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  1. Another month, another update: the Miskatonic Repository Catalogue now includes 418 titles.
  2. Updated again with the latest Monster of the Month from Austin Conrad: a terrifying Sword of Humakt called Renharth Blackveins. I've also brought the accompanying spreadsheet up to date, and it now details all JC titles through to 28 February 2021. Several BWT titles are on the brink of Electrum: why don't you go and tip one over? (We can even make this a popularity contest: pick up Vinga's Ford if you love Ducks, Rocks Fall for Trolls, or Dregs of Clearwine for Orlanthi)
  3. If you don't have it already, pick up the Guide to Glorantha: that's your best source for the rest of the world. (Scroll down that page for the PDF-only version) Paul Baker is writing a Kralori Primer to support RuneQuest campaigns in Kralorela. It's dead cheap: $4.00 for more than 200 pages (so far). Jamie "Trotsky" Revell worked with Greg Stafford in the early noughties on HeroQuestWorldWars stuff set in the Malkioni West. His "non-canonical" books based on that work are the Book of Glorious Joy on Loskalm (from D101 Games, published in 2011, sadly no longer available), and Kingdom
  4. Our enemies assert that Ducks are the secret overlords of the Lismelder Tribe. Just putting that out there.
  5. Thank you for the lovely feedback! I hope you've already left a rating or maybe even a review for our Guide pratique de Glamour over on DriveThruRPG: it's really helpful and motivational when people do that, too. If there are any French hobby groups or forums where it would make sense to spread the word, please do that - sadly, we can't be everywhere, touting our wares in a foreign language. If you can cut'n'paste the bit of my manifesto that isn't easy to follow, I'll try to talk you through it here. Genuine offer. I really appreciate your comment.
  6. There will be some heroquesty bits in my forthcoming campaign for RuneQuest, currently code-named Black Spear. Look for it this summer on the Jonstown Compendium. There's a very nice, formally structured Yelmalian heroquest in Jon Webb's Tradition: Sandheart Volume 3. Simon Phipp's advice is usually good: the theory is in Secrets of HeroQuesting, with some practical examples in How Humakt Learned to Grieve. While Simon and I don't see eye-to-eye on the joys of playing in SuperRuneQuest munchkin fun land ("Everybody Kills Harrek!"), his narrative and improvisational sense is otherwise
  7. I shared this on Facebook, and I like you lot, so I'll share it here as well. It's a small personal manifesto, growing out of some recent niggles and annoyances. In the Before Times, this'd have been a website post, but I don't have the tools to do that any more. You don't have to read it; you certainly don't have to respond to it. But this sets out where I'm coming from. I hope it's helpful. There's some nifty discussion in the RuneQuest group on Facebook: link. Ten Reminders.pdf
  8. The goddess of Kylerela is actually called “Kylie.” She is surprisingly short, and her accent shows that she originated on the largely mythical Southern Continent.
  9. Clearly incorrect, but never mind that; there will be a point after which they can't do that any more. And Chaosium doesn't have any "un-tainted" versions of the old HeroQuest-branded books that can simply be dropped into a POD workflow. This stuff takes a lot of work to set up and get right: remember the long wait for the POD RuneQuest Classics? And those were supporting a major Chaosium brand.
  10. Heh. Lucky you aren't a Humakti, Ludo. Here's the POD edition of Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes for HeroQuest.
  11. Check the "Apple Lane Orchards" map in the GM Screen Pack. East is Jonstown, South is Clearwine, West is Runegate and north is unmarked.
  12. Forgets to list the Elephant Cult in the blurb for its book.
  13. I'd guess it's an unmarked trail that leads to Oakton and the Varmandi clan. There might even be a ford along the way (Vinga's Ford). In general, don't try to extract local detail (where does the path heading north from my village lead?) from a continent-spanning overview (the Argan Argar Atlas). The map of Colymar lands in the GM Screen Pack shows more stuff that's of local interest.
  14. Updated again with Leon Kirshtein's Denarius the Minter and other minor cults for RuneQuest. $2.40 buys you 14 pages of content: seven short cults (mostly one page) and a miscellany of Rune spells. The grab-bag contains niche cults for NPCs (Lunar mint officials; Fronelan mahouts; sorcerous draconism; an anti-Mostali Chaos cult), munchkin fantasies (Pavic Chaos-fighters!; the God of Lawgivers!) and rules exploits (a purple glow used by God Learner shamans). The spell selection is much like that in the Book of Doom: mostly clever utilities, and some game-breakers. It's probably best to treat t
  15. This looks like actionable intelligence. Possibly too mainstream for @scott-martin, but you never know, the man has hidden depths.
  16. Here's a video of me leafing through the pages of the first printed copy of Chris Gidlow's Citizens of the Lunar Empire: $39.95 in hardcover or $19.95 in PDF.
  17. Disponible dès à présent dans le Jonstown Compendium: le Guide pratique de Glamour, edition français. 12.50€ pour 135 pages en PDF (+ 7 de cartes). Le Guide pratique de Glamour est votre indispensable compagnon de voyage pour toute visite de la capitale du plus grand empire que le monde de Glorantha ait jamais connu !
  18. You’re on the right track. Think Borges & gematria. It’s an engine for brute force attacks on the sorcerous code that underpins the Matrix.
  19. Oh, I've written about this before, without the urban dimension. Maybe I'll dig up one of those posts... The new keyword in my post was probably "Special Guest Villain," for anyone who's paying attention.
  20. If you bought our Rough Guide to Glamour, we've just added a new file of bonus content from the new French edition: the colour map of the Lunar Empire*, a beautiful cross-section through the City and Crater*, a selection of moody author photos in black & white, and most of the extra bits that were added in translation. In French. Because you're worth it. * these bits are in English.
  21. THE OTHER BLOCKS We’re used to playing clan-based campaigns out in the boonies of Sartar, away from the cities and royal roads, where the two main pastimes are cattle-rustling and nursing ancestral feuds. As everyone knows, the two neighbours every clan absolutely requires for dramatic storytelling purposes are a worryingly successful Rival Clan, and a pitifully weak Poor Clan. The Rival Clan are assholes who appear to have more political, social and economic clout than you, their leaders are perceived as noble heroes, and if you guys don’t get your act together they might achieve al
  22. If you ever need a slim intro to Glorantha, the old Sartar Player's Primer does a pretty good job. It was released to support Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes for HeroQuest, but is almost entirely systemless. Nowadays you'd want to finish by saying, "That's how things stood at the end of your childhood. Now let's run through recent Family History to see what's changed in the last few years..."
  23. Many years ago, Chris Gidlow and I had an idle chat about the way soap-opera episodes end with a freeze-frame cliff-hanger after some dramatic revelation, then pick up again next time with a cut to a new scene, rather than exploring the inevitable -- perhaps violent, or at least exposition-heavy -- consequences of what was just said. Instead, the EastEnders theme tune strikes up, the credits roll, and any escalation / clarification / resolution is left hanging for another day. In Citizens of the Lunar Empire, we learn why this happens: Laelaps the Wyter, acting to preserve the harmon
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