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  1. Because Dragonewts are the only Gloranthans known for regularly coming back from "death" in a new body. Also, they are clearly the most wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey of the elder races.
  2. boztakang


    It might be a very disappointing "petrified tree" - maybe just a hole in the ground, where the tree used to be, or a few bits of stone with tree-rings barely visible in them. Aldryami could sense the residual power, but anyone else would think they are nuts... (hehe pun only half intended) Remember that trolls have been there all along, and any obvious or easily removed source of "elf power" would have been stolen or desecrated by now.
  3. For Uz it is the "good eating" and "great hunger" - the transition triggered more by Zorak Zoran killing Flamal than the advent of chaos, but close enough to be synonymous.
  4. Slander and Lies!! The darkness was just fine and non-chaotic until Sky and Storm started squabbling and broke the world. Sure, Boztakang mighta spotted a few dodgy things here and there, but he smarshed 'em good and proper, and they kept outside like they was meant to be. It was dumb ol' orlanth tossing the burner down out of the sky at us what made everything bad. harumph. on a more on-topic note - what are the runes of the Feathered Horse Queen? She seems a pretty clear example of "Earth Mastery" and is certainly worth a look in that respect. (I imagine the info is in the Guide or such, but don't have time to go searching just now)
  5. he enjoys stealing, it's simple as that.
  6. 1: the current designations are "Trollpak" for the old material, and "Trollpack" for the new. Though each book has it's own subtitle. The new version gets an extra letter because there is more of it (and Jeff isn't super fond of deliberate misspellings). I suspect the individual book titles will be more prominent for the new material than the trollpack part, but will be happy with whatever chaosium decides to do. 2: the scenarios are very much designed with HeroQuest in mind, and may be a bit tricky to translate to RQ or 13G - there just isn't that much plain old fighting in most of them, which is where those systems really shine. Just guesstimating, maybe a third can translate quite well by creating appropriate stat blocks, another third could be used with some more creative re-imagining, and the last third will have to be treated as back-story or played out free-form in some fashion. 3: I honestly have no idea. As far as I know, there is no KS actually "planned" at this point, but I would not be hugely surprised if they didn't end up taking that route. I suspect a lot will depend on available funds and perceived demand and other things I don't have a lot of insight into.
  7. At this point, books one and two are "text-complete" and 3 nearly so. Approximately one third of the first book is material from the original trollpak, and the rest is almost all new material.
  8. One of the fundamental traits of Darkness is that it hides things and makes them difficult to know. No human can ever really know just exactly which underworld demon they are dealing with, because it's dark down there, and your eyes are going to lie to you. Trolls understand this intimately, and don't make a huge distinction between a God, a Spirit with some or all of the powers of that god, or even a troll devotee of a god. If it is powerful, and acts like they expect that god to act, what difference does it make? Any sufficiently angry and violent spirit is Zorak Zoran, and my Mom is Kyger Litor, as are troll Mothers, along with all the various maternal ancestor spirits we summon on holy days to give us strength and wisdom. Even for the Uz, what "really" happens in the Dark is mostly unknowable. The best you can do is put a name on something, tell a story about it, and hope you are strong or influential enough to make your version stick. And the further you go back into the Dark, the less distinct and recognizable things become. All the various Dehori become Dehore, vast and singular. Each and every troll is Kyger Litor, as are all trolls together, plus the parts of her from before trolls. The twin Gods of Rage and Compassion become closer and less distinct, and ultimately, Subere engulfs and conceals all. Finally, there is just Darkness itself, hungry, cold and unknowable, consuming whatever dares approach it too closely. exactly!
  9. The last thing Uz need is MORE hunger... an entity like the Black Eater would be worshipped propitiatorily, if at all. Unless, of course, you are using the term as a title for Kyger Litor, in which case they all worship her, but certainly not for her hunger specifically. I also suspect that the Black Eater's influence amongst the Morokanth has been rather exaggerated in certain sources. It might be useful for those who want to eat flesh on occasion, but does not seem to me to be likely as a major overall cultural influence - that is Waha's job. The rune affinities of the various praxian tribes are very much secondary to their identity with Waha and Eritha, and IMG at least that holds for the Morokanth as well. In general, while darkness is useful to the Morokanth in many ways - to mask their unusual appearance, to help them consume flesh when ritually necessary, and for the stealth to compensate for their lack of mobility as compared to the other tribes - it does not define their culture to the extent sometimes put forward. They are still praxian nomads, first and foremost, strange as they may seem at first. [ and on review of the OP - chaos fighting, of course...] I am also tempted by the idea that Morokanth believe that the covenent requires them to be "fed by" their herds, and that the other tribes are simply being ignorant, barbaric and bloody-minded by taking that to mean you should eat the animals themselves. IMO, the image of the decadent Morokanth lazing about, being hand-fed by her trained herdmen, is far better than a bit of long pig on the BBQ any day. Obviously, eating off the ground is a huge taboo amongst them, and a proper Morokanth would rather starve than graze themselves.
  10. You could very much use Call of Cthulhu rules for a game like this... in fact, it might be an ideal rules system for such a game. Lunar Investigators trying to deal/treat with Ralz without going insane and embracing chaos themselves. You would want to introduce an Illumination mechanic - possibly as a pool of "false SAN" that Investigators could use to overcome/mask their ever-increasing chaos taints.
  11. It is worth noting that the Morokanth (culturally) do not believe that they cheated. Her beliefs are an entirely appropriate thing for a Trickster to believe, of course, but they will not endear her to her tribe-mates :-)
  12. this being a critical component of the secret ritual for creating new ducks...
  13. so long as the John remembers that Trollkin are pretty much unable to not eat anything put in or near their mouths, it might work. though it would take a pretty desperate/perverted man to find even the most comely enlo attractive... they are by their very nature immature in all the least enticing ways - screechy, easily startled or distracted, painfully stupid, and significantly deformed. A copper would be asking quite a lot...
  14. They were alive, but then Yelm came, and killed them all. The few that were not killed had to flee to the surface world, or be Dead. The Underworld is not Wonderhome any more. It is a sad, dreary place full of dead things. Dead trolls especially. Fortunately for the trolls that are alive in the middle world, they know how to escape death when it comes for them, because that's how they got to the middle world in the first place. The Dead eat because they are hungry, just like the living... unfortunately, Death makes everything taste all ashy and smell like iron, and nothing you eat while dead will truly fill you up. You either have to eat constantly and be miserable, or starve and be miserable. That is why life, as painful and terrible as it is, is preferable to death. Now eat this good food that uncle Og brought us, or I'll let auntie screams-and-howls possess you again, and she'll finish it for you.
  15. It is fun. Though my mighty llama-riders did get thoroughly schooled by the dirty pygmy impalas. grrr! Super easy to pick up and learn. Has a nice balance of luck and strategy for a casual game, and manages to be competitive without feeling cutthroat. The art matches the gameplay really well - lighthearted and fun, with a very gloranthan weirdness to it.
  16. In the sense that he "is" death, of course he did. They died passing through the Gates of Dusk. Once those clanged shut behind them, they were cut off from the middle world and unable to act there. The only way they were coming back was to successfully complete their quest. Being a man of flesh in the underworld makes you troll-bait, not a zombie. Even Dead trolls need to eat. It would have been very rude of the Lightbringers to head off to such a dark place without something to feed to the trolls. I fear that you are beating an underworld horse here...
  17. yarly. HQGlorantha has the following in the Humakt cult writeup. so, at least from Humakt's point of view, Orlanth was quite thoroughly and unambiguously Dead. His only out being the LBQ and resurrection of the world. There are several ways to accomplish this. If you are doing "Humakt discovers Death" then you are home free because by the end of that quest, only one person in the whole world will have died, and it is usually not the Questor. That is the only myth I am immediately aware of that has Humakt directly traveling to the underworld, and in that case he clearly isn't dead because death doesn't exist until he "finds" it. Another common way for Humakti to participate in underworld heroquests is as another god (usually Orlanth)'s equipment. If I'm traveling as Orlanth's Sword, then I am clearly not a living thing, and am simply along for the ride. Cult authorities are hardly going to ding you for embodying a sword, even if you are technically not alive while doing so. You will also note that an awful lot of Humakti HeroQuesters end up illuminated. Arkat being the prime example. "I was dead, but now I'm not, but I never resurrected" makes a mighty fine Nysalor riddle, after all.
  18. (a) Yelm was killed by Orlanth and went to the Underworld. He showed up in the underworld with his body, and enough of a retinue (who also had bodies) to slaughter the trolls at the battle of Hanroo Field. Leaving a body in the middle world seems to be a Time thing, or perhaps only applies to mortals. (b) Orlanth followed Yelm into the underworld, compelled either by his own remorse or Yelm's call. How voluntary this was is not at all clear. The upshot is, that at the climax of the Myth, everyone is Dead, and the world has to be fundamentally re-made to let them live again. Once Orlanth entered the Gates of Dusk, he could Not leave again without making peace with Yelm. He was Dead.
  19. a few snippets on the Trolls views of death and dying... The Origin of Spirits In the underworld, where the great ancestors of the Uz were born, there was no significant difference between Spirits and other beings. When you died, you’d just pull yourself back together and carry on with what you were doing. Some Uz had bodies, and some didn’t, and no one really cared all that much one way or the other. Death changed all that, dividing Uz-with-bodies from those without, and making it much harder to match bodies and spirits together once they’d been separated. Uz-without-bodies were further divided into Ancestors, who can recall having had a body, and Dehori, who may or may not have ever been so encumbered. There are many other sorts of spirits as well, but they are not Uz, and therefore not so important. Young uzko are raised in a dark nursery full of friendly ancestors and other spirits of darkness. Many of these spirits are family, and some are just friends or visitors. Trolls learn as children the sacrifices and taboos required for safe and friendly interaction with a great variety of spirits of darkness and the dead. Not all Uz spirits are friendly or safe, however. Many important troll ancestors do not recall anything but the bliss of wonderhome, and are unaware that little things like being eaten or having your head bashed in are no longer just a minor inconvenience. In addition to good manners and basic respect, young trolls are taught to recognize and avoid spirits that are too powerful or dangerous for them to deal with. and, from "Wisdom of the Mothers" Why do we die? We die because the evil outside gods broke the world. Gods of Light and Fire, and Storm and Death. We die because we are careless and weak, and are not careful with our mother’s gifts. We die when we fail to bring a new generation of healthy Uz into the world to praise and worship and strengthen Kyger Litor. What happens after we die? When you die, your spirit part can no longer control your meat part. Some of us stay in the world as ancestor spirits to complete a task, or to help, teach and protect our family and clan. Others return to the underworld, where they wander the blasted grey wastelands that were once wonderhome, eating dust, and drinking from shallow pools of tasteless water. Eventually, they are called back into the world to live again in new flesh. basically, Death used to keep underworld things in the underworld, and overworld things in the overworld. Eurmal broke it, so that it "cuts sideways" and everything's been much worse since. Time simplified things a bit, decreeing that the spirit part of dead things go to the underworld, and the physical part stay where it is... but it can still sometimes be confusing to figure out what exactly belongs where.
  20. To my mind, one of the foundational mathematical properties of Glorantha is the deep fractal symmetry of its being a world defined entirely by the stories that are told about it. From the ceremonial reenactment of the Myths each sacred time, to the experimental discovery of its denizens and quirks around a gaming table, at every level, it exists because someone, somewhere, has a tale to tell.
  21. I honestly don't have a whole lot of new insight on the Blue Moon plateau. The trolls there are extremely secretive, and strong in Illusion, so you could certainly put just about anything there that you wanted to. Here's what the new HQ trollpack has to say on the region:
  22. In that sense, we agree totally. The whole "underworld" portion of the God's Wall is going to be quite speculative, and at the very best is going to depict a small and "shallow" view of the Underworld and it's denizens. I am reasonably confident that the figure on the God's Wall is based on "a_random_uzuz_006" but that doesn't necessarily make it not also a reasonable representation for Kyger Litor What Kyger Litor "looks like" will depend strongly on who is looking, and the context. Uz will always see her as an unbearably powerful and attractive uzuz with an uncanny resemblance to their own Mother. Which in no way makes her representation in God's War invalid. Obviously, given that she pre-dates the Man Rune, she cannot always have been even as humanoid as she is depicted in the game. In her earliest incarnation, she may have been little more than an amorphous sense of immeasurable, selfish Hunger.
  23. Certainly all the sensible trolls were basking in the dark glory of Kyger Litor safe in Wonderhome, but even in the Golden Age certain Uz would explore or raid the surface world. Vaneekara, Zong, Gore and Gash, and probably Boztakang all visited the surface many times before the great exodus. After all, without ANY shadows, how could the true brilliance of Yelm be properly appreciated? I'm not sure that "KL" on the god's wall should be construed as anachronistic...
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