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    Started gaming in 1978, played just about everything through to the mid 90's then slowed down to a dozen or so a year. I think I have finally settled on a system. ;)
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    Writer of Mythras Classic Fantasy and BRP Classic Fantasy. Classic Fantasy Line Manager for The Design Mechanism

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  1. I wasn’t able to make it to Gen Con this year due to back injury. But I would love to run  some of your Scenarios  next GEN con or Maybe one of the West Coast conventions as I live in Idaho now.  I know every classic fantasy game I ran filled up like five seconds after they were posted and so it’s always been a huge hit there I think it’s the name is the key in a number of people Became avid rune questers. I really believe if you did a convention You have a lot of buy-in As the name sells itself. It’s one of the most common search is when people are looking for games.

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Thanks for all of your support. Let me know in advance and maybe I can get you an adventure to playtest before its actually released as well.

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