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  1. My buyer pulled out - I don't blame him, because the shipping costs to send this from the UK to North America are pretty large (actually due to the size rather than the weight). So this is available again. I've got it here now and checked it all over, and it's all fine with nothing broken or missing.
  2. The cover does look extremely intriguing.
  3. For more on heroquesting from Greg, then check out Arcane Lore from the Stafford Library. Beware though, this might make your head spin, because as the subtitle says, it's "A collection of speculative and explorative texts". It doesn't have anything HQG-specific, and it's pretty confusing, but does have the seeds for a lot of potential heroquests, as well as other ideas of how to handle the process.
  4. @soltakss is too modest to promote his own site, but I'll gladly do it for him. He has a ton of great material on heroquesting on his site at http://www.soltakss.com/indexheroquesting.html
  5. I think you might have missed this post from Rick in your other thread -
  6. Great thread! Apologies if I've missed it above, but there's also The Fall of Delta Green (as distinct from Delta Green).
  7. Yes, they're playing Paper Chase from the new Starter set. I think this may have been published elsewhere in the past too, though I'm not sure too (and might be wrong on that).
  8. You may well have seen this already, but if not then check out the tasty morsels that Lynne Hardy tossed out at https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-kraken-2018-con-with-chaosium-part-2.html
  9. Edit - I've now received this, and it's ready and waiting for someone. I hope that I'm not breaking any rules here (I saw a selling post in Alastor's Skull Inn but figured it would reach the target audience a lot more effectively here). The Kickstarter for Sandy Petesen's The Gods War board game is starting to deliver in some parts of the world, and will soon be starting to ship out in the EU (I'm in the UK). I ordered two copies of the game, with the idea of keeping one and selling another. This was to help support the Kickstarter meet its stretch goals, not because I wanted to try and make a quick profit off it. So I will (hopefully) imminently have a spare copy to sell, and I'm only looking to recoup what I paid for it. It's a Hero level set (so the base game plus all expansions, plus dice, plus translucent Orlanth) plus Arachne Solara and extra dice too. Considering that if you missed the Kickstarter there's no other way to obtain this at the moment (Petersen Games are hoping to sell it at retail later though), it's not a bad deal. I'm hoping to offload it here at cost to another Glorantha fan who will make the most of it. Otherwise it'll be going onto eBay. Please help me otherwise my wife is going to kill me when she sees two sets of this arrive! Contact me via PM if interested - thanks. I'll give preference to selling it to someone in the UK, because this is a *big* set of boxes and so will be a nightmare (and very expensive) to ship abroad.
  10. You'd probably be better off posting your question in the MU boardgame forum - https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/67-miskatonic-university/
  11. Wow, these are lovely, Martin.
  12. This is interesting, and something I'd never thought about. I guess a "normal" D10 that reads 1-10 (used for damage etc) should have opposite sides adding up to 11, just like a D6 where opposite sides add up to 7, and so forth. I'd never really thought about the fact that a "percentile" D10 is different, and it has 0-9 (rolling two zeroes is a special case, but otherwise the 0 is always treated as a 0), so opposite sides should really add up to 9 and not 11. My non-Cthulhu percentile dice have opposites that do indeed add up to 9. The Cthulhu Q-Workshop dice set appears to include a regular D10, with the Elder Sign representing 10, and opposite sides adding to 11. As said by @jps. So that's all the issue is, it's not strictly a percentile dice in the set, it's a regular D10. Though of course you can still use it as percentile. It's of course not a big deal, but an interesting point nonetheless.
  13. Partly answering my own question here. I bought the Dead Light PDF and can see that it already uses the latest publication template. So it's just a reprint that we need. Hopefully it'll happen at some point.
  14. You've got an introductory scenario at the back of the HQ:G rulebook. Also check out Newt Newport's Gloranthan Adventures 1: New Beginnings, which is an introductory mini-campaign - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/83270
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