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  1. Thalaba

    How to get RQ6?

    On a phenomenon-per-page basis the game is actually a steal.
  2. I wouldn't go changing anything as the results of the article are not conclusive. Remember that in RQ the hit location table represents the locations you would hit based on the opportunities that arise through the natural flow of combat. The table can be bypassed by called shots/special effects. How many of the wounds in the study were caused by targeting blows? We'll never know.
  3. It used to take me all of 10 minutes to whip up a RQ3 character. Roll characteristics, roll or pick age, pick career, pick magic, and done. What does MW do that makes it so much faster, and how long does it take?
  4. Rereading everything I said, I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.
  5. This sounds the same as what I said, to me.
  6. Not really, no. Those settings are all great but they're not quite the same. The implied setting in RQ3 was this sort of vaguely defined ancient era where picts mixed with near eastern sorcerers and you could take a ship to Taprobane. I always saw it as a sort of 'ancient fantasy' sort of like Hyboria, but different from that setting.
  7. I didn't get the '80s comment either, since the new Magic World isn't more innovative or shiny than the new RQ. Anyway, I voted for RQ without Glorantha. Although I found Glorantha to be very inspiring, I prefer my own setting for fantasy, or to play in mythical earth. I wish the default mythical earth setting that RQ3 hinted at had been developed more (Yes, I'm looking at you, AEONS!)
  8. I believe the monster in question is called an 'internet troll'.
  9. A Magical Society Guide to Mapping is quite a good, free, product that will walk you through the basics of physical geography and help you create a plausible world that functions much the way earth does.
  10. Welcome, NathanIW! Winterpeg, eh? How's February treating you? I have yet to find a game system I like better than RQ/CoC - but I still like trying.
  11. If it's missing pages then you have received a defective product. You can return the book to Amazon.ca at no charge. Go to their website and then to the 'Returns Centre'. Follow the instructions you find there.
  12. Have you looked at BRP Rome? It's the most specifically classical resource for BRP I can think of.
  13. RQ6 has some great tools for world-building, too, if that's your bag. Stepping away from rules for a moment, it might interest you that it doesn't come with a setting or a campaign included. Of the books you asked about, I think only Magic World has a (lightly described) setting included. RQ6 does have 3 free published scenarios, though (two in the GM pack and the third was published by itself as a preview to the Book of Quests). The Book of Quests is a book of adventures structured into a loose campaign in a loosely described setting. There's also one detailed published setting - Monster Island - which is ideal for sandboxing.
  14. This is how I look at it: Pick RQ6 for hit locations and gritty, tactical combat, a game with an 'ancients' feel, or if you want to explore Glorantha or Monster Island or historico-mythical supplements later. Pick Magic World for more streamlined combat, deadly and with major wounds but not hit locations, a demonic S&S feel. Pick OpenQuest2 if you like lighter rules or if your players will be turned off by crunch. Pick BRP if you like to tinker and make the system your own, regardless of crunch level, or if any of the many already-published settings appeals to you, or want a versatile, generic system. BRP can be either the most or the least crunchy, depending on the options you pick, and being a tool-box it is all about options. They are all 85-90% compatible. Magic World and BRP might be 100% compatible with each other. There's probably no 'wrong' choice as they're all good. Buying products from other BRP systems and using them with your own Franken-D100 system is a long standing tradition in this community.
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