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  1. You want to lower lethality for newbies, give them two characters. Their primary, who they roleplay and want to play and their secondary, who wears a red shirt and has a name like N Sin.
  2. If, by "experienced monsters" you mean Humakti.
  3. yeah, I'll make sure that the walktapus, the giant and Cwim all have dismiss magic, just because the developers fumbled their game design roll with a 00 (Blow it badly, roll twice more) then they created Sword Trance and combined it with the over 100% rule.
  4. Yes, if you read further up, it's right there. Malia. But my contention was she was a perfect candidate for a Thed avatar and so that's what she was in my Glorantha. That's all. Not arguing about canon or anything. Think about it. She's a female.human who leads broos. That's unusual. And she'd been treated unjustly by the villagers, just as Thed was by Orlanth.
  5. Except Thed IS a female, like it or not, and Muriah thus is perfect as her avatar. She was the perfect embodiment of Thed in my glorantha. :Muriah was vengeful and tragic, like Thed.
  6. Yes, they floated barges downriver. I can't remember where I read this, but it was integral not only in the building of Corflu, but the fleet as well.
  7. But she makes more sense if she's a Thed priestess. Given her backstory, she makes a great avatar of Thed.
  8. Pretty sure the red sword is in the west. I remember finding it in a temple in the Guide. Think it was Fronela, but not home to look it up.
  9. This is kinda morbid to talk about, but having seen a lot of death, it's not quick. Not even quick deaths are actually that quick. I - like everyone else on this thread apparently - give the PCs till the end of the next round to prevent someone from dying. They should fix that rule because no one uses it as written.
  10. Yup. There's a good reference that came out recently called A History of Violence about how the police in the U.S. were created to beat down the working class from protesting and uniting. A GM might want to consider that the same tactics might be employed upon uprisings in the Lunar Empire as well. All part of the Evil Emperor stuff.
  11. See what I'm saying? Brithini hatred. That poor Constantine fellow probably didn't even HAVE leprosi. As false as Brithini lies about the Followers of Vadel.
  12. We Vadeli are a misunderstood people. Everything you've read about us (above) are vile Brithini propaganda. Vadel was a great explorer and his discoveries of different cultures challenged and threatened the strict conservative traditionalists. Zzaburr skinned Vadel and bound his soul into a book. The murderer of Malkion is the truly vile, opportunistic sociopath, not the Vadeli. We simply acknowledge that all creation requires destruction and accept that chaos is the Creator's tool to create. Brithini grudgingly accept our logic is unassailable but their prejudices and fe
  13. If you play Drinax they give you your starship. It spells out the repair costs, upgrade costs, etc. You don't owe anything. It's not a merchant ship. It's a pirate ship.
  14. If you're playing Drinax the ship descriptions give maintenace costs in Traveller economy. So much of the campaign is in Traveller economy that you'd be better off not converting the money system.
  15. Ahem, Sheng Seleris would like a word with you.
  16. You can buy it at DTRPG https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/311970/MSPACE-Companion?affiliate_id=272323
  17. I always like the idea that unlike Keets, the Ducks of Dragon Pass were Orlanthi who became ducks to avoid the Dragonkill. Delecti had something to do with it no doubt.
  18. I'm pretty sure it's canon that ducks who fly without some heroquest secret get nuked by Yelm.
  19. Character of the week Pt 5 This should be the final character. The M-Space Companion is due out June 10th. So for my final character I've decided to make one myself. We haven't had anyone from the Penal Colony homeworld, so I was thinking a bounty hunter from the prison planet Theebus V. As a kid I had a pet named Sparky and we haven't had a robot yet so.... Sparky the Robot Bounty Hunter Str 17, Con15, Siz 6, Dex 18, Int 15, Pow 11, Cha 15 Standard Skills: Athletics 40%, Brawn 27%, Conceal 44%, Deceit 35%, Endurance 75%, Evade 76%, Insight 36%, Perception 36%, Stealth
  20. Primal. Those were Balazaring crocodiles.
  21. I love these rules. One of the things I'm working on is a major campaign about the colonization of a new planet. In the opening chapters, their colony fleet is attacked on the way to their new world. As they have escort ships with them, it turns into a major battle that the PCs have the ability to affect. I could use those rules to run the scene.
  22. Character of the Week Pt. 4 This weeks character doesn't tie directly into the Nicky Nova group, but one could with a little tweaking. I left it deliberately vague as to who she was at war with. This character was a young woman growing up on a war torn world who became a journalist covering the war. So Occupation: Journalist, Origin: War Zone Meet Lauren Klondyke STR 15 CON 17 SIZ 11 DEX16 INT 13 POW 17 CHA 16 Standard Skills: Deceit 39%, Endurance 59%, Evade 62%, First Aid 34%, Influence 47%, Insight 45%, Locale 36%, Perception 60%, Stealth 39%,
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