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  1. Also a more detailed document w/ examples on how to use other BRP's stuff in Revolution D100.

    For example, if I want to use Advanced Sorcery or Enlightened magic, what's a quick and dirty way to do that? I'd want to take advantage of Revolution's special widgets like traits.

  2. Yes. I'd love a book or something that presented lots of different magical traditions, along with a system that supported how they thought of magic. You have games like Mage the Ascension / Awakening, but in those games magic is free-form and the magical traditions are just think veneers on the real truth about magic (consensus reality or higher reality respectively). Ideally it would include real old traditions, along with new ones like chaos magic.

  3. I"m posting this here because I'm thinking about multiple supplements / systems. I'm looking to put something together that would work where all of the players are magicians, with kind o real-world magic (based on some real-world tradition like Hermeticism, can do powerful stuff but can't do really flashy fireball type stuff). I'm thinking about


    After the Vampire Wars

    Enlightened Magic

    Advanced Magic

    BRP and Mythras as is are a bit heavy for me. I'm more in the level of Open Quest or Revolution D100 level of crunch. Mythras is great but very crunchy and so is core BRP (lots of sklls, etc). Revolution D100 has a "magic" system, but it's like the SW system - you have a bunch of generic powers that you just say are magic.

  4. I do hear what you're saying about adding "trappings" to powers. Savage Worlds uses the same thing. However, using that approach for magic really feels unflavored and un-magical (to me). I guess I could use Open Quest or something as a base and then use magic systems from mythras, etc. However, Revolution D100 has such a good elegant modern core I would miss that.

  5. I wasn't clear from the new SRD how exactly "damage" (states of adversity) worked.

    1. Is there any way to generate a temporary Flaw from a poor conflict outcome? It seems like this would be a fun optional rule. 
    2. What do the penalties apply to. Just the abilities used in the conflict? All abilities? Just where it makes sense?
    3. How do you keep track of the states of adversity from multiple sources. If I get a sprain (narrative description of damage from conflict 2) then move one more track down (narrative description of damage from conflict 2) because I've seen something sanity blasting, do I need to write that down somewhere since they might affect different abilities or recover at different rates? or is recovery just an overall thing (regardless of source if you're at level X here's how long it takes to get back to normal)


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