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  1. I have updated the package with some important rules changes coming from playtest. More info coming soon on the Kickstarter page.
  2. Actually, this is Revolution D100 slot system, too. For each 10% you have in a skill, you can learn a new "thing".
  3. Actually, they are already there. A Mythras Combat Trait is exactly the same as one of the Rd100 Stunts that come included with the basic Trait - it is something peculiar that your character knows how to do, and happens whenever the special conditions are met. For instance, with Karate you get the Kicking Stunt for free, which lets you kick a standing opponent without penalties. Little or no difference with Mythras, from a purely mechanical POV.
  4. No, there is not. Hit Locations are ingrained by design in RQG and other rulesets of the BRP family. But there is a "generic BRP" equivalent. Revolution D100 is modeled like GURBS, allowing you to use locational and non-locational damage at will, even in the same combat if desired. And in theory, this should be possible with the Big Gold Book, too.
  5. Have the plyers familiarise with the item creation and enhancement rules and create their own stuff. It is both a good source of fun and a way of putting a limit to PC power.
  6. Not at all. Ninja crusade is a Third Eye Games product which we translated. Cool stuff, but nothing to do with d100, it uses a d10 pool.
  7. Actually, I have statted the Iron Man armour, it is here. You simply add Absorb powers to a basic hi-tech armour in the form of scientific devices. The chapter you have to look at is #6, last section "Science".
  8. I am revising the layout at this moment. The campaign will be available on DriveThru and RPG Meeting in a short time.
  9. Exactly. This is how you should use Traits: if it fits your game, add it even if it is not official. I will try and add a small sidebar about the "Do it yourself" technique for Traits and Stunts, too.
  10. And unlike Maximize Damage, Mighty Blow requires just a simple success....
  11. Revolution D100 has Fate Point rules which are more akin to MSH than to HeroWars/HeroQuest. If you wish to have an alternate mechanics for "luck adjustment", it can be an interesting read interesting. On the other hand, if you wish to try a more narrative approach to D100 which runs similar to Fate, then the entire game mechanics for non-violent conflicts may be interesting to you. Here is the free SRD. Both relevant sections are in Chapter 3.
  12. Yeah. No self-respecting RQ adventurer can enter combat with no risk of self-beheading. Jokes aside, the obvious solution is to inflict damage to the body part used to attack. Hence the wise old saying "Do not punch greataxemen".
  13. My remark referred to a society where Status is more important than wealth. Think for instance of the Sengoku Jidai Status table which remarks that merchants (Affluent in terms of Wealth) have a lower status than peasants. It is a borderline case, but not infrequent. Status Traits can be as complicated as you wish. Think of Jor Vargàs, the sample character provided. He is a former noble, which means he does not enjoy any of the advantages of nobility status - but someone who is still loyal to his old masters might still recognize him as a noble, so his Status is somehow above average. If you cannot explain all these facts with one single Trait, then by all means you can have multiple Status Traits. They all use the same slot. Noble, Average Wealth is less explicative than fallen noble, but it has more or less the same effect. In any case, context is paramount with Status. There is no general rule you can really apply.
  14. Here is a list of download links for all the available free materials: The SRD Introduction/QuickStart: The Conspiracy Theory Character sheet Character sheet (editable) Fantasy Grounds Ruleset MapTool Framework
  15. Jakob's observations deserved a reply, but it took some time for me to find a spare 10 minutes to do so. Yes, there is a reason why it is not translated into something less clumsy than a "bucket of dice". The number of dice represents the sheer impact, the "kinetic energy" of the blow, which is different from "damage", which takes into account also the ability of sharp weapons to cut deep into the target flesh and bone. In classic D100 games, a sharp weapon is more likely to overcome a parry than a blunt one because it does more "damage" - the kinetic and the sharpness factor being inseparable. Mythras does not have this problem because it adds a "size" factor to all weapons, and uses it, and not "damage", to check wheter a parry can be overcome. However, this does not take into account the strength of the weapon wielder, and requires one extra variable for all weapons and attacks - and sometimes you can forget to compare sizes, particularly for creatures. Revolution uses the number of dice - which summarizes the nature of the weapon, the hands used to wield it and the wielder's Might into a single factor - to determine how "strong" an attack is, and how difficult it will be to block its impact. Several combat effects (MIghty Blow, Overwhelm, Bypass Defense, Stun) and at least one power (Absorb Kinetic) operate on the number of dice rolled for a blow. This is quite straightforward and intuitive (each point of Might = 1d2) , and it could not work if different die sizes instead of a different number of dice were used.
  16. Well, at the moment OpenQuest is more supported, so the advice is still to go with it.
  17. And most important of all, Whisker89 has translated OpenQuest into Italian You can find it here: http://bardosulmare.blogspot.com/2015/09/openquest-edizione-base-pdf.html
  18. Wow! Who was crazy enough to do that huge amount of work on unit design and graphics, plus the original WB&RM map transformed into a Shadow Magic map? That guy must have been nuts. Oh, wait a moment... actually, it was ME. Apart from this, there is one sad note to this. This was exactly the thing Greg had been waiting for years if not decades. I feel sorrowful thinking he did not get to see this announcement.
  19. Yes, good idea. The same thing should go in a GM Aid section which we will assemble soon. But putting such a table in the chargen chapter would help new players.
  20. Scheduled for next week. We will put a link to the SRD and the primer in a more visible place on alephtargames.com and rpgmeeting.org . However, we will probably have a revised version of the primer available within a few weeks. This is why I did not push so much about diffusing the Conspiracy Theory at this point. An even simpler and more playable version is on the way.
  21. Some games have this approach, indeed, listing all skills, feats and powers in the chargen chapter. But I find it a bit cluttering. And it would require a major reorganisation of chapters, which I would rather avoid. However, some examples of the stunts and powers you could choose would be useful. Noted.
  22. I take advantage of these comments for a question: Chapters 4, 5 and 6 need a solid rewriting in some parts at least. Chapters 1 and 2 seem understandable enough, judging from the feedback we can find around the internet. Does Chapter 3 need further rephrasing, or is it already in good shape ?
  23. Is this a new game "Request, Advtures in Glortha"?
  24. Yes, one of the products already had an Italian translation. And as you can see, the authors of the new "Irem" books are Italians. It remains to be determined whether all products will be translated into all languages, but many will.
  25. If you want an "open the book and play" experience, the answer is clear. Mythras does work with Glorantha, and I have used its ancestors MRQ2 and RQ6 in plenty of Gloranthan adventures for years - and I mean literally. Many people still use it with great success to adventure in Glorantha. However, neither Mythras nor RQ6 are designed to do Glorantha "out of the box' , while RQG does. You will need to do some adaptations, produce suitable background entries for Gloranthan cultures, revise the way cults work (they provide common magic, too in Glorantha) and rebalance many spells and magical effects. This is all work that is perfectly doable, and depending on your personal tastes it might produce a result that is more satisfactory than RQG for your group. But it is also work that you would be completely spared if you use RQG.
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