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  1. Ok, so I posted a list of all the spells I have been working on because people wanted to see it. Now my thread has turned into why you don't like a particular game mechanic. I'm not saying it isn't a valid opinion, just that it has nothing to do with my list of spells. Your problem is really with the way D&D set up is spell hierarchy, not with what spells I'm including in my own product. After all, I already established the way it works in the core book which has been out a few years now. And D&D established it a wee bit longer ago than that. I think it's too late for me to change
  2. Yes, a few months ago. 😉 Sorry, still plugging away. I can say, I'm closer today then yesterday.
  3. D&D has always had mage spells and cleric spells (arcane and divine). From 3rd edition on, the spells have been grouped together, but there are still spells only a mage can cast and spells only a cleric can cast. And in 1st and 2nd edition, all spells were separated. Not only that, a cleric version of one spell could have completely different ranges, durations, and so on, then the same mage spell. Just not sure of your point.
  4. "Are the 100 new spells also unique from the level 4-5 spells in the Expert supplement?"In regards to the above question, here is a list of all of the spells being added to the upcoming Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion. There are actually quite a few more spells than the 100 I may have mentioned. Closer to 200 actually. I guess I was on a roll when I wrote them. Some of the spells published in the Expert Set have been moved around in the Rank structure. Now typically available at a lower Rank then before. This was done to maintain overall power level consistency.Disclaimer: There is always
  5. I'll keep you in mind when and if I require more testers. Thanks for your support.
  6. There are no plans at this time. But we'll see what space is left when I finish. I have a feeling I will be cutting things to get within the allotted page count as it is. Rod
  7. I'll keep you in mind Todd. Glad your enjoying it. Rod
  8. I'll be there as well, so if there are any questions regarding the future of Classic Fantasy, I may be able to provide some answers. Rod
  9. No worries. There are currently no plans for new methods of Character creation. Rod
  10. Hi, Was wondering how you converted CON from D&D to BRP/RQ for Classic Fantasy?

    1. threedeesix



      Sorry, I did not see this come in.

      If its a player character, I simply give them the same CON.

      For a monster, I ignore the D&D Con, and give it a CON based on other similar CF/Mythras creatures. That way, conversions remain balanced with existing monsters.

      Hope that helped.


  11. If there are any Spanish fans here, Mythras Classic Fantasy is currently crowdfunding at https://www.verkami.com/projects/26008- ... ra-mythrasAs of this message, there are 8 days remaining and has reached funding, so everything else is stretch goals. The book is integrating the complete Expert Set. So all the Classic Fantasy goodness under one set of covers.Rod
  12. I'm glad I saw this post Newt. I just backed your kickstarter. Looks fun and I'm glad to see it doing well. Rod
  13. I'm backing this myself and would love to use it for Classic Fantasy.
  14. It really depends on what the spell did in AD&D as to what gets boosted in Classic Fantasy. For the most part, anything that had effects that increased per level, are instead increased per Intensity in Classic Fantasy. So, some spells might only see their damage get an increase, while others, like Illusionary terrain for example, see their Area of Effect, Range, and Duration all increase. What I did different from the first edition of Classic Fantasy however is that where in the first each effect had to be increased separately, in the new version increasing Intensity increases all var
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