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  1. Steve

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    While a revised/corrected edition of a book is one thing, preparing a simple errata PDF of a couple of pages or so really wouldn't take much effort at all. It wouldn't be a "perfect" solution, but no-one is expecting the books to be perfect. I also accept that it's not going to happen now, and I've moved on - but just trying to address some of your points, @Joerg.
  2. Steve

    Glorantha Publications

    Please add the following: Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind (computer/mobile game, the successor to King of Dragon Pass) - David Dunham - on iOS, other platforms coming later
  3. Steve

    Six Ages is out on iOS

    The developers have said they're looking at other platforms for the future. It doesn't help your question, but they've just announced a partnership to develop Windows and MacOS versions.
  4. Steve

    Resistance Table - rulebook example

    Putting aside the comparison with RQ2, the RQ:G rules on p.145 say that "Generally, it is best to have let (sic) an adventurer's characteristic be the active one ...". The example on p.146 start off in that vein, saying that Sorala's CON is the active characteristic. So far, so good. But the second paragraph of the example is where it goes wrong, and is written as if the poison's POT is the active characteristic, and (bizarrely IMHO) has Sorala's player rolling on behalf of the poison and hoping to get a failure. To me it reads as if there's been a change of mind of how this should work, and the example has only been partially edited to the new method of doing things. It would seem a lot more sensible to me, if the CON is the active party, to have Sorala's player rolling on that 65% chance and trying to succeed, not rolling on a 35% chance and hoping to fail.
  5. Please forgive me if this has already been covered (I looked through the now-closed corrections thread, and couldn't see it in there). Or perhaps I'm just misunderstanding? On p.146 of RQ:G there's an example of play using the resistance table, with Sorala trying to resist some poison gas. The example says that Sorala is taken to be the active party, with the poison the passive one, which makes sense. But the example shows a 35% chance of success. Shouldn't it be 65% (CON 11 vs POT 8), and then when the player rolls a 76 for a failure that means she succumbs to the poison (or change the example to have the player rolling less than 65)? A minor point really, but could be rather confusing to newcomers.
  6. Steve

    Dear Chaosium and the RQG Team -- Thank You

    I've been reading the RQ:G PDF on my phone here and there, gradually making progress. And I'm stunned. It's far, far better than I was expecting, and I was already expecting it to be very good! I think you've really outdone yourselves this time, Chaosium. The background material is superbly integrated, giving readers a feel for Glorantha as they go through the rules. There will inevitably be the odd issue here and there in such a huge book (as with any big book), but the art, the layout, and the raw text itself are superb. I really can't wait for the Bestiary, GM's book, and all the other forthcoming content even if it's just one-tenth as good as the core rules. Bravo!
  7. Steve


    They're coming. The GM's screen pack that's coming soon will have three adventures in it. There's also a scenarios book coming. And then later a Dragon pass campaign book. Plus I'm sure there's more coming. Chaosium have talked about the fact that the lack of playable content was a big downfall of RQ3 (until the Ken Rolston-led revival packs), and they're aiming to not make the same mistake with RQG. See :
  8. Steve

    HeroQuest and Glorantha, the future

    The HQG-specific stuff needed to turn the systemless book into something ready to play for HQG. So that would pretty much be the relevant keywords etc.
  9. Steve

    HeroQuest and Glorantha, the future

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Esrolia book turns into an RQG one, since that's what seems to have happened with Praxpak.
  10. No, I haven't seen any emails in the past for updated PDFs, I'm afraid.
  11. Steve

    RQG Corrections Thread

    Heroquesting is going to be in the GM's book.
  12. They're in the Garhound Contest in Sun County. They're highly magical apples that give you heightened awareness and perception.
  13. Steve

    RQG Corrections Thread

    As with the Guide to Glorantha, the resolution of the maps is too low, so they become quite pixellated as you zoom in to try and read text. I understand that it's a trade-off with file size, but really this is at the wrong end of the spectrum - one of the benefits of a PDF version is that you can zoom in like this. Please make the maps higher-res.
  14. Steve

    Upcoming Glorantha publications

    Please could you make those PDFs available on chaosium.com? The versions currently available for download haven't changed for a while (e.g. still containing the p.11 and p.154 obscured text issues). Thanks.
  15. Steve

    Framing the Contest

    Indeed. We don't know the context in which the Orc has appeared here. Are you engaging the Orc in combat just to buy some time for your companions to escape? Or do you need to kill the Orc for some reason (he has something you need?). Or is he blocking the way through to somewhere you need to get to, and you need to eliminate him (or make him run away) so that you can get through that door he's standing in front of? So what is it you are *really* trying to do that the Orc is preventing? Unless you're killing the Orc to impress someone, or similar, as has been suggested earlier.