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  1. Are there any supplements you can recommend for cobbling together a Colonial-era COC campaign? e.g., appropriate professions, muskets
  2. I need to run Clockwork of Orange campaign so someone needs to finish it!
  3. The Magic World approach sounds good for me. Given all the praise it gets it's weird that it never caught on in a larger sense. Thanks!
  4. Other than Chill 3e, are there any BRP adjacent systems that provide simplified antagonists and NPCs rather than building them with the same stats as PCs? COC, revolution d100 and zweihander all use a PC style stat block and rules.
  5. Yes it occurred to me right after I posted that I was basically asking for Revolution D100, which I own. Duh! Thanks all.
  6. I've read that Malestrom Domesday uses a D100 mechanic which is attribute focused, with talents modifying your rolls under your attributes. So you don't have to manage giant skill lists. Are there any other systems like this?
  7. I'm with mandrill_one on this one. The IP is too good to languish. There must be some company out there that would be willing to invest in this.
  8. I really like the idea of Asymmetrical games. This kind of thing would be great to add as an OPTION in the most innovative BRP System, Revolution D100!
  9. In one of the recent posts a mentioned was made of a new edition of Revolution D100 coming out in 2021? Am I right? What's in it?
  10. Also a more detailed document w/ examples on how to use other BRP's stuff in Revolution D100. For example, if I want to use Advanced Sorcery or Enlightened magic, what's a quick and dirty way to do that? I'd want to take advantage of Revolution's special widgets like traits.
  11. Yes. I'd love a book or something that presented lots of different magical traditions, along with a system that supported how they thought of magic. You have games like Mage the Ascension / Awakening, but in those games magic is free-form and the magical traditions are just think veneers on the real truth about magic (consensus reality or higher reality respectively). Ideally it would include real old traditions, along with new ones like chaos magic.
  12. That would be very cool. There are other non-western traditions, but to the best of my knowledge most of them are more ritual and spiritual focused then just zapping someone with an instant one off spell.
  13. I am still watching this space! Is there any way I can help? What if you get hit by a bus or something (god forbid, but things happen). How will I be able to use this critical game widget!
  14. Mythras After the Vampire Wars I think has psychic powers.
  15. I"m posting this here because I'm thinking about multiple supplements / systems. I'm looking to put something together that would work where all of the players are magicians, with kind o real-world magic (based on some real-world tradition like Hermeticism, can do powerful stuff but can't do really flashy fireball type stuff). I'm thinking about Mythras After the Vampire Wars Enlightened Magic Advanced Magic BRP and Mythras as is are a bit heavy for me. I'm more in the level of Open Quest or Revolution D100 level of crunch. Mythras is great but very crunchy and so is c
  16. I do hear what you're saying about adding "trappings" to powers. Savage Worlds uses the same thing. However, using that approach for magic really feels unflavored and un-magical (to me). I guess I could use Open Quest or something as a base and then use magic systems from mythras, etc. However, Revolution D100 has such a good elegant modern core I would miss that.
  17. I'd definitely use one skill per magic type! Any other thoughts? Is there a document / section that describes rules of thumb for converting over to Revolution D100 from other BRP Systems?
  18. If I wanted to use Enlightened Magic or Advanced Magic (one for Mythras and the other for BRP) do you think that would be difficult?
  19. Count me in! Would also be useful for other games like DG.
  20. I know this is an out there recommendation, but ... Lovecraft was inventing NEW monsters - they're way scarier. What about having section on creating new custom monsters - how to build weird powers, bizarre weaknesses, and such.
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