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  1. I think there is a big difference between "Recapture Old Glory" vs. "Do it right this time". The latter seems to be what Chaosium is striving for. I suspect they could save time money and a few white hairs if RQG were a glorified vanity project. I suspect they would not have bothered at all. Is everyone going to like it OR agree with the design? Nope. But that is every game ever. Yes, the modern RPG audience is a challenge; game play has changed over the years and the real challenge will be getting new and younger converts to RQ. They won't do that by creating a game they don't believe in or only half believe in. As a note: RQ is one of the games that influenced a great deal of Indie Game theory and thought, which touches in some way many of the more 'modern' game designs. So I think it will fit in just fine with the newer gamers.
  2. Well more than just the legal issues, are the issues of respect. Maybe that is an old fashioned notion, I dunno, but as a game designer who is trying to do his own thing if I find something in Skaerune' that smells too much like I am just copying another game (as opposed to using the OGL the way it was meant), then I rip it out and find a different solution. In some ways I feel that it makes my designs better, more unique, or whatever language you choose to describe. The hard work of these people has inspired me and it would be ill service as a designer to just copy/paste or rely to heavily on the letter of the law so I have a clear conscience violating the spirit. But in the end all I can do is the best I can do in that regard.
  3. So not to derail the thread, with all opinions about the MRQ (pro and con) aside, would there ever be a time when the Second Age would get another chance? With new/revamped books and a zeitgeist more in line with what folks want from Glorantha. I am talking an official second chance, not just fan material. OR is that just a bad taste in folks mouths that it would never be revisited in our lifetimes.
  4. Lore is the key. CoC, RQ, Stormbringer all have a deep lore that players can immerse themselves into. I feel like the early days of BRP / d100 trained us to link that idea in our heads. So I think that is what a d100 audience looks for in their BRP family of games. However, there is a significant group of players that just take the bare bones BRP and morph it into whatever Lore they are using to run their games. I suspect that basic BRP no setting attached system will never go away, but in itself does not require more than say a single book or two for players to work with.
  5. That looks very cool
  6. That seems to make sense, even though in my mind that is a lot of penalties to keep track of. Still if you are using the system like that, then definitely the riposte (or a subsequent attack) should be reduced in effectiveness.
  7. The Riposte uses the weapon or shield that did not parry. In the example you give, if the character parried with their shield, they would riposte with the sword. Based on the wording, which makes it clear (ish) that this attack does not in any way affect or is affected by DEX SR etc.. I would suggest there is no reason to think that there is any penalty to the riposte attack. It is the reward for that critical parry.
  8. The bottom one has a bit of an Earthdawn feel to it, which is not a bad thing at all.
  9. Heh maybe it is time for the world's adventurers to me Garleb the Notorious, a feared wizard who in no way resembles Bargle the Infamous lol.
  10. Heh maybe it is time for the world's adventurers to me Garleb the Notorious, a feared wizard who in no way resembles Bargle the Infamous lol.
  11. I do not think there are enough old school space opera RPGs. In any system.
  12. Lore Item: Skaerune' means "Rune in the Sky" i.e. the vortex that opens up when a new city is summoned forth
  13. I am pretty sure that passage refers to the kidnapping of elves that have freely allied themselves with the Empire and taking them away to be sacrificed. Any other interpretation is the fevered imaginings of rebels and anarchists.
  14. Do you think it was a case of design or execution? Honestly I would find it hard to be too critical as high level play in any RPG was less than a decade old. In my experience attaining Rune Lord / Priest / Master status was definitely a goal to be obtained, but seemed very end game to my mind. Though that could have easily been my rpg world view and not any deficiency in the rules or setting. It is much easier to point to a level (15-20 or what have you) than it is to say "you must have 75 or 100% in these skills/things" and a lucky trollkin can still cut your head off. Still a more manageable and reasonable route to Rune Master (not easier) is certainly a selling point for the new system.
  15. That moment when you see a thread and think "Hey that looks cool" and then you read it and you are like "Oh hell no, not getting into that one." lol