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    After life for Malkioni

    So basically they run joyously into the maw of Krarsht.
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    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Just a little thing called the Olympic Peninsula and Mount Olympus. Vancouver is inside the Puget Sound and they have to enter the Straits of Juan de Fuca to get there. Presumably, they'd want to exit the same way rather than try to sail over a mountain.
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    Runequest video game

    I'm surprised there's been no announcement from Chaosium yet. I'm ecstatic at the thought of finally having an rpg for pc. But not too thrilled about kiddie toys. Toys to Life is considered a dead industry. This guy explains why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDO9KzDglO4
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    M-Space: Pirates of Drinax Campaign

    I originally started this thread on the forum for The Design Mechanism. However, I won't agree to Tapatalk's (lack of) privacy policy. so I will be continuing that thread over here. To get up to speed for those who don't mind their policies and analytic intrusions, here is the original thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/viewtopic.php?p=26351&utm_medium=email#p26351 So now on to our latest adventures. When we left off, the PCs had finally caught up to the Ginnea and were about to catch their stowaway and bring her home to her father. When they jumped into the Sagan system, however, the Mercifuge found itself in the middle of the wreckage of a recent space battle. Two Aslan escorts wiped out. Two other ships signalling Mayday. The Ginnea was there. She was dead in space. Reefer Jeeders was captaining the "Merc" as they had begun calling her and he established comms with the surviving two ships Ravager and Catgutter.. It turned out they were pirates in Peytr Vallis' gang. These were the guys that hated all Aslan and exclusively raided Aslan ships. These guys recognized Jeeders and his crew from their earlier visit with the Pirate Lord Vallis. The PCs had taken a liking to Peytr being as they hated Aslan almost as much as he did. So when they heard that an Aslan Slaver from the Glorious Empire had raided the system and taken everyone aboard the Ginnea, that Peytr's gang had taken out the slavers escorts and that the slaver had only just jumped out of the system, they decided to quickly refuel and pursue. There was only one problem. Their flagship, the Darklight, never jumped into the system. As more and more time passed, it became apparent that the Darklight had probably misjumped. the crew had to work under the assumption that their leader, Captain Highfall and his entire crew were lost forever. Actually, there were two problems. Which way had the slaver gone? The crew of the Merc guessed they'd jump next to Lacideaus. With no escort, they reasoned that the slaver would run for home. They were wrong, but a few weeks later as they circled back to the Dustbelt, they caught up to her as she was refueling at a gas giant. As they closed in, the Slave ship finished refuelling and began climbing out of the gas giants gravity well when it opened fire on the Merc. They missed. Lucas Aurelius did not. A few shots from both sides and suddenly Aurelius critted the salvers power plant. She went dead in space. Q Bot calculated the slaver would fall back into the gas giant and be destroyed in 6 hours. It would take 3 hours and 40 minutes for the Merc to reach her. As it turned out, the situation wasn't quite as dire. The slave ship managed to restore emergency power and get into a stable orbit. The Merc came alongside, extended her forced linkage and boarded the much larger ship. As the boarding gun blew a hole open into the hull, the boarders were met immediately with blaster fire. Lucas was on a roll, a burst from his weapon tore an Aslani limb off. Q Bot muttered "Monkey needs a hug" and unleashed a burst of electricity into one Aslan who was stunned. Return fire damaged Q Bot slightly, but he muttered "Monkey Loves You" and passing his manipulator over the blasted area, repaired the damage. After a couple rounds, only 2 Aslan still stood and as Bixel and Torlann charged in with cutlasses, the Aslani roared, their dewclaws snapping from their paws and met them in melee. Bixel, already employing his Q Tech to enhance his cutlass' damage, critted his opponent, cleaving him in two at the chest. Torlann quickly dispatched his own enemy and Q Bot took the stunned Aslan prisoner. The battle was over. The remaining Aslani crew were female technicians and the pilot, who surrendered. The PCs found 600 humans frozen in cryo, waiting to be taken to the Glorious Empire for a short, brutal life as a slave. Their girl was one of them. Q Bot and the crew of the Ginnea got the power plant repaired enough to limp her to the next star system, Dpres, which had a starport capable of repairing their latest prize. They tore out the cryo chambers and sold them along with their other treasures accumulated during their journey - though they steadfastly refused to part with the Gravity Distorter. This paid for the repairs to their new ship, christened the Esmerelda. It would take quite a while for the repairs to the power plant to be completed. In the meantime, they were one jump away from Solaria, where Lucas' uncle, Vlen Beckett, had told them he'd seen a strange starship buried under a ton of giant bones in a valley. This seemed a good time to explore that boneyard and see what they turned up. And so we called it a night. Meanwhile, in an uncharted star system hidden within a thick, dark nebula, the Darklight found her engines were mysteriously dead and she was being drawn inexorably towards a small planetoid. As Captain Highfall demanded his engineer Trixana Banks get the engines fired back up ASAP, Red Molloch noticed something strange about the dark orb as they got closer. "Captain, that's no planetoid....."
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    M-Space: Pirates of Drinax Campaign

    The only other ships that had files made for them in our campaign as of the day we quit:
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    M-Space: Pirates of Drinax Campaign

    Here is a random character homeworld table. Each player got one character from Drinax and one from a random world. The part that says Origin is for the upcoming M-Space Companion which allows you to roll up characters backgrounds and home worlds. I can't go into that any further as Clarence would probably rather you bought it than have me spill the beans lol. 01-15 Drinax (Scholar, Engineer, Pilot, Diplomat, Official) -1d4 STR, -1D4 CON, +1d4 INT, +1d4 CHA Origin: Skyrise 16-20 Drinax Grounder (Mercenary, Colonist, Thief, Smuggler, Scout) +2D4 CON, -1D4 INT, -1D4 CHA Origin: Jaffa 21-25 Asim (Mercenary, Colonist, Thief) +1D4 CON, -1D4 INT Origin: New Haven 26-30 Theev (Mercenary, Thief, Criminal, Gambler, Smuggler) Origin: Ghoster's Rock 31 Nabeth (Merchant, Scout, Colonist, Scholar, Medic) Origin: Lunopolis 32 Walei (Colonist, Detective) Origin: Burrex 33 Yggdrasil (Mercenary, Colonist, Gambler, Merchant, Official, Scholar) Origin: Jaffa 34-38 Dpres (Mercenary, Pilot, Engineer, Scout, Scholar, Official) Origins: Archangel 39 Thalassa (any) Origin: Atlantea 40 Chalchiutlicue (any) Origin: Atlantea 41 Noricum (Colonist) Origin: Jonestown 42 Number One (Colonist, Official, Engineer, Medic) Origin: Atlantea 43 Palindrome (Criminal, Merchant, Smuggler, Mercenary, Thief) Origin: Sanction 44 Salif (Colonist, Gambler) Origin: Jaffa 45 Colony Six (any) Origins: Atlantea, Warehouse 77, The Belt 46 Goertal (any) Roll 1D6: 1-2=Psionic Origin: Panopolis. 47 Delta Theta (any) Roll 1D6: 1-3=Psionic Origin: Lunopolis 48 Hilfer (any but Pilot, Engineer, Scholar) Origin: Jaffa 49 Paal (Official, Merchant) Origin: New Haven, Jonestown 50 Pourne (Detective, Merchant, Official, Engineer, Medic) Origin: Olympus 51-53 Torpol (any) Origin: Atlantea, Warehouse 77 54-57 Vorito (any) Origin: Lunopolis, Space Station Alpha 58 Acrid (any but Pilot, Mercenary or Bounty Hunter) Origin: Ironden. 59 Argona (any but Pilot, Mercenary, Scout, Bounty Hunter) Origin Archangel 60 Arunisiir (any) roll 1d6: 1=Aslan.Origin: Jonestown, Mosek Uhn 61-64 Strend (any) Start with two free cybernetic upgrades. All cybernetics cost half.Origin: Olympus, Panopolis 65 Ergo (Thief, Criminal, Mercenary, Official, Colonist,) Origin: Jonestown, Home, Ghoster's Rock(non orbital). 66 Tech World (you are an android) Computers 67 Gikarlum (Pilot, Engineer, Merchant, Colonist,) Origin: Hera 68 Burgess (Agent, Detective, Mercenary, Scholar) Origin: Home 69 Fantasy (Colonist, Gambler) +1D4 STR, +1D4 CON, +1d4 CHA, -1D4 INT, -1D4 POW roll 1D10: 1-9=female, 10=gay male Survival All have the skill Seduction Origin: Sanction 70-75 Inurin (any) Origin: Jonestown, Mosek Uhn, New Haven Imperial Worlds: 76-78 Caraz (Any) Origin: Lunopolis 79 Neumann (any) First cybernetic upgrade free, all others cost half. Origin: Panopolis 80-82 Albe (any) Origin: Jaffa 83-86 Tobia (any) Origin: Olympus 87 Boulder (any) Origin: The Belt 88 Fist (any) Origin: Jonestown 89 Imisaa (Merchant, Pilot, Engineer, Smuggler) Origin: Jaffa 90 Scaladon (Priest, Colonist) Origin: Burrex 91Simok (Official, Mercenary, Diplomat) Origin: Jaffa Alien Races: 92 Aslan Imperial from Hradus (Any) +2d4 STR, -2d4 DEX roll 1d8: 1-6 female, 7-8 male and add 2d4 size Origin: New Haven 93-96 Aslan (Outcast, Outlaw, Wanderer) +2d4 STR, -2D4 DEX roll 1d8: 1-6 female, 7-8 male and add 2d4 size Origin: any 97 Florian Barnai (Agents, Mercenary, Medic, Colonist, Merchants, Pilot, Engineer, Scholars or Scouts. During each term, roll 2D – on a 12+, the Barnai must take the Noble career next term for a single term.) +2D4 INT, +2D4 POW, -2D4 STR, -2D4 CON Origin: any 98 Florian Feskal (Mercenary, Pilot, Merchant or Colonist) +2D4 STR, +2D4 CON, -2D4 INT, -2D4 POW, -2D4 CHA Origin: any 99-00 Vargr from Umemii (any except Official) +1d4 DEX -1D4 SIZ Origin: Jaffa EDIT: When using this table, I asked each of my players if they wanted to roll first and choose an available occupation or choose an occupation first, then roll till they had a planet that occupation was listed for. Some wanted a specific character and chose the latter, others liked rolling the planet and then seeing what they got.
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    M-Space: Pirates of Drinax Campaign

    Here's a view from inside Roll20
  8. Pentallion

    M-Space: Pirates of Drinax Campaign

    IIRC, right where I stopped is right where we left it. Most of what I did is on a server for Roll20. The ship conversions are in a binder on paper. One thing that I dumped in the conversion was the massive amounts of fuel. M-Space doesn't have that so in converting I dropped the tonnage from fuel. Fuel converters I kept, but those are usually only a ton or two. My reasoning is the fuel is exotic matter for the warp drive. It doesn't take tons as it isn't stored, it's created as part of the drive process. I call the stuff Casimirium after the Casimir Effect. It's a lot to type out so here is one for an example: Star Ray Class Interceptor TL12 200 tons Streamlined Armor 6 Thrust 3 Jump 1 Double Jump 01-02 Improved Sensors +15% 0/3 03-09 Bridge 6/10 10 Forced Linkage Apparatus 6/2 11 Beam Laser Turret 6/1 12-32 Staterooms 6/32 33-34 Cryo 6/3 35-38 Common Areas 6/6 39-42 Hvy Grappling Claw 6/6 43-44 Cargo Crane 6/3 45 Cargo Scoop 6/2 46-52 Fighter Docking Space 6/11 53-82 Cargo Hold 6/44 83 Rear Beam Laser Turret 6/1 84-90 Jump Drive 6/10 91-95 Power Plant 6/7 96 Fuel Processor 6/1 97-00 Thrusters 0/6 The hit locations mirror the deck plans, so high rolls hit the rear of the ship, low rolls hit the front and so on. This allowed me to allocate excess damage. If one hit location was destroyed the excess was split between adjacent locations. In combat, this meant a high roll to the engine area with enough damage could potentially take out everything. That's what happened on occasion. If you note the Darklight below, it has dispersed powerplant, jump drive, etc. No one hit takes out everything. Some ships are specifically designed to have critical areas dispersed for that reason.
  9. Pentallion

    What's next for Request?

    That's what you do after you blow the first quest.
  10. Pentallion

    Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha

    Very excited. Can't wait.
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    M-Space: Pirates of Drinax Campaign

    We had a new player to our group of 12 years. He didnt work out and the campaign got derailed. We started an RQG campaign. I cant say much more as my players started reading this forum. I would love to restart a Pirates campaign. But time is an issue.
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    Why is sea water salty while most lakes are not?

    Also, the salted earth cannot grow plants and Aldrya made pacts with the river gods to give up their salt so that she could live amongst them.
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    Alcoholic Beverages of Glorantha

    IMG, Gimpy's in Pavis gets in a shipment once a year from the local Storm Bull cultists made of fermented Sky Bull milk (don't ask and we won't tell) they call Thunder Brew. Anyone who drinks it must roll CONx1 or pass out. Those who roll CONx1 only rush outside to puke. Fumbles can be fatal. Newtlings are totally immune to the effects of Thunder Brew though only one Newtling has ever tried the stuff. It is known that a giant was once felled by drinking it.
  14. Pentallion

    Mounted Combat.

    That was the first thing I thought when I saw this thread. Oh God! Not again!
  15. Another evil plot of my players is to put a fire elemental inside a spear with the condition that the elemental is released from the binding if the spear impales. They're thinking fire elemental inside impaled person's body. On it's own, that seems fairly straight forward and my first instinct is to say it does its fire damage automatically without being told to attack due to the nature of its manifesting. the person probably ignites but the elemental, if not given a command, then goes about doing whatever it pleases. But knowing these guys, this won't stop there. What would water elementals do in an impaled person's body? Earth elementals? What happens if they impale with a ghost spear? All of it seems like fun, but I'm leery of it possibly opening up an exploit they can break. Does anyone else see a potential danger to allowing them to do this before I make it okay? Something possibly obvious I'm not taking into consideration?
  16. Pentallion

    Do Clan chiefs go adventuring?

    I think you should play a different type of adventure. The clan chief is the clan leader. Every season's "adventures" should be revolved around events that the clan chieftain had the solve for the good of the clan. Not climbing Griffen Mt. for the Windsword stuff, more like immediate situations. Broddi took part in heroquesting to steal the giant's cows, but other than that, most of his "adventures" would have been clan matters. If they don't care for that type of adventure, then simply tell them, well, guess you need to step down from chieftain then. But who knows? They may have a blast with it.
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    My players are always singing that refrain. I hear ya.
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    Ulanin subcult for RQ:G

    Here's what I took from reading the cult write up. Spirit magic taught: Heal, mobility Cult rune magic: Control Horse, Leap Skills taught: Ride Horse. Lance, 2H spear, Animal Lore Ability taught: Remain Mounted. This is not a skill with %'s , it is an ability. Damage must overcome the riders DEX and SIZE to dismount him. Heroquest Ability: Ulanin's Thunderous Charge. This ability only available to Rune level worshippers, allows the rider to release a Thunderbolt at the end of a horse charge that does knockback damage to anyone on foot equal to the Thunderbolt's damage in a range of 6 meters.
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    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Assuming that Cthulhu doesn't get in the way, or some Deep Ones, or a ghost ship doesn't appear or they find some strange idol, or the ship simply disappears in a fog.....
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    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    yeah, the "if it worked that way everyone would use it." argument sways me too. I think I'll apply that all the time.
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    Heat Metal metallurgical question

    This is beyond my scope of knowledge. My players are discussing the idea of their shaman casting Heat Metal (it's not in RQG, but it's in RQ3 as a Lodril spell, so I allowed it) on a spear tip and using the shaman power of spell extension to make it last for as long as they want it to. Not hot enough to melt the spear, but hot enough to get the extra damage should the spear impale (I ruled the idea of Heat Metal is the damage comes from being exposed to the metals heat an entire round, so it would take an impale to get any damage out of it). My question to any of you grognards out there with metallurgy, is how hot is too hot for bronze/iron that prolonged exposure would weaken the spear?
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    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    Which is how I'd be inclined to rule, but we've always played that once bound, the elemental is already embodied. So you can release it at will and it no longer requires the element to embody. But I believe it would pour out of the body except for fire, which would ignite. It has a coolness factor to it. I don't think it's the best use of an enchantment, but there is the coolness factor. As for the impale condition, that's a target condition and I feel that's a valid condition.
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    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    These guys invented the Hula Hoop of Death and the Whirlygig of Doom. So when they start asking these kinds of questions, it usually ends up with some totally unexpected exploited magic item. Sometimes, like in this, something seems like a waste of time, but the fact these guys are asking always gives me pause.
  24. Pentallion

    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    Thanks guys. Good stuff to think upon.