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  1. NEUHEIT! OKTOBER! SPIEL 21! 60 Seiten Abenteuer in der GEGEND € 14,95
  2. Reading all these commnts and theories getting me bad ideas: A healer campaign in the Hero Wars, based on MASH, with the sarcastic Chalana Arroy Hawkeye Pierce, the more pragmatic Ernaldan Trapper John, etc. Oh, and Klinger has to be a Yelmalion, because: crossdressing. 🙂
  3. Wouldn´t be a republication as a Jonstown Compendium file a good idea?
  4. I I don´t know if Soltakss has meant it this way, but i would allow "Devotion (Deity)" to be used as an AUGMENT of an DI roll.
  5. It is a setting book/supplement, se he needs the MYTHRAS core book to use it.
  6. But back to the original topic: "Trickster seduced Babeester Gor, who was the child?" IMHO seduction doesn´t have to be a rape. If Trickster would have been sober, and went for a drunken Babs, that could be considered rape, but not if BOTH were drunk, and Trickster went for Babs, and she was "Why not?", then this counts for me as seduction, not as rape. For the second part: Sex doesn´t always end up in pregnancy. Not each one-night-stand produces a child. In my Glorantha BOTH were drunk, had sex, the next day Babs regretted it, Trickster boasted about it, and no offspring was produced.
  7. As far as i understood rape is BAD, but it can be a part of violent behaviour of members of the human(oid) race(es). Gunda was raped by a Brithini philosopher. Beat-Pot raped a Lunar Priestess. A rape doesn´t make the rapist a chaotic being, BUT rape is a chaotic act. Even non-chaotic beings can commit chaotic acts. (another) BUT performing a chaotic act gives a chance that it turns you into a chaotic being! If you rape someone you risk the chance that it turns you into a chaotic being. And if you risk the chance that it might turn you into a chaotic being, you almost acknowledge that you ARE already a chaotic being. And since every chaos is all chaos rapists will be killed on the spot in my Glorantha.
  8. That would be a great project for our Jonstown Compendium artists: Martin Helsdon, Dario Corallo or Simon Bray?
  9. You are mostly right: RQ2 Trollpak is mostly the same as RQ3 Trollpak backround text + Haunted Ruins and Into the Troll Realms. But RQ3 Trollpak had new adventures in it: and these new adventures could be reprinted as a Troll Adventure Booklet. You can´t have enough of gloranthan uz, don´t you?
  10. Is my idea of the first 5 titles in line with what YOU think is worth being reprinted? I am NOT asking to do it NOW (or at all). Just asking if you see the same books as worth reprinting as me.
  11. Socks in Sandals? He must be a german tourist!
  12. I am sorrow that some of the RQ3 publications are currently not avaiable. Some other supplements i would like to see back in print (or PDF) available to new RQ newbys. Some things were good enough to get them back into print, but are not sooo important to me. My idea on a RQ3 Classic Line: Should get pack into print IMHO: 1. Sun County 2. Strangers in Prax + River of Cradles adventure (background reprint not nessessary, because of RQ2 P&BR) + Heroes magazine Ostrich Tribe 3. Shadows on the Borderlands 4. Trollpak 2 (everything from "Into the Troll Realms", "Hauted Ruins", "Trollpak" and "Troll Gods" that wasn´t covered in RQ2 Trollpak. 5. Dorastor + Lords of Terror Would be nice to have back in print IMHO: 6. RuneQuest Deluxe Book 7. Glorantha Boxed set + Missing Lands (but almost all of it is already covered in the Guide to Glorantha and other publications) 8. Gods of Glorantha (but almost all of it will already be covered in the upcoming Gods of Glorantha and other publications) 9. Glorantha Bestiary + Creature/Monsters part of Elder Secrets (but almost all of it is altready covered in the new Glorantha Bestiary and other publications) Totally optional: 10. RuneQuest Cities 11. Monster Coliseum 12. Vikings 13. Land of Ninja
  13. I have a zoo group (Orlanth Adventures warrior from Sartar, Lhankor Mhy bookkeeper from Tarsh, Idovanus Sorcerer from Carmania (i use the RQ3 rules for him), Kyger Litor Warrior Dark Troll from Yolp Mountains, Aldrya Greenelf from the Elder Wilds in Balazar) and they are currently in the Big Rubble.
  14. If you start an adventue that will take a week to accomplish, and you will be back for the holy day to get your runepoints back, sure... no problem. BUT if you start an adventure that was PLANNED to takle only a week to accomplish but takes doubble the time (in the wilderness) you may have missed the holy day ceremony. And since my players know that that can happen Spirit Magic gets more used than Rune Magic (Rune Magic is saved only for encounters with the BIG bad guys).
  15. I have interpreted the man fighting the darkness creature as Issaries, and the blueish man in the back as Flesh Man (blue = dead).
  16. We (the german RQ fan club, the RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society) started to publish in english language in 1996 with Tradetalk 1, and published two issues almost every year. 2005 was the year in which all fan publications were asked to stop, until a new fan policy was published. So Tradetalk 14 in may 2014 was the last one published before that. Tradetalk got the okay from Issaries Inc./Greg without any problems, and we continued with Tradetalk 15 in 2007, but we only managed to publish one issue per year. In 2009 our last issue was Tradetalk 17. Why we stopped publishing Tradetalk? Many reasons: - We, the publishers, were almost never the authors of the articles and adventures, but relied on fan authors to send us material to publish, or sometimes we asked our buddies if they would write something for us. - We at Tradetalk were not really interested in writing Second Age fan stuff for Mongoose RQ - Some of the old RQ fans haven´t made the transition to HeroQuest... and wouldn´t/couldn´t write for Tradetalk anymore. - Since HeroQuest is less crunchy, we needed MORE text to fill an issue with content (a RQ adventure with three NPCs and four Broo was made up of 3 to 4 pages of stats!.. in HeroQuest these many stats were not needed, so we needed more content to get Tradetalk to the size we needed to fill the 48 pages). - We wanted to make theme issues, and not only a complation of various articles... That is why it took so long (to long) to get the next issue ready. - Many other fanzines were around (Hearts in Glorantha, The Zin Letters, and Rule One) in which potential Tradetalk authors could publish they stuff - Some of the fans moved on to write for Issaries/Moon Designs official line of HeroQuest books, and had no time for writing for Tradetalk - Some of the stuff we asked to publish took to long to get published, and the authors changed their minds (because they were assocciated with official publishers, and don´t wanted to get their "fan stuff" published, because it could be viewed as canon if the author was part of the official publishing house*). *NOTE: The author(s) never said it so explicitly, but i read that between the lines... maybe i am wrong about this. Maybe, at some point, we will publish something on the JC and call it Tradetalk 18... but it will not be like the Tradetalk 18 that was planned in 2009.
  17. I am right to assume that a lot of Gargathi have still to wrestle with spirits of reprisal from they former cults? For instande an ex-Humakti that can´t use his sword skill (which would be his best weapon skill) because all blades shatter as soon as he touches them. He has to fight with weapons he isn´t as much familiar with as with swords. And he likes to fight and kill Humakti, because they can use what he can´t anymore.
  18. I am aware of that, that is why i wrote PRAXIANS and not Orlanthi. In an Orlanthi (Sartatrite) society they are a BIG problem, because Orlanthi society doesn´t want them around (that is why the outlaw them), but can´t kill them on the spot, because they are kin. When then outlawed Gargathi roam Prax, i don´t think that Praxians will have as much qualmsand will just kill them like they would do with a band of broo (the occaccional Eiritha worshipper might intervene, but i don´t think that a Praxian warrior will even think twice about it).
  19. That is a good thing to remind me of: broo. So basically a Gargathi band isn´t much different than a group of broo, except that their members are humans. Gargathi will not detect as chaotic, but i assume that most Praxians will deal with them the same way they deal with broo.
  20. If Gagarth worshippers are unpredictable violent that the whole cult is made out of individuals that are cast out of other cultural groups and cults, why do group together in a raiding band (or similar)? Did they at least respect EACH OTHER?
  21. There were a lot of minor differences in between these two groups. But the difference became much bigger with the Lunar occupation. Tarsh is much longer under Lunar occupation and the Lunar influences are all over the place, and the hardcore Tarshites are living in exile at Kero Fin. Sartar was conquered barely a generation ago, the Lunar influences are mostly limited to the cities, and only part of the hardcore Sartarites went to Heaortland and Whitewall, a lot of them stayed in the hills of their clan territories. In MY Glorantha the differences in bewteen the (non lunarised Tarshites and Sartarites) are: - Different dialect (Sartarites and Tarshites still have a very good chance of understanding each other) - Sartarites are Highlanders, which prefer to ride or just walking, Tarshites are Lowlanders, which prefer to use wagons and chariots - Sartarite men prefer beards, while Tarshite men prefer mustaches - Sartarites ride ponys or praxian beasts, Tarshites ride pelorian horses - Besides Ernalda Maran Gor is more commonly worshipped among Tarshites than in Sartar - Sartites are proud of their white wine (especially Clearwine), but Tarshites prefer red whine. - Sartarites are proud, Tarshites are arrogant I don´t know how much of these differences were caused by the longer influence of the Lunars, or how much are just "being Tarshite"
  22. In between Tarshites and Heortlings was the empty Dragon Pass, from 1120 to 1350ish. So there was no connection between these two Orlanthi groups. Sartar was resettled from Heortland (except for the Far Point region around Alda-Chur, which was repopulated by Tarshite settlers). In more than 200 years without contact with each other they developed a little bit differently.
  23. IMHO Elmal is a NAME, Yelmalio is a TITLE.
  24. To bad we have not managed to publish that Tradetalk issue with your content. 😞
  25. I have a big bunch of the Dragon Claw miniatures, painted by the sculptor himself!
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