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  1. 11 minutes ago, g33k said:

    In the meantime... FB users are there.  And a bunch of Chaosium customers are FB users, who don't see any good reason for Chaosium NOT to pursue "normal" social-media engagement practices.

    You can still engage with people on Facebook without being active on the site. Chaosium has a blog, several different sites as well as this forum. Post links to articles etc on your Facebook group and then engage with users in other spaces like this. To be honest, Facebook is a shitty place to have any sort of discussion at all in any case. The commenting tools are abysmal and not even to the same level as a forum from the 90s.

    The other side to your point is that there are many people not on Facebook (myself for one) and if you don't engage with users outside FB then you are cutting them off.

    Facebook would like people to think that they need to post content and deal with people on their site but it is just as effective if you use it to post content links and redirect people to other places.

    11 minutes ago, g33k said:

    While I don't disagree with you that FB is problematic -- in fact, more than problematic; and companies & users using it are at least somewhat complicit -- I don't see small-scale individual actions like these as effective tools of change on a behemoth of FB's size.

    That isn't a reason not to do anything though. 

    And while I don't necessarily agree with the tone of @Ian Absentia's post I do agree that if you are on the site and you use it that you are making a tacit admission that you are okay with their practices. 

    And if Facebook won't notice that a small company like Chaosium is gone then it will also not listen to them if they want changes as well. 

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  2. 21 hours ago, Gman said:

    1) to a new commer it feels impenetrable.  

    I think we're used to RPGs that have common tropes and concepts with a new gloss on them and so it seems easier to engage with them. 

    Other people have mentioned it but it bears repeating, the best thing to do is start with small pieces. I flip through material until something catches my eye and then I focus on that and explore. Find a part of the setting that appeals to you and then claim it and make it your own.


    2) what drew me to Runequest Glorantha was the implication of a Sword and Scorcery setting.  Now when I think of Sword and Sorcery I think of Darksun, Stormbringer, Conan. 

    Out of the box, as written, Is glorantha that?

    Well it is really whatever you want it to be or what your group wants. There are implications inherent in the setting (runes, magic, gods) but how a party works in that setting is really up to you. 

    Pavis and the Big Rubble are a great place to look for S&S ideas and probably an easier fit for that type of gaming than Sartar so you might want to start there. 

    You can also keep things simple with just a few gods and cults and then expand as you get more comfortable with the material.

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