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  1. Yes, that sounds right to me. If you remember my Facebook post last month re: Orlanth worship in occupied Sartar (attached below), the Lunars initially worked to stop large armed mobs of Orlanthi gathering together at tribal mustering points to spread sedition. They couldn't care less what happens at clan level: clans are easy to enough to squish if they get out of line. (You can even get a friendly tribe to do it for you, with a bit of pressure applied in the right places) I used to speculate that joining the Seven Mothers might protect converts from the spirits of reprisal of
  2. Are you seriously writing poetry without Passion? It'll suck. Trust me on this.
  3. In "the other place," @scott-martin tells me that for Lore purposes the small white WB&RM booklet would be the one to go for. And as that's the edition that's closest to the Nomad Gods rulebook (which is already available), that's the one I'd most like to see.
  4. Whichever would look best. I'm not intimately familiar with different editions: TBH, I only own the Avalon Hill version of Dragon Pass. But Chaosium's Nomad Gods rulebook is so lovely and quirky (with the page colours varying for different kinds of spirits, and the way the typed text meanders between mythology and rules), I kinda hoped WB&RM would look similar. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  5. I love having the Nomad Gods rulebook in your clean, searchable PDF edition. Have you considered reproducing the WB&RM rulebook in that format? Not the whole game (counters, board and all), just the rulebook?
  6. Just updated for Jamie "Trotsky" Revell's Kingdom of the Flamesword, a magnificently comprehensive, profoundly non-canonical description of the Kingdom of Seshnela and the Rokari Church for use in HeroQuest games, from the author of the Book of Glorious Joy (which does much the same for Loskalm). I'm personally delighted to see some unapologetically mediaeval Malkionism on the Jonstown Compendium, and have plans to add some of my own writings, one of these months...
  7. I have about 36,000 words of my Black Spear epic mini-campaign thing written: it's past half-way. (Dangerford was about 11,000 words, plus 6,000 in unrelated appendices and 1,000 of doggerel verse). Plus the next Lunar Book, and the Moonbroth thing, and all those other projects on the back burner... and that's not counting Sandheart.
  8. Just updated for Martin Helsdon's War Elephants of Fonrit, a slim booklet about the care, feeding and utilisation of weaponised pachyderms. Plus minor updates re: the Kralori Primer and Jaldonkiller Saga. Oh, and the index just went Electrum: yay me!
  9. Just updated for Neil Gibson's Legion, a nicely-presented and beautifully-illustrated collection of broo stat-blocks: 20 Rune levels, 26 initiates, 48 lay members, no gross rapey/breeding content, and four pages of interesting new diseases to amuse and entertain your players.
  10. Thanks, @Eagle Talon! Hopefully you've seen in our "Director's Cut" bonus content that we're working on more sophisticated Lunar stuff for the Jonstown Compendium: We have stacks of artwork, reams of heresy, and 40,000+ words of apartment-based action already in the bag...
  11. You don't actually have to do that. A shaman can be in a shamanic tradition that isn't a full-blown cult (e.g. Horned Man, Earth Witch, Kolat), instead picking up an unusual selection of Rune magic through casual ad hoc membership of spirit cults (see RQG p.377-9 for Spirit Cult rules, and p.292 for a few more Praxian spirit cults associated with Eiritha). If you want ideas for Spirit Cults, grab the Nomad Gods rules from Chaosium's website and see how the Praxians do it. Also, in case it helps, here's some advice I shared earlier on discorporate shamanic scouting missions: Cheers
  12. OK, I've run two groups through about a year's worth of RQG in the Colymar region, using a mix of published and playtest scenarios. In both cases, the party had an Orlanthi "front man" who started out on the fringes of Queen Leika's good books. We went through character generation together, including family history. I had the big poster map of Dragon Pass & Prax, pointed out where people came from and where the battles were happening, and waved my arms around dramatically as we moved through the timeline. Players were looking for places where their parents or grandparents were affecte
  13. I know the current trend is to illustrate or model them as bearlike creatures with heads that vaguely resemble pumpkins, but that's insufficiently chaotic for me. The jack-o'bear's head IS a pumpkin: vegetable, bright orange, and there's probably a lighted candle inside it, if you stare into its carved-out eyes.* You know, they probably grow in tainted pumpkin patches -- imagine a twisted, homunculus-like mandragora root growing down beneath (or parasitically inserting itself into?) a pumpkin, eventually uprooting itself (at this early stage the swollen pumpkin head is much bigger than th
  14. Logically, given a — to all intents and purposes — infinite number of blind men grabbing at thIs particular elephant, one of them must surely have stuck his head up its arse. Looking back over this thread, I have my suspicions as to whom. And, hilariously, I’m sure he has his own. Let’s leave it there.
  15. Ahem. The distinctive trait shared by all Seven of the Mothers is that they are willing to form illegal criminal conspiracies, defying unrighteous imperial authority, and make alliances with strange new forces in order to tear down an Evil Empire and replace it with something better. They are Argrath's natural allies. And some idiots still don't get that.
  16. Eurmal, on the other hand, tries to exacerbate it. Thus, Argrath. It's poor old Flesh Man who suffers, as always...
  17. It's not that they have formal answers - it's that grokking the answers makes you think. And that opens up the doors of perception in your mind, and lets the doves and the bats take flight through your third eye. Om. Do you really get Zeno's paradoxes if you've read the answers in a book and can parrot them in a written exam? Do you really get the ideas inherent in a Socratic dialogue if you've skimmed it once? So also Illumination. The written, teachable, formal answer is a false friend if it stops you thinking through the question for yourself. It should be a spontaneous realisatio
  18. The relationship between the pantheons is typically "Hostile" (i.e. prickly, based on past experience, can easily go downhill), not "Enemy" (attack on sight, give no quarter, never compromise). And Issaries cultists have every reason to play nice with Etyries cultists -- after all, the exchange of access is mutual. Where are they planning to recover their own Rune spells when they're in the Empire, eh?
  19. Six Seasons in Sartar is now a Gold Best-Seller on DriveThruRPG, with more than 500 copies sold. The book is available in digital ($19.95) and printed hardcover ($39.95) formats from the Jonstown Compendium, and is one of the best-rated titles in Chaosium's community content store for RuneQuest and Glorantha.
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