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  1. The Temple got a "full" write-up in the HQ1 Masters Of Luck and Death book, but I don't know how canonical that is these days (I suspect it's not - The "heroband" concept was all the rage back then and it seemed a good fit I guess)
  2. Hi there @borbetomagnus - I've no idea why your email wasn't actioned, but I've sent Richard a text to let him know to contact you. I suspect something isn't quite right with the contact form as he's usually quite good at responding (and he's still alive as of yesterday, so no excuses there... ) (and thank you @David Scott for the nudge .. Minion? Pah, I'm The Power Behind The Throne mate... )
  3. Likewise - still can't get into Belgo's either 😀 (I still have David's "The Searchers" VHS tape that he said he didn't want back. Of course these days he swears he never said that and bangs on about it - I reckon it's old age setting in...)
  4. Yikes - that was like 23 years ago... sometimes I forget how much time has passed
  5. I thought it was somewhere down near Duck Gulch
  6. Once upon a time there was mention of a Great Argrath campaign, but IIRC that was for HQ, and it's long since been forgotten (I assume ... ;) )
  7. I've just looked at ordering the HB - £9.91 does seems a bit steep - Royal Mail 1st class is half that. Is the 9.91for a UK->UK correct?
  8. I thought they meant the Tin Inn gates?
  9. The Guide To Glorantha also says this: The roads are marked by peculiar standing stones which appear mostly to be crude and stylized representations of dragons, wyrms, and an otherwise unknown thing vulgarly called a “frogosaurus” in Dragon Pass and Peloria, a “ken majee” in Kralorela and Teleos, and a “hurler” in Ralios.
  10. Some other options we've used in the past when using a "Rune Points" system like RQ:G Flat out state that some spells can't be used by lower ranks period, i.e they are deep cult mysteries. Require the caster to have a certain ability in their rune skill before it can be cast. Make "higher-level" spells harder to cast - e.g if you're trying to invoke a "priest-level" spell as an initiate then impose a difficulty modifier. Make the PCs work to get the ability - if the initiate of Humakt wants to cast Sever-Spirit then go on a heroquest to learn it. You can have more fun with this one.
  11. I think you failed that "separate fire rune spell" roll there ...
  12. I'm surprised that each spell is a separate skill - becoming proficient in several spells becomes a potentially lengthy endeavour in terms of character advancement. One of the trends I've liked in recent BRP-based iterations is the move towards skill grouping, such as combat styles in RQ6, or combining the attack/parry skill etc. Runes and Techniques also seem something of an oddity within the rest of the system, in the fact that most character attributes are quantified as a skill. Grouping spell casting ability under something like the lowest % of its specified runes would lessen the impact of skill proliferation. I appreciate the fact that you can't really use personal Rune Affinites for the basis of this because they are now essentially personality traits, but you could have something like a Rune Lore skill instead that represented a way to objectively manipulate a specified rune, rather than be subjective to it. I'm not even sure I'd have Techniques as a thing - if Sorcery isn't an improvisational system, but rather a set of defined spells, then you either know the spell or you don't - the Technique seems more a part of the spell description (i.e. this is how it's done according to the in-game lore) rather than an attribute of the caster? Environmental factors I like, but there's always the danger that it turns into the old HW/HQ1 augment fest, which thankfully got removed in later editions - glad to hear they are going to be flat modifiers. Anyhoo, MGWV as they say.
  13. Interesting interview, but I'm not sure I agree with that statement, assuming that the term "generic game" here means one that is somehow less than a game based on a custom set of rules? I've played some great games based on generic rulesets, including many many hours spent in Glorantha using the generic versions of RQ, and I didn't find them any less enjoyable for it. I'm sure many of the folks who used the BRP rules and it's relatives over the years may argue otherwise too, and I'm certain GURPS would have been out of print many years ago if the gaming experience it produced was poor?
  14. I think it's obvious that the terms "RQ4" and "Adventures in Glorantha" are cursed, and should never be mentioned again, lest we attract the attention of the Gift-Carriers
  15. Bless these rules, O GM, that with them though mayst smite thine players to tiny bits, in thy mercy. And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and cliff-toads and morokanth and walktapi and baboons and Pelorian breakfast cereals ... Now did the GM say, "First thou playest RQ2. Then thou must count to four. Four shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be four. One shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count three, excepting that thou then proceedeth to four. Six is right out. Once the number four, being the number of the counting, be reached, then playest thou the Holy Rulez in the direction of thine players, who, rolling fumbles in my sight, shall snuff it." Ok - this time I'm really getting my coat ...
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