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  1. Yes that's what I'm looking for John L
  2. I found the following comment on an old RPGNet thread talking about converting Werewolf the Apocalypse to HeroQuest. I'm pretty sure this person was talking about an earlier version. Here's the quote What is/was a "station"? Is there some analogue for that in the current ruleset?
  3. Can you talk a bit about this? How do you handle group combats? Why don't you like Extended Contests.
  4. With the new edition of HeroQuest I'd like to request an official PDF and Print version and not just an online SRD. Thanks
  5. How would you implement a Sanity Mechanic or Corruption Mechanic?
  6. Hmm... I misunderstood. I thought there was going to be a new BRP Essentials kind of thing. Thanks!
  7. What's the status of the companion book?
  8. I'd love to see some setting books for adventures from the Elizabethan Age up through 1800, with stuff for period weapons, trappings for magic (e.g., "Goetic" and "Alchemy" and "Witchcraft"), etc.
  9. Now I will have to buy this. i love ritual magic.
  10. Can you use chained contests with HQ 2?
  11. Is there an official single do we can put the clarifications and fixed in like this one
  12. Were these House Rules based on HQ 1 or 2?
  13. Can you write up the above as house rules?
  14. I bought magic world + advanced sorcerer/
  15. What would be a good system for running this today but keeping it simple? For example, I don't think Mythras would be your first choice, as its crunchier
  16. I'd like a new version of the core book!
  17. Sweet thanks! The above would work fine for me.
  18. In a games like Mage the Awakening you can have a power that isn't exactly a delimited power from a list. That is, the power has a general constraint based on the fiction and some theme and your level of power, and may even have a constraint, but within that the effect isn't a specific power or spell. For example, you might have access to the Death Sphere of magic, so you can make effects proportionate with your power level and they have to involve Death (decay, etc) but it's something you can kind of make up on the fly. And there's a risk, the weirder and more powerful the effect the mor
  19. Other Package Ideas Investigative Horror (Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Conspiracy X) Modern Supernatural Investigative (Dresden Files, Buffy, Hellboy, Atomic Robo) Supernaturals Horror (anything from the Chronicles of Darkness or Werewolf the Apocalypse lines) Transhuman Scifi Classic Scifi Supernatural Western Grimdark Fantasy (Warhammer, Zwiehander)
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