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  1. Cattle raids are usually done with permission of the clan ring. The cattle are then given to the clan. Some will usually be given back. They get better stuff by adventuring or doing tasks for the clan. Sartar has a vibrant economy just not cash based. The players need to know that they're not in Kansas anymore. Finally YGWV
  2. Problem seems to be the players. My group came from playing lots of D+D. The first fight in Apple Lane changed their mind-set on combat. Any combat is deadly. Standing upto an Earthshaker or similar is probably going to get you killed
  3. Though he uses modern not bronze age human weights. In the iron age Romans commented on how large Celts were. Same thing was said about vikings. Both may have been propaganda Size of people varies on cultural background and early diet. Average height of Japanese has increased markedly since WW2.
  4. A lot of the energy being transferred is related to speed not mass of horse Having done jousting in an English saddle, admittedly with stirrups, I'd argue you don't need a high pommel and cantle to stay on the horse Stirrup makes it easier to get on and off the horse. They're not essential for riding or staying on 2h weapons on horse is are difficult to use. Get into problems with interference of weapon and horse Trousers were associated with horse riders But you don't grip when riding. Use core muscles, balance and flow with horse
  5. Wouldn't a trickster bounce between the extremes. Dangerous sociopath, fun character and character that disrupts game all in one
  6. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    Not sure what it says about me but I could easily play one and wouldn't expect them to last very long
  7. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    I considered Eurmal but outlaw and most players not grasping the oddness made me reconsider
  8. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    Didn't think it fitted his idea
  9. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    The Initiate of Chalana Arroy was too far away to save the Humakt and had awful dice luck
  10. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    More of the latter. He was a bit unlucky but the group played it too much like a DnD encounter. I'm hoping they've learnt. I'm running the Adventure Book Scenario's.
  11. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    I'm aware of the difficulty in managing their expectations They've experienced one combat which ended badly for their Humakt Warrior
  12. ajs

    Esrolian Assassin

    They don't know enough of the world to know. They're coming from other RPGs so they want a sneaky, backstabbing thief Think Esrolian Orlanthi follower with thief background Exiled or escaped to Sartar
  13. Get the GMs pack and look at the adventure book. Good start point
  14. New player to RQG wants to play an Esrolian assassin Looking for ideas on possible occupations and cults
  15. I suspect the original poster has never ridden an animal The ability to stay on is related to come strength not being able to bench press. Being small can help, your centre of gravity is nearer the centre of gravity of the mount
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