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  1. This is a valid consideration, Archivist. And we have evaluated this and other factors before proceeding with the crowdfunding. It is not a coincidence if we have waited until the very end of March. However, it all boils down to what we have the freedom to do, and not to what we wish to do. This is possibly the first time that a Japanese company issues a llicense for a pen&paper RPG to a western publisher (the Robotech licenses are negotiated with the American publisher of the series, not with Sunrise). Our contract for this hugely valuable intellectual property follows a template though for other media, with time constraints that are not optimal for a TTRPG. Delaying is not among our options. We checked this with our licensor last week. We know that we are treading uncharted waters, both in what we are offering to our public and in choosing to go on with our offer during a global pandemic. No one can tell what is about to happen. However, did Captain Okita and his crew know what the Yamato would find at the end of its journey? They did not, and yet they took of for their journey, a journey not without some surprises. And so will we. All hands to battle stations. Engage the photonic engine, Dynamic D100 is about to leave for uncharted space.
  2. Thank you! And what better use could we do of the 1900th post on this subforum, other than announcing that the launch date for the Dynamic D100 crowdfunding is March 31st; 2020 on Ulule.com ? See you all there.
  3. Oh and please do not discuss the pros and cons of the Chaosium SRD here. There is a thread for this, and it is possible that more will appear in the future. It is ok for me if someone uses BRP Mecha as an example of a past project, in order to assess how the BRP OGL makes it easier or harder for it to re-appear. But please do it in a Chaosium related thread, not in an Alephtar related one.
  4. Joerg is correct here. And let me take advantage of this little threadomancy to clarify a couple of points. BRP Mecha is a "genre pack", that is a refinement of an existing generic tool in order to provide a more focused "tool" for the production of your own setting or the emulation of an existing IP. In specific, it allows you to play Gundam, Macross, Mazinger, Voltron, Code Geass and such with modified BGB rules. In the context of 2009, it made sense to produce genre packs for the BGB. Today... less so. As you have seen, we have gone a different way and licensed a specific Mecha IP for the revival of this project. A portion of the rules present in BRP Mecha will be in Dynamic D100. However, only the "super robot" genre will be covered. The rules will not be immediately applicable to other mecha settings such as Robotech or Evangelion. Other parts of the rules have been incorporated in Revolution D100, which unlike other iterations of D100 includes vehicular combat in the core rules and Size Class instead of Size. All these were distinctive features of BRP Mecha that we should retrofit into other systems if we had any intention of using other systems. You can easily see that there would be extra pain and little gain in using any other OGL for a new BRP Mecha. That said, there is room for other books about other aspects of the mecha genre. Gundams and Valkyries are still interesting tools for roleplaying, and Dynamic D100 will not cover them. We might want to do something with non-Nagai mechas. However, it is too early to determine which route we would take: a genre pack for real robots? another licensed IP from the land of the RIsing Sun? something original we come up with? This is certainly a choice we will not make before the evening of April 30th 2020, when the crowdfunding for Dynamic D100 is over. And perhaps even later.
  5. Well, its picture will be there, at least, assuming we win our current struggle with InDesign and PhotoShop.
  6. Yes, there are plans to drive the DRILL SPAZER up the you-can-guess-what of those hackers who continue to have fun with our site. Don't they have anything better to do? Couldn't they just go for a wal... ah, ok. Anyway, fixed. More exciting news (hopefully not about hackers or viruses) next week.
  7. It is now possible to bookmark the page: https://www.ulule.com/dynamic-d100/ The wait is almost over, we will go live soon.
  8. Borrowing the concept of "cementing a benefit" from good old Hero Wars could help here, too.
  9. Revolution D100 uses Status/Wealth levels, too. Treasure or other sources of extra wealth outside a character's regular income may become Consequences, that is one-time Bonuses to your Status roll when you are trying to acquire something. In practice, the loot allows you to use your Wealth as if it was one step higher, once. On the other hand, if you lose "hit points" in a conflict for the purchase or crafting of an item, you get a "Low on cash" Consequence that acts as a Penalty for one roll.
  10. Rest assured it will take place. The draft is at an advanced state (in English) and some authors are already basing their work on it.
  11. Guns? Bringing people back from death?
  12. When a villain is overseeing the battle, he or she can lend Karma to any of their kaiju. I would not define Hell as having an "inspiring personality". Only Ashura was really loyal to him. Charismatic villains could be Ankoku Daishogun or Queen Himika (stupidly killed mid-series, but always brought back in OAVs during the following decades). These were really loved by their underlings.
  13. This is not what happens in the anime. Only when using the Shine Spark do "secondary" pilots act, otherwise they remain passive. And this is true in all series in which the robot comes from an assembly of several sub-units (ex. Voltron). Only the main unit pilot controls the "big guy". There are several ideas that people have posted that make sense from a RPG point of view, but are not coherent with the original inspiration. We will try to remain as true as possible to the anime. Of course one can then change some parts of the rules and experiment.
  14. We will not use SRW as source. We do not have the rights to that. We will reference the original series, the manga (sometimes) and gaiden dynamic heroes. What about a little teaser, now ? It is just a prototype to show you how easy it is to define a mastermind-type bad guy, the final result will be nicer.
  15. The campaign pitch is ready in the first two languages, rewards are set, the first chunks of finalized chapters are ready... it will not be long until the crowdfunding for Dynamic D100 starts. A few more details: Our platform of choice is Ulule.com, the European crowdfunding site. There will be fewer goodies than in your usual cf campaign, because we do not have a license for producing merchandise. Nevertheless, we will offer some advanced rewards. Some contents will be unique to the Ulule version. Delivery will be fast: June for English, October for French and Italian, Spanish tbd but not much later. Moreover... oh well, who cares? Stupid details, the only relevant piece of information is that you can "Maziiiiin Go!" and then kick ass.
  16. Three (valid) questions, three answers. 1. What final attack? I can think of no one. "Final" attacks are not a characteristic of Nagai's era of super robots, they came later. The rule will disincentivize them, and we have options to tune down Getter Shine to avoid putting too much stress on one specific robot. 2. Combat can be figure-less and we are trying hard to make it work without maps. But of course, if you have figures it is more spectacular. 3. Second half of March, that is the most I can say now. The English and French text for the campaign is done, I am waiting for the other languages (the Italian translator is late, I should rocket punch hi... ah no, wait...). So we are not far.
  17. https://james-camerons-avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Na'vi
  18. "Cattle" is certainly a Trait that you can use with more than one base skill. One of which is Handling. This is the beauty of Traits. You do not need to start recording a new skill for a limited scope (or derive it from a totally unrelated one with a complex formula), you just apply an existing Trait to another skill.
  19. The skill name will become "Handling" in the international edition. Actually, the modification will already be there in Dynamic D100. Having Handling Horse means you can ride, too (further stunts can exist in animal-heavy environments like the Steppes to allow Horse Archery and such). Having Handling Dog means you can train a dog. A trained dog who is loyal to you uses up a slot, like all followers. Having Handling Cat means you can persuade cats that they are not the boss, you are. This is probably more a Divine Power than a Trait.
  20. It depends on what the group wants to do. The game supports both mech-combat-heavy and character-interaction-heavy stories, thanks to our conflict system that can handle even a quarrel between Koji and Sayaka as a "battle". In addition to this, building an involving story before the weekly robot combat generates Karma, which helps a lot in winning said combat.
  21. All pilots are larger than life in what they can achieve. This is obtained with Karma, as explained in the latest developer journal. However, Duke, Grace Maria and Hiroshi are in fact superhumans. Their physical prowess is superior. This will show in their statistics (characteristics above 20) and they have powers, too, not just skills.
  22. Both options are possible. The rules cover "support vehicles" that the associated pilot can control for one round by paying one Karma, otherwise the GM controls them. Borot is treated as a support vehicle that anyone can control if necessary. If you want to focus on one Getter pilot in particular, you can use the others as support cast not assigned to a player. Alternatively three players can share Getter Robo. The issue here is that only one of them can be involved in battle at a time. And my favourite Getter Team is the one from the ending episode, not the official one. Expect some surprises.
  23. Or even better, let the players fix that. The craft rules of Revolution D100 are very flexible and easy to use and there will be a section about improving one's robot. Here Koji and Sayaka are at an advantage as they have a scientific background that other pilots lack.
  24. Diana has no flight capability, and this is a huge disadvantage. She is always carried by Venus in the multi-robot shows that we used as a basis for developing the game, and this makes her instrinsically dependant on others to be effective. Not that heroic. No plans for Minerva atm. There will be as many as we can fit in the page count. Some are already statted, others we are statting. One reward level of the crowdfunding will be "Write a *ju and we will include it in the book".
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