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  1. Steve

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    Shut up and take my money!
  2. Email Dustin at customerservice@chaosium.com and I'm sure he'll be happy to upload your purchases, so that you can then download them in the future.
  3. I just tried download the PDF and it still doesn't seem to be updated. At least, the error that I use for reference to check is p. 154 and the sidebar overlaying the Zero Wane map. Are you seeing something different?
  4. Steve

    Six Ages is out on iOS

    The next game in the series, "Lights Going Out", is under way - https://blog.sixages.com/index.php/2018/09/06/chapter-two/
  5. Steve

    Clanking City Paradox

    What's the source for this? The Mongoose book?
  6. Steve

    Bring Out Your Dead

    Here are mine (and those that I've noted that others have raised, which also seem confusing to me now that I look at those), all based on the HQG rulebook: p. 35 - point 8 - does this mean only to spend on improving *existing* Runes and keywords, not buying new ones? pp. 35/36/46 - Distinguishing characteristic. If you choose it as a new ability, its score is 17. As a breakout ability, it adds +1 to the score of the linked keyword. But if this keyword has a score of 13 (like the basic score of the third rune), does it mean than the distinguishing characteristic increases to +4 to reach the minimum of 17 or does it keeps its +1? pp.60/63 - inconsistency about whether you can use any number of Hero Points or just one. p.60 1st column, second-to-last paragraph says only one, p.63 says in item 6 you can use any number for a Simple Contest. p.63 - The results table is very confusing to a newcomer (always a victory and never a defeat?), and much better on p.28 of the HQ core rulebook. p.101 - (ok, this is a typo, but it's a very important one because it changes the meaning) In Defensive Responses it says "If the hero wins the exchange, he lodges 2 fewer Resolution Points against his opponent. If the hero loses the exchange, the number of Resolution Points lodged against his opponent decreases by 1." The second sentence should say "If the hero loses the exchange, the number of Resolution Points lodged by his opponent decreases by 1". p.116 - Complete Defeat mentioned in the example in the second column, fifth paragraph, presumably at the King's Banquet, and in the second column, third paragraph it refers to major victories/defeats being double arrows. This is confusing because you would think that both Major and Complete Defeats should then be double arrows, but it's not marked like this in the Sample Notation diagram at the bottom of the first column.
  7. Steve

    Climactic scene victory level

    I've queried this before, but I don't recall getting an official answer.
  8. Steve

    Foxes and Elurae

    There's very little mention of Elurae in the Guide. They don't feel like an EWF experiment to me because of their shapechanging ability. Love the myths, great work.
  9. ^^ Excellent. Hopefully this means that general orders are imminent.
  10. Steve

    How to translate God Learner?

    From the Guide, we have the following references that I spotted with specific regard to the name "God Learners": p.135 - "... the heirs of these wizards, popularly called God Learners ..." p.412 - "... the home of the sorcerous movement that became known as the God Learners". p.465 - "The Jrusteli sorcerors, often called the God Learners ..." p.503 - "The investigators in this process were commonly known as the God Learners". All these references, particularly the "commonly known" and "popularly called" ones, make it seem probable that "God Learner" was an external name applied to these people, and we don't have a reference for what they called themselves (perhaps nothing initially, and they adopted the externally-given name as it seemed appropriate?
  11. I see (from Kickstarter comments) that the books seem to now be finally arriving in the hands of the backers. Hopefully it won't be long before they (the hard copies) go up for general orders for those (like me) who missed the KS.
  12. Steve

    The Open Seas ritual was a success...

    It's finally started updating for the UK-bound ship. Currently in the Red Sea.
  13. Steve

    Coastal Plain Heortland

    Wasn't the shaping of features like in Glorantha this done by mythic means rather than real-world geological ones? Mountains were typically raised mythically, so surely the same would hold true for coastlines (not withstanding later flooding)?
  14. Steve

    The Open Seas ritual was a success...

    Am I missing something, or has the UK-bound ship really been stuck off the South of Sri Lanka for the past few days. Is it just mine that's not updating?
  15. Steve

    White Bear and Red Moon

    More than just rumours. Chris Klug is/was working on a remake. But it's gone very quiet for some time now, and it would be good to hear if it's still moving forward (albeit slowly).