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  1. Pre-order is now available: Dynamic D100 pre-order (English edition only) Expected shipping date early February (barring virus-related events).
  2. The real thing... https://www.facebook.com/DynamicD100/videos/397149351521754
  3. The effect is psychological, Lloyd (hence the POW). Suppressive fire scares you, it does not paint a target on your chest. Think of it as a failed SAN roll: it does not make the Mythos more likely to hit you, it just freezes you in place, unable to throw your dynamite stick.
  4. Revolution handles it super easy... The concept about suppressive fire is that it forces you to stay down rather than killing you. It is NOT necessarily an area fire, although it can be. In short, its goal is to prevent the target from firing at all while someone else closes in. In a game with action points (Mythras or RD100) it should burn out the target actions. In standard BRP it is not so easy to emulate it. Perhaps a cumulative penalty to the target to hit chance per successful attack. Or a Damage vs POW resistance roll to make attacks impossible.
  5. For what reason? The core Mythras book is already perfect for fantasy. True, it leans a little bit towards S&S and historical fantasy rather than high fantasy, but this is a feature rather than a bug.
  6. 1. for creating tension. With 2 it could easily break it in one round.
  7. All clear. But in this case, why not drop the spells that you find more problematic, such as Teleport and elemental bolts, rather than trying to nerf the entire system in a way that may (or may not) work, and requires continuous rebalancing of options? RuneQuest does not have all these "flashy" spells and is still a fun game to play, with no risk that a specialised magician may outclass a warrior.
  8. Thank you for sharing, Lloyd. Most of these points are relevant and other people could find them useful. Sparse comments: I still do not see the problem. A magician can do more damage than anyone else in a fantasy environment (not in Urban Fantasy), and more than once per round. So what? He willl overkill goblin#1 while goblin#2 impales him with a spear. My question: how do all these changes make the game more exciting? And how does having the wizard be "as intimidating as Gandalf" make the game less exciting? Careful here: these considerations apply to elemental bolts,
  9. Hello all. Sorry for taking so long to reply but as Zit said I had some issues, luckily in regression. Thanks Olivier for your preliminary answer. The rules for Dynamic D100 come from the old BRP Mecha genre book, which in fact contained two different rulesets, one for real robots and one for super robots. The two could be combined/contaminated somehow, but were mostly incompatible. This means that a direct adaptation of DD100 to Gundam or Robotech would result in a poor representation of real robots. A different ruleset is required, one that does not "take away" some important elements o
  10. Thanks for the kind words. But I doubt Archivist needs my support to understand the subtleties of Revolution D100. I do not know Maelstrom Domesday but the description sounds nice. It seems it has a list of 30something abilities and 30something career/backgrounds, so not terribly small in terms of variations.
  11. I think Lloyd is trying to emulate Master of Orion here, Simon. And in MOO (which is an acronym, not a bovine comment) weapon damage does scale with technology. Therefore, you will need advanced armour to counter advanced weaponry, otherwise fully armoured soldiers will be vaporised by the hi-tech equivalent of a Derringer. Incidentally, this is what happens when you fight the Antarans in MOO 2: your battleships are obliterated by a couple of light corvettes, until you conquer Orion and discover some decent military technology.
  12. All is well, the cover artwork is approved and we are close to getting some previews.
  13. Yes, it is still a thing, but our partners in charge of the translation are going forward more slowly than expected. Not to mention that *we* are going forward more slowly than expected. Ahem. Between Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 the International Edition will be out as a SRD. At that point we will give an estimate of when to expect the Spanish edition. And of course, Dynamic D100 will probably be out in Spanish before the general rules. I already have a lot of people who absoutely *need* to play Mazinger with D100.
  14. Hey Lena, you seem rather interested in the game. Are you Alexandre Astier in disguise, by chance? I have already communicated to the KS backers that we will begin the rollout of Red Moon Rising in digital format (including Fantasy Grounds) this Autumn, and finish it in early 2021 if everything goes well. Availability to the general public and in paper format will follow, in early or mid 2021. I see that you have already found the FG ruleset. I will upload a more advanced version next Sunday, so stay tuned.
  15. Unfortunately no. These are real playing cards, not cardboard cut&play, so there are no "card sheets" available in PDF. And unfortunately again, we have finished the stock we ordered from DTRPG years ago. I am not so keen on restocking physical products now that we are some six months away from a revised edition. I see that there is renewed interest in the game, and I thank everyone for trying Revolution D100 at the table (or at the virtual table, during this pandemic). We ask everyone to be little patient until the new SRD is ready, at least. Then we will start rebuilding stock of t
  16. Hi Triste. The French version is still a thing, particularly now that Alexandre Astier has revealed he is a fan. Unfortunately the text we have already in French is not complete, and the text that will form the basis for the French version is still being worked on. I have just sent the latest verson of Chapter Six to Zit for review, and in the meantime we realized there is still one section missing. You can expect a complete French translation not earlier than Spring 2021. However, there *is * some French text we could share with you which is rather consolidated. It is a little bit c
  17. This would be nice, but it would require a degree of cross-publisher cooperation that I doubt is possible. Such conversion guidelines are better left to fan-compiled tutorials.
  18. Hello Andrew, welcome to the madhouse. I suspect you are not the only Dr. Frankenstein here
  19. It is now renamed "Readiness" for additional clarity. "The combatant with the highest Readiness is the one who acts" and "You lose some Readiness when you perform an action or reaction" are rather intuitive concepts.
  20. Let us repeat the positive experience of GenCon. This weekend there is virtual UK Game Expo, and I will run a preview of the upcoming Red Moon Rising game. Here is a link to the event: https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/RPG6510-red-moon-rising/
  21. LOL! As for keeping the rules accessible, this point is always on our radar. You could in fact download the manual from fantasy grounds during play, but since that version is not up to date I preferred not to tell you; Other points I wanted to address but had no time to finish before GenCon were: Automatic calculation of action cost in terms of Readiness points; it can be frustrating when the GM does everything for you; a version of the online manual limited to the rules being in the Conspiracy Theory, much shorter and easier to read; an automatic or semi auto
  22. Thanks to all players, we could do only two episodes out of three but it was fun!
  23. Yes, there is already three of you, so the battle is confirmed. Anyone else?
  24. Yes, a good idea. I must have read something similar, I just cannot remember where Seriously, guys, everyone is free to invent a "rotating device for reducing the attrition produced by moving carriages". But there may be better options. The solution to this problem exists, it is tested, and it is applicable with little effort to ALL iterations of BRP.
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