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  2. Where: A mountain village; western edge of Prax. When: Fire Season, 1626 Stakes: The village of Seven Idols will be consumed by the mountain god Cielcath (pr. Keel-cath) or the people will perish from the poisoned well. Hook: Crossing into Prax the adventurers are attacked at a crossing by crazed shepherds leading a young woman on a mule. The young woman will tell them she must be returned to the village of Seven Idols now that her rescuers are dead. She promises her mother will explain more. Choices: The characters must make choices from the very start. Do they kill or capture the shepherds? Do they return Drordel to Seven Idols? Do they accept the offer from Vrardel to help her daughter seek the chamber of Cielcath? Will they help her on her tasks or will they allow Drordel to suffer all of the consequences? In the end do they try and destroy Cielcath the Undying, letting Seven Idols die, or allow Drordel to finish the Hero Quest? Motivations: Though the people of Seven Idols are Lunars, they seem peaceful and fair. They are dying from the poisoned well and Cielcath will devour them all if it awakens. Vrardel promises to allow the younger members of the village to seek out other, non-Lunar gods if they wish, assuming the PCs finish the hero quest. Cielcath is a being of chaos. Tone: Focus on the ideas of sacrifice and what it means to be a hero. Seven Idols is doomed, even if the PCs succeed, as the world is changing and the younger members will eventually leave or change their allegiances. Every scene is back-lit by eternal sunset. Success means another season of life.
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  4. Sean_RDP

    Suggested Scenarios and Supplements?

    Definitely get Rogue Mistress, even if it costs you a finger or something.
  5. Sean_RDP

    OpenQuest what would you change?

    As someone who is using the OQ OGL and making my own changes, I feel a little weird even commenting. I am however, firmly in the OpenQuest 3 camp. I do not think OQ needs a tone of changes, but I am eager to see what an updated set of rules would look like. Certainly it could also be open to an entirely new audience. Now I will get back to work
  6. Is the full longer version of the Tower of Yrkath Florn out there? I was reading my 1st ed SB this morning and reading over the scenario to maybe use for a Conan game I might be running. It mentioned there was a more extensive version. I suspect I just have failed to notice it somewhere along the line.
  7. Sean_RDP

    What is a Demon?

    I know what the book says and I know what some literature and other games say, but I am curious how others think of or describe demons in their campaigns. What role do they play, if any, outside the specific uses for magic?
  8. Sean_RDP

    The City That Thieves 2.0

    I am making revisions to this campaign, though the basic premise remains basically the same: The city of Hwnburg is a taker. Born under its banner your own fate is wrapped up in its story and that of the world around it as both fall into a new age. Cultures / Races Sea People Horse Folks Red Elves Laandfolk Raiders Characters Characters are minor (or middling) "princes" (any gender) of a House (Merchant, Noble, Councillor, Dueling, or Outsider Band) who spend their days fighting duels and settling feuds for their sponsors. Sponsors are not the same as their own house (necessarily), so this will create some politics. As the houses and the fortunes of the city grow more dim, the once proud princes also learn skills (Occupations) aside from killing one another. There will be rules for House and Sponsor creation and more room for having adventures outside of the city itself. Hwnburg itself will still play a significant role in the characters lives.
  9. Sean_RDP

    Lunar Marines

    So I am working on the background for the Red Sky at Night campaign I am going to run. I have determined that I want to make the characters Lunar marines. The Lunar navy (as I understand it) is relatively new and not that big. The basic premise of the campaign's start is that these are 3 to 7 (number to be determined) Lunar soldiers / sorcerers or what have you that were part of a far outpost and when everything goes to hell, they have to make it back home without any help. Across a world that is pretty damn hostile to them right now. After puttering around a bit, I thought that a group of marines, part of a group set to look out on a small island near Corflu (or somewhere else) would find themselves in need of getting home without their ship and their unit (company). To make a Lunar Marine, really just a soldier roped into naval service because they can swim, I decided to modify the Light Infantry Warrior a bit. I am sticking with the book material mostly to make it easier for new players. But may expand a bit as needed. Unit Weapons: Javelin, 1H Weapon, Medium Shield ( but might a small shield be more appropriate?) Homeland: Lunar Tarsh (I thought they would have all been recruited there, but Other Suggestions?) Occupational Skills: add Boat +10%, Swim +10%, Shiphandling +15% (Should I drop any skills?) Cults: Seven Mothers (Other suggestions?) I do not see any other changes that would be needed; I can always have rope lying around should they need it. Unit Ship: Red Scar of Corflu; CO: (rank?) Dajath Skymarked Marine ship's company of 35 + 1 officer. Unit name: Scorpion (company / cohort / something) - Divided into seven bands of five (ish); CO Ahreza Pripas Squad: Dark Moon Band - 1 (npc) leader Hegesh Oromod TL:DR Backstory. The ship was laid up for repairs and this whole unit (The Scorpions) were assigned to an island look out post. Then the stuff happened. So any thoughts are appreciated.
  10. Sean_RDP

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My sincerest sympathies to his loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues. Greg Stafford has gone onto the next great adventure and left behind many gifts and inspirations, not just in role playing games but in life. And as long as those whose lives he touched, however briefly, carry on making the most of those gifts, his memory will live on and the inspiration will touch new lives.
  11. Sean_RDP

    Lunar Marines

    Right, that is the way I read it to. I am also researching "marines" from other cultures in human history that might (or might not) offer some ideas. This group was basically chosen because they had some skill with water, swimming, or boating already.
  12. Sean_RDP

    Lunar Marines

    I think that is the general idea, though IF they get there and how will be up to them. As for how they get off the island, there will be a few options once things go south. For instance perhaps the island is a landmark for fishermen who have their boats out. The characters could bribe, threaten, or just steal one of those. The island might be accessible (ish) at low tide? That could make for an exciting escape. If the outpost is attacked, the attackers might have boats of their own. I do not intend to make it easy, but options will exist.
  13. So I know folks are fans of Sarah Newton's Chronicles of Future Earth and looking for a new version... ...https://mindjammerpress.com/2018/08/14/the-chronicles-of-future-earth-of-the-ages-of-the-earth/
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    Chronicles of Future Earth

    Here is the Kickstarter: I have no particular horse in the race but I know some folks are fans. I backed it.
  15. Sean_RDP

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    There's no sharing.
  16. Sean_RDP

    [Runed Worlds] Concepts Part One

    The following are some basic concepts of world building for Runed Worlds A Tale of Four Worlds & Infinite Stars There are four locations where much of the culture and conflict exist that will inspire play in Runed Worlds. Dhalvos Prime - A dead Runed World which once belonged to a race known as the Second Givers. It is barren and almost lifeless, with little atmosphere. However, the ruins of the SG litter the world and many factions have permanent bases on or above Dhalvos Prime. A place where science, exploration, and old mysteries thrive. Lolshelaton - A green and young Runed World where a primitive people, Volmndoi, live in the deep ravines and lower forests. The upper forests and mountains are dominated by the bio-tech corporations who are taking as much from Lolshelaton as possible before someone stops them. Maker - Maker is not a Runed World, but a barren and rocky lightless planetoid. Half the planet is covered in ramshackle cities built up over the centuries. There are few laws on Maker and almost no authority to speak of. Anything goes here and people live on Maker because they want to live there. At least most of them do so. Junction Nine - One of several mysterious stations orbiting barren stars. Junction Nine was apparently built to facilitate travel from one part of the galaxy to the other, though now it functions as a way station for only parts of Liminal Space. But there is a vast galaxy and universe out there. Runed Worlds will not limit play to these four locations, they will be provided as mere examples for game masters to build on, There are thousands of stars within Liminal Space, more than enough to tell your story. Liminal Space A region of space encompassing 1000 LY in every direction (at least) that has a profound physical and psychological effect on sentient races and space itself. Liminal Space and the technology that manipulates it is responsible for (relatively) quick travel through space as well as a number of "experiences" both accidental and purposeful. Of course it has also been turned into a weapon by a number of factions. "Going Liminal" is a phrase used often to describe someone who is acting crazy, spacey, or abnormal in some way. Culture & Species Species and Culture are not entirely synonymous. A character’s species determines their physical and mental capacities. Culture is defined by where the character grew up and under what influences their lives have evolved. From a mechanics point of view, Culture will be a separate choice from species. Each will give the character skill specialties, but Culture will have more influence on development than species will.
  17. Sean_RDP

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Oh man I have to dust off the relationship maps?
  18. Sean_RDP

    September 2018 Update

    Instead of making several posts I will make one big one. I hope to cover as much ground as possible. Much of this is contingent on me finishing something I am very late on. Q21 I hope to have the playtest document done soon. So far so good. When I am done I will also re-write Salt Mine Blues and incorporate those changes. As a system, Q21 is better than it was 18 months ago. More compact and just more clear. It does more of what I want it to do rather than what I thought it should do. If that makes sense. I will release the playtest packs with sample characters and scenarios. Skae' Playtest One of those obviously will be Skae'. Again, Salt Mine Blues will still be an available quickstart. But a few basic scenarios will be available with the playtest material. Skae' Changes I know I have talked about the changes some, but there has been more thinking along those lines. Specifically I think I may have been missing the boat with how important the cities could be and tying them to simple single cultures. If Skae' is a story about how coming to a new land changes the land and changes you, both the good and bad aspects, then I need to make that more apparent in the lore. And despite my nod to traditional named gods, I think I might turn them into more abstract figures. More mysterious. This will change play. Urban adventures will be important and I need to emphasize that. The parts of the world where adventure happens will need to make sense within that paradigm. It feels as if I have bitten off more than I can chew on my first big game. But shit, why fuck around and aim small? I have smaller projects. Runed Worlds Not much has changed here, still on track for the things mentioned in my little FAQs. What I plan though is to start some world building here too. When the Q21 playtest comes out I will make some scenarios for Runed Worlds as well, with basic stuff. Q2100 Adventures Still working on the first one, title will change a bit. Well the whole adventure has changed a bit. A version of this might be out soon.
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    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    Hillman's Journey Principle: The journey IS the destination. Do not be in a rush to get from point A to point B in your campaign. Throw out the idea of random encounters and place encounters along the path to inform, challenge, and build tension for the main quest. These are not distractions; they are literal character building moments that will make their arrival have real gravitas. It will also make your world feel lived in. this one is for those running a game with one (or more) Lunar characters Hillman's Lunacy Principle: Let them play Lunar characters. The best thing my first GM did for me is allow me to play a Lunar and let me define what that meant. It was political and it was dangerous and it was filled with ambitions. There were also more than a few tragedies. The point is, playing a Lunar character even among so-called enemies is a rewarding style of play. Something to be encouraged and embraced.
  20. Sean_RDP

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

  21. Sean_RDP

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I have some notes on something I am calling Pike & Howl, the Thirty Years War as a backdrop for a plague of werewolves. It is a very dark period of European history.
  22. Sean_RDP

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I really like Classic Fantasy. I think it is a great meeting point of d100 and well, classic fantasy lol. But there is still a passion for Magic World. I have the beginnings of an idea for a MW stream and was thinking about writing some short, very generic MW adventures. Plus a few other ideas I need to keep to myself at the moment. As far as other games, I dare say my Q21 (based on D101's OpenQuest) has some MW in it. The love for MW is still there.
  23. Sean_RDP

    Quest21: Hero Points

    Q21 is (as you may or may not know) based on OpenQuest and its SRD. One of the things I have considered is Hero Points and how, in general, I am not a fan. My original thought was just to drop them entirely. However, I have been toying with fate (little F, not the game system) and skein as concepts of character life. A character drops to 0, goes unconscious and their Skein takes a permanent hit. The character does not die but they are out of the scene / combat and so on. This the space where Q21 may very well put the idea of Hero Points: as Skein. The story of your life is finite, but the more heroic things someone does, they longer their story. Skein would be finite, but more could be gained through actions or GM decision. Any thoughts on how Skein might be gained through play are welcome. Can Skein be used for other things? Again thoughts are welcome.
  24. Sean_RDP

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    I was thinking "That's silly" then you mentioned the UFO Interceptor and suddenly I am 100% on board. lol