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  1. Biter Also known as the Mace of the Vampire Lucifer. This light mace bears an Undead rune on it as well as several other enchantments. Cults · Associated: Vivamort · Enemy: Humakt, Eurmal, Grandfather Mortal · Friendly: Malia · Hostile: All others Knowledge · Automatic: The light mace is a sword biter and can be used to break enemy swords, per Cults of Terror. · Cult Secret: The mace can also parry incoming Turn Undead spells. · One of a Kind: Only one is known to exist and it belongs to the Vampire Lucifer. History The mace was gained by the Vampire Lucifer on a heroquest which only she knows. The Quest came to her in a dream sent by Vivamort. Powers Any vampire wielding Biter can parry Turn Undead spells. It holds a spirit with POW 14, INT 18 CHA 14 that knows the sorcery spell Dampen Damage which it uses to protect itself. The spirit has access to the Repair matrix enchanted on the mace. The spirit can also teleport the mace once per day to its owners coffin. The mace has 12 hp. Value The item is worthless to those who cannot wield it, though Humakt would pay 2000L to anyone who brought it to them to be destroyed. To vampires its value is inestimable, but they would likely kill to have it. Lucifer would not part with it over her undead body.
  2. By which time the harmony spells protecting the city walls have groaned under the weight of the city wide panic that immediately ensues, allowing Jaldon's host outside to break in and liberate the city. But YGMV.
  3. Any Vadeli could tell you that becoming one with the all and finding Solace is just a scam by Krarsht and the worshippers of the Invisible God are merely fools rushing into the Maw of Krarsht to be devoured. But hey, nobody ever listens to us.
  4. "Dear people of Pavis, tonight is the last night for tomorrow YELM WILL NOT RISE!"
  5. First I've heard of something called the Starter Set. What's that?
  6. Wait till someone hits him with a Hula Hoop of Death
  7. The Eleven Lights just brought down Skyfire upon you and being Fazzur Wideread, your standard must be saved at all costs so you expend your wyters Power to erect a sufficiently large enough shield spell to protect you and your bodyguards and your banner.
  8. Elder Secrets has Cacodemon as well IIRC.
  9. Well, if you've only got one shot, don't tell them you've only got one shot and then shoot the first player who is not listening. After that, the other players will be listening very intently how to play the game, I assure you
  10. The Crimson Bat is a piece of cake. See my old post "So easy, even a Balazaring could do it." from a few years back.
  11. Craziest familiar one of my players ever made never got actual play as the game ended and I believe that was the last thing ever done. They drained a wyvern of its blood then gave a ghost of a shaman size so that it would be the ectoplasmic plasma so to speak, ie, the wyverns ghostly blood. Then bound the ghost into the wyvern. Wasn't really an undead wyvern since it now had a soul, albeit a dead shaman's soul that flowed through its veins. Decided the eyes glowed ghostly blue. RQ3 days. Was more maximum game fun than something that would probably work per the rules as written.
  12. thank you. I hope I didn't come across as being argumentative. I just wanted clarification of what was intended from a game power level perspective. That clarifies things greatly.
  13. The idea behind this abusiveness is that it would be done during the holy days as part of the ceremony. For that precise reason. I didn't write the rules. So how am I supposed to intuit the "spirit" of them? For all I know, you want uber powerful characters and the adventures that come out will have wyter buffed NPCs. How am I supposed to infer anything but what is written down and figure that playtesting would have exposed this as a flaw. I have to go by the assumption that it's a game design decision. But now that I understand what the "spirit of the rules" are, because that wasn't really spelled out in the actual rules, I know to simply disallow the wyter to gain power from worshippers sacrificing to it. Then the game will simulate Glorantha more faithfully. Thank you.
  14. the clan would be uber powerful, not uber weak. Because you included one little rule that says the clan can sac power to their wyter. And then you made it totally worthwhile for them to do so.
  15. Because if 40 Humakti worshippers each sacrifice a point of power they gain Shield 27 for a year? Not just the rules-lawyer chieftain, ALL of them. The wyter goes right back to 42. and next season, those same Humakti get Trueswords for a year. Those ain't getting knocked down when you've got 54 countermagic up. And that's just Humakt. Why wouldn't 40 Orlanthi all have permanent Flight for only 1 power per year? And the fact the rules state you can sac power to your wyter means everyones wyter will always be at max power because those benefitting from its powers stand to gain from saccing power to it.
  16. If it shouldn't happen in Glorantha, it shouldn't be in a rulebook for a simulationist rpg. RQG either simulates Glorantha or it doesn't. One of the things I always loved about RQ3 was how well it simulated Glorantha. It had flaws too, but I can't honestly say RQG has addressed those flaws, it seems I'm always finding new flaws. Like, yes, the rules allow it, but we should ignore those rules because...Glorantha. That's kinda describing failed rules IMO. But again, I don't know, because I am not sure if one line in a text box that is never mentioned anywhere in the rules otherwise is actually a rule or just a mistake that made its way through unnoticed. Maybe you can't sac power to your wyter. In which case, all of these abuses go away.
  17. So if Godlearners did it, then so can the Lunars. So can Meriaten. So can Argrath. So it's a thing.
  18. yeah, but then next holy day they add on a spirit block 27 and there goes THAT argument....
  19. I think the wyter can enchant multiple objects for the addition of just an extra POW per 5 items? Maybe not? If so, that's a big advantage over group enchantings. Wyters become exponentially more powerful. But I'm not really sure if it works that way per RAW. The rules say a wyter can be directed to cast its spells on members of the community. But if it CAN cast Matrix Enchantment, then it's not casting it upon a member, it's casting it upon an item. Does that mean it can cast matrix enchantment on 5 members belt buckles for one additional power. It would at least explain all the belt buckle magic items out there in the publications
  20. The thing is, nobody, not even the Coders, have ever been printed up with the hint of having a wyter blessing. Wyters are a new thing. I'm leaning towards the opinion that the sentence in the example about Ernaldan cults was a mistake. I'd like to know, one way or the other, however, from Jeff or someone. Because from David's comments about the 20 points, it makes me doubt that the worshippers can give the wyter power all the time. I'd say just give it a power gain roll on holy days or if it marks its power.
  21. You can run them online too.
  22. Remember when everyone said Sword Trance wasn't broken, a Dismiss Magic would take it out? Now a minor Humakt temple can have 40 warriors sac a point each to the wyter for shield 27 for a year. Good luck knocking down the Sword Trance.
  23. Page 287 of the core book says about the Ernaldan clan (which would apply to the Seven Mothers too) That 42 Power Wyter could - on full moon days - cast a Shield 35 with Extension 5 on itself lasting 2 years (full moon doubles temporal spells). Next holy day, having been brought back up to 42 from worshippers, it can cast Shield 30 with Extension 5 for 2 years upon 25 members of the community. Next holy day, do it again or cast, idk, lets say Spirit Armor Enchantments. 30 points worth on 25 worshippers. Next holy day, make 30 point magic matrix enchantments on 25 items. Make 25 items each with 15 Mindblasts seems good. Will that work? It would seem so according to RAW. The math works out to this: use 8 power to hit 40 worshippers. Shield 27 with extension 5. For lunars, that lasts 2 years and cost the wyter 40 Power. The guys getting the benefit from the wyter then sac 1 POW to the wyter each in exchange, bringing the wyter back up to 42 power. In two years, you can imbue 200 worshippers with Shield 27. Why don't we see Lunar patrols and lunar army with Shield 27? Why not everyone who has a wyter? I don't see any limits on how much power can be sacced to the wyter other than species maximum. The rules don't say the wyter can only gain power by marking it, they say the worshippers can give it. So the 20 points David talks about make no sense to me. That's paltry compared to a minor wyter's power or the power that it imbues its worshippers with. I'm guessing these troublesome words need to disappear from the RAW? and sometimes even points of characteristic POW (which could bring its POW up to a maximum of 42).
  24. But you can top it to its maximum during holy days. Then have it cast, (say it has max power 42) a Shield 35 on itself for an entire year, do the ceremony, have worshippers sac power to get it back to 42 again, wait till next holy day then do other stuff.
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