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  1. Great minds... The only thing I do different is I DO allow the players Luck Points to refresh every session. Its just the NPCs that I limit to per adventure. This is just because as the Games Master, I feel I have an unfair advantage of already knowing the adventure. ;-) Rod
  2. Sorry I'm chiming in so late, was away for the weekend. I believe you could use the Book of Quests to run Classic Fantasy, however it would require some tweaking on your part. Yes, as Matt suggests, magic has a different feel in a traditional S&S campaign then that of Classic Fantasy. However, situations where this crops up could simply be ignored. You don’t have to have the town try burn the spell casters at the stake. And if it’s important for an evil spell caster to be shunned, maybe make them a necromancer. Which is a type of magic pretty much disliked no matter what the campaign. What I would do is substitute a Classic Fantasy spell caster for the equivalent BoQ spell caster where relevant. Make a sorcerer a magic-user, a priest a cleric, a shaman a druid, etc. Keep their skills as written (changing the spell casting skills as needed) and then calculate their Rank based on their actual skill levels. Add appropriate Classic Fantasy spells as needed. Luck Points are not going to really be a problem per say, as while yes, player characters do have more as they gain in Rank, Classic Fantasy ignores the Group Luck Point pool from Mythras. Plus, in Classic Fantasy, don’t be afraid to give important enemies, as well as any NPC possessing a class, Luck Points of their own. This makes the big final battle more of a war of attrition, as each side whittles down the others Luck Points, and gives an outnumbered enemy a little more of a chance of survival. Plus, maybe you want to make them a reoccurring villain. This gives them more of a chance to escape. The only thing different from an NPC’s Luck Points (which is covered in the upcoming Unearthed Companion), is that they do not replenish each session like those of a player, but every new adventure. Hope this helps. Rod
  3. They already do, they're a many-tentacled-horror. ;-)
  4. I'll admit that when I first came over from BRP to Mythras, I didn't like the idea of Choose Location being a normal success. But that was just baggage I was bringing over with me, and not based on any type of rational. It wasn't until I was watching a boxing match and got to thinking how these guys pretty much always hit where they're aiming, that I started to see it differently. Heck, the Ref stating, 'no hitting below the belt' implies that these attacks are not random. The same with fencing, unless the opponent deflects the attack, they pretty much hit where they're aiming. In neither case, are these opponents flailing about wildly, they always appear to have a set location in mind when they strike. That's is unless they choose another Special Effect of course. The other problem that I see with making Choose Location a critical effect only, is that unlike BRP, which has a pool of General Hit Points which are depleted along with any damage to the various locations, Mythras has body location damage only. Therefore, the quickest way to remove an opponent damage wise, is to do more damage to a single location then they can sustain. If hitting the same location multiple times comes down to random chance, this will really drag out combats. Plus, it would give an unfair advantage to those with large numbers of body locations, as each separate location is really another pool of hit points that have a chance to mitigate some damage. Now obviously, if a group has already decided to switch over to their own ‘house rules’ and everyone is happy with it, then great, you’re playing correctly. However, for those that are new to Mythras, I would suggest playing it as written and see if you come around. You might just find that it makes sense after all. Rod
  5. One of the best blogs out there supporting Classic Fantasy, is a blog written by Peter Webster. I discovered Peter's blog almost immediately after Classic Fantasy released, and for about a year now, he has been coming up with great stuff in support of the game. This includes a history of d100 gaming, detailed examples of Classic Fantasy character creation and adventuring, new creatures and player races, etc. His writings are so good and insightful, that I asked him to write Classic Fantasy's first official adventure; M1: Terror of Ettin Marsh, which is due to release very soon. The best part is that Peter is so humble that he didn't answer the first call for adventure submissions because he didn't feel he would be 'good enough'. Blogs can sometimes be hard to navigate, but a short while ago, Peter made an 'index' page for his Classic Fantasy stuff, which I'm linking to here... If you have any interest in Classic Fantasy, or are curious about it in any way, I suggest you start there. But don't be afraid to jump around, Peter is a gamer, and his interests are varied and many. Rod
  6. Classic Fantasy SideQuests Vol. 1 SideQuests feature short filler adventures for Classic Fantasy taking no more than an evening or two to play out. Typically, these will be locales stumbled upon while travelling from one place to another, or short interludes in areas of civilization. Maybe a child’s puppy goes missing and the characters decide to help her find it out of the goodness of their heart, leading to a kobold encampment a few miles out of town. Or the characters discover an overgrown entrance to a forgotten tomb while setting up camp for the night, leading to an encounter with several animated dead protecting the resting place of a forgotten warlord. · Each SideQuest should be no more than 6 to 8 pages in length, not counting maps and stat blocks, and each should feature an encounter, dungeon, or lair, that can be explored in one or two sittings. · Detailed setups of how the characters get there are not important, just a map of the area and some background. This will more easily allow the Games Master to select a SideQuest and drop it into his or her adventure with little prep. · Area maps should be kept small, detailing only the area around the key encounter locale, to more easily fit into any setting. · Each SideQuest should be centered around a single Classic Fantasy creature type and maybe their subordinates, if any. However, dungeons and tombs may have several ‘typical’ dungeon creatures as well. · Each SideQuest should be balanced for a party of four to six Rank 1 adventurers. However, a couple paragraphs should be included detailing how to scale the adventure for more powerful characters. Those interested in participating in this project should submit one or more 500-word proposals detailing your chosen SideQuest to...
  7. Picked up Classic Fantasy (Mythras) in hard cover to support your work. I have to say, I liked your BRP book but your Mythras one is a work of art. Well done. I look forward to lifting tons of content from it in the future. The organizations and spells as always are very well done.


    Any additional supplements on the way besides the expert set?

    1. threedeesix


      Thanks. I appreciate the complement and support.

      You can look for the first of many adventures to release for Classic Fantasy very, very soon. Plus, check out the Classic Fantasy Expert set if you want/need some higher rank spells and cant wait for the Companion.


  8. How much did it cost to have it hand delivered? I didn't see that as an option and would have sprung for it. I'm in the States. Oh, I should mention that I did receive my copy and it looks pretty awesome.
  9. Adding new spells just takes experience with both systems. Simply compare existing spells and extrapolate from there. As for Explosive Runes, see the Rank 3 Arcane spell Fire Trap as a baseline. Rod
  10. Right now, yes. However I own every issue of Dragon magazine and will be sifting through them for more ideas soon. Rod
  11. For the record, the Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion will be including a number of NPC Classes that are typically of an evil nature, the Assassin, Anti-Paladin, and the Witch. As well as spell casters common to the primitive humanoid races (orcs, goblins, gnolls, etc) such as the Shaman and Witchdoctor). Rod
  12. Yes, because of fumbles, criticals, non-escalating hit points, etc., there will always be a chance of death in any BRP derived system, and Mythras is no different in that regard. But not to the same degree as the poor wizard vs. house cat noted above. Nor should it be. Laws of averages says that wizard should die in the initial attack when fluffy makes his move. However, I think we can all agree that may be just a tiny bit unrealistic. That's not to say that small creatures cant present an exciting challenge however. Because a lot of new players look at the damage potential based on dice when gauging the deadliness of creatures when first coming to Mythras, before they have really learned the intricacies of the system, they sometimes see small creatures as being a non-threat. However If I may be so presumptuous as to quote myself. Classic Fantasy page 190-191 has this to say on the subject. So, yes. Small creatures can be a threat to a character of any skill level in Mythras. And Classic Fantasy is no different in this regard. However, when fighting a single mundane critter much smaller then yourself, the odds will always be on the side of a player character. Rod
  13. Hi Michael. I want to point out that a starting Rank 1 Classic Fantasy character is actually more powerful than a starting Mythras character, all things being equal. After all, characters are designed pretty much the same way up to the point where the character is given class abilities. So saying that a Rank 1 character's chances of survival are remote, is pretty much saying that a starting Mythras character has a remote chance of survival. I'm sure there are plenty of players that can confirm from actual experience that this is far from the case. Yes, combat is dangerous in both Classic Fantasy and it's parent system, but a judicial use of skill, tactics, and luck points will easily win out. Plus, if you think Classic Fantasy is deadly at low rank, think back to 1st edition AD&D with its level 1 characters. 1st level Magic-User: 1d4 hit points. House Cat: 1 attack: 1d2 damage. If that hits he'll also rake with his hind claws for another 1d2 damage. I'm surprised anyone ever reached level 2. I know that as a DM, I typically cheated to help keep my players alive until level 3, then they were on their own. Oh, and no house cats. Rod
  14. Mythras Classic Fantasy has rules for all of these including... A chapter on the Cosmology of Classic Fantasy, including rules for many different planes of existence. Rules for ethereal and astral travel by both spell and magic items. The ghost as a creature that attacks opponents by becoming semi-material. Several spells dealing with the summoning of both mundane and otherworldly creatures. Edit: I do want to point out that Classic Fantasy is very D&Dish, so 'might' not work for all campaigns. However, as the terms your using are also kind of D&Dish, it might work for yours. Rod
  15. I would love me some Judge Dredd.