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  1. Setting Narrative Difficulty

    Thank you for reminding me (again!) about Hamlet's Hit Points, @David Scott. I bought that a while back and then forgot about it. I've started reading it now, very interesting.
  2. Glorantha Publications

    Please add the Khan of Khans family game.
  3. Apple Lane Reprint

    Not yet. The original schedule has slipped somewhat, and the Kickstarter backers are waiting an update from @Rick Meints on that topic. There are lots more books to come - Pavis, Big Rubble, Griffin Mountain, Borderlands, SoloQuest Collection, Trollpak and RuneQuest Companion.
  4. Setting Narrative Difficulty

    Loving this thread. Related to this, can I recommend Robin Laws' book Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest: Glorantha, one of the Kraken Chapbooks available from http://www.the-kraken.de/fundraiser.html It's all about how to structure an adventure, and despite the title it's relevant to pretty much any rules system, since it's all about the storytelling and not about the rules.
  5. Apple Lane Reprint

    The original RQ2 Apple Lane has been available for a while as a PDF, as part of the RuneQuest Classics series (from the Kickstarter on that topic). See https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-classic/ Eventually all this stuff should be available in print too, but there hasn't been any news on hard copy for some time.
  6. Reprinting the RuneQuest Classic Books

    On the RQ Classic (as opposed to Gloranthan Classics) Kickstarter, @Rick Meints recently posted this update:
  7. Where in Glorantha?

    "No point" physically, but what about mythical significance/benefits? Those platforms on the way down could act as platforms for those taking part in or watching ceremonies there.
  8. Androgeous

    Yep, it's in Forgotten Secrets.
  9. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  10. Sieging a Heortling Hill-Fort

    Given that it does seem more difficult to make a dome, it would imply that there was a special reason for having a hemispherical roof, i.e. it wasn't just about practicality/protection. Perhaps there was a religious/ritual significance to the dome? Perhaps calling on the gods to help protect those inside?
  11. New Dragon Pass board game

    Did you hear anything at The Kraken on this, @GianniVacca ?
  12. Prince of Sartar. Comic

  13. A Magical Economy

    It doesn't imply that all laws are different, but neither does it imply that it must be an exception and all other laws are the same as the RW. Another highly relevant quote from @Jeff, this one much more recent: Action and reaction is likely another fundamental example. An effect similar to our own RW action and reaction (in terms of physical forces in the RW) was likely from a god doing something very early on in the God Time. A god pushed against something, and the item pushed back against him too - therefore in Gloranthan Time, there is an action/reaction effect because of this.
  14. A Magical Economy

    You're applying way too much RW physics to Glorantha. It simply doesn't work like that. Otherwise how do you explain Glorantha's magic and the God Time with our RW physics? Obviously the answer to the latter is you can't. So you can't compare the two like this. Glorantha's "elements" (their equivalent) weren't made in the same way as our RW elements. As @Jeff said a while back:
  15. A Magical Economy

    They do, but it's Mostali engineering, with a lot of magic to back up any physical effort involved. Very different from our own world's engineering. Glorantha's "physics" is based on myth and magic. Our own physical laws simply do not apply in Glorantha. In our own world when some culture says that spirits cause disease, we know that they're wrong because of our modern understanding of science. In Glorantha, spirits really *do* cause disease. Gravity as we understand it here does not exist in Glorantha - however a similar effect occurs for completely different reasons, as discussed at :