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  1. What info is there out there about Department M? I first heard anything about it at the end of Mythras Matters episode 2. https://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1200053-1-2-tread-carefully-in-the-mire
  2. Any clue when this will drop? Any clue what the price might be, are these guys selling the pre-order option close do you think?
  3. What do we know about this entry at DriveThru? Added/uploaded on Dec 8th 2018. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/260930/The-Titan-Incident
  4. Jeffrywith1e


    Characters are going to be humans in RuneQuest, correct? Doesn't look like any of the characters in the Quickstart are any other variety of race. Thanks. Newish to RuneQuest. Looking at getting the new books. I do have the Avalon Hill box set where they do talk about making characters out of many of the species in the Creatures Book (4). Does the new Bestiary serve in the same way?
  5. That was cool. Thank you for sharing. I've never watched this show before. The reference is at around 2:25.
  6. This site had more related material from that amazing image. http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php/266427-Symbiosis-a-Creative-Commons-art-book
  7. Is there an idea of when to expect BRP Essentials? I know they're saying RuneQuest for GenCon, but I hope Essentials drops before that.
  8. I'm rather fond of Stephen Daniele's art. http://www.stephendaniele.com/ He did the cover art for Hollow Earth Expedition as well as much of the interior art. Classy style.
  9. BRP Mecha seems to be unavailable now. Even PDF. Is that correct? Disregard. I found the answer.
  10. Not D&D 5E! I read somewhere that there were Advantages and Disadvantages in the Superworld rules. I'm curious what those were like and surprised they were not featured as an option in the BGB. Can anyone share to how those were portrayed?
  11. The BareBones stuff has a very generalist take on skills. In that sense it isn't compatible. I found Covert Ops to be probably pretty compatible with Top Secret/S.I. than any of our BRP stuff.
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