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  2. Wait. So the castes are tied directly to the skin colours? I didn't get that from the text either. On p.48, third column, it says that the castes have their own "marriage laws, and other regulations of behavior and attire". It doesn't have "skin colour" in that list, it's only attire that seems to have a colour. I realise that it does mention on p.48 (bottom of second column) that there are different skin hues, but it doesn't specifically mention yellow there, even though yellow is one of the caste colours. I hadn't skipped ahead, but now that it's been mentioned and I look at p.406, the wizard is described as having brown-black skin (not blue), and the noble has light brown skin (not yellow), with the workers being described as having "light greenish to muddy brown" skin. So I can't see anything that says that skin colours are tied to the caste colours. Have I missed something?
  3. More new stuff for me here. Kralorela was just a word for me and I was vaguely aware it was in the east of Genertela. So much good info here, and so different to my Dragon-Pass-oriented experience of Glorantha. Now we're exploring a whole world, not just a "country".
  4. p.48 - The story in the sidebar of the Battle of Tanian's Victory is, like so many things here, tantalising, and really fires the imagination. Hope to learn more on this at some point. Up till now I've known nothing of the Brithini and other things described here, so it's very interesting to start to hear about them. Loskalm sounds particularly interesting.
  5. Hmm, a lot of this thread goes way over my head. I thought this was a group read thread, rather than "this section mentioned xxx, so let's fire off some long-standing questions I've always had about xxx". Anyway, some things that stand out for me ... You can probably tell by my comment that this is all new stuff to me. We are most definitely not in Kansas Dragon Pass any more! The whole section is fascinating and totally different to any of my existing (DP-based) knowledge of Glorantha. The first few paragraphs already have me wanting to learn a lot more about Fonrit. p.44 art - I can't figure out what the spiky-ended things at the warrior's side are. Nice skin-marking on the sorceror. p.46 has a box on the "Vadeli Legacy". This is far too little information for me, I want more! Maybe as we go deeper into the Guide?
  6. I'm a bit behind in my reading this week, but I've finally managed to catch up and get my notes finished. So many things of interest to me and this week's other sections. For example, the huge contrast between the Dara Happans and the Lodrilli. The coloured "uniforms" also stand out. I'm not going to go on further about the "description" (art direction) and the art mismatching, but I will say that I'm a bit surprised that the artist decided not to include the henna decoration of the hands of the female cultist. I still think that the proportions have been altered on the finished art - the sketches that @David Scott has kindly provided look perfectly proportioned, but the art on p.40 doesn't (the size of the head of the female seems to be enormous). I, too, love the mattock head on p.42. Excellent. And the Lodrilli sound so interesting. As with so many things so far, I just want to learn more!
  7. Sorry, but whenever I hear "Hungry Jack", I immediately think of Spinal Tap and "Saucy Jack" ...
  8. Simon Bray's Facebook page has some Trollball art on it. I'd like to think that this is indicative of something going into the upcoming game, but of course it could be for a fan publication, for fun, or something else.
  10. Esrolia is included in the Orlanthi Culture section of the Guide, p.31.
  11. Does anyone know what this is referring to? Thanks.
  12. Why asymmetric? Maybe I missed something in the article that you linked, but I didn't notice anything asymmetrical (I'm sure I must have missed something). Could be something as simple as draughts/checkers?
  13. Woo-hoo! Thank you Ian!
  14. That's fair enough. But in that case, the boxes should be clearly labelled as "art direction" or similar. Otherwise the reader just assumes they are straightforward descriptions of the art.
  15. Never mind. Pointless to keep repeating myself in multiple threads.