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  1. The event is now online: The Conspiracy Theory - Friday, July 31st 2:00 PM EDT
  2. Again, Minovsky particles. They are the answer to everything.
  3. My, we have a testimonial here! The actor/writer of the French Kaamelott TV series says he likes our game. For those who speak French, he mentions Revolution D100 at minute 11:30. Merci Alexandre! (et merci Gianni pour l'avoir noté).
  4. Dear fans, We failed our collective CON roll against Coronavirus, and GenCon will be online this year. We wish to take advantage of the situation and we are starting to schedule some Revolution D100 gaming events for that weekend. I have already submitted a game of The Conspiracy Theory and will submit a Red Moon Rising scenario of high adventure. These are paying events, but it is as low as $4 per game, as we have not added any surcharges. I will run on Fantasy Grounds with Ultimate License, that is free for players. If someone has some specific wishes for other scenarios let me know, I think I can submit at least one more game. The final list will be available on July 4th at gencon.com/online .
  5. Good point. Answer required. I have given it here to avoid hijcking this thread;
  6. Dear fans, I have received an inquiry about the status of the Revolution D100 International Edition Project. It is a good time to post a little update about it. The editor, Ben Monroe (yes, Ben is back to D100 – hooray) has just sent in the last chapters of the Dynamic D100 manuscript. The implications for Dynamic D100 is that the product is now in its final stage of layout and soon will be sent to Go Nagai’s staff for approval. However, there are implications for the general purpose edition of Revolution D100, too. I now have a trimmed, streamlined and reviewed version of chapters three, and parts of chapters four and five. We can use them as a basis for the new version of the SRD. I am assuming here that chapters one and two do not need much review, as most questions and perplexities were about running the game and not creating the characters. And in fact, the only chapter I have published of the new SRD is Basic Combat, that is exactly what is in Dynamic D1OO for Personal Combat. So, we have reached an important milestone. This is not all, though. There are two more important points to take into account. Three if we mention Red Moon Rising, too. The first one is that there are still many crunchy points of the rules that need rewriting. The section about wounds and armour, for instance, is completely absent from the DD100 rules, as mechs have a different kind of Toughness. And not all rules for equipment have been revised. More important, chapter six needs a serious revision, too, which is underway. So there are other milestones that must come before the text is finalised and can go to translators. Second point: while we really want to make the International Edition in 2020, there are strong hints that the Coronavirus will interfere again with the chain of supply for physical products. Therefore, we are considering a “digital first” release method. The big advantage is that we would be able to release “incrementally”, providing for instance a PDF which is missing a section of a chapter (a power system, the rules for creating armour, etc etc) without extra cost for early adopters. This is probably the only way of releasing at least the parts which are ready in 2020, leaving the rest and the physical edition(s) for 2021. Bottom of the line: expect to see a couple of RD100 events for GenCon online. These will be the preview of what is about to come. And if anyone is willing to volunteer for GMing, just ask and we will give you as much support as possible. Last but not least, Red Moon Rising. It is high time that we deliver this overdue Kickstarter. If anything is to come within 2020, it must be it. Those parts of chapters five and six that are necessary for RMR are ready, so now it is just a matter of reordering everything and writing the three chapters of “fluff” that are missing. At this point, I am considering to release RMR integrated with a stripped down version of the new rules, not unlike Dynamic D100 (more details will be posted on the RMR KS private area). This means that we would have two stand-alone settings using a variant of the core rules that precede the general purpose edition. This sounds sensible to me: two examples that are not “yet another vanilla fantasy game with dwarfs and elves”, and then the generic rules. I hope this is enough as an explanation. Feel free to ask for more details.
  7. All BS. Everyone knows that the plasma/particle pulse is kept together and coherent by a cocoon of Minovsky particles.
  8. Well, cooperative or adversarial is a matter of the group, not the tool Going voice only will not help. A map of a good ol' dungeon is a good idea to keep people engaged: you are here, you see that monster there, I will start to count SR, what do you do? Nothing is more engaging than a Dark Troll attempting to make first contact between his maul and your skull. NB : MapTool has all the mapping options of Roll20 pro (lights etc.) and it is free. I do not know whether there is a FW for the current version of RQ though.
  9. It can have only a positive influence Once production of the book comes to a halt because we wait for some greenlight to come, we will start working on the next titles in the schedule. Next in the pipeline is Red Moon Rising, for which in fact I could easily reuse some materials from Dynamic D100. They are both comic book adaptations, after all.
  10. The book is 80% done but we are a littel bogged down by talks with Dynamic Planning. Unfortunately this may mean redoing some of the work, so I can neither commit to any precise ETA nor display any yet-unauthorized preview.
  11. That's one good reason to add a Background trait to characters.
  12. And I am making it even better, with a serious streamlining. Another thing that Revolution D100 handles is that you can use the background itself as a Trait. You usually have your Language or Homeland as a Trait, so if the narrator agrees that simply being - say - a Viking can help in the task you can use it to complement a base skill which lacks a necessary trait. Very simple, and does not need a special rule, just the same kind of player/GM agreement that you would use in an Old School game: "Oh you want to know something about this masonry? Well, you have the Dwarf trait and this will certainly matter".
  13. Honestly, I think that an "entry level" BRP should have the very basic approach to magic of the BGB, with a single magic skill or spell school depending on whether combat skills are grouped in styles or in melee/ranged. Mages can add levels, non-mages cast at level 1 (cantrip). 1 MP per level. Non-mages learn 1/4 INT, mages memorize 1/2 INT and can swap with spells in the book. An entry level game is not the best place to experiment with exciting new magic systems.
  14. We hoped no one would notice but yes, it was accidentally left out.
  15. OpenQuest survives with just Close Combat and Ranged Combat. Simpler. If you have specialisation built in the system, then you can add spec in different weapons in that way, instead of using two different approaches for combat and non-combat. Higher roll wins. Without levels of success, the paradigm is "you want to roll as high as possible within your skill", and high numbers are always better, except when you exceed your skill. Pure Blackjack mechanics. Much simpler to explain than "levels of success".
  16. At least you gave me the opportunity to acknowledge that you had a point before it happened, and not only after. We are doing our best not to disappoint you when it comes out!
  17. Here I am puzzled. This is already present in the latest supplements of the game line: This is a ready-to-use opponent, which I have used at least twice. It does not get simpler than that, and the system already supports it without any special rules for mooks. A goon is simply someone for whom you have decided to not write down skills, or at least all of them, because he is just cannon fodder. Here is a "social interaction only" NPC from the same source: As you can see, skills are already in "groups" of Agility, Communication etc. because the rules already dictate so. It cannot get simpler than that, and these are NPCS built using the full rules. It is just a matter of writing down only the parts you expect you will need during the game. The core rules already support that, it is just that probably we did not make a big effort of reducing the statblock size in the core book. We will not make the same mistake in the International Edition. Okay, this does make sense. But this is not "instructions for creating NPCs", but rather "guidellines for creating your own packages". In other words, how to decide what items to take out of the cafeteria list, and what to add (powers, traits, stunts etc.). In my opinion, the OGL sample packages that we have produced, plus the one or two fan-made ones, are already a good guideline, but perhaps a guided example could be interesting. For instance, we could take a public domain IP (not Lovecraft, needless to say ) and show the reasoning we follow in building a package out of it. Noted as possible content.
  18. Let us start with the bad news. As I said, there are variant rules that it may be reasonable to use at the table, but we will not include. A "simplified" version of armour and weapons would be more or less what you have in OpenQuest, and I see no reason to insert pieces of OpenQuest in the Revolution D100 companion. Our message has always been clear: if you want less crunch, use the equivalent subsystem from OpenQuest - it will work. We will not, however, do the hybridization ourselves. We know that many people have a "sweet spot" which is less crunchy than RD100 Advanced Combat, but we will not start a race for the middle ground. Revolution D100 has its own identity and level of detail, different but compatible with that of Legend, Mythras, OpenQuest and Renaissance. If each of these games tried to offer the full spectrum of variations, trying to identify the "comfort zone" of the largest number of players, then they would end up being all the same! Revolution D100 offers two combat models, narrative and crunchy. Our job as authors is to keep these two models coherent, not to make them transformable into other combat models that are already present in other percentile games. That one is the readers' job, called houseruling. More to come...
  19. This is goal #1 of all of our current work. Would you please tell us what steps you use for creating NPCs? Of the kind? And please consider that in some cases, the absence of a simplification is intentional, to encourage users to try some specific rules. More specific please. Examples? So far I have had good results with the creation of weird characters, but it is also true that there are no specific instructions for creating them. The issue is that this is context/setting dependent, so it is difficult to insert in a generic book.
  20. Not much new stuff, it would increase the page count. I wanted to remove things, in fact, but it will not be necessary. Would you please open a topic about the Companion, or bump up the topic we created some time ago? It would be interesting to summarize what can, could and should go into a companion according to today's requests and availabilities.
  21. Thanks for all the support. As someone suspected, it did not work out. Given the data I have about reactions and involvement, the main suspect is the pandemic. The game is still scheduled to appear around June, but at this point only in English for now. Feel free to ask questions, but the next announcements will be in June.
  22. Grendizer GO! The French and Arabic versions are nice to hear, too. The Italian version has another tune. For the online games the rally point is on the ENGLISH AND ITALIAN FACEBOOK PAGES. I already have an announcement up for ENGLISH and two subscribers. Game starts in one day or two, I have some work to do on the platform that will take some hours.
  23. Must have been my other split personality Anyway, none of the product lines I mentioned rejects the idea of merging setting and rules. It is just that the selling point is the rules, not the setting. But some individual settings may still sell better than the generic rulebook. Edit: Cross-posted again! Maybe we open a new thread about generic vs. setting-specific? Not that it has never been discussed here, but at least we avoid the off topic.
  24. I was just trying to emphasize what Jeff meant (or what I think he meant). Whether this is an advantage or not depends on your opinion. I do not want to argue on that point. Edit: cross-posted with Jeff. It seems he actually meant this. If you exclude GURPS, Savage Worlds, Fate Core and some editions of D&D, among others, then yes.
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