explicitly said, but it sure feels like there's a BRP update coming. Is this clear and I'm slow? or is this wishful thinking?
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