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    Interview with Penelope Love

    She has written many Call of Cthulhu scenarios and fiction. Read the interview here: Interview with Penelope Love
  2. Runeblogger

    [RQG] How do you do mass battles?

    How do the battles work in The Book of Battles? And in Legend of the Five Rings? I have run several big and small battles with the rules in Ships & Shieldwalls, and they work very well if every player character is in charge of a unit. They are as crunchy as the Mythras combat system, to run detailed combats between units, although it takes some practice to master them. I'm looking forward to reading the soon to be published mass battle rules for RQG.
  3. Runeblogger

    <RQ:G> Casting Shield on body, equipment, or both?

    What a cool idea!
  4. Runeblogger

    <RQ:G> Casting Shield on body, equipment, or both?

    In my games, Shield only protects your body, and nothing else, if you cast it on yourself. You can also cast it on your shield or on your sword, if you want to.
  5. Runeblogger

    Ernalda to Vinga

    They could perhaps use the Earth rune to channel Ernalda's daughter Air rune for a limited period of time. Another option would be for Ernaldans to turn into Babeester Gori for a limited amount of time in order to take revenge on someone.
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    Capping Battle Magic like RQ2

    I like this idea. I also like the idea of capping Spirit magic as described in the never released RQ4, because it helps define the different levels of adherence to a cult. For example, I would also place caps on rune spells, so only priests and rune-levels can access 3-point spells such as Flight and Resurrection. This means the most holy secrets of the cult are only taught to the most devoted individuals, which makes sens IMHO. And then, shamans like Muriah in River of Cradles can have their terrifying Bladesharp-10 because, well, they're powerful badass shamans and they are able to find and defeat powerful spirits.
  7. Runeblogger

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Amazing pics, as always. The one with the slave was certainly shocking. I know this was often the case during the Bronze Age, but even so, associating it with the fantasy world I love is hard. The unicorn is great, but it looks as if it were suffering or bored. Also, I would make its mane wilder. The Blessed Daughter is very cool BTW. Why do you depict her with a veil?
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    Tips for new Glorantha GMs

    The best free place to start is the Glorantha wiki: https://glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Ralios Mongoose Publishing published a book about Ralios, but it is focused on the Second Age (the previous one). The old Genertela book by Chaosium also had a section about Ralios, but it must be hard to find nowadays. Other than that, the next best info on Ralios is in The Guide to Glorantha, but that will be too much for your player. 😯
  9. Runeblogger

    Tips for new Glorantha GMs

    Some months ago someone uploaded this to the forum: https://basicroleplaying.org/search/?q=Ralios&amp;type=downloads_file It might be useful. Also warn that player that the sorcery rules in RQG are quite different from the ones in Legend. They are basically more time and MP consuming. It will be cool to think of possible backgrounds for that character to be in Sartar. Perhaps she is looking for some ruins of the God Learner empire there. Knowing the distrust the locals have against western sorcerers, she may be first helping the locals in their quests so she can travel much more safely afterwards. Maybe he has contacted some friendly Lhankor Mhy sages to help him in exchange for some spell formulae. At first, the other Orlanthi PCs should distrust the sorcerer, but later on they will start seeing how useful his spells can be. Perhaps it would be cool for you to ease the player's introduction to Glorantha with a Gloranthan crawl like the Rainbow Mounds in the Apple Lane book. But take into account the advice given above. Snake Pipe Hollow is another dungeon crawl, but far more dangerous, so be careful. If you moved your campaign to New Pavis, the Big Rubble there offers loads of opportunities for looting ancient subterranean ruins.
  10. Just a question for @Rick Meints or @Jeff: Does the agreement with Edge include any condition on when and how many books need to be published on a certain period of time? I.e. Could Edge for example only publish the RQG rulebook and the bestiary in the next 6 years if they wanted to?
  11. Great news for the Spanish community! (Even after reading Ahti's misgivings...)
  12. Runeblogger

    The Hydra

    What does The Hydra eat?
  13. Runeblogger

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Of course. But please tell us, who is the skull guy standing next to the centurion?
  14. Runeblogger

    Guided Teleportation destnations

    IMO: - yes. - no, I'd say every caster needs to specify their own location. Perhaps a temple premade point saves you the ritual. - yes, but you can only have one destination to teleport to, the last one you've made the ritual for. - any location - the receiver of the traded spell must do his own ritual to determine the location.
  15. Runeblogger

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    I hope that too. 😀 I trust the project is in good hands.
  16. Hi, I attended the excellent The Kraken convention in October last year. There, Jason Durall talked about some upcoming books for RuneQuest on Saturday. Then on Sunday Jeff Richard talked a bit about what he's doing with heroquests for RuneQuest, which I think looks really promising. Read the write-up about Saturday (probably old news by now, but anyway) Read the write-up about Sunday Interesting?
  17. Runeblogger

    Attacking Small Creatures

    I guess "substract -20%" could be a way of expressing that you have to substract 20 from your initial percentage, as opposed to substracting 20% of your score(?). So,if your skill is 50%, with -20% you are left with 30%, but if you substract 20% of 50 (which is 10) from 50%, you end up with 40% chances. 😛 (OK, just joking). As for the small creatures, I'd rule 10% less chances for every point of SIZ below 4. A certain degree of agility (DEX) should also be necessary for a small being to be harder to hit in melee.
  18. Runeblogger

    Sun County Templars' and militiamen's cult ranks

    I think so. I remember reading somewhere, perhaps Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, that initiation is far more common in Orlanthi lands than anywhere else in Genertela. Elsewhere, people are content with being lay members.
  19. Runeblogger

    New player

    Eurho'ls Vale is another novel set in Glorantha. It is basically the prequel of The Widow's Tale, but it includes 2 other tales. Eurhol's Vale is still available at tradetalk.com (clic on Sales at the bottom) for 8€, but The Widow's Tale is sadly sold out. Try eBay, though. You can read a review here. I think it's pretty epic, so it's worth trying to find it. The complete Griselda is available at Chaosium.com. It's a series of short stories about a Vingan initiate in the city of New Pavis, in Prax.
  20. Runeblogger

    The Kraken 2018: upcoming books for CoC

    For me the most exciting upcoming books are the campaign in India and the one with the time-travelling villains. 😨
  21. Hi, I attended the excellent The Kraken Convention in October last year where Lynne Hardy talked about the upcoming books for Call of Cthulhu. Ok, the Starter Set is already old news, but perhaps you will find the rest interesting enough. I also attended a seminar by Sandy Petersen on how he creates scenarios and got to play a nice CoC game run by Lynne Hardy. Read my write-up (If you spot any inaccuracies or typos, please tell me.)
  22. Runeblogger

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    I guess it's a convention scenario.
  23. Runeblogger

    Runequest Fiction

    And The Widow's Tale should be in print again: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/novels-set-in-glorantha-widows-tale.html
  24. Runeblogger

    Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

    I prefer my polytheism soft. I think it's so much more interesting this way, even if it's difficult to wrap your head around concepts and if you need to reply to players' questions with a "it depends on who you ask". I also think it's much more realistic. The other day I was reading about the Egyptian god Horus. And, oh my God, I think that's way more confusing than any Elmal-Yelmalio-Kargzant-Antirius question... Imagine asking an Egyptian sage: "Who is the Sun Disk" during the reign of Tutankhamun, right after Akhenaten...
  25. Runeblogger

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    I'd rather read it on a different thread so it remains easier to find months later. BTW, I'm enjoying reading all these theories.