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  1. I’ve recently finished running Horror on the Orient Express using the new ruleset and my whole group loved it.

    For us, every change made was an improvement on prior editions.

    Among my favorites are:

    • Explicit acknowledgement in the text that one should just give core clues out rather than requiring a roll
    • Explicit text saying a failed roll can be success at a cost
    • Switching to opposed rolls from the resistance table
    • Player-only rolls outside of combat
    • The suite of changes to combat made for a better flow overall
    • The previous experience packages
    • Pushing rolls and spending luck

    Upon finishing HotOE we launched into another campaign (with another Keeper) which is an amalgam of Cthulhu Britannica: London, Bookhounds of London, Dreamhounds of Paris, Tomb-hounds of Egypt, Mythos Expeditions, and Mysteries of Mesoamerica. He had originally planned to run this with Trail of Cthulhu (which has been our go-to system for Cthulhu for some years now) but after his experience of 7e he decided to go with the new edition.


    So it’s brought my group back to BRP from GUMSHOE.

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