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  1. my guess is you could import the Rune rules in wholesale (or close to it), and use similar cultures/careers in Mythras and you'd have what you want.
  2. No formal one. I generally charge 2-3 xp.
  3. Lol, I do not. Not at all. Just a fan.
  4. " You can order our books in one of three ways. 1. You can order any of our products direct from the catalogues below. If you are a first-time customer you will be asked to create an account first, and then log-in to shop. Buying any book from us direct also ensures you receive the PDF version free of charge. Once your order is processed you'll be able to download the PDF from us at no cost. 2. You can buy PDFs of our products without the print copy from us by choosing the PDF product. Please, don't choose the PDF if you're buying the print copy; you'll just end up with two PDFs and will have spent more than you needed to! 3. You can also buy the PDF through DrivethruRPG. Just click on their link to be taken to Design Mechanism's storefront."
  5. I've used these in my Mythras games for pieces of equipment that might be handy, alterations to the environment that are needed, coincidental contacts, etc.
  6. For reference https://www.visu.info/john-wick-kill-count https://www.visu.info/john-wick-2-kill-count If I were using Mythras - john is a master of the pistol. He’s got a bit higher percentage with that than with the rifle. They are close enough that there could be other factors. He’s probably looking at a 90-95% skill in firearms. Bare minimum. This doesn’t factor in situational modifiers like dark or thst pistols are less accurate. With those modifiers, I would put him around 130, which makes him one of the best in the world, and really, that’s how he’s described . Hes also very strong with unarmed and armed combat. Let’s assume it’s in the same range, because it looks like it is. I wouldn’t make it quite as high, but probably still very skilled. These two things by themselves makes him brutal. You don’t get to dodge guns. He gets the jump on you, you are very likely going down. Especially at close range, where he can make use of choose location with the gun (and this works for pistol combat) and takes head and chest shots. Both lethal or nearly lethal locations If you watch the fights, he’s always moving to and from cover. He frequently attacks from stealth or surprise. This means they rarely get shots at him that are effective. He’s probably got a good stealth and a solid evade/athletics for moving about. He might have a bonus to initiative that is above normal, but often he doesn’t need one - he’s ambushing. Often he’s fighting multiple guys, which would make his evade useful, so he could Outmaneuvre them, blocking lines of sight and limiting how many can attack him. The house fight is a perfect example of this He has a passion for his wife, dog, and car. These augment nearly everything he does, because it’s the point of the movie. That’s another 10-20%, probably 20%.
  7. As stated further up, the publisher no longer hosts forums. Ive not found a good place to discuss 13A either. Rpg.net is about the best there is, and it’s sparse as well.
  8. Playing the role of raleel while he sleeps is g33k. no need for me to add any more really. The systems are all compatible, though there are specific tunings for parts (Mythic Britain has a neat little superstition ruleset, Mythic Constantinople has some alterations to sorcery to give it a feel, etc). As with most d100, pretty easy to pick and choose between them.
  9. then do note that The Design Mechanism has Mythic Rome, Mythic Britain, and Mythic Constantinople in that space, all covering different time periods of european places (with less of that in Constantinople but still good). Rome covers up to the end of the republic, Britain covers the the 400s, and constantinople around 1400.
  10. Nclarke hit it on the head. Mostly the same text, more efficient layout, cleared up animism section, removed references to runes, etc. https://notesfrompavis.blog/ is where @hkokko posts his Glorantha stuff, and he’s been using RQ6/Mythras for years. Works great.
  11. There isn’t much discussion of 13th age as a whole. No idea why, it’s a fun system. It’s definitely not the same place as what most d100 systems are though. Im a long time fan of 13th age and just picked up 13th age Glorantha. My players reading over it commented on how very dense each class was.
  12. Raleel


    can you talk about this? I don't detect much effort made to keep any of the systems balanced.
  13. Raleel

    Mythic Greece

    this was mentioned on the TDM board this weekend - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/mythic-greece-t2854.html unfortunately, looks like not this year. I would say that Mythras is still a good system for this, even without any specific supplement.
  14. I like your ride and drive distinction. I think it hits my view as well, though in a less mechanical way. I have some small nits to pick with your pilot vs drive, in that power boats are pretty damn easy to pilot, require no course plotting, largely do change direction pretty immediate (at least as much as many larger cars/trucks). Planes can be quite easy to control as well. Maybe piloting is driving things outside if your normal medium? You can’t quite say 3d because boats and ships are really only traveling on the surface but the environment of all of these is outside your normal medium (water, air, space, etc)
  15. I am in the drive for machines, ride for animals camp. Part of it is for the reasons mentioned, and part of it is because I play Mythras and I like to change Drive to be based on something other than POW. I don’t feel like your car or motorcycle cares about your soul or inner drive, while a horse might be influenced by such.
  16. No, almost definitely not. Some are humans with no special powers at all really. Some are baby dragons that can rip apart tanks. Rifts is famous for its incredibly wide range of power levels.
  17. TheButcher and I are working on some conversion of Rifts to Mythras/M-Space Ofer on rpgpub.com right now, actually. https://www.rpgpub.com/threads/in-which-we-joust-at-the-windmill-of-rifts.2577/
  18. Just the rules straight from RQG on the PCs and Affinities?
  19. there is a setting begging to be written.
  20. I might argue that it's less about being tricky and deceiving and more about being outside of, and likely against, conventional societal norms. A lying CEO or a politician can be quite tricky and deceiving, having much in common con-artist, but no one is going to call them "punk". Making your way without conforming is the core of punk, IMO. Coincidentally I was thinking about this last might and thinking about cultures (to bring it back to Mythras). I had already decided on Street and Corp, but was not ever really happy with how Corp looked to me. Now I am seeing that it's not Corp, it's Ex-Corp - you've left the conformity. I'm reminded of Rush's Subdivisions on this
  21. Raleel

    Fading Suns for BRP

    yep! thanks. mostly helping me in thinking about my own supplements
  22. Raleel

    Fading Suns for BRP

    What did you use for the document creation on this?
  23. We had been keeping a secret over on reddit
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