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  1. They don't have to. If you would do as you say you would violate the license. It's not a law, it's a contract. You can use any D100 system you like, but not BRP - at least not for publishing. They could even demand to put the Word "Fnord" at the end of each sentence. Not fine with it? Don't use the license. That's the entire point of the nine pages of thread above.
  2. The point is that Legend OGL is not just any other system, but functionally identical, sans the logo and gives you more to work with to boot. So this whole thing leaves a head-scratching "why bother?". (It is a bit ironic, though that Legend OGL is held by Mongoose who did everything in their might to de-OGL their Traveller 2e). That being said, I can't speak for the Open Cthulhu project but I do know some of the folks of the German Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft e.V. Their intention of doing Fhtagn (including a meticulously well-kept list of everything Mythos in the public domain) was entirely to have something for themselves because they didn't like the route CoC 7e was going. Still, these folks buy nearly everything CoC they can get their hands on. I get why Chaosium went this route, but in this case, well-meant is not well-done. A better wording of the license would have gone a long way and the SRD really isn't one in all but name.
  3. Even if you don't, it's just a bad offer. Take "Fhtagn" for example. They make use of a modified OpenQuest engine based on the new Delta Green and disentangled rules and setting. The rule SRD alone has 127 pages to work with. Also, the term “substantially similar”really is a blocker. Legally it means "similar in function or capability or otherwise competitive to the products or services being developed, manufactured or sold by the Company, or are marketed to substantially the same type of user or customer as that to which the products and services of the Company are marketed or proposed to be marketed" It essentially means Chaosium can throw a wrench in your project whenever it is cosmic horror, middle age fantasy or involves rune magic and they feel like it.
  4. For the reasons you mentioned and after having a look at the really bare bones 27 pages document, the question arises - why bother? There is the Legend SRD, there is Mythras, OpenQuest springs to mind... hell, for the German speaking follks out there there is even the Fhtagn RPG.
  5. Same here. The revised quickstart fixes a lot for me and I really can't wait for the international edition. The system is easy to grasp, once you wrap your head around what's trying to accomplish and the rules make sense. For me, this is a perfect blend between traditional, with fixed characteristics and (not too many) skills, and modern, with traits and narrative options while retaining the simple intuitiveness of D100. Oh, and I really, really like that it is in full colour now.
  6. Can I make a wish? The Roll for Effect table on p.48 in the original RD100 is wrong. This bugged me since I bought it. If this would be corrected, I'd probably buy two of the international edition. 😉 Kind regards, Stephan
  7. With a little luck, you can still find it on Amazon - even in mint condition, last I checked.
  8. The rules system would be of interest to me. Personally, I despise CoC7, am ok with no-frills BRP and really like Magic World/Elric!.
  9. On a related note... I just dug up Outpost 19 - nearly forgot that I have it on my shelf for years - and read it this time. Fits nicely with what I have in mind. The technophobia of the Gate Wardens and the Quertzl fit perfectly with my other great source of inspiration: Zozer Games' "Hostile" setting (greatly recommended). Just a sprinkle of other-worldly horror added, and a campaign seems good to go (after a test-scenario on a con later this year). I think the only thing I'm really going to change is the fate of the Alpha Centauri main world. It's a pet-peeve of mine, but I like this system since I was a child. So no - every other system is up for blow-up, but not this. 😉 Kind regards, Stephan
  10. Yes I know. I have them both. Only got better. ;-) Kind regards, Stephan
  11. This would have been nice, since I intend to do cyberpunk/Shadowrun with it. Took a long, hard look at OpenQuest, RD100 and even Mythras, but the Stormbringer rules just do it for me since I first used them in 1989. :-) Kind regards, Stephan
  12. Sounds great. :-) Any chance that the errata is already worked in?
  13. It's been a while now. Any update on the estimated delivery?
  14. I just downloaded RD100 from DriveThru and this still seems to be wrong.
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