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  1. Also bear in mind that some of the major characters in the written Gloranthan history (e.g. Argrath) were PCs in various in-house campaigns (e.g. Greg's own campaigns). So there's no reason to take it all as written in stone. You can choose to take the past history up to your own campaign date as written, if you like, or you can choose to change some of it. And you can certainly choose to do whatever you like from your campaign date forward. Why do things *have* to turn out as documented? Almost certainly things will change. Above all, YGWV.
  2. There are a few downsides to having a high credit rating, of course. You might not be able to "blend in" with folks with a lesser credit rating so easily, e.g. if you are trying to go "undercover". You might find that some with low credit ratings won't trust you, because you're not "one of us". It's not all upside. Creative keepers can easily find ways to disadvantage those with high credit ratings who seem to be perhaps trying to over-use their privileges.
  3. Have you got a copy of the HQ Core Rules? If you haven't, it's well worth picking up a copy of the PDF. I found that reading it after I'd ready HQG was very helpful. I feel that in writing HQG, a little too much of the general advice and (particularly) the examples found in the HQ CR was cut out (understandably, since they had to put in a lot more Glorantha content), and that detracted from understanding some of the intentions behind the rules.
  4. I'm pretty sure that @jajagappa meant that he was changing "Marginal Victory" to "Yes, but ...", not that he was changing Marginal Defeat to that too (which would be "No, but ..." in this way of thinking). See below:
  5. Yes, I can try "Advanced" but as I said earlier, my mobile provider blocks the site as unsafe. I don't agree that it's a problem with my ISP. It's my browser (Chrome on Android) reporting a problem with the chaosium.com certificate.
  6. There seems to be something wrong with the security certificate at chaosium.com. This leads to my mobile provider blocking me from the site on security grounds unless I use a VPN to stop my mobile provider interfering. So I can't access Jason's Q&A document, for example.à See attached screenshot.
  7. I seem to remember @Rick Meints telling us before that the Gloranthan Classics were all typeset in an old-school, pre-PDF manner. So there would probably be a lot of work to make it POD-ready, and given the small market since the RQ Classic PDFs were released, it simply wouldn't be worth it for Chaosium.
  8. A reprint of the Glorantha Classics seems much less likely than making the RuneQuest Classics available in print, probably via POD.
  9. I love the sound of this so I would press the buy button, but unfortunately my browser is complaining about the security certificate at chaosium.com. Anyone else seeing this? Doubly unfortunately, the usual way to bypass this and proceed anyway isn't working, because annoyingly my mobile provider has opted me into a trial of their website blocking and I can't easily opt out because I'm abroad at the moment. Edit - I worked around this by using a VPN, thus preventing my mobile provider from interfering.
  10. What is your Lovecraft source for a specifically non-rare malevolent ghoul?
  11. General conversion stuff for HQG to RGQ is of course universal, and this is great stuff about the Sartar Rising books. But am I missing something, or was the OP not asking about D101's Gloranthan Adventures 1, rather than about the Sartar Rising books? Just trying to see if anyone has actually run those in RQ, although I'm in danger of coming over like a pedantic idiot.
  12. Yep, the bottom one is great. Please don't use the one with nails in its head.
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