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  1. General conversion stuff for HQG to RGQ is of course universal, and this is great stuff about the Sartar Rising books. But am I missing something, or was the OP not asking about D101's Gloranthan Adventures 1, rather than about the Sartar Rising books? Just trying to see if anyone has actually run those in RQ, although I'm in danger of coming over like a pedantic idiot.
  2. Yep, the bottom one is great. Please don't use the one with nails in its head.
  3. The Harlem Unbound newsletter? I sure have. The lack of recent newsletters was the reason for my post. But it's great to hear that it's into layout now.
  4. Ok, so because your home town doesn't have a store selling RPGs, nowhere else does? Um, ok ....
  5. Steve

    Coming Storm prep

    Not a big deal,but I'm puzzled by why you would suggest moving this to the HQ forum. Sure, it's about a HQ campaign book, but the questions are specifically Glorantha-related, and there are a lot more Glorantha folks (based on the traffic) hanging out here rather than the HQ forum.
  6. Anyone heard any news on this recently? After some promotion from Chaosium a while back, it all seems to have gone a bit quiet (but I might have missed something?). Hopefully it's still moving forward.
  7. And they look completely unusable as cover art if you were intending to sell them in a regular games store in the US, amongst other countries.
  8. It's not unstoppable. Just make them look different. If your players expect ghouls to have canine features, then make your ghouls look different - maybe like zombies, maybe some other animal features, whatever you can come up with. Similarly don't make the Deep Ones have the characteristic look from Lovecraft. Lovecraft's whole thing was coming up with "new" creatures instead of the same old vampires, werewolves etc. So make your creatures look "new" and unknown to your players too. One thing that you can do to jolt them out of their preconceptions is to have something like like creature A from Lovecraft, but actually make it creature B. They'll soon stop assuming they know what they're facing when they see it, and act more like the terrified characters that they're playing.
  9. I couldn't agree more. Also, don't forget the other senses. Even before you see it, is there a disgusting smell? Is there a creepy sound? Do you get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up before you even see the creature? And never say "You see a Mi-Go in front of you". Describe what the characters see. Change the way the creature appears from how Lovecraft or the game book describes it. Keep the players guessing as to what the thing actually is.
  10. There's a big difference between creatures that Chaosium have gained permission to use from non-public-domain sources (like Lumley etc), and those that are available for community use because they're not from those non-public-domain sources. So Chaosium have a much bigger range of creatures that they can use and publish themselves, compared to those than can be used in community publications. Of course, at your own gaming table you can use whatever you like.
  11. Non-trivial for me to attend from the UK but one day, one day I'll get to Necronomicon ...
  12. It's from Petersen Games rather than Chaosium, so I tend to doubt it. But of course I'd welcome it if it happened.
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