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  1. For playing a game, hard copy. If GM'ing, for writing adventures, sine I tend to do so at the PC, then i like an electronic copy for easy reference.
  2. I also wonder whether they (Chaosium) will wait until the sell-through physical copies they have before allowing PoD at Drive Thru?
  3. Swords of Cydoria is going to be a while I guess?
  4. When building up to a brand-new campaign do you find that you have accumulated more notes than you thought? I have had a year-long gestating project (that has not even started gaming!), and have started pulling together all my bits and pieces of notes (I tend to type stuff to small documents rather than written notes). Around 6000 words from the bits and pieces already! Lot of work to do, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount I have done so far. Maybe in the next 6 months my psychics campaign will finally kick off! So how do you GM's go about your campaign development?
  5. Really happy to see The Green and witchcraft in there; 2 Monographs I was interested in but hadn't picked up. On the downside you can only rate and review items you purchase (which is understandable to maintain credibility of reviews), and not itmes not bought through Drive Thru. Still, I foresee some upcoming orders for me.
  6. Mixing and matching can lead to a sense of differing scale of power IMHO. Also, defenses in the Super Powers category are ultimately very expensive as written, and I felt there was a disconnect with the attack power costs.
  7. I read flip flop combat rolls and had a whole different thought buzzing around my head; fighting in loose fitting beach footwear. Sorry. I'll get my coat.
  8. Thanks for that nclarke. Another added to my shopping list.
  9. Are they in line with the rules in BRP, or something else (like a whole system? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Evil schemer. Will try and pick the book up sometime.
  11. Hi; just a quick question - with the powers systems used, are there any additional rules (in particular the psionics rules)? Thanks.
  12. Thanks; primarily looking to build on the base BRP psionics so wil investigate Swords of Cydoria.
  13. Hi guys; working on a campaign setting for my gaming group which will heavily feature psionics, and while working up some extra rules/refining rules I had planned to use for something else, it has only now occurred to me to throw the question out to you guys if any of the monographs feature expanded rules for psionics? Thanks in advance.
  14. Glad things are sorted out; the redirect had me concerned. Thanks from all of us for resolving that.
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