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  1. mcarson

    Empire of Gatan

    That would be awesome of you. PM sent, and I'll be keeping an eye out for the 10th anniversary edition in 2019. Thank you!
  2. Is the Empire of Gatan setting info available anywhere? I've got an idea brewing for a game involving the Savage North, but the run into it requires something more southernly. I don't need a super huge amount of detail, but a map & general outline of the political divisions in & around the Empire would be a huge help. If there is more detailed EoG information coming, I'd like to be able to use it & not have my homebrew conflict. Aside from a world map, I'm looking for a place with a number of city-states that hire a bunch of mercenary companies to fight their endless internecine little wars (think Italy during the 13th-15th centuries). Bonus points is slavery is normalized in the region. Any suggestions?
  3. For the folks that use a casting skill, do you use that in place of the resistance roll? How does it affect the combat effectiveness of magic? MW already strikes me as a game where spell casting is more of a support role than a direct combat thing, with mechanisms in place to limit both it's effectiveness and frequency of use. What mechanical role does the casting skill play?
  4. That worked. Replacing the datastores autogenerated the tables, and not all is good and right in the world. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Thank you, Chris. The autogenerated lists aren't there when I open it, but the skills are calculating right now. I'll re-add the datastores and see what happens as son as I can.
  6. Today I did a clean install of NBOS, installed a clean download of the sheet, and got the same symptoms. I then replaced all the Datastores with the text files you gave me, and all the dropdowns work. So, for anyone encountering this in the future, there's your workaround. Then I noticed that the HP calculation is wrong, and the stat modifiers to skills are wrong (set to stat/5, should be stat/2), so I fixed those. I also noticed that Perception stats get a different number added instead of the Con. The script that updates skills looks right, so I really have no idea where it's coming from. Also, if I manually change the character's Con (and kit Keep), the displayed Con mod updates properly, but the number added to skills changes when I hit Update. For example, if Con is 10, the displayed Con.mod is 5, but 10 is added to each Perception skill. Change Con to 17, and the mod is 9, but 16 gets added to each skill. Change Con back to 10, and the mod goes back to 5, but now 12 is added to each skill. Yeah, I got nothin'. Also, weapon skills are supposed to get a bonus from Str or Dex depending on if they are melee or ranged. There is a STR/DEX field in the weapon table, that appears to be mostly filled with dates. Do you know why that is? If I fix that field, perhaps I can add the appropriate stat mod to the weapon skills. ((Edited: Those aren't dates, they're min STR and DEX to use the weapon. Dur.))
  7. Hey, that worked! The other sheets of yours that I tried had the same problem, but when I re-added all the DataStores from the texts directory in that zip file, everything started working (as far as my tests in 10 minutes show). Tomorrow I'll create a clean working copy from the original file and those texts, without my other monkeying around, and create a couple of characters. Thank you so much for all your help!
  8. OK! I think I know what happened! (But not HOW it happened.) I think the software went looking for the DataStores (txt files) and didn't find them, and so deleted the automatically created lists associated. At any rate, the lists that exist are either ones I created, or related to text files I have. Unfortunately, not all of the text files listed in DataStores are at the link you gave me. Specifically, I'm missing: species.txt gender.txt shield.txt coins.txt exchange.txt miscellan.txt magic.txt helm.txt experience.txt equipment.txt If you could please see your way clear to uploading those text files, I really believe it'll help a lot. I know you're tied up with Megadungeon, but would appreciate your assistance in this.
  9. A zip of your file would be helpful - I did redownload the posted version to see if that was it. Barring that, a list of the lists used and a pointer to how I can access and modify the tables would help me get the current copy I have fully functional. I would have to be the special snowflake. At least I've had fun tracking down the issue as far as I have.
  10. When I re-open the sheet in the editor, and select a field that has a drop-down, on the toolbar at the top it has an item for "List", which generally shows something sensible (eg occupation for the field under "Pick Occupation". However, when I go into the List Manager tool, it shows no lists defined. When I go into the Document Setup tool, and the DataStores tab, it shows a bunch of DataStore Files of the form, "C:\Users\<username deleted>\Documents\Inspiration Pad Pro\CharacterSheet\<some_list>.txt" with, of course, somebody's username and the name of a list filled in. There are more things listed here than there are text files at the link above. I added the text files I downloaded on the path I put them, but this had no effect. I don't know if there is something I need to do to tell NBOS to go re-look at those DataStore sources. I tried manually re-adding the list by going into the List Manager, telling it to make a new list called occupation, then pasting in the text from the occupation.txt file, and relinking the occupation field to this new list. Unfortunately, it isn't seeing the comma as a field break, so my new test character is a Soceror, Bargain, Evaluate, etc, etc. When I open the CSD file in WordPad, I can search for an element of the list (eg, Sorceror (hey, I like playing Casters)) and find it, along with it's list of skills (the file isn't exactly plain text, but close enough to follow) so they're in there, just not showing up in the interface. I'm using version 2.01b, from the release track. You aren't using the beta or one of the special tracks, are you? It gets weirder, because, why not? If I manually re-add a list, such as occupation, with just the key value, everything appears to work (skills on the skills page, starting bronze) except for field 8 showing you what stats and skills you should be adding - they just don't appear. That could be as simple as my having the text slightly wrong. Since I'm following along in the not-a-normal-text-file, there could be a special character I just can't see. So there appear to be both lists (a list of occupations, for example) and tables (keyed on occupation name, with the skills and starting bronze for that occupation) in the sheet. On the front page, some dropdowns work (armor type) others don't (shield skills) with no apparent rhyme or reason. Where do I find the list of lists that are supposed to be in the file, and how to I see/edit the tables? I'm sorry if this isn't completely coherent. I've added to this post a few times over the last 3ish hours as I've tried to work through it. I'm making good progress, and have a lot of it working. I'm very interested in how I broke it, and would love to get it to 100%. It's also almost 3am and I'm not usually up this late, so I'm going to knock off before I screw something up. Thank you for your time and attention. I really do appreciate the effort you put into these projects in general and specifically your help in getting this up and running.
  11. That's very likely it - I didn't see any text files, so they're probably what I've done wrong. Please pardon me for being obtuse, but where do I get those files?
  12. mcarson


    I just got an update notice from Drivethru, and it's all fixed - 96&97 look great, and the covers are there too. Thanks to you & Nick!
  13. I am able to bring the sheet up in the Viewer, but I'm having trouble with entering information. In text entry boxes, the pink area goes blue when I click in the box. I can't see the text I enter, but it does show up the next time go to a new field. That's difficult to use, but can be adapted to. Where I hit a hard stop is that the dropdowns don't show a list - or perhaps show a blank list. This means I can't select a profession or experience level, and so I can't move on from there. If I'm missing something, I'd greatly appreciate a pointer in the right direction. Thank you for your time!
  14. Thank you, sir. I appreciate all the work you put in to these efforts.
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