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  1. The Verse is a shiny place. Even out at the rim, deep in the black. You cant take the sky from me! 😀
  2. They can always use more..."bait" 😀
  3. *SIGH* "No issue with Magic World continuing on as licensed/fan-produced product. " Does this mean Licensed AND fan-produced product or Licensed OR fan-produced product? I have a couple other works I could share if the license were opened up.
  4. Sorry for late reply. Just not here as often as I used to be... I used a formula for all of the conversions which Didnt account for the .5 and frankly it was just easier calling 3d6 average 9 instead of 10.5 when 1 or 2 points in a characteristic just doesnt matter as much in this game as others. (In most cases)
  5. Chaosiums The Magic Book has most effects for spells your players will probably ever need. http://www.chaosium.com/the-magic-book/ Also, for more of a fantasy setting I'd recommend Classic Fantasy which also has a good deal of old school spells. There is no one book with ALL of the BRP spells and sadly, because they are from dozens of authors, they likely never will be in one book. Everyone wants their piece.
  6. I use Biowares Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset that comes with the game. Way back when, I used to do area design work for persistent world servers hosting this game so I'm pretty familiar with it. It's a lot easier than most to use and has really pretty results. http://www.gog.com/game/neverwinter_nights_2_complete Edit: a wonderful aspect of the software is that when the game was popular a LOT of talented people made additional modifications/ 3D models for the game. There's literally thousands of additional graphics you can download for free from a once thriving community.
  7. Every time a MW book / pdf is bought an angel gets its wings.
  8. I would keep SIZ as is. Lack of weight made up for height. As far as other characteristics go, it depends. A lot of the long space journeys Ive seen on film show astronaughts/ space travelers on treadmills and working out.
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