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  1. So now that word is out that Mythic Venice has some sort of proto-existence, I thought this might be a good place to ask some questions.

    Can we expect that this book will follow a pattern similar to Mythic Constantinople? By that I mean:
    - Is it mostly about the city itself?
    - Whither the Venetian Empire? What about the Cyprus War? Ragusa? Crete? How much beyond Venice can we expect to see or have described in the book?
    - What's the core timeframe for the book? Which Venice are we talking about? The leader of the 4th Crusade? The Venice that was part of the Holy League? or the Venice that backed the Mamluks in war against the Portuguese to preserve their spice monopoly?
    - What of Venice's rivals? Genoa and the Ottomans? The Empire? Other Italian states?

    Just want to know what I'll be buying 😄

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  2. Wow, that was a long time ago. But anything pre-covid seems really long ago. I never saw more from that conversation. When Loz asked Belgath for a pm I inferred there might be either a wave off or something because of projects overlapping *shrug* so, sorry to say, nothing ever came of it.

  3. I started running My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria for my daughters when covid began. My 8yr old is probably ready for anything, but the other one is 6 and not quite there. Though I did acquire the PDFs for a game loosely based on Redwall that I’m going to throw at them.

    Just pre-covid we started playing 5e with another family. Bog-standard Forgotten Realms.  My 8 yr old (then7) came up with a character and backstory instantly about her half-elf sorceress who fronts like she’s a bard.
     I have an older son who became a regular with my old crew playing D20 Star Wars. My wife would play CoC with me and the current group I play with, but since that’s a social thing she doesn’t have to organize she’s happy to leave me to it. 

  4. So I liked this element of Joe Haldman's "Forever War" in that ship-to-ship combat in space was just done by computer because the math is just too hard. Meanwhile, I kinda think of the range problem with railguns to be more that after a certain distance your hit probability drops to nil because of the amount of time it takes to reach the target vs everyone's relative speed.



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  5. I think it more depends on what having a "multiverse" will narratively accomplish in your setting. Do you want to have have a multiverse so that Veritech Hovertanks can slug it out with Coalition bots in the swampy, gator-y ruins of Gulf Coast Rifts America? or because one of your players wants to be something from one setting in another setting? What do YOU as GM want to be able to do with this as a setting. Once that's clear there are several paths to follow:

    - Have an "in-verse" explanation that the players are all a part of and that they know about cosmologically

    - Don't explain shit. This thing happened, so now they have to adapt and overcome

    - It's not a PhD dissertation you have to defend, or a peer-reviewed journal. Unless you are writing a multiverse situation for publication and you need it to stand actual scrutiny beyond your crew, who cares? It only needs to work for your story and if it needs to contradict itself see below

    - Secret History of the World - maybe there's an underlying cosmology and lots of people think they know what it is and maybe some of them are partly right or maybe not. Sure that guy's magic works but as far as why his magic works? Maybe he thinks it's due to his mastery of Pvaric disciplines and how he thinks the universe works. Maybe there are sources of power, maybe there are extra-dimensional beings that you can contact and gain power from? But what those things are and how they really work could be completely subjective, contradictory and incompatible across perspectives, and that's totally fine. And in any case those weird sites and stone structures that turn out to be portals to other worlds are the coaxial connections to some interdimensional beings' virtual entertainment (porn) system powered by the souls of the dead of those worlds and all the planar travel is just a byproduct. 

    - And Glorantha is just a simulation anyway, whether the beings who run it are Mi-Go or whatever Dragonnewts actually are... meh.

  6. So you can do all of this with passions and brotherhoods as you suggested. You don’t need anything else except to figure out the parameters of the “brotherhood” in question. Is there an enforcement mechanism to ensure proper behavior? And this goes into the well trodden topic in various places of the game-within-a-game aspect that cults and brotherhoods bring to RQ/Mythras settings if properly harnessed. 

  7. So Admittedly I started playing KAP in high school the year the Wall fell. But I have held true to this interpretation of the opposed traits for all this time. Probably this was influenced by a German-speaking childhood.  
    Chaste and Lustful are a spectrum where the chaste ideal is asexual and not moved by carnal and physical concerns. This is a spiritual ideal many monastics aspired to, to transcend desire. Chaste isn’t doing all the things as long as they are licit, it’s only doing those things that you are required to do, (cooperate in the production of an heir) and to do it reluctantly, as little as possible and then high off to the cloister to repent once you’re done. Galahad and Tristan were ridiculous. Tristan only came around when the lady pointed it out.
    Lustful, on the other hand, is being in touch with your desires to the point of transcending limits. You are moved by the primal force of the God/Goddess and will do what thou Willt because you aren’t even you in that state but an instrument of the Will of the divine pair. 

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  8. I’d had thoughts for a couple years of a campaign set in Northern Mierce. I’d start on the Continent with the players driven out of their land and taking ship to Britain. Ideally one of the players would be a female laecce and the ultimate goal is to take new lands and establish a new sanctuary to Hertha. 

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