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    Started gaming in 1978, played just about everything through to the mid 90's then slowed down to a dozen or so a year. I think I have finally settled on a system. ;)
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  1. I’d also be willing to run my new campaign. Using the new rules I’m starting it this weekend now this is mainly for my kids and two of my friends so the place testing would be from their perspective. Now my kids have never been DnDers They have gone Through classic fantasy campaign before. So you Would get the perspective of a 12,14,19 year old girls and 17,22,30,33,48 year old boys.

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Let me know how it goes. Are you in my playtest group Belgath? I lose track.

    2. Belgath


      No I’m not in the play test group. But if you need a perspective from the group I’m currently utilizing I’d be more than willing to help. But if you already have enough people that is fine too.

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