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  1. My HeroQuest gaming aids

    This is great, well done and thank you.
  2. Pentan religion

    Isn't calling this "rules" overstating somewhat how Greg has laid it out? Rules game system is one thing, "rules" that the God Learners claimed to apply is another, and how it actually works in Glorantha is yet another.
  3. Newt Newport's (D101 Games) Hearts in Glorantha is back! You can order the PDF now and printed copies will be sent out in 2-4 weeks once they're printed. See http://d101games.com/product/hearts-in-glorantha-issue-6-printpdf-preorder/ for full details of all the Gloranthan goodness contained therein. There's a lot of fab stuff in there (I've seen it), and it seems slightly unfair to pick out some highlights, but I'm going to anyway. For me, The Awakening (by Scott Crowder) and an introductory scenario version of The Lightbringers' Quest (by Matt Ryan) are worth the purchase price on their own. But there's plenty more in there.
  4. Glorantha Publications

    Please add Hearts in Glorantha 6
  5. Status of Eleven Lights?

    Yep, here's the source -
  6. Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    @Ian Cooper's explanations are always extremely helpful (as are @jajagappa's too), and Ian has a great way of explaining the strengths of the HQ mechanics. There's a nice interview with him in the imminent Hearts in Glorantha 6, look out for that.
  7. Glorantha Publications

    Please add the Mother of Monsters HQG scenario and the Nomad Gods rulebook. Also, please add the following RQ Classic (RQ1/2) items: Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, Plunder, Rune Masters.
  8. The Eleven Lights artwork

    Yes, but I'm only guessing and I could be wrong as to what @Yelm's Light was referring to.
  9. The Eleven Lights artwork

    I'm guessing here, but I wonder if it's a reference to what looks like a moon rune at the top of the building in the centre of the background?
  10. Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    I can see it ok, but I'm following Ian Cooper on G+. The problem seems to be that his post was shared privately. Here it is:
  11. Translations

    I'm married to a native Spanish speaker, if I can help in any way. Although we probably have some native Spanish speakers on here anyway who are also Gloranthaphiles.
  12. Any news on the hard copy version of The Eleven Lights?
  13. My map of Volsaxiland

    Likely Tradetalk still has the rights to the map. I would email them at editor@tradetalk.de and ask.
  14. My map of Volsaxiland

    You can buy a PDF of Tradetalk issue 12 (the Heortland special issue) from http://www.rpgnow.com/product/61196/Tradetalk--12--Heortland
  15. A Magical Economy

    Surely crops "not failing" = more crops produced? So Bless Crops does end up producing more crops?