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  1. That's great to hear! How are you guys managing the crazy time difference?
  2. Thanks Guys, I appreciate the input. I think I'll land somewhere starting with Joerg and evolving towards Simon. Also Joerg, enjoying the podcast. I pretty much fast from the news as much as I can, all things considered, and I am always up for another podcast about something besides the collapse of the post-cold war order (what I generally listen to for work). Though that doctor from the German Coronavirus podcast is like listening to ASMR... So Science! Much Factual!
  3. Ja, das ist genau mein Problem. Hunderte von Seiten sammeln Elektrostaub, und ich möchte keine neuen Sachen kaufen. Aber was soll ich lesen? I have Cradles and all the other things you mentioned. I shall start with that. Thanks!
  4. So... while I have had a fair volume of RQ3 AH material as well as some MRQ, RQ6 and Mythras... I have never used Glorantha as a setting. For reasons, but mainly because I preferred historical or quasi-fantasy historical settings and preferred other worlds (Harn off-island, for instance). I am considering giving Glorantha a go since I happen to have a few hundred pages of material to build off of (not in a hurry to buy RQG). But, as an obnoxious grognard, I like to understand a setting before I dive in, and as I have gotten older I find I do better with a structured plan of info assimilatio
  5. Does anyone play Glorantha as an advanced simulation? The “gods” being program routines and runes being command prompts?
  6. I developed an auto-immune disorder in response to things the military ordered me to do. I’m super excited and filled with warm trusting feelings when my employer says everything is ok and it’s safe to go back to widget production... seriously nothing has fracking changed between now and when we locked down except a couple hundred thousand (thousand!) additional humans are dead. Insanity.
  7. Well I’ll preorder. I’d like to see a map and character sheets. You could start things off here with us mate. I mean, it is part of the BRP family. Also in a year and change (inshallah no societal collapse) I return to the states, either to Omaha or the Springs. I foresee possible deep nerdery about the Bronze Age Collapse in our mutual futures.
  8. Great thanks for sharing! So, once this thing goes live, where will be the online touchstone for support, fan stuff, etc.? Understanding that Osprey has its own rules and ways (I speak in ignorance, not in criticism), is there any material that you can share or discuss beyond the write-up? Like a downloadable character sheet or more specifics regarding deviations from whatever version of OQ is your baseline?
  9. Absolutely! Tell us about the setting! Can you drop any teasers? why Openquest when you’re clearly a 13th Age dude? Have you heard of Zenobia by Paul Elliot? Why not go all-in historic vs home brew? What were your thematic influences for this setting and the planned campaign? Will there be a pdf option?
  10. StevenG sorry I fell off of the world. I'm in Northants about halfway between Peterborough and Northampton (and 30-40 mins from Naseby). I'm interested to hear how your campaign went or is going. I've been delving deep into Zweihander this whole time...
  11. is anyone playing Renaissance virtually .. especially in the European Theatre of Operations?
  12. Yeah right about now (not that there's ever a good time) is the time that cancer would need to be dealt with. A friend is having surgery this weekend and she'll be on lockdown at our place to recover for a time. Best wishes and loving kindness to Ken and his family. And whatever and however things go with the company do know that you made amazing things together that will continue to be amazing even if they languish. I imagine some greasy 13-yr old finding an out of print version or orphaned pdf of Renaissance and being launched into whatever OSR will be to the kids in 20 years. Your contribut
  13. I'm going to run a game of My Little Pony Adventures in Equestria for my 7 and 5-yr old girls this weekend. They've already filled out and drawn up their pony-sheets. All according to prophecy....
  14. It’s forced me online which actually ironically means that I will finally run something. Had my son talk me through setting up a discord server via discord setting up boys etc.. so it’ll be Zweihander next week!
  15. There's just so much that could be written about this era. I really appreciate the work you did on Heydelberg Horror. I've used it to rope in a whole new crew of gamers who are likewise deep nerds on the period. (yes we make Hapsburg in-jokes at work... you don't?) Steven, where are you running your game?
  16. Simon Vance does the readings for the audio versions. I've only read "Purity of Blood" and "Corsairs of the Levant" or something. It's GRIMDARK. No doubt about it. So, if you're liking that.. I recommend a Spanish-language series on Netflix called Ministerio del Tiempo. Some of it takes place in the Golden Age, and Velazquez is a recurring character.
  17. Glorantha was never my world. But the world-building! I found Pendragon in the 80's and more or less immediately found Stormbringer, RQ, CoC and a BRP-based ElfQuest game (seriously?!), and I have never looked back. I have dwelt in part in worlds Greg Stafford made (or seen them through lenses he crafted) for more than thirty years. How can you thank someone for that? I carried books of his to war and into the depths of the sea. Worlds of his helped me survive the war at home I left behind. The best gaming imaginings I ever did were on his shoulders. He was the Keeper and the Gate.
  18. So currently I'm tracking that Mythras is published in: English German French But also Spanish? Italian? What else?
  19. I got the email that this product was released, while driving through the Fens and back to get to the beach at Hunstanton. Noice.
  20. I think it's more of a "Lore" and would best be represented by a mechanic involving an Idea-Roll or something like.
  21. An excellent book you could use as a reference for pre-contact Native Americans is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1491:_New_Revelations_of_the_Americas_Before_Columbus and the sequel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1493:_Uncovering_the_New_World_Columbus_Created Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saints_%26_Strangers also gives some good visuals on the dress and war gear of Natives. Certainly close enough for your purposes.
  22. Oh yes, I've seen it. Great fight scenes and vignettes, but it's more like a really long montage then a film, and it doesn't do the body of work justice.
  23. So I somehow ended up reading Joe Abercrombie and Richard Morgan. I find their writings (in audio format read by the beloved Simon Vance) to contain adequate amounts of stabs and those other things that people do. That said, Does anyone know of anyone or anywhere that fan-created or freshly licensed rpg settings exist in these noted settings? And speaking of Grimdark, watching Ministerio del Tiempo got me to reading the Alatriste novels (or rather listening to them in the car, again, by Simon Vance, who seems to be the narrator of my life). Seriously, Abercrombie's world seems
  24. My SatNav never works right when I go to Naseby (it's about 30 mins away). Both times recently (Bluebells at Coton Manor and the fete this past weekend at the Buddhist center), I got lost on the farm roads and nearly killed by massive horse-carriers. 😡
  25. Danke! Now if only I could watch it in England.. I'll work that angle...
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