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  1. This is surprising. Is this specified somewhere? I have always thought casting a spell on an object required no POW vs POW roll, even if the object is being held by an unvoluntary target.
  2. How did it go? I had a lot of fun when I ran it to my players. 🙂
  3. I guess you not only need to figure out what valuable treasure/manufactured items and coins the clan has, but also how many cows/pigs/sheep/grain (King of Dragon Pass can help with that). And then you would need to somehow figure out what is the minimum they can go by with. In the end, it will be easier if you adjust what can be paid or not according to the needs of your story.
  4. We are playing a Star Wars campaign using HeroQuest on Roll20. 👈 If the Google Translate gadget does not work good enough, I might be persuaded to translate it myself into English.
  5. Was the woman also Chaotic?
  6. I'd recommend reading the part in the Guide of Glorantha about Dara Happa. You could also try to find the campaign Dara Happa Stirs (published by Mongoose for their MRQ, so set in the 2nd Age, but usable) and the campaign Red Sun Rising (published by D101 Games for HQ, but usable). Both are out of print, unfortunately. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/mongoose/dara-happa-stirs/ Dara Happans usually live in cities and organise themselves in strictly stratified associations.
  7. Same here, I really hope EDGE will publish the Starter Set in Spanish 🙏🙏🙏
  8. Cousin Monkey grimaces and screeches loudly about your forgetfulness 😜
  9. In my Praxian/Pavic campaign set in 1619, all of Duke Raus' peasants in Ronegarth worship Lodril. Which is pretty handy for the Verkarthani PC in the party.
  10. I kind of like this idea, but then for me it would be boring to keep rolling the same rune (or couple or runes) to solve every problem in HQ, even if you can augment the Rune with skills. (PD.: Perhaps this thread should be moved to RuneQuest)
  11. I'm looking forward to listening to another Wind Words podcast. 🙂
  12. So do you need to cast the Dispel etc against the props in order to Dispel it? And would a Teleport circunvent the Warding? 🤔
  13. I thought it creates a cube
  14. I used to see it that way as well, but when I discussed this in another forum, some people pointed out that Teleport is a spell linked to the Movement rune, and so what it actually would do is to transport you to the other side of the Warding, which would mean you actually do cross the boundary, and therefore must suffer the consequences. From this POV, when using the magic of Mastakos, you are emulating the god, so you are actually moving lightning fast (even if in spirit/air form or whatever), not just disappearing into the ether and then reappearing somewhere else.
  15. A further question regarding Warding: would you say that you could circunvent it by teleporting into it?
  16. Good idea! I should have asked her, when I interviewed her. 🤦‍♂️
  17. Wow, that sounds interesting. Would you mind sharing the PCs and a bit more of what was the campaign about, please?
  18. I think experienced sorcerers will have created inscriptions for all the spells they know so they can use their full INT to cast them.
  19. If I'm not wrong, Muriah the shaman knows Bladesharp-8 in the book Shadows on the Borderlands. That's one reason why she wins all duels to be leader of her band of broos. 😮
  20. Posted by Jeff Richards on the RuneQuest group in FB: I've been posting a few previews of art for the forthcoming Cults of Glorantha books, but there's another beautiful book already in art production - the Sartar boxed set. And here's just a little preview of a piece by the outstanding Ossi Hiekkala. Our mercenary here has been a bandit/rebel for pretty much her entire life. She might have been young, gorgeous, and wholesome back when she was a young woman who flocked to Starbrow's Rebellion in 1613, but since then, she has become hard, cynical, and ruthless. She started as a
  21. Cults of Glorantha. It includes brief rules for heroquesting (two pages) and myths for heroquests of every major cult, briefly described. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9824353-cults-of-glorantha
  22. Artists often work on a larger format than the one it is later printed so they can work with more ease.
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