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  1. You are a lucky person: of the 80+ Kickstarters I've backed, a year delay seemed about average ('just a few months' wouldn't even register as a delay to me when it comes to Kickstarters). And when it comes to Cthulhu stuff: I expect even more drama. Chaosium's 7e delays didn't bother me, and I envied those that backed the HotOE Kickstarter (once I learned it was going to be 7e), as I ultimately paid over twice as much as they did. I certainly acknowledge your feelings as valid though, too.
  2. Interesting: he's going to use all his own scenarios, and might be converting the project to 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. This actually sounds like a positive develop to me. I understand frustration from backers over delays... but that ('Curse of Cthulhu') seems to happen with all the CoC related projects I've seen (and really most KS projects in general). Plus: Scott has always been a prolific writer, a stand-up guy, and an icon in the industry. I myself would still back his projects without hesitation. Same for Chaosium projects. I just wouldn't go in with timeline expectations.
  3. mvincent

    Chase (House rules)

    Excellent suggestion. This would apply to backwoods roads too (which are seldom straight, and often have switchbacks due to terrain requirements). It seems like printing out a some back roads maps from Google Maps would be pretty easy, and could add to the fun. I'm not a fan of using complicated mechanics for a chases, as it tends to take everyone out of roleplaying to focus on those mechanics. I often tend to wing it (to allow the players to do just about anything).
  4. mvincent

    Statement about Éditions Sans-Détour

    Incredible art indeed! It'd be a shame to see that work disappear, especially when Chaosium might benefit from it. I have no knowledge about how publishing works but: is there a way for Chaosium to acquire that art (as compensation, or by acquiring a defunct Sans-Détour)?
  5. mvincent

    Masks, gm question

    I believe so. I recall her presence in the expedition is mentioned a few times (in statements by Elias, Brady, etc., she's also in the Carlyle expedition's group pictures)
  6. mvincent

    Horror on the Orient Express

    For anyone that's interested: pictures from my HotOE game are now available here
  7. mvincent

    Question on the utility of skills

    Do you mean Appearance (since CoC does not have Charisma)?
  8. Some ideas using popular campaigns: Masks of Nyarlathotep: the most popular campaign ever, with plenty of additional props and material available. I ran this at conventions by condensing in each chapter/country into a 4-hour session (not easy, but I was pleased with the results). Since it's a sandbox environment, this might be suitable for a multi-table experience where each referee could specialize in a particular chapter, and the players could decide each session (except for the first) which table/country to go to next. Horror on the Orient Express: this is well produced, contained, 7th edition, and most chapters/countries are easy to convert to a 4-5 hour session. Though normally linear, the chapters (except for the first/last) could be handled in any order like the sandbox above, allowing each referee to focus on one location. Beyond the Mountains of Madness: though popular, the source material here was hardest to prep... so I made the best of it and ran three different groups/expeditions concurrently (on different nights, but they still interacted). Since the book already detailed multiple expeditions, I just turned all those NPC's into PC's, and altered each chapter slightly so it pertained to the expedition I was running at the time. Doing this with multiple neighboring tables could be even more fun, with each group racing to be the first to the antarctic.
  9. I read that some of Chaosium's recent releases (like "Petersen's Abominations" and"Down Darker Trails", but not "Doors to Darkness"), were indeed created with the "PDF layer" option enabled, allowing you to turn backgrounds off. As much as a love visuals (maps, handouts, diagrams, etc.) when running games, I agree that readability is still very important. Backgrounds do nothing for me except detract from that.
  10. I'm the opposite: I've run MoN (to conclusion) several times and it was precisely because I had access to 'purty' stuff like from the French version of MoN, MoN Companion, fan made handouts, etc. Same with HotOE. These things improved the quality of what I was able to present to my players. I'm a tactile/visual person. Pure text does very little for me. I grok that some people are wired more for text (especially among CoC Keepers), but the majority of the populace is not like that.
  11. Precisely, but that short story doesn't give details (let alone provide stats), nor does the CoC rulebook. However, I was able to track down some material that does: Terrors from Beyond (Malleus Monstrorum, p.91) Denizens of the Spaces Between (In a Different Light, p.9)
  12. - If "Aethereal Plane" refers to "The other side" then the "Fair Folk" of the "Deep Dendo" might be appropriate. - If the term "Aether" is being used similarly to how it was in Lovecraft's time (i.e. outer space), then Mi-go, Byakhee and Elder Things would use it to fly between planets (like hyper-space).
  13. Yeah: that particular red-herring is quite a long distance away. I mean: a werewolf in London would be fine, but... My groups were happy with scenario, but I gave them the disclaimer beforehand that it was only a side-quest and not relevant to the main quest. I also tried to portray the curse (and metamorphosis) in more Lovecraftian terms.