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  1. There have been a few tweaks to the QuestWorlds SRD over the past few weeks. The latest version is 0.3 and is at https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf
  2. As the title says. Looks like the site's security certificate has expired today (16 Aug) and needs renewing.
  3. I'm guessing it's the book that Ian has talked about before as being the "offstage" material from The Eleven Lights, like the Dragonrise itself.
  4. I would hope that any published work based on the SRD would be checked over (e.g. by Ian or similar QW experts) and any such inconsistencies flagged up and corrected at draft stage. As has been said, the SRD is an SRD. It's not supposed to be a rulebook with examples, GM advice and so forth.
  5. http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/the-borellus-connection/ Aim is for pre-orders in the summer, according to https://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/view-from-the-pelgranes-nest-march-2020/
  6. Yes, it's still happening. Why wouldn't it be?
  7. Jeff was there on the EDGE stand. EDGE are the French licencees for RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu. It strikes me that the most likely announcement was for a new French edition of Pendragon, based on 5.2, as has been already suggested.
  8. Sources for the Elizabethan/Middle Ages supplement: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-kraken-2018-con-with-chaosium-part-2.html?m=1 (scroll to the 12pm section) ... and ...
  9. Add Alone Against the Flames/Dark/Frost.
  10. You're right, my bad. Chaosium will be publishing that.
  11. Harlem Unbound 2nd ed is definitely still happening. I didn't include it in my response since I think it's not a Chaosium publication.
  12. Also coming: The Curse of Seven - Gaslight campaign Children of Fear - based in India Elizabethan/Middle Ages Cthulhu Mansions of Madness The Dead of Winter (presumably?)
  13. Do you have the HeroQuest core rules, as well as HeroQuest: Glorantha? My biggest issue with the HQ:G rulebook is that far too many of the great examples in the HQ:CR have been missed out (or not updated to reflect Glorantha, since most of the HQ:CR examples are non-Gloranthan). Sure, there are examples of play in HQ:G but I found the examples in HQ:CR much much clearer.
  14. RQG mass battle rules are in the upcoming GM Sourcebook.
  15. Roughly every two weeks, though there's not a fixed schedule. I'm guessing that it just depends on how much new stuff that they've got to announce.
  16. Now that it's Chaosium that own KAP again, there will be plenty of announcements. Chaosium have a newsletter mailing list that you can sign up to (check the front page of their website, down the bottom). And they're bound to mention it in their blog. Chaosium are also pretty active on social media as well.
  17. I'm very sorry to hear that, Martin. Please take care of yourself.
  18. According to the Runequest/Glorantha panel at Dragonmeet last month, where Ian Cooper was one of the Chaosium staffers present, the QuestWorlds OGL/SRD is very very close. So hopefully it won't be much longer.
  19. Wow, what a horrifying yet inspiring story. My hat is off to you, sir, for getting through all that. Amazing.
  20. I'm no legal expert, but technically I think it's a breach of copyright. Normally, copyright laws don't allow you to reproduce in any way what you've bought. So if you've bought a book then you're not allowed to scan a copy to PDF. If you've bought a PDF you're not allowed to print it. Now it's highly unlikely that anyone is going to take legal action against you for printing a copy for personal use. And it's unclear even if they did whether the case would be found to be against you for this sort of "reasonable" use. It's at least courteous to ask the author for permission to do this sort
  21. See this thread on YSDC for more on Sixty Stone Press and their website (third hit on Google when I searched) - https://www.yog-sothoth.com/forums/topic/31954-whats-up-with-sixtystone-press/
  22. I'm pretty sure that I heard @Jeff say at Dragonmeet that he's already been using Martin's book as a reference source.
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