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  1. It really depends on what the spell did in AD&D as to what gets boosted in Classic Fantasy. For the most part, anything that had effects that increased per level, are instead increased per Intensity in Classic Fantasy. So, some spells might only see their damage get an increase, while others, like Illusionary terrain for example, see their Area of Effect, Range, and Duration all increase. What I did different from the first edition of Classic Fantasy however is that where in the first each effect had to be increased separately, in the new version increasing Intensity increases all variables that are dependent on it. So it is no longer necessary to increase each individually. Rod
  2. I’d also be willing to run my new campaign. Using the new rules I’m starting it this weekend now this is mainly for my kids and two of my friends so the place testing would be from their perspective. Now my kids have never been DnDers They have gone Through classic fantasy campaign before. So you Would get the perspective of a 12,14,19 year old girls and 17,22,30,33,48 year old boys.

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Let me know how it goes. Are you in my playtest group Belgath? I lose track.

    2. Belgath


      No I’m not in the play test group. But if you need a perspective from the group I’m currently utilizing I’d be more than willing to help. But if you already have enough people that is fine too.

  3. I wasn’t able to make it to Gen Con this year due to back injury. But I would love to run  some of your Scenarios  next GEN con or Maybe one of the West Coast conventions as I live in Idaho now.  I know every classic fantasy game I ran filled up like five seconds after they were posted and so it’s always been a huge hit there I think it’s the name is the key in a number of people Became avid rune questers. I really believe if you did a convention You have a lot of buy-in As the name sells itself. It’s one of the most common search is when people are looking for games.

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Thanks for all of your support. Let me know in advance and maybe I can get you an adventure to playtest before its actually released as well.

  4. Hello Classic Fantasy gamers.I'm looking for a few additional playtesters for Classic Fantasy. Particularly for the upcoming Unearthed Companion (new classes, spells, miniatures combat options, and variant spell casting system), but also input on the World of Greymoor (new deities, realm spells, additions to Ships and Shield Walls, etc.)I need people with an existing group that are currently playing so these options can be tested in play. However, if you are experienced with Mythras AND with Dungeons and Dragons, let me know, I may be able to use you on a fact-checking level.Drop me a PM with your experience and I'll look it over and get back to you within a day or so. Apply now, space is limited. Rod
  5. Camouflaging oneself with foliage, mud. etc. to gain a bonus to Stealth rolls in the wilderness. Think Arnie in Predator. or any number of military movies or real-life events.
  6. Is this Mythic Babylon 5? OMG This is Awesome!!! Mythic Babylon 5. I can't believe it. OMG. My favorite Scifi comes to my favorite game!!! OMG... OMG. 😉 Rod OMG
  7. With regards to Lightning Bolt, the text reads that all targets within the 10' path take the damage (which is based on that found in the Spell Damage Table) to 1d6 Body Locations if I remember right. Also, in the upcoming Companion, I have several new rules for Luck Points. One states that a spell caster (semi or otherwise) may spend a Luck Point to regain all spent personal Magic Points. Not Magic Points from items. This may only be performed once per day for each Rank attained beyond 1 and requires at least a few minutes of rest, so cant be used during combat. Because characters gain an additional Luck Point for each Rank attained beyond the first, this helps to simulate the greater number, and more powerful spells able to be cast at higher "levels", while still requiring a caster to keep an eye on their expenditure during combat. Right now, the rule is noted as optional while it undergoes additional playtesting, However, my local playtesters find it balanced, and fitting the original source material, as the fighters tend to use their Luck Points to avoid injury, while the casters use theirs to replenish Magic Points, making them more prone to injury if not careful. Hope this helps. Rod
  8. When I was writing the BRP version of Classic Fantasy, I playtested it with my group by playing through Against the Giants. We had a blast. We intend on continuing the adventures of Valamir, Sorack, Lorissa, Alexandra, Lilly, and Rengarth later this year by finishing up the giant saga, and moving on to D1-3. Obviously, using Mythras Classic Fantasy. Rod
  9. Unfortunately, Chaosium's management at the time (not the wonderful crew running things now) were very difficult to deal with and all of my emails went unanswered. The odd thing is that during its run, Classic Fantasy was their best selling non-Cthulhu monograph, so it mystified me that they just didn't seem to care. Eventually, I gave up and moved on. For what it's worth, Mythras Classic Fantasy is the spiritual successor to the BRP version, and a much more complete and well supported product.
  10. For the record, playing Classic Fantasy is nothing like "playing" D&D. That would imply that Classic Fantasy is just another of the many D&D retro-clones that can be found in print. A much more accurate statement would be "If I want to play D&D, I play D&D. But if I want to play in a D&D type setting with a more realistic and exciting set of rules, I play Classic Fantasy." 😉 Rod
  11. That's odd, seems to be working fine for me. Maybe it's incompatible with some versions of excel?
  12. There is definitely a place for the Anti-Paladin in Classic Fantasy, as I have already written up the class for the Companion. It is based on the Dragon Magazine version, with the one exception being that I down-play the mustache twirling Snidely Whiplash feel in favor of a terrifying death knight. They lack all of the honor typical of the paladin, even so much as possessing the back stab abilities of the thief. They can control undead and even lead undead armies. They're nasty. Rod
  13. Still hoping for this year, but that's all I can say at this time. We'll see.
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