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  1. Steve

    Jeron and Tikal

    Borni's Landing is said (on p.182 of the Guide) to be near to the EWF ruins of Jeron, and Borni's Landing is shown on the map on p.180.
  2. Steve

    Quarries in Kethaela and Dragon Pass

    I realise this is only a minor pedantic point but sorry, this is incorrect. The (smaller) bluestones came from Wales, the larger sarsens were quite local to Stonehenge.
  3. As I understand it, 5.2 is a layout change, art change and incorporates some via minor errata and corrections compared to 5.1. So it's kinda like a reprint of 5.1 but with different art and layout (reprints usually get some corrections) - no real rules changes. Sorry but I don't have a list of the exact corrections. So 5.2 is basically the same game as 5.1. 5.1 from 5 does have rule changes though. Again, sorry, but I don't have a list.
  4. Steve

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    Also in the Guide, p. 649.
  5. Which subforums are giving you this? The BRP forum doesn't have subforums. Previously the threads in the Glorantha forum weren't showing up, but I could see the two subforums there (13G and the Guide group read) and their threads, and those are still showing up for me fine now.
  6. Steve


    No, sadly. It was an exclusive for a very expensive tier of the Kickstarter.
  7. They're back now. Thanks guys.
  8. Indeed, but there's no way to reply, or to post a new topic. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. Has someone been playing with the controls?
  9. Steve

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    This is so sad. Any words seem massively inadequate, but - thank you, Greg, for everything.
  10. By "Resources book", do you mean the GM reference? I can't find anything called Resources, though sorry if I'm missing something.
  11. Steve

    Glorantha Sourcebook PDF

    Yes, and I think this is part of the confusion and why I seem to be getting nowhere with my requests for a PDF of what's actually been printed. There was a much earlier version without that sidebar, but it had a lot more errors in too. Edit - I see that there have been a lot of updates to RQG PDFs going on. I can understand the priority being on that front but still, all I'm asking for is an existing PDF to be uploaded, not a new one to be created.
  12. Steve

    Glorantha Sourcebook PDF

    Thanks, but have you tried downloading the version that is on Chaosium.com now? I think you've got an very early version of the PDF, before that sidebar was introduced. Please see the last few posts in the thread that I link, where several others are seeing the same thing - e.g. Phil Hibbs had the very early version too, and confirmed that if he downloaded the latest then the sidebar was there.
  13. Steve

    Glorantha Sourcebook PDF

    I'm going to try again on this, since this has been raised before here with no response, and my posting on G+ seems to have been misunderstood by @MOB as far as I can tell. Chaosium guys, please can we have a PDF for the Glorantha Sourcebook that matches the hard copy? I'm not asking for further corrections, all I'm asking is that the rather old PDF for the GS is updated to reflect what was printed. My go-to example for this is the sidebar on p.154, which obscures the map key in the "current" PDF, but is missing in the hard copy and so there is nothing to obscure the map key, which is great. In the tribal edit thread for this book at the link below, Rick Meints said "While we don't mind people reporting errors, typos, and layout suggestions, please only submit them based on the LATEST version of the book. Page 154 no longer has border decoration". So although I haven't been through and checked for other things that had been said to be corrected, I suspect the uploaded version is simply an old one and there will be various corrections in the printed version (I'd be very surprised if the p.154 thing is the only discrepancy). Again, I repeat. I am not asking for further corrections. All I want is a PDF that matches my hard copy. Thanks.
  14. Steve

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    Aren't those just (in RQG terms) just weapon skills though, e.g quarterstaff in the case of your example? The Martial Arts skill in RQG as written is referring to unarmed combat. Of course someone who studies this may well choose to practice some weapon stuff too, e.g. "weapons" that are laying around such as staves, smaller sticks, rice flail, etc, but those will be their own weapon skills.
  15. Steve

    Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

    There's a caveat at the start of the PDF version of this talk which basically says you can't rely on this all being canon. Though of course it's still a great read.