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  1. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  2. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  3. This has been mentioned already, but now that I've started reading the book properly, I think it bears repeating. The Dragon Pass map on pp 5-6 is very nice, but it strikes me as far too detailed in this context, and any newcomer to Glorantha will likely be frustrated in trying to work out where on Genertela the various regions described are located. Can I suggest that this Dragon Pass map be at least partially replaced by a map of Genertela showing the main regions? Perhaps a smalller, less detailed map of Dragon Pass can be retained. For me, I can understand it fine because I'm more familiar with the overall geography of Genertela. But I'm trying to put myself in the position of much of the target audience, those who are new to Glorantha.
  4. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Happy Birthday to Kalin! http://www.princeofsartar.com/comic/117-meeting-the-nymph/
  5. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  6. Yellow elfes (Embely)

    Do you have the Guide to Glorantha? There, they're described as the broad-leaved flowering plants. There's a picture of one on p.60 which is a kind of cypress tree.
  7. Six Ages trailer

    More info at sixages.com
  8. There is some overlap, of course. But if you've got the Guide and you get the GS then you won't be disappointed. It's a lot more myth-centric than the Guide, and (as well as the amazing art) it certainly has content that isn't in the Guide - e.g. the Redline History of the Lunar Empire. A couple of excerpts from the introduction ...
  9. I can't get over how awesome the art in the book is. I was going to be happy enough with just the content, but wow, you've done a great job here, Chaosium.
  10. Glorantha Publications

    Please add the following PDF links: Griffin Mountain (RQ Classic) Glorantha Sourcebook (systemless) 13th Age Glorantha rulebook
  11. I see that it has a load of heroquests in it,.so worth buying just for that if you're me.
  12. It was working later for me. I was definitely getting certificate errors from my side and on multiple devices too. But as I said,. it's all good now but thanks for checking.
  13. The chaosium.com security certificate appears to be invalid (expired and not yet renewed, I guess?).
  14. You can have a map that applies to a particular situation, but which doesn't prevent a different map from also being "correct". A bit like how several different versions of the same myth can all be correct. The map in S:KoH refers to a specific scenario and heroquest, which doesn't mean that a different heroquest couldn't have a completely different map of the underworld and also be correct. Edit - replied before I saw @Charles's reply.
  15. MOB was talking about heroquesting, not the HeroQuest game system. Glorantha has heroquesting in it, doesn't matter what rule system you're using.