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  1. An interesting read, thanks for sharing it! For Glorantha, as long as you can apply this multifaceted truth that George Martin applied: "The hero of my group may be the villain of the enemy group (and viceversa)", you're on the right track. But I guess a lot depends on to what extent you can identify with the self-rationalized goals and justifications of every Gloranthan culture. For example, can we really see the good part of the Kingdom of War? The Ompalam priests? The Kralorelan exarchs? Even if we could understand them, which I'm sure we do, would we really enjoy playing those characters in a game?
  2. A friend of mine is running a Ludoch campaign next to the Edrenlin Islands. He started with all the PCs as children.
  3. Very cool. Thanks a lot! An idea would be to make it possible for users to filter what kind of NPCs you want to get. For example, show me only Sartarites, show me only Assistant Shamans, show me only Waha initiates, and show me only two of them. I have no idea of how feasible that is, though. 😊
  4. No, but maybe something else. Jeff Richard talked about an interesting way to help GMs create heroquests more easily during the last day at THE KRAKEN 2018.
  5. I copied it from Jason Durall when he posted it either on Facebook or on this very forum last year (I can't remember now). Thanks from translating it back into English from my post here. I've recently read somewhere that they are going to probably change the title of the book into Campaign Guide, as it may contain an index year-per-year of the events of the Dragon Pass Campaign (on top of all the other sections). See a piece of art depicting three of the famous heroes here. Perhaps the HeroQuesting section will have its own book, as Jeff keeps expanding it.
  6. Yes, I read somewhere that most Orlanthi clans reenact in some way or another the Lightbringer Quest during Sacred Time. As I understand it from the book Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, there are different levels of heroquesting-depth and risk. Most of the time, for cult ritual purposes, the reenactment is done "in this world", meaning the participants don't physically go to the God plane, but rather they invoke the Hero plane onto the Middle World. However, all initiated participants still see the guys in costume during the ritual as if they were really were their gods and goddesses, since the power of the God plane is present. So the deities are present. "This world" heroquests are relatively easy and are usually successful. I guess deeper heroquesting during Sacred Time only happens when there is an urgent magical need on top of the annual "repairing the world" heroquest that is the Lightbringer Quest, which is vital in itself and no trivial thing, no matter what level of depth the clan reenacts it with. That involves lots of preparation like cooking, building, sewing costumes, purifications, organising the people to do different tasks, ensuring no Chaos enemies wander into the ceremony, and a big etc.
  7. I've been thinking something very similar to what's been mentioned, but maybe making a special be 1/3 or 1/2 of your skill.
  8. I'm eagerly expecting this since Lynne Hardy from Chaosium commented on it during THE KRAKEN 2018. Time-travelling villains, anyone?
  9. I was going to say exactly this. Your character may have been a farmer, but right now she's an adventurer. Clearly. If 4 out of your 5 players create fighter types, they are teling you, the GM, they are expecting to have fun by fighting a lot in the adventures to come (or perhaps they expect a higher survival chance because they have been led to believe there will be a lot of combat). In this case, you will have to prepare scenes where the herder gets to outshine the fighters with his abilities in order to balance the "hero time" of each character. On the contrary, if you encourage players to create characters who are fishers, herders, farmers, healers, scribes... They'll be more on the same boat and the adventures they face will be less combat-oriented. As an aside, here's a picture of the videogame King of Dragon Pass: 90% of all these people are Orlanthi farmers fighting boredom!
  10. Yes, and it is also a way to introduce great changes to how your clan works (forming a tribe, for example) and to solve great disasters (drought and famine, for example). Playing the videogame King of Dragon Pass is great to start grasping the concept of HeroQuests.
  11. You can find the updated stats for the Crimson Bat in the new RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary. ↩️ Its stats have changed a bit since they were first published in Elder Secrets of Glorantha.
  12. Well done! Your diction and pronunciation is very good, BTW. Very easy to understand for non-native speakers.
  13. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. 👍 Funny how Dehore ended up being the name for a darkness god.
  14. I have also enjoyed this read, and I am looking forward to reading more! But I have some questions now. The first is: Is this the end of Glorantha or the end of the Great Darkness? I guess it's the former, because towards the end it says "when the dim sun rose". But didn't all the gods end like it is explained in King of Sartar? Or is this perhaps the corruption of Dorastor at the end of the First Age? More: - What kind of Dehore super runelord had fire-related ancestors? It looks very strange that the warrior deploys fire powers while following the god of shades. It's intriguingly paradoxical. - What kind of character is the prayerman? Is he some sort of Malkioni?
  15. I'm looking forward to the next installment, when Nyalda and even Ernalda die. Ok... I know, I know, they go to sleep.
  16. I also think that every RQG supplement and scenario should be followed by a PDF indicating how to use it with HQG.
  17. I understand that it is far better to have a bestiary now, than a really exhaustive bestiary in 2 years. Will the rest of the creatures be included in a "Bestiary 2" or in their respective regional supplements? For example, woolly rhinos in a future Fronela book?
  18. Eventually yes: https://blog.sixages.com/index.php/2019/04/11/port-progress-april/
  19. I would like to add a review of the Glorantha Bestiary, done from the POV of a veteran RQ3 player (me): https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/02/review-of-runequest-glorantha-bestiary.html
  20. OK, but MGF trumps this. I thoroughly agree with Soltakks in that Rabble in RQG are just low-morale thugs. This allows your characters to face bigger odds if they are brave enough. I would say only heroes or NPC with very good reasons to keep fighting after being injured will fight to the bitter end. Even if they end up surrendering. Most beings just flee when the odds are against them, including nomad warriors, broo, and city soldiers, if they see they can come back at you in the future. Even a very competent city soldier (90% skill) will flee after suffering a minor wound if he's the only defender of a gate, he's outnumbered and/or he's not being paid enough. There are multiple factors and all largely depend on the GM decision.
  21. But that's not the case, you only gain a POW roll if you successfully defend from a magical attack. I like this rule. Otherwise many munchkins would learn offensive spells just because that's the way to get POW-gain rolls, which makes no sense at all.
  22. In case you need even more information :-) https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/04/review-of-mythras-roleplaying-game.html Just my opinion!
  23. My review of the Sourcebook: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2018/09/review-of-glorantha-sourcebook.html?m=1
  24. As loathsome as slavery is, you might be surprised to know that unfortunately there are currently more slaves than in any past period of history, at least according the the NGO A21. I hope it's not too OOT to direct your attention to their website, in case you want to contribute to the disappearance of slavery: https://www.a21.org/index.php?site=true
  25. Another question, since I have only played RQ3: - Why do you win 3 POW when you beat a disease spirit, but not when you beat a ghost or any kind of spirit?
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