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  1. Version 0.921 is up - https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  2. A bump of a very old post. My download link for the Glorantha Sourcebook still appears to be the same old (uncorrected) version that I mentioned a few posts above. Please can we have a PDF to match the printed version? Thanks.
  3. We're up to version 0.91 now. See https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  4. 0.71 is up now - https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  5. Version 0.70 is now up - https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  6. Several new posts from Ian over on Facebook. Give him input there rather than here if you can. From Ian: --- Changes for masteries and ranks have flowed through and there is another update here. Shock news, some tables are back! The use of ranks made it possible to update some of the text on outcomes, particularly in long contests to use them. Overall the successes model makes this part much easier https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/tree/improved-masteries/docs As ever, feedback encouraged. ---- Having said I thought the SRD was done, I hav
  7. Version 0.52 is up now - link
  8. Indeed, as @jajagappa said, I took this from Jeff's recent post on Facebook. That's the first time I've seen the heroquesting rules split out from the GM book - previously it had been talked about as being included. I'll choose to take this as a good thing. E.g. the heroquesting rules and accompanying material are now so big that they deserve their own book to do them justice. And then buy @soltakss's book to make the waiting more bearable.
  9. Good idea. I've just done a major update, and I've put in a date for the changed section. I'm finding it pretty hard to keep on top of this list (e.g. the many sources from which reliable updates can come), so I'd welcome input about things that should be changed.
  10. We're up to version 0.51 of the SRD now. See https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  11. For errors that you've found, or other feedback, the best way to raise it with Ian is probably to use GitHub - see "How to raise an issue" at https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
  12. There have been a few tweaks to the QuestWorlds SRD over the past few weeks. The latest version is 0.3 and is at https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  13. As the title says. Looks like the site's security certificate has expired today (16 Aug) and needs renewing.
  14. I'm guessing it's the book that Ian has talked about before as being the "offstage" material from The Eleven Lights, like the Dragonrise itself.
  15. I would hope that any published work based on the SRD would be checked over (e.g. by Ian or similar QW experts) and any such inconsistencies flagged up and corrected at draft stage. As has been said, the SRD is an SRD. It's not supposed to be a rulebook with examples, GM advice and so forth.
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