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  1. For which game system, HQ? (since you mentioned The Coming Storm)
  2. I take my hat off to (and bow down before them) any non-native English speaker who can understand what's going on there!
  3. Agreed. I'm sure it was just the hardback versions of the Glorantha Classics that Rick said they didn't plan to reprint, and that they would consider reprinting the softbacks.
  4. Alternatively -
  5. CoC is based on BRP, and we know that BRP grew out of RQ2. I don't recall people criticising CoC for being dated or clunky, so I really can't imagine anyone levelling the same accusations with any justification at the new RQG, particularly since clearly a *lot* of work has gone into it to update it (but not to "fix" what wasn't broken in the first place, as Jeff said).
  6. Just started reading it. Loving it.
  7. Aren't we lucky that shortly we'll be having not just one but two (then three, when 13th Age is out) active rule systems to use for Glorantha? It's understandable that not everyone likes the same system, and in fact it would be a bit weird if we all did like the same thing. But this gives us multiple ways to pull even more gamers into the wonderful world of Glorantha.
  8. The rules also don't say "there is already a body of acceptable weaponry, refer to it please", so does that mean the HQG rules are encouraging people to run around with lasers and rocket launchers?
  9. I do like the "Yes, but ..." in PbTA systems. So I think this could work well here too.
  10. Indeed, any more news @MOB? Thanks.
  11. The higher roll breaking the tie favours those with a higher ability rating. So it would change things if you played it the other way around, yes. It does seem counterintuitive when you first read it, but if you think about how it works in practice, it seems "right".
  12. I made some major updates to the new RuneQuest section of the initial post, reflecting the news about the way the books will be released
  13. Great that we finally have a clear, new name for the new RuneQuest, so that we can be clear what version we're talking about - RQG.
  14. Ok, so the four books previously described won't be released all at once. Initially we'll get rules and bestiary (which is cool with me, since I was a little concerned about how long it would take to get four books ready to publish at the same time). Makes sense. Then later a scenarios book, GM book and Dragon Pass campaign (the latter two having previously been described as part of the main four), Hero's book, cults book and so forth - all sounds great! What's the Hero's book exactly? I don't remember this being mentioned before, since the rules for heroes and heroquests were said to be in the GM's book.
  15. The D101 Glorantha Adventures 1: New Beginnings? That's for HQ2, and the HQ:G ruleset is identical apart from what happens when dice rolls are tied, so there shouldn't be any inaccuracies in the book that would affect using HQ:G. When this question came up before not too long ago, the New Beginnings book was a recommended one. Also Chasing Kites from the old HeroQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (HQ1) rulebook. Also Return to Apple Lane.