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  1. Ha! We've had great fun with Classic! I still very much enjoy Retail, but find I go through patches – particularly after playing for a dozen years plus. The time and memories invested in my main characters tend to draw me back, though (and not just in terms of sunk cost). (The bumblebee mount might help, too...) Even the kindest critic will say BfA has 'issues', but I've still quite enjoyed it, overall (if not to the level of Legion, Mists, Wrath and TBC). Still not made the journey to Wailing Caverns yet, sadly, and I fear we're a bit overlevelled now. Had good Goonies fun in the Deadmines, though! I am looking forward to doing massive Blackrock Depths runs when the time comes. That for me is the ultimate dungeoneering experience...
  2. Hi, Phil, Sadly we only have gnomes (and accompanying lesser beings...) on Hydraxian Waterlords at the moment (<Gnome Sweet Gnome>). We do want to do some Hordies, but with the time commitments of Classic it might have to wait until we've levelled a bit, I fear. Hope to see you on our travels, anyway – or will shout when we get around to levelling our Horde characters! – Stew (also on Argent Dawn).
  3. Hi, all! Well, this thread's been up for three years and it's been a good run! There've been some really fun posts and I'm grateful for the interactions. But I'll probably draw my contributions to a close in the form of this thread. Please continue if you'd like (don't mind me)! One thing I would say, though: Glorantha's ducks are, for the most part, little more than a superficial shibboleth; a fairly shallow badge of tribal belonging; the sign that doesn't really signify anything. But occasionally, if we let them, they become more interesting. Try and focus on telling those rarer stories if you can. They pay off in the end. 😀
  4. Trif, it's quite clear that you aren't twigging how this is escalating - or why it escalated. You played a significant part in this when you dropped a bollock and referred to 'SJWs' and 'red-pillers' in your initial moderation, which just helped set things off. Now it's your site, sure. But it's not just your site site since it became Chaosium's promoted forum. If it's to remain that, I don't see how this trend is sustainable. If the only overt moderation after this nonsense is for you to give a week ban to someone who is complaining about potential issues of prejudice—however misplaced you feel that complaint might be—this is only going to get worse. Even on a cynical level the optics are fucking awful, to put it mildly - irrespective of how any of us might feel on the ethical issues actually being discussed.
  5. In a couple of weeks, World of Warcraft Classic is going to be released. I didn't actually start playing in vanilla WoW myself (having started a few months after the release of The Burning Crusade expansion), but am looking forward to going back to the old paradigm and getting some serious adventurin' (and drinkin' and bandagin') done. Myself and a few mates will be rolling on the Hydraxian Waterlords realm (the EU PvE role-playing server); anyone that wants to join us is more than welcome. I'm not sure how many people on these boards are into MMOs or video (computer! COMPUTER!) games in general, but the WoW Classic release is a fairly big event for some of us fogeys, so I thought I'd see if there were any other interested parties. Gnomelovers are especially welcome.
  6. It's usually mentioned as woad, yes. But as an alternative i I have a sneaking preference for... blue carrots. Blue carrots are mentioned in Martin, Simon and Duncan's write-up of the Anas Clan in Tales 19 and I've rather taken them to heart. Now, vegetable dyes are often nowhere near as colourfast as we think they are, but I just handwave that away (or assume an appropriate mordant). I like to think ducks just throw their clothes into the soup.
  7. "This is a race cursed by the gods during the Great Darkness for not joining them versus the forces of Chaos. It is unknown whether they were originally human and became feathered and web-footed, or originally ducks cursed with flightlessness and intelligence." – RuneQuest (2nd ed., 1979), p. 79. "Legend claims that these odd creatures were cursed during the premortal times. It is unclear whether they were humans cursed with feathers and webbed feet or ordinary ducks cursed with intelligence and flightlessness." – RuneQuest (3rd ed., 1984), Creatures Book, p. 15. "The origin of the ducks is a mystery to outsiders. Legend claims they were cursed by the gods in the Great Darkness for not joining them versus the forces of Chaos, although it is unclear if they were humans cursed with feathers and webbed feet or ordinary ducks cursed with intelligence and flightlessness." – Sartar Companion (2010), p. 110. "It is unknown whether they were originally human and became feathered and web-footed, or originally ducks cursed with flightlessness and intelligence." – RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary (2018), p. 31. I realise that what I'll term 'the Borderlands paradigm' is strong (not least as it's the longest description of ducks published, and has been reprinted practically word for word in River of Cradles, and also the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary), but it's worth remembering that Borderlands (1982) does note (Referee's Handbook, p. 25): "Their origins are obscure, though some tales tell of them as an avian folk who forswore their allegiance to Yelm to follow Orlantha, and were denied the sky as punishment." (Emphasis mine.) I know, this is a fairly long-winded way of defending the potential for something I don't actually believe (!), but I like that the sources are intentionally ambiguous and like to reiterate that they're not as proscriptive as is often assumed. Indidentally, this is also the case for keets, for whom the idea that they gave up their powers of flight is pretty standard. (Particularly because it reinforces—and self-reinforces—the perception gained from Borderlands for ducks, given the contrast: one kind cursed involuntarily to flightlessness for their own cowardice and selfishness; the other voluntarily and selflessly sacrificing it to save the world.) But, were I to be provocative, I'd suggest that the most neutral reading of Revealed Mythologies would suggest that modern keets are likely descended from ancestors that never could fly. But there's a lot going on, there - not least 'Greg things' vs 'Sandy things'.
  8. I did shamelessly copy William's style for the dragonewt cities, which are just perfection, in my book! (And probably a few other things besides...)
  9. If it's good enough for a (dragon-)snail! (What are snails, anyway... slugs that went on a heroquest to gain armour?) But, more seriously, I suspect it's a bit of both. When I first started doing this in earnest, I started drawing ducks in phrygian-style helmets. Over time I started elongating the 'proboscis' and then started to curl it around into a whorl, much like a snailshell (and Air rune, of course). Then I thought: why not use an actual shell from a large snail? It sort of took off from there and became a bit of a shtick. Having written all this, I've just realised you may just mean the first image, with the sea shells? D'oh! Sorry! Yep, that's ceremonial. Though I suspect a Rune Priest of a Water entity using the armour favoured and enjoyed by that rune's denizens will enjoy a little more protection than wearing a helmet covered in shells would in our world.
  10. Personally, I've always thought the best smoking leaf comes from elves. Most upmarket cigars are made from Runners, though the very best are likely made—or at least claimed to be made—from dryad- or nymph-leaf. Ducks hire brave adventurers to venture into the elfwoods to find and capture the choicest leaves for their tubes of truth-seeking. The aldryami are obviously not particularly pleased with this and any expedition faces being hunted and composted by exceedingly angry elf warriors. But that's OK – they make great cigar boxes.
  11. I've been quite lazy lately, sadly, but thought I'd update things with a mix of finished pieces, works in progress, concept and development sketches... Duck Rune Priestess of Engizi Clad in ritual armour composed of freshwater shells from the Creek-Stream River and saltwater shells collected on pilgrimages to Mirrorsea. ***** Duck Rune Lord of Humakt Wearing the typical panoply of a horned helmet, ring-mail jack and studded leather, and carrying a bronze greatsword. ***** Spearducks! An (unfinished) update (centre), of an old sketch from a dozen years ago (left); and a Vingan Nestguard (right). ***** Sootfeather, pyromaniacal spirit-cultist of Oakfead With his pet rubble runner. ***** A map of Dragon Pass As owned by everybody's favourite bandit.
  12. Duck-Skull Spaulders Description A set of bone shoulder-armour, fashioned from two duck skulls and secured by leather straps. Cults Hostile* – Humakt. *Ducks have a curiously potent relationship with the Death rune, and humiliating the Death God’s chosen servants can anger his worshippers. Roll a D6: on 1–5 there is no reaction from worshippers and they may even find it funny; on a 6 they are outraged. Knowledge Automatic. History Ducks are cursed and maligned creatures who are frequently blamed for Glorantha’s ills. Some make it a point of principle to display their hatred in physical form, making cloaks of ducks’ feathers or accoutrements of their bones. In the Hero Wars, many Runemasters consider it de rigueur to wear a set of duck-skull spaulders and flaunt their power. Procedure Don’t make me spell it out, you bastards. Powers Duck-skull spaulders grant 1 point of protection on the arms (ENC 1) for man-sized or smaller creatures, and can be worn in addition to non-plate arm armour. They bestow +2 CHA when interacting with cultures or beings that hate ducks, but -1 DEX (as the wearer is prone to getting stuck in doorways). Whenever a being wearing duck-skull spaulders encounters a duck, contest that being's combined SIZ + CHA versus the duck's POW on the Resistance Table. If the spaulder-wearer is successful, the duck acts as if afflicted by the Demoralise spell (and will usually flee). If the wearer fails, the duck acts as if under the Fanaticism spell (and will usually attack). Roll individually for any and all ducks present. Ducks add +1 to their POW for each additional duck present. Value Typically 50 L, but will drop in price when there’s a Duck Hunt on.
  13. One of the interesting things about the familial history is the degree to which parellelisms of longer historical, legendary and/or mythic relationships play out in your recent kin's history. The basic Sartarite history works out quite well for ducks. And while the events of 1613 and after lack specific nuances relative to the Duck Hunts, you can model the basics fairly well within the standard choices (outlawed, buggered off to Pavis to become petty bandits, etc.). The main absence is to do with their relationships to Delecti and the Upland Marsh. The best place to add that might be 1602, when Delecti helped out the Lunar conquest of Sartar with an army of his undead. Many ducks were turned into zombies in that war and it's an excellent place to add some passions and the like.
  14. One element surrounding this is that Engizi's fatal wound considerably weakens The River, and it's only with the aid of his kin in The Creek and The Stream that he is borne onwards to the Sea. But The Stream only joins its kin after they sluggishly exit the Upland Marsh. A proper assault on Delecti may require them to join their forces earlier, which would involve convincing The Stream to try and change its course (with fairly profound consequences). I'm not sure the ducks would be impressed with this, and their curiously symbiotic relationship with the Necromancer might kick in...
  15. Not in the slightest. Systematically disestablish violence as the principal mode of conflict resolution throughout the 40+ year history of modern roleplaying games, and what are you left with?
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