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  1. I want to read another of Simon Roy's comics: Tiger Lung
  2. Ist dies ein Abenteuer, das noch nicht auf Englisch veröffentlich wurde??? 😲
  3. The French edition of RQ3 is fantastic. I wrote an article with all the covers here. 👈
  4. Thanks a lot for the battle rules preview!!! They look good!!!
  5. Well, maybe everyone wants to kill them anyway unless they are performing a sacred ceremony. 😝
  6. Thank you for all your responses! 👍
  7. I also enjoyed the explanation about the origin of passions and listening to Scotty's experience with them. You just got to listen to someone who has run the same introductory scenario over 40 times!
  8. I have just read this thread and I have some questions: OK, so a Shield-4 matrix allows you to cast a Shield up to 4 points in strength, but you need to spend your own Rune points to cast it. So can the spent Rune points be from any cult? Or only from cults that could obtain that Rune spell by being associated with the god that provides it? For example, could a Kyger Litor initiate use a Lightning-3 matrix to cast a Lightning-3 by spending 3 Kyger Litor Rune points? Could a Kyger Litor initiate use a matrix with a bound Orlanth cult spirit with Rune points and the Rune spell Lightning order the spirit to cast Lightning for her?
  9. Great! Very atmospheric, and useful to make your players realize where they are. I love how shadows move around the surfaces. Usually it is difficult for GMs to make players realize how intimidating darkness is. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the caves this way! As an aside, would it be possible for the camera to carry a torch to its side? This way it would better show how PCs would experience walking around the caves.
  10. Any 1H weapon should do more damage if you use it two-handed.
  11. By Ludo: https://godlearners.com/runic-rants-opposed-rolls-ties/
  12. That goat is the daughter of Ragnaglar and the Blue Moon. 🙈
  13. Just say no to their requests if the roll hasn’t been made in a tense situation or if they have used a skill only to get a check. 🙂
  14. My condolences to his family and friends. Steve created the system that has given my friends and me so many hours of enjoyment. I am extremely thankful to him for that, and sad for his passing. 😢😢😢
  15. Martin helsdon did some size comparisons some years ago. Like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/GdjzmpZyA26QkLwg9 I haven’t been able to find the thread where he shared these.
  16. I have run it, years ago. It was fun, but tough for the PCs. Lots of planning and fighting. A bit like "The seven samurai".
  17. I'd rule he can push enemies with its STR, and I'd use its POW as DEX and SIZ to calculate its SR. What he can do with the telekinesis would depend a lot IMHO on the "shape" each particular wyter has. But pushing and lifting objects would fit. I picture this telekinesis as a sort of poltergeist effect.
  18. Tell me more about their adventures, please. 🙂
  19. When HeroQuest Glorantha was published and we started playing it, it looked like player characters mostly used only Rune magic. In my group, we thought it made a lot of sense that theists used mostly theist magic, while animists concentrated on spirit magic. That influenced our RQ3 campaign, where most of the time characters only used spirit magic in spite of being theists, so we made a big house rule: we converted all the common spirit magic into Rune magic, hoping to make our games more Gloranthan. We had already houseruled that Rune magic was reusable for initiates before that, so it kind of worked. But now with RQG I'm thinking of going back to how things were at the beginning. Still, I keep thinking that shamanistic cults such as Waha and Aldrya should somehow have more potent spirit magic, while theist cults should have more Rune magic, while still using both.
  20. 1. When I restart my campaign I plan to use RQG with parts from RQ3 (we started the campaign with RQ3+). 2. There have been several long hiatus in between, but I'd say 4 years. 3. 1619 ST 4. Started in New Pavis, then moved to Sun County and the Zola Fel valley. There have been quick forays into Sartar and the Wastes. 5. 1 Pavic, 2 Sartarites, 2 Praxians, 1 Caladralander. 6. Pavis & Big Rubble, Borderlands reprints by Moon Design (RQ2), River of Cradles (RQ3), Sun County (RQ3), Ian Thompson's fanzines about Pavis & the Zola Fel valley. 7. Plot led, although I try to accommodate the players' goals as they coalesce. 8. I don't care much. The PCs have just learnt about the Lunar invasion of Karse and Heortland. I'd like them to free Pavis. I choose what year exactly the canonic events happen. 9. Fortune seekers in Pavis and the Zola Fel valley, possibly future liberators of the city. 10. See here for some advice.
  21. So do you think that the Gloranthan Voices of the Esvulari would need to be updated much from the ones presented here? (bottom of the page, HeroQuest Voices PDF)
  22. You can find some scenarios dealing with Thanatar in this issue. 😈
  23. A picture of Leika Ballista, Queen of the Colymar tribe, by Anna Orlova
  24. Yozarian's Bandit Ducks! is good for newbies. You can play it, get a feel of the rules, and then create your actual PCs.
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