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  1. Steve

    Dice from Investigator Handbook

    As expected, Q-Workshop confirmed that they don't have these dice and guessed that they may have been prototypes. They did try, even checking with their warehouse to see if there was any chance of them having a set. Shame because I'd buy them in a heartbeat. The ones in the rulebook (in my original post) are so much clearer and easier to read than the black and green set.
  2. Steve

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    This is the kind of thing that I was getting at. For example, a while back there was a discussion here on "gravity" in Glorantha (see below). I feel it's more likely that there's something Gloranthan going on with the relative sizes that planets appear to be when viewed from the lozenge, compared to their actual size - something that doesn't completely correlate with that of objects of a similar size which are a similar distance away from an observer on the surface of the Earth. For mythical reasons,. obviously. For the "gravity" discussion, see:
  3. Steve

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    The distance in the RW from the Earth to the Moon is approximately 250,000 miles. So if the Gloranthan planets are of the order of magnitude of 100 times closer than our own Moon, then how small must they be to appear as they do? Surely tiny? I would have thought that there must be some other mythical explanation for this. Something making the planets looking a lot smaller than RW physics would make them look.
  4. Steve

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    The planets are on the Sky Dome, right? So are the planets tiny (compared to RW planets), or is there something else going on here in terms of how big things appear on the Sky Dome?
  5. Steve

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Just how high is the Sky Dome if the planets look pretty small (as shown in the Guide, Appendix A)? Or is there some sort of magical effect going on here to do with how far you can see up and how large objects appear? I'm aware that the usual laws of physics don't apply.
  6. Steve

    Dice from Investigator Handbook

    Thanks @Augusto Antunes I see what you mean. That does look the the same design but in a different colour. As you say, perhaps those ones in the IH were just discontinued or were a prototype. Shame because I really like them. I'll poke about some more on Q-Workshop's site and elsewhere and decide whether I want them in a different colour. The black and green ones that you linked still do look quite nice. I've emailed Q-Workshop to ask them. I'll let you know what they say.
  7. Steve

    Dice from Investigator Handbook

    Thanks, but both of those are quite different from those in the Investigator Handbook photo, e.g for the D4:
  8. Steve

    Troll Break Market Map and Legend

  9. Steve


    This has been a popular request. I seem to remember that someone on G+ said they had a memory stick that they got from Ian that they hoped would have some useful information on, but I don't recall a definite conclusion to this.
  10. Steve

    The Blind King's Palace

    The Blind King's Castle on the p.40 map (in 1500) does appear to have the same shape and be in a similar location to the Palace of the Demi-God Priest shown on the p.35 map (in 920). That doesn't prove things on its own, since on the p.38 map (in 1200) the Palace of the DGP is said to be in ruins. Separately, on p.34 of P:GtA it says that King Yanas Kyrem/Jhanas Kyree was known as the "Blind". Given that it also says that this same king "invited the demigod-priest Labyrgon" to Pavis and gave him Dragon's Hill, this would suggest to me that the "Blind King" and Labyrgon are two different people.
  11. Does anyone know which dice set (e.g. who makes it) is pictured on p.16 of the Investigator Handbook? I assumed they would be Q-Workshop dice, but they don't match any of the sets that I can find. Normally I don't like dice sets with fancy patterns because I find them not immediately readable, but I like the look of the ones in the book.
  12. Steve

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    Thread about Androgeous, including the suggestion about Sheng Seleris being Twisted Horse, at
  13. I don't recall Jeff saying in this thread that "Yelm is the sun god of the Orlanth pantheon". Some Orlanthi calling the sun disk "Yelm" doesn't make that so. I don't see a retcon here, I see a useful clarification and more details.
  14. Steve

    Glorantha Publications

    Please add Borderlands for RQ Classic.