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  1. Greetings! Where is it detailed who the six husband-protectors of Ernalda are? I've even seen talk of the number being five or seven. Even with the variable truth of Gloranthan tales, have we got a rough list of the husband-protectors sourced somewhere? I've got Orlanth... Cheers Gaz
  2. Howdy! I discovered on t'interweb references to an expanded "Garhound Contest" (from Sun County) for Hero Wars, but all the link seem dead now. Is this document alive and well? Freely available? Or is it something that was but a candle flame in the face of Urox and is now extinguished forever? Fresh from rooting around in the Old Sun Dome and defeating Yelmalions keen to enact the "three angry blows", my plucky band probably needs something more rounded as the next step of the journey. I've got Sun County, but as I'm using a different system anyway, it'd be good to get an expande
  3. Greetings As the title says - When is 13th Age in Glorantha due? I didn't get round to backing it on Kickstarter (oops), anyone any idea on when "normal" punters might see a book in the shops? Cheers! Gaz
  4. Dear Moderator, please ban everyone else in this thread for a breach of Rule #2 #SpiritsOfReprisal #DivineIntervention #MapsPlease #lolz #GoldbreathForCount
  5. Cool, but what does an adventurous Ernaldan look like? One of my upcoming missions was going to be similar to the Cult of Prax episode where an Earth ceremony is interrupted by Dark Trolls, so it would definitely be an opportune moment. What would you suggest would lead a cultist to forgo the Paps and head off exploring (aside from Cult debt for help fighting Trolls)?
  6. So, has anyone got a map of Sun County? There's the one in the front of Sun County I can scan in, but was looking for more detail, or even better a sexy one with drawings and cool stuff (either fan made or otherwise). Thanks!
  7. I'm using Savage Worlds, so there is no inevitable TPK here! Also, I'm looking for ideas to add to a group, preferably something interesting and iconic as old school Gloranthan, not to start a new campaign.
  8. Yo Rick! I have tried various communication methods, please advise me of the preferred one so I can receive the promised divine reward! Thanks
  9. Greetings! A rag tag group of adventurers is exploring the River of Cradles - we have a brutish Storm Bull and his trusty rhino, an adventurous Orlanthi, quick of tongue and a pious Humakti, eager to give the gift of death and cut through lies. Occasionally a woolly-chinned Lankor Mhy initiate documents What character would you add to this motley crew? Someone Praxian, or Pavic, or similarly local would be best, and having a different god to worship than the rest. Initial thoughts sprang to a Yelmalion on some expedition out of the Sun Dome, a Eurmal trickster from the stre
  10. I was hoping for GODLIKE rules mashed up with the CoC setting. Is there anything out there like that? Draft or playtest notes would be cool if there's not a full product.
  11. Amazeballs. Email sent, thanks!
  12. I found a fan made diagram with locations of towns and locations on but it wasn't very pretty. The style of the maps and diagrams in all those old books is lovely, but we lack the information unfortunately. For example the Rivers of Cradles map looks very nice, but we're missing lot of the locations that are talked about in later supplements. Just speaking for my personal preference, I'm not bothered about a grid or hex overlay, something that looks the part and holds all the locations that are referenced in the text would be good. As long as there's a scale on the map, that's good en
  13. My Google-fu is at least that strong, but thanks anyway... I have Sun County, running an adventure for it last night though, I was disappointed with a lack of decent mappage by today's standards.
  14. Howdy, I keep nipping back to look at glorantha.com, but the image gallery is still no appearing in this film. Have we got a list of links or good online repository of images for Gloranthan stuff - specifically Prax / Pavis? Also, without buying an entire world atlas, are there decent maps of, for example, Sun County available? Feels like there should be and my google-fu is just weak. Cheers! Gaz
  15. Ooh good call. I'd forgotten about them and nothing says old school Glorantha like a regenerating Walktapus!
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