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  1. Steve

    RQ3 and Murphy's Rules

    Are you sure it's the God Plane that they're disappearing into? Maybe the creation of Time was all an illusion and mortals are part of an elaborate construct while their real bodies are somewhere else ...
  2. Steve

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    That artwork of Clearwine is amazing! *faints* *wakes up* Shut up and take my money, Chaosium!
  3. Steve

    New HQ products?

    A book on heroquesting would be awesome. There's already some good stuff in 13G, but a whole book on it would be excellent. And if it was generic and not specific on a game system then I can see a big audience for it.
  4. Steve

    Runequest 1978

    Umm, you've missed quite a lot ...
  5. Steve

    New HQ products?

    Must. Resist. ............
  6. Steve

    Upcoming Glorantha publications

    If you're asking about HQG products specifically, then see:
  7. Steve

    New HQ products?

    So is @David Scott's Prax book now going to be an RQ book?
  8. Steve

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    The Coming Storm has one occurrence of this too, for the Giants.
  9. Steve

    New HQ products?

    I feel that HQ is in very good hands with @Ian Cooper in charge of it.
  10. When I was scanning this, my brain read this as "dwarf mankini". Now I can't shake that image. Help!
  11. Steve


    According to Pavis: Gateway to Adventure p. 192 it produces visions and a state of euphoria.
  12. Steve

    The Eleven Lights in Hardback

    @Ian Cooper, @Rick Meints - thanks, new version looks great.
  13. The latest version at chaosium.com has this error (and the rune/involved one too). So that is the latest version accessible to mere mortals. It's not unreasonable for someone to report something that they've seen in this latest version, right? It's different if you want to say "we're in the middle of more proofs, please don't report more issues", which is what you seem to be saying in a later post.
  14. Steve

    The Eleven Lights in Hardback

    Any news on an updated PDF? I assume that the typos and so forth noted in the tribal editing thread have been incorporated into the hardback. I just downloaded the PDF from the website again and can still see the missing page number XX things, for example.