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  1. Errata for revolution d100

    I just downloaded RD100 from DriveThru and this still seems to be wrong.
  2. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    Just pledged.
  3. Careers

    Delta Green made this wise decision in its new version too. Doesn't hurt playability a bit. Being abstract and keeping the fun bits while ditching the nonsense is the right way in my opinion. Case in point: "Lethality Rating" for automatic and heavy weapons. Fast, intuitive _and_ realistic - work of beauty. kind regards, Stephan
  4. OpenQuest Refreshed is now available

    Great. It's on my list. Any time frame? ;-)
  5. OpenQuest Refreshed is now available

    So OpenQuest hardcover it is (for now), as soon as DriveThru has it back on the order page. Will River of Heaven be revamped too or is it a bug-fix release? Oh, and... great work! As far as I am concerned, OpenQuest ist the best set of BRP rules currently available. kind regards, Stephan
  6. OpenQuest Refreshed is now available

    Hi all, I'm going to buy the OpenQuest hardcopy. Good thing ist just got updated. Will order River of Heaven too. Got a question, though. Are the DriveThru PODs the only versions that exist or is there a separate print run? And will River of heaven get some updates ,too? kind regards, Stephan