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  1. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Even though it seems you're requirements are pointing you towards RQC/RQG, I'm going to continue to stick up for the existing HQG rules as published. Although an errata'd HQG would be nice, I suggest that the only thing that has the real possibility to confuse you is the multi-page example of play for the Battle of Auroch Hills, which doesn't follow the way that the rules describe a Group Extended Contest should work (so it's confusing when compared vs the rules). But it really wouldn't matter if you played it the way in the example, it would still work. There really is nothing that would stop you playing and having a lot of fun with it, as @jajagappa said.
  2. Thanks, that's what I assumed, so the map should be corrected. This would be an errata for the Argan Argar Atlas as well.
  3. Deities of Beer and Wine

    The big difference, though, between Glorantha and the RW is that in the former magic and gods/spirits are very real and are experienced by most inhabitants on a very regular basis.
  4. Isn't that "peloria" about an abnormality, though?
  5. pp. 333, 339 - the map on p.339 appears to show a settlement on a hill for the Hill of Gold, but the description on p.339 says there is no physical structure on top of the hill, but a "nearby" city. So perhaps the city shown on the map is located incorrectly? p. 339 - White Shirt Day, 5th para, 3rd sentence, "was busy distributing" should be "were busy distributing". p. 345 - Government, 1st para, "made up of ... into" doesn't make sense to me here, particularly the "into". Should it perhaps be "a huge religious community, made up of several extended families, following ..."? Or "consisting of several extended families made into a huge religious community following ..."? p.348 - as with many previous maps, this is too low resolution in the PDF in order to be able to read place names when zoomed in. Either make it higher resolution or remove most/all place names and have region names.
  6. p.321 - Old Sylila, the last sentence uses "satrap" and "Satrap" - should be consistent.
  7. Deities of Beer and Wine

    That's how Glorantha works though. Everything has a myth/god/spirit/sorcery-based explanation, not a science-based one. Plants grow because of myth and magic, not because they're just following natural processes. e.g. if you get ill, it's not because of some natural effect like a virus, it's because of a spirit or curse or similar.
  8. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    What country are you in?
  9. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    You needn't worry about the very small number of errors in the existing HQ:G book and PDF. They really won't cause you any issues, especially if you have a look at the crowd-sourced errata threads. If you're going for RQ Classic (RQ2) then the Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror PDFs (two out of the three publications compiled into the Cult Compendium document from Moon Design) are available for purchase from chaosium.com. Though the campaigns that @Joerg refers to aren't available via the RQ Classic Kickstarter yet, so you'd need to go for the Glorantha Classics versions from Moon Design. Yes, the new RQ is officially called RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, and does include Glorantha baked in.
  10. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  11. Sorry David, my bad. The Middle Sea Empire isn't one of the Stafford Library books where the search doesn't work. I'm very confused now because I just checked all my SL books and they all seem to be searchable. I can't remember if I re-downloaded them recently from Chaosium.com and so whether Rick perhaps already fixed the search (I can't remember which ones were broken). Or whether it wasn't the SL books at all. Or whether I dreamt the whole thing ...
  12. Do you have a page reference for this (for The Middle Sea Empire), please? I'd just like to read this and it's annoying that the search doesn't work in the PDF (as previously posted about).
  13. p.293 - as with several other maps, the resolution is too low to be able to zoom in to read smaller names on the PDF. The river names are completely unreadable and the place names are heavily pixellated when zooming in. Due to the density of placenames there doesn't seem to be an option to simply re-do the map with larger placenames, so either we need a higher-res map, or to lose some of the placenames and use larger labels. p. 297 - as above, but even more illegible, with the city/town names totally unreasable on the PDF. But given the purpose of this map, I suggest that most of the place names could be removed entirely, and just have region names with larger text to make them readable. p. 302 - as p.297. Again, remove some/all placenames and just have region names. p. 304 - 2nd column, 1st para, 4th sentence, is "Tripolis" singular or plural? "Although the Tripolis were liberated ... it never regained its independence". I presume the latter "it" and "its" are still referring to Tripolis. So this needs correcting to either use "were", "they" and "their", or "was", "it" and "its". p.306 - italics text, 3rd para, "priestesses" should be "priestess". p. 307 - 1st column, 2nd para, last sentence, "Pelorian" should be "Peloria". p. 321 - Jillaro, 2nd para, 1st sentence, "Jillaro-of-the-Prince's Green" uses one em dash and then hyphens. Should be all hyphens (or all em dashes).
  14. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Woo-hoo! it just arrived.
  15. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Rick did post that UK orders were being sent out from last Wednesday. Though maybe that got delayed.