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  1. That is a good point, but I think the point of the term is that while we might comprehend the nature of the singularity, a human brain wouldn't be able to comprehend advancements/changes once AI's start making them at an exponential rate. Imagine the last thousand years of change being compressed into minutes. Take a short nap and you'd wake up in a completely alien world. I don't event want to think of what a million years of that might result in.
  2. Humans can fathom those changes. Singularity refers to vast changes that humans can't fathom... that's its definition. While I don't necessarily think that's what HPL had in mind, it's nonetheless a modern Sci-fi term that works for me if called to illustrate why something might be incomprehensible.
  3. I think HPL's perspective of humanity's mental frailty might've been based on his own. That said, even if we are totally cool with any bizarre thing, the multiverse might still be far more complex and advanced than a human mind could ever comprehend. Imagine a world after say, the technological singularity. Now imagine more massive, incomprehensible advances/changes every few years (or possibly every few minutes) after that. Now try to imagine a few thousand (or few million) years of this.
  4. I've run each of these several times, and my recommendations (in order) are: Masks of Nyarlathotep: highly recommended: there's tons of resources for it, everyone is running it now, and it's available for Fantasy Grounds. Horror on the Orient Express: very well made, if you can get a hold of it. The players are 'railroaded', but this is a good thing (especially for newer groups and GMs). Day of the Beast: less expensive if purchased as Fungi From Yuggoth (same campaign). Also, HPLHS has a deluxe prop set that can (mostly) be used with it (if you don't mind that they use different dates) Beyond the Mountains of Madness: hard to run, focused on NPCs, and set in the 30's. If you really desire to run it, better to do so after your 20's campaign(s) (also: let your players play the central NPCs) A Time to Harvest: I don't believe this is still available. I was not happy with it (definitely felt unpolished). Better to wait until it's published as a dead-tree product. I haven't run "Shadows of Yog-Sothoth", "The Trail of Tsathogghua" or "The House of R'lyeh" yet, but since those are already on Fantasy Grounds, they sound like better options for you to start with.
  5. Same. More so than the others. As much as I would love to see the deluxe treatment for Fungi from Yuggoth, I'm already running it with the deluxe prop set already available from HPLHS. I've similarly already run BtMoM (but that one could certainly benefit from the German re-write). Tatters of the King might also be a good reprint, especially since a lot of prop-making houses seem interested in making King in Yellow props.
  6. Agreed. I'm regular both here and on Yog-sothoth, but the post rate for both sites combined seems less than say, the MoN-Keepers Facebook group (which is very niche, closed and supposedly small). Unfortunately: Facebook's UI doesn't serve my purpose compared to forum UI's (it lacks formatting, hypertext, quoting, search, threading, etc.)... but that's where people post.
  7. Yeah... anytime I hear "Cthulhu Modern", I think 80's If it's 90's, I think Delta Green (and lots of guns) If it's >2000's, I mostly just think Cyber-Cthulhu-punk
  8. I typically run continent hopping campaigns (MoN, HotOE, DotB, Age of Cthulhu, etc.). I like this because I get to learn about actual places. I particularly like European cities because I can explore them via Google Street view (and many of them are still similar to how they were in the 20's). I also found that I was able to run Venice much better after visiting the city in person. As a US player: I would love to experience European locations as refereed by someone very familiar with Europe! An initial US home-base is still a good idea though (even if they won't spend much time there). New York tends to be popular. fwiw: I dislike adventures in completely fictional cities (like Arkham), since the things I learn about Arkham won't benefit me outside of the game.
  9. fwiw: I'm think I'd likely use Ride to drive a stagecoach or mule train, and Drive to ride motorcycles, quads and trikes. Does this contradict the Rule-book anywhere? Anyone have 'Down Darker Trails'?
  10. The 0 on a d10 always equals 10, in all games, unless it is being used as part of a d100. You're saying your normal d10's do this?
  11. The 0 on a d10 represents 10 (i.e. if you roll 0 for your d10 damage, you've done 10 damage) You're supposed to have the opposite sides on a d10 add up to 11. The main reason the d10 displays zero instead of 10 is to facilitate also using it for percent results.
  12. Last week Mike Mason said (here): "We will be bringing A Time To Harvest out as a book, probably later this year."
  13. Flesh Ward spell. It gives Sorcerers D&D-like hitpoints.
  14. You are a lucky person: of the 80+ Kickstarters I've backed, a year delay seemed about average ('just a few months' wouldn't even register as a delay to me when it comes to Kickstarters). And when it comes to Cthulhu stuff: I expect even more drama. Chaosium's 7e delays didn't bother me, and I envied those that backed the HotOE Kickstarter (once I learned it was going to be 7e), as I ultimately paid over twice as much as they did. I certainly acknowledge your feelings as valid though, too.
  15. Interesting: he's going to use all his own scenarios, and might be converting the project to 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. This actually sounds like a positive develop to me. I understand frustration from backers over delays... but that ('Curse of Cthulhu') seems to happen with all the CoC related projects I've seen (and really most KS projects in general). Plus: Scott has always been a prolific writer, a stand-up guy, and an icon in the industry. I myself would still back his projects without hesitation. Same for Chaosium projects. I just wouldn't go in with timeline expectations.
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