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  1. Oops, I saw that D100 said his "small town in NZ", but my brain saw "NJ" so I thought, New Jersey. Perception roll failed. Rod
  2. You do know that if you order a physical copy directly from the Design Mechanism, you get the PDF for free? No reason to have to wait. Rod
  3. With an exciting year of Classic Fantasy adventures underway, its time to start taking submissions for 2018 to keep the momentum moving. Therefore, we’re putting out another call for writers familiar with both Mythras, Classic Fantasy, and Old School dungeon adventure. Prior writing experience isn’t necessary, if you have some awesome ideas and know how to put them on paper. We’re looking for adventure modules similar to (but not copies of) the classics of old, both in tone and feel, starting and mid-rank adventures are still the most desirable. So, think in terms of Ranks 1 to 2 being low rank, and 3 to 4 being mid. All our Classic Fantasy adventures take place in the World of Greymoor, however, no prior experience with the setting is necessary. You only have to worry about writing an adventure that can be slotted into any high fantasy setting, and I’ll work with you making it fit. The submission should center on a dungeon, tomb, or other ruins, but can feature a significant overland journey if desired. Feel free to include one or two new monsters, magic items, or spells if needed; however, most should be pulled from Classic Fantasy. New monsters, spells, etc., should be fitting of the genre. Finished modules should preferably be 16 or 32 pages. Writers will be paid for their work for submissions that are accepted and published. If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send your proposals to rod.leary -at- thedesignmechanism -dot- com. We’ll send out writer’s guidelines to those proposals that interest us, including a primer for the World of Greymoor. However, we’ll freely answer any comments and general questions in this thread. Rodney Leary
  4. Its for Ranks 2-3. The above cover is an early proof copy. Not too sure how the cover pics got mixed up. The books real cover reflects the actual product. Rod
  5. Yup, I love the cover.
  6. Additional insight and commentary: This is the first Classic Fantasy adventure to map the World of Greymoor for several hundred miles around the adventure location. Included are rules from the upcoming Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion, detailing overland travel and very detailed Wilderness Encounter Tables for all of the differing terrain types found within The Vale. There have been many instances where fans of Classic Fantasy have asked us about old school 'Hex Crawl' rules, and along with the provided Encounter Tables that can be further extrapolated for other areas of Greymoor, or fantasy settings in general, Games Masters will find this chapter of Tomb of the Mad Wizard very useful. Rod
  7. No problem Clarence. Hope someone gets some enjoyment out of them. I still have more to go through and will upload new stuff as I find it.
  8. As above, I have had the Star Frontiers stuff uploaded here for a while. However, I just found my conversion of SF-0 Crash on Volturnous, the Star Frontiers adventure that was included in the boxed set. So here is all my Star Frontiers stuff, including the missing pieces... Rod
  9. Version 1.0.0


    During the playtest of Basic Roleplaying, my group and I converted tons of settings to see how they held up. Star Frontiers was one such setting. Here is the conversion of SF-0: Crash on Volturnus, the adventure that was originally included in the Star Frontiers boxed set. I didn't include the maps as I own the original adventure and just used them, however they can more then likely be found on the internet. Rod
  10. Sorry Conrad, I didn't know you has commented on this. As far as the Sathar, I was really only converting stuff from the adventures I was running as I needed them. So the Sathar were just missed, as we stopped playing just before we got to them.
  11. This one has been in the downloads section for a long while, but I figured I would link to all my creations so I can more easily keep track of what I have here. One of my favorite movie franchises is Underworld, so years ago I converted both Selene the vampire Deathdealer, and her lover Michael Corvin, the lycan/vampire hybrid to BRP. Rod
  12. During the playtest of Basic Roleplaying, my group and I converted tons of settings and characters to see how the system held up. While many were uploaded here years ago, most have disappeared. I thought my own copies had been lost to the corrupted hard drives of time, but some have recently be discovered on an old flash drive. None of these were actually intended to be shared outside my group, and many were nothing more then an impulse conversion, an experiment so to speak. Here's hoping they will be of interest to someone out there. I will be using this thread to link to them in the Downloads section. The first is an adaption of John Carter of Mars roughly after the events of book three. Rod
  13. Version 1.0.0


    During the playtest of Basic Roleplaying, my group and I converted tons of settings and characters to see how the system held up. While many have been lost to the corrupted hard drives of time, some have recently be discovered on an old flash drive. John Carter was one such character to be re-discovered. Here's hoping it will be of interest to someone out there. Rod
  14. Not that I'm aware of Mark. I would simply purchase extra copies of each so you always have a pristine copy on hand for special occasions. It is thank you. I keep skipping around from chapter-to-chapter so I don't get burned out doing one thing. Just added "Minute Meteors" to the list of new Rank 2 spells. Really like how it came out. Rod
  15. Atgxtg, feel free to drop me an email and I'll send you the Fear rules. The Fear rules worked flawlessly, and are my preferred system when running a horror scenario for BRP, Mythras, etc. Most of my converted stuff are snippets from the various rules, as I didn't see the need to convert the entirety of the rules like I did with Star Frontiers, as I found they could be used pretty much verbatim. I think I have some creatures converted, as well as "Disciplines of The Art", and the "Evil Way". But for that I would have to do some digging. The Fear rules were easily accessible, as I use them frequently. Rod