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  1. So Admittedly I started playing KAP in high school the year the Wall fell. But I have held true to this interpretation of the opposed traits for all this time. Probably this was influenced by a German-speaking childhood.  
    Chaste and Lustful are a spectrum where the chaste ideal is asexual and not moved by carnal and physical concerns. This is a spiritual ideal many monastics aspired to, to transcend desire. Chaste isn’t doing all the things as long as they are licit, it’s only doing those things that you are required to do, (cooperate in the production of an heir) and to do it reluctantly, as little as possible and then high off to the cloister to repent once you’re done. Galahad and Tristan were ridiculous. Tristan only came around when the lady pointed it out.
    Lustful, on the other hand, is being in touch with your desires to the point of transcending limits. You are moved by the primal force of the God/Goddess and will do what thou Willt because you aren’t even you in that state but an instrument of the Will of the divine pair. 

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  2. I’d had thoughts for a couple years of a campaign set in Northern Mierce. I’d start on the Continent with the players driven out of their land and taking ship to Britain. Ideally one of the players would be a female laecce and the ultimate goal is to take new lands and establish a new sanctuary to Hertha. 

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  3. I was playing in a campaign years ago where at some point we had been captured by Mi-Go and were basically on the table getting experimented on but we played for a few hours of real world and many hours (days?) of game time in a Mi-Go simulation, conducting our investigation, interviewing people, the whole thing. Then I got this idea roll...

    The players could be running simulations in different formats in some sort of alien virtual environment. If you really want to bend minds, have then find themselves in one of the final simulations, lying in stasis, but that THAT is the simulation that they "escape" from and then can't ever be sure if they're real, androids or clones or just continuing on in an endless simulation. And you don't have to tell them shit. They're meant to be in the dark, that's the point. It's like telling them the ending of Lost before they start the show.

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  4. I read some unhappiness on DTRPG with the print on demand versions of the Mythras core rule book. Are there other options? I’m thinking of getting physical copies,  but if I am going to spend the money on an object vs a pdf...

    Also what about print runs for the German editions? Are they using the same printer the DTRPG customers complained about? Is there a difference between the print quality from the US, UK or Europe printers? I have an APO so my options are a bit flexible without crazy shipping cost differences.

  5. My interpretation of Glorantha is that it’s all a simulation possibly run by dragons (or beings so advanced -like computer programmers- that the little progs in the machine can only understand them as dragons) and the Godlearner secret is that it’s all a game and they learned the code behind the Matrix.

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  6. So looking at the DTRPG listing for RQ:G it says you get bonus pdfs that have A character background worksheet and a family holdings sheet. What are these things? Are they tied to tables in the core book? Can one get this without it?

  7. Hey guys, is there something out there other than Pendragon that gives players/gms a way to measure how wealthy they are in herds and the like? Sort of like Lordly Domains or Harn Manor for the Bronze Age?

  8. Yeah I never played Elfquest but I bought it for a girlfriend in High School after I binge-read her ElfQuest collection. She bought me Stormbringer from the same game shop in Wausau .. I still have that book on my shelf. Guess which one my friends and I played? They didn't have Melnibonean bone bows in ElfQuest! But still. We made characters for fun, which was enjoyable and I have regretted it's status out of print because 10 years ago it would have been a great gateway game for middle-school aged daughters and nieces. Now there are plenty other options.

  9. So I was nerding over Hittitology and Hurrian studies on the interwebz and thinking that it might be amusing to convert some actual Late-Bronze Age Collapse-period pantheons to a RQ cult, when it occurred to me to ask...

    Has or is anyone doing their own homebrew Bronze-Age setting in one of the versions of RQ? Jackals, which will be among us not soon enough, is OpenQuest, so .. cool, and Warlords is Hellenistic (iron  age), Zenobia likewise, but worse-late Roman (and uses a verzh of Traveller rules). What's out there?

    I'm feeling inspired by both Age of Bronze and this Belgian comic series about Hittites.. 



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