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  1. I've always thought that the very greatest duck heroes (behave) wore contraptions like the Husaria's wings in an atavistic attempt to manifest pre-Curse greatness... ... on foot. As quasi-Orlanthi heroes, their 'Four Supporters' in battle spend much of their time doing just that - trying to keep the hero upright. (Edit: Very sorry, thought this was in the 'other' thread. Will stop derailing. )
  2. Yep, I suspect my Glorantha might vary a little there. (Albeit perhaps because I spend too much time sodding around with ducks in Dragon Pass and want to encounter something a little different.) That said, I guess 'duck' can cover a multitude of sins... In case people weren't aware, this info isn't new – it's a mash-up of the information in Elder Secrets (our answerphone message du jour) and a textbox of Sandy's in Tales of the Reaching Moon #17 (p. 40). It's the latter piece that had the 'majority' comment – with the added clarification of '75%+'.
  3. Because ducks are metal and they want to shred out some serious tunes?
  4. I fear that rather sums up a lot. Putting out a 120-page splatbook on a subject that owes a huge amount to its lightly sketched, leftfield, less-is-more ambiguity is always going to be problematic.
  5. Newt's very kind - and, to clarify, the tone there is very much Ooooh, Matron! (It might not surprise you to learn that I don't really deal with much nastiness in my Glorantha. Even discussions about Broo and Thed leave me a bit cold, to be honest.) P.S. Actually, I take that Broo comment back. I forgot the piece had a Broo Noel Coward... “Whatever Shall a Broo Do?” Whatever shall a broo do, When faced with such a remarkable hullabaloo? For it’s so very hard to emote, When one has the countenance of a goat, And one’s cousin thrice removed is a ewe! Whatever shall a broo do; Why have you tried to fit this hoof inside a shoe? One’s hide does not entice, Its fur all grime and lice, Yet valued as carpet in Matkondu! Whatever shall a broo do; Shall he cry, shall he bleat, shall he mew? For no-one understands, Quite how his heart demands, The warmth of affection, just like you! Whatever shall a broo do, When greeted with cries of “Shoo! Shoo!”? It’s so very hard to stay abreast, Of cultural digest, When one’s only confidants cry “Mooooo!” Whatever shall a broo do; Be a famous general in the Ordenviru? Oh how his pride will warp, When he commands a regiment of gorp, For that is all the action he shall view! Whatever shall a broo do, When he meets the family of his sweetheart true? For he surely can’t elope, When strung up with a rope, For a goatkin as son-in-law will never do!
  6. Cheers, Roddy! Alas, I've not given much thought to further adventures, so far. My Glorantha is remarkably superficial and vacuous, and I get distracted quite easily! That said, I fear he may aim too high (literally), and come a cropper while trying to leave a box of worms on Gunda the Guilty's Wolf Pirate galley.
  7. I forgot to post Ponsonby's backstory on Google+. Might as well do it here! Especially as it has really bad jokes. Ponsonby was the (d)rakish and well-preened Captain of the Duck Point city militia, until his close and happy friendship with Queen Wild-wheat was deemed rather too close and happy by her other counsellors, and he was shooed off to be the duck-people's plenipoteniary spokesbeak at the City of the Wonders. When the God-King disappeared, Ponsonby waddled off to the great city of Nochet to dedicate himself to a life of piety in the worship of his goddess. The rites of love are somewhat different down south, though, and Ponsonby’s usual method of wooing a paramour—breaking into her house and leaving a box of juicy worms on her pillow—hasn't had quite the same effect in Nochet as it did in Duck Ferry. He can usually be found hanging around the grounds of the Temple of the Great Mother Imarja, belittling rivals and warbling turgid romantic poetry. Once, while commanding the Pride of Quackford, Fairflanks’ little barge ran out of provisions, earning him the nickname 'Slugless' from his crew.
  8. If New Pelorian isn't Latin, then how can brave Orlanthi revolutionaries daub LUNARES EUNT DOMUS in woad across Temples of the Reaching Moon? Pah!
  9. Thanks, Darius, that's very kind. It was truly a group effort, in that everyone chipped in with their own ideas and detail - so there wasn't much 'scraping the barrel', so to speak. I'm not sure I can help much with reminisces, sadly, as my memory's rather fuzzy a decade on, but it was great fun! Knowing Keith, I'm sure he'll have been fine, though as to us...
  10. As an aside, I just came across something from ten years ago that we came up with for a PBEM Rory did. I was playing a Lunar merchant that was part of an exploratory expedition down into Resettlement-ish-era Dragon Pass. This is what he took along with him as hongo to trade with whomsoever he found there... (Created by the other players and myself.) 1. pickled ostrich testicles[1], three dozen (36) jars of 2. aromatic, jasmine-scented Kralori herbs, seventeen (17) small wooden boxes of 3. Erigian staring ursine[2], one (1) thawed specimen 4. ground carapace of Thovelon beetle[3], one (1) small jar of 5. preserved quails' eggs, fourteen gross (2016) 6. finest red-capped fungi, dried, one (1) kilo of 7. Sylilan jewelry, Jillaro mark, one (1) coffer of 8. red lunary beads with Full Moon copper pendants, one (1) chest of 9. finely illustrated Pelandan and Dorkathi fertility rituals[4], three (3) scrolls 10. Moonblessed silvershine rainwater, ninety-six (96) small silver cans of 11. finest Holayan henna, four (4) small pottery urns of, embossed with the rune of the Red Woman 12. White Sea whale oil, two (2) large tuns of 13. crimson angelfish, moonsalted, three (3) tuns of 14. wine, thirty (30) amphorae of [eighteen (18) of Medonius' Shield Karreshi wine[5]; ten (10) of Herontear Darjiini rice and appleblossom wine[6]; and two (2) of crudely labelled 'Magically preserved Durnvoking fiery acorn beer'[7]] 15. oil of Kostaddi brown olives[8], six (6) large clay jars of 16. iron chests, two (2) large 17. crimson and scarlet-dyed cloth, forty-five (45) bolts of 18. exquisitely crafted Lunar idols (fired clay, wood, ivory, soapstone, metal), five (5) wooden crates of, marked 'Fragile' 19. Balazaring Dulu Nuts[9], one (1) large sack of 20. Man Who Would Be Hongo[10], one (1) 21. Hypocorax Joon's Patent Sapphirine Moon Tonic[11], one dozen (12) vials of 22. Kratikos of Mintinus' Grotaron Brachiognomy, six (6) first edition copies of, bound, with diagrams and anatomical illumination[12] 23. Box of haberdash: red clay tie-on pilgrim badges (Moonson, Crimson Bat, etc.), one gross (144) The Black Boxes… The two large iron chests are placed toward the back of the wares, covered by cloths and various ephemera. They are ‘secret’. These strongboxes are locked and both contain weapons. Many expedition members and military personnel would not be happy with the idea of trading weapons to the potentially hostile savages we meet. One chest contains carefully wrapped, refined lo-metal swords, of finest Pelandan manufacture: light as a feather and bearing the Third Eye Blue stamp. The other chest contains refined el-metal spear and arrowheads, ‘liberated’ from the supplies of the Marble Phalanx and Gilt Scythes regiments (they bear their regimental marks). [1] From the Rinliddi ostrich, a flightless bird much smaller than the Praxian kind, and commonly known as varimu. [2] A starebear is something of a curiosity from far-distant Erigia, the inaccessible frozen wastes to that land's north, specifically, and is therefore an item of great rarity and value. Should an enterprising (some might say foolhardy) money-minded man spend half a year hacking away at the ice, he might come across a rather delightul bear, about the size of an eight-year-old, its eyes wide open beneath the ice, suspended in a long-lasting and inexplicable hibernation. If removed from the ice and thawed, these creatures will remain in hibernation, staring, so it would appear, right into the eyes of whoever should look upon them. What these bears are waiting for no-one knows, but to say they are a must-have among children of certain noble families would be an understatement, so said enterprising man may, should he be fortunate over the span of two years, make enough money to marry and set himself up as a man of note. Meanwhile, the bear, its eyes covered with a protective glassy material, its fur seemingly protected by the slow release of oils, continues to stare. [3] A super rare species found only on the shattered isle of Jrusteli, first catalogued by the ancient (and thankfully quite gone) God Learners. The beetle's carapace, when ground and applied as a ‘kohl’-type makeup rimming the eyes, acts as an aphrodisiac. Very expensive, and purchased only by nobility (with Lunar noble families possessing a particular preference). [4] One of these is an Illustrated Guide to the Great Sex Hunt, with attached woodcut engravings of the winning hunts of previous years with full instructions on how to achieve such improbable conjunctions. [5] Medonius' Shield is a bright and fruity wine of a ruddy amber colour, produced in the ket of Karresh. It is a popular beverage among the shield-brothers of the Lavic Legion, who commonly partake of the wine after drill, whilst combing each others' hair. [6] A potent wine popular in Darjiin. [7] A fiery (and mildly hallucinogenic) acorn beer drunk by Dorkathi adolescents as they embark on the Long Run to manhood. [8] As the rich and well-watered farmlands of eastern Vonlath give way to the drier, limey foothills ringing the Hungry Plateau, barley gives way to bountiful olive groves. With warm summers and mild winters, these rugged trees grow far from any coast; they are shorter than other olive trees, but can flourish in the hardiest of landscapes. Their fruit, the brown olive, is native to Kostaddi, and a fleshy and flavoursome crop. Its colour changes as it ripens, from a ruddy pale maroon when unripe, through to a rich russet when ripe, and a dull grey-black when overripe. The narrow leaves and white flowers of the olive trees are a favoured food of the Gerendethi goat daimones that roam the Kostaddi uplands. Though these goats do not eat the olives themselves, their actions cover unripe olives in a salty spittle, which helps ripen the fruit and prepare it for consumption. Brown olives are washed and pickled for eating, or pressed for oil. Tarter, unripe olives are occasionally used in compotes; while the black fruit is often sundried and taken with meat and cheese, or baked in bread. [9] In Balazar, dulu nuts come from dulu nut trees. Performing the right magic in Sea Season helps the Berry Maidens (bees) visit all the dulu nut trees, thus ensuring a good harvest. Later in the year, the dulu nuts can be gathered, then eaten or stored. One attractive possibility is to bury the dulu nuts underground for storage, yielding, in the depths of Dark Season, a rich crop of very tasty dulu nut grubs (already in the nuts at harvest but they grow big and fat and juicy, see.) Aside from the obvious benefits of such delicious, fat-rich food being available in Dark Season, this delicacy is much sought after by Darkmen and could be used to stave off an attack. [10] Keith’s character. [11] ‘Guaranteed to cure all septessential ills, malaises and diverse minor ailments.’ A supposed Lesillan recipe. [12] A learned, refined and, above all, rich Pelandan Second of the ket of Mintinus, the noble Kratikos has served as Keshborvo's patron for nearly a dozen years. He corresponds frequently with his client, being especially interested in the knowledge and observances of daily life and differing philosophies that Keshborvo gains on his mercantile ventures. In his younger days, Kratikos was an academic expert in grotaron brachiognomy. Indeed, it was his expeditions to the West that brought the hitherto-fabled gigantic race to the light of Imperial scholarly scrutiny. His corpus of work on the mythic and gigantologic implications of elbow extension, arm-hair density and relative tri-arm muscular development is a model of its kind, and a pioneering study in eugenics. Unfortunately Kratikos' later career was blighted by his open advocation of the existence of the legendary peak-hopping, sabre-toothed spirit mountain mammoths -- who are invisible to all but grotarons. Rumours of an over-indulgence of gocha root spread. His works on the mammoths' magical life, and even their supposed lost graveyard on the Spirit World, were less well received.
  11. Seconded - that picture's ace!
  12. Some ostrich-rider children ride captive ducks, to learn the ropes.
  13. I'm afraid I just tend to do stuff for myself, Ainda, on account of: (i) being abysmally slow at getting anything done (seriously – no statement is too hyperbolic in this regard), which means I have a terrible backlog of things I feel I have to finish; and (ii) being conscious of the fact that when I have done stuff for others in the past, it's not turned out as well as I'd hoped, and I feel bad, no matter how polite they are. But thank you for the kind words and offer!
  14. Two new updates! P.S. I'm afraid I was slightly lazy with the sorn. I've was meaning to do it properly in colour, but I have a terrible backlog at the mo' (and quite like the scratchy initial sketch). I'll update it eventually! P.P.S. No, I've no idea why he has an Undead rune painted/tattooed/scarred on his head. I think I just got confused!
  15. Funnily enough, the next one is indeed a Vingan! (Just colouring it in at the mo' - should be a day or two.)