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  1. You can still engage with people on Facebook without being active on the site. Chaosium has a blog, several different sites as well as this forum. Post links to articles etc on your Facebook group and then engage with users in other spaces like this. To be honest, Facebook is a shitty place to have any sort of discussion at all in any case. The commenting tools are abysmal and not even to the same level as a forum from the 90s. The other side to your point is that there are many people not on Facebook (myself for one) and if you don't engage with users outside FB then you are cutting them
  2. I think we're used to RPGs that have common tropes and concepts with a new gloss on them and so it seems easier to engage with them. Other people have mentioned it but it bears repeating, the best thing to do is start with small pieces. I flip through material until something catches my eye and then I focus on that and explore. Find a part of the setting that appeals to you and then claim it and make it your own. Well it is really whatever you want it to be or what your group wants. There are implications inherent in the setting (runes, magic, gods) but how a party works in that
  3. Not in Canada sadly. BTW, its really handy that the system identifies orders not available from your country but could it indicate them in the checkout page as well?
  4. Well potential damage. :-)
  5. Or perhaps I just don't see the issue the same way you do? No need to make assumptions is there?
  6. I think this just points out Dodge needs some sort of niche to make it a useful skill.
  7. I am not sure how this is an unbalanced core rule though. Dodging is less effective. And more dangerous. Maybe that is the point?
  8. Combat in the game is meant to be deadly though. Its a core characteristic of RuneQuest. It is that edge of always potentially losing the "well-rounded, long-term character" that makes combat in the game the tense situation it is.
  9. And interesting choices make for interesting games.
  10. A number of your entries suffer from a modern viewpoint. This is Glorantha. A bronze age civilization where magic abounds, disease is spread by spirits and people don't worry about suffering Chaos or undead to live. Keep your mind in the context of the civilization and not your own modern world.
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