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  1. Following up on my previous post - I think I see it now, second-to-last paragraph of RH column, page 46 of HQG rulebook. That's referring to increasing runes and keywords though, not specific abilities. It's because runes and keywords give you very broad abilities indeed, so naturally they're not so easy to increase as more narrow, specific abilities. It's also talking about using the 12 points for increases that you're given as part of character creation. It doesn't have anything to do with Hero Points that you gain from play, which you may choose to use on increasing abilities (assuming that's what you meant by XP). It's just that the Hero Points that you gain can be used in the same way, i.e. one point to raise a regular ability, or two Hero Points to raise a rune or keyword.
  2. By "XP", are you referring to Hero Points? I don't see this "half the cost" thing, but I'm probably missing something, sorry.
  3. Unless things have changed in a big way in the past few years, setup costs for plastic minis are very high (the cost of the injection moulds), so plastic minis are a big investment that needs to be repaid with volume sales or high selling prices for the minis.
  4. Sorry, I think something's up with my browser/PC and download links. I'll sort it out. Thanks.
  5. Link doesn't work for me.
  6. If you can find a copy, then Tales of the Reaching Moon issue 7 was a "Heroquest Special", and contains a few heroquests as well as lots of discussions about how to play them (before the time of the HQ ruleset). I'm starting to compile my own list of where various heroquests are documented, since from time to time I ask the same question myself about where to find examples.
  7. You don't have to play RQG using the new 1625 timeframe. You can stick with the old timeframe if you prefer it, and use that when using the old supplements.
  8. That did change, yes. See
  9. Excellent! I didn't know that, thanks. Really looking forward to the sourcebook coming out, I had a very quick flick through of a draft at Dragonmeet last year and thought it looked fab.
  10. If you can get hold of it, the History of the Lunar Empire by Greg, from Heroes magazine (issues v1 no1, 2, 5 and 6), could be useful.
  11. Oh, and even though it might not be canon, there's The Widow's Tale (fiction) by Penelope Love, where one of the main characters is a Lunar and you get plenty of the story from his perspective.
  12. There's quite a lot of Lunar stuff in Tales of the Reaching Moon, isn't there? Perhaps someone who is more familiar with the best articles might be able to pick something out? There's the Lunar Coders in Strangers in Prax (RQ3) too.
  13. Over in the G+ Glorantha group, someone asked if Rapier were going to list up other models that they already produce that would be fine for Glorantha as-is. Rapier said that scorpion men "are it", and that "our ducks, while fun are really too big for Gloranthan ones and new properly sized ones are planned".
  14. Looks like Prince of Sartar is coming back soon. Patreon backers have just had a little update ...
  15. Got my email now, thanks guys.