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  1. "Reaching out to grasp something" seems closest to me, but the title is intentionally ambiguous. The Temples of the Reaching Moon strengthen Lunar influence in places where it would otherwise be weaker. They're symbols of the Empire's expansion, and of its willingness to defend its frontier against intrusion. The Moon is reaching out to enfold you in her many-armed embrace. Submit, barbarian.
  2. @French Desperate WindChild is right - the map scale appears on page 136 of RQG Core Rules and in the PDF of that map that's included in the GM Screen Pack.
  3. And seeing the Monster Empire through the eyes of the Lloigor naturally gets you to the truth behind the illiterate scrawls in Argrath's Saga: the late Lunar Empire as a fully-actualised transhumanist project, on the brink of achieving the eschatonic singularity which had always been its ambition. Those heaps of discarded corpses in charnel pits? Their previous occupants have no need for them, now they have achieved spiritual liberation and discarded material dross. That substance you call "gorp"? It is the New Flesh of the Zeroth Element, in which we merge and are truly All Us, the blessed gr
  4. I have a notion floating around that perhaps Sheng's "Shadowmoon Empire" somehow pushed the Red Moon into its Dark phases (or empowered them, or drew power from them), Yin to the previous Empire's Yang. Yara Aranis, the demon goddess of the Reaching Moon who haunts the nightmares of Pentans, is strongly associated with All Day Permanent Red, and after three Wanes in a Lunar Hell getting to know her intimately, Sheng Seleris might be strongly motivated to do something that would upset her. So reborn Emperor Sheng would have all the big bright Solar wang yang energy, relegating the Moon (and her
  5. Updated again, with The Temple of Heads, an exquisitely-detailed Thanatari temple complex in Dorastor, Land of Doom. Written by Leon Kirshtein and Simon Phipp with Nikk Effingham and Tal Meta, this is the first in a projected Holiday Dorastor series, expanding on the iconic locations of Glorantha's nastiest Chaos Nest. As you'd expect, there are dungeon complexes, Rune-level leaders and their henchlings, new monsters, magic items, spells, cults, sorcery... plus four short scenarios and innumerable adventure hooks. If you liked RQ3's Dorastor: Land of Doom and Simon Phipp's Secrets of Dorastor,
  6. If Lux needs to ask which way Glamour is in Phase Three (cf. my recent Zenith-infused Monster Empire musings elsewhere), that strongly suggests that Sheng's Shadowmoon Empire or its successor made it harder to see the Red Moon. Which again brings us to the Black Sun Cult, from two different directions.
  7. Convulsion Goes Forth programme (Leicester, UK, July 1998):
  8. Back in the nineties, Chris Gidlow ran a couple of dozen-ish player freeform games at conventions (Tarsh War sequels) set out on the eastern frontier: Revolt in the Redlands and Retreat from the Redlands. Unfortunately I was too busy organising the conventions where he ran them to take part, but one of these decades... Anyway, the schtick in Revolt... was that it was basically Custer's Last Stand, only starring General Thrax and the Red Army Cavalry Corps, while Retreat... was more of a retreat from Moscow scenario, slogging through General Winter's partisans. As I recall it, every
  9. This is excellent advice that would be really helpful for a GM running this scenario. Thank you for sharing, and please let us know when you write up another adventure.
  10. You're right, it's a good book. And we explicitly spelled things out in Glamour Goes Gold, a free 25-page supplement full of "making-of" articles, artwork, diagrams, etc., that was created largely for the benefit of foreign translators but was shared for anyone who missed some of the references we were making. So I think you'll do just fine. Let me know how you find it.
  11. Nero did much the same. If we extend the analogy...
  12. A few footnotes. The first article in our Rough Guide to Glamour talks (between the cracks) about the grim dark realistic side of the metropolis ("a swarming hive of humanity, repaired by chain-gangs of unwilling 'penitents,' patrolled by brutal police from whom thoughts and even dreams must be guarded" ... "a mundane city: behind the Glamourising and beautifying, there is indeed poverty, deprivation and crime"), but its narrative is swept along by currents of Moon power dragging you ever inwards and upwards, which deliberately bypass that mundane stuff.* The tourist Gazetteer is full-on
  13. "Reality" can fade away and radiate. That's what the Goddess desires.
  14. @Paul Fricker's Miskatonic Repository scenario Full Fathom Five (aka "The One With All The Sea Shanties") is now available as a softcover print-on-demand book from DriveThruRPG: it's $14.90 for a 60-page one-shot Call of Cthulhu scenario, by one of the seventh edition rules' authors, set aboard a whaling vessel in the South Pacific in 1847.
  15. Mate, you called our book "preposterous." Face it, that was a lame opener. Then this thread of yours is apparently about canon; our book is clearly, loudly, proudly, overtly non-canonical; and yet you're using it to prove something about canon? Fuctifino, the story keeps changing. I'm glad you liked the good preposterous bits, anyway. That's probably the same 95% that Jeff liked. The 'canon Lunar Empire book' you're after will likely be split between the Guide to Glorantha (geography, overview) plus the Glorantha Sourcebook (cosmology, history) plus the forthcoming Cults of Glorantha (loa
  16. Oh God, yes, that was brilliant. Tradetalk #15, The Isle of Giraine by Barry Blatt. It's one of those articles you just read slack-jawed and drooling with envy, like Stew's piece on Duck brothels and Lunar military vice: all those little fragments you and your friends wrote and shared, now picked up and fitted together to create a masterpiece. Absolutely wonderful stuff.
  17. It's pretty goddamn clear to me that nobody is saying it's canon. Which makes Thoror look a tad deceptive. You know, I don't have any time for this guy. Our book is the best-selling, best-rated title on the JC, but someone on the intertubes preferred ILH? Cool, man. You can keep it. YGWV. Don't let the door hit you in the arse when you storm out.
  18. Sure, I’ll take a look after breakfast. The Kama Sutra for anyone who loves fonts and layout is Robert Bringhurst’s magnificent grimoire “The Elements of Typographic Style.” It’s a kabbalistic feast for the eyes. UPDATED: The green rows of this table are (top down): LOCATION: R 61, G 135, B 126 = #3d877e Right Leg: R 229, G 234, B 233 = #e5eae9 Left Leg: R 190, G 206, B 204 = #bececc The font is Trebuchet MS, 10 pt bold small caps for the header row and 9pt for the body rows. Was that what you needed?
  19. Join the club. But don’t ever let on!
  20. Interestingly, that's exactly what I was working on when I developed Hrestolism back in the nineties. Not the Loskalmi state-cult version: the original meaning of Hrestoli Chivalry, where a knight could let his conscience be his guide and didn't have to keep checking with Wizards to make sure he wasn't accidentally sinning and was still following all the right rules.
  21. The lines before that on the drivethrurpg page.
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