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  1. Do we actually know that Broo herd goats? (don't recall reading that before, but my memory is terrible) I always thought that their predilection for goats was due to goats not having herders, and being generally more available/less protected. Also, I do not think broo Need to mate with goats to maintain their common form - they are (as) naturally goat-like (as a thing of chaos can be), and usually produce goat-broo from whichever host they violate. They might also find goats especially attractive, on the "looks like me" principal. An especially powerful, clever, and sadistic broo-chief might force his underlings to "herd" (without raping) as a sort of extended and subtle (for broo) torture - with not-so-subtle torture for the inevitable lapses. But that feels to me like an oddity, and not the norm. A broo leader's most important job is to keep enough victims handy that his pack does not start to look inward for satisfaction. In general all the members of a particular gang will tend to be of similar strength, as each member has to be able to physically or magically able to deter any other member from trying anything.
  2. While there is always some clan of miscreants somewhere doing just about any old silly thing, I doubt this is common. Though trolls benefit greatly from Aldraya worship, I don't see them participating except as antagonists. She IS an important food goddess, but certainly not friendly or allied.
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    The Herdmen do all the hard, annoying and time-consuming work of finding and gathering the veggies. Thus, the Morokanth don't have to graze at all - just gorge themselves on the relatively high-quality food delivered by their "beasts." A Vegan Morokanth would certainly have to spend more time eating than a normal human, but still not nearly so much as a Troll would, and trolls are still quite functional despite their constant snacking. Perhaps the Morokanth "Chariot" has its origin in a Hay Wain type contraption, incidentally adapted so a rider can hop on and snack while traveling long distances. Just because the Morokanth "race" chariots, doesn't mean they actually have to go fast... Sure, short "sprints" might move at a reasonable speed, but the Main Event must be endurance. The pure entertainment value of a ritual 10k race/festival being played out over several days like a Cricket Test means I'll almost certainly shoehorn one into my Glorantha eventually. In fact, it has just become obvious to me that during the annual "Tour de Prax" race/migration the leader for each day wears a special Golden Shawl to indicate their status. Recent events have been increasingly marred by accusations of unscrupulous racers using non-traditional performance enhancing magic...
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    [edit: oops! missed a few posts - this is in reference to the raiding part of the thread] Morokanth will use terrain, and the cover of darkness. The wastes are rugged, with plenty of cover in places for the morokanth to sneak, strike, and fade into the night. Doesn't matter how fast your victim is if they have no idea where you came from or which way you went. I imagine that their herd-men are at least clever enough to be trained to build blinds, dig pits, and set spikes, so galloping off after those darn sneaky tapirs could be a very very bad idea... They won't be much use raiding in the wide open spaces, but in rough or broken landscapes they will have a major advantage. Morokanth are also plenty big and strong on their own, I don't think they would value big strong herdmen nearly so much as small, sneaky ones that were trainable and good with their hands.
  5. Unfortunately, the Ref may be the only participant you don't get to directly play... He kinda does his own thing, as Giants are wont to do. (Though you do get to roll the dice for him when he's stomping an opponent, which can be quite satisfying) However, you Do have influence over just about everyone else involved. You can throw stones at the other team as the Crowd, help the poor Ball try to escape, tell the kindly Priestess which wounded player needs healing first, and, of course, hurl abuse or encouragement at the Referee to attempt to get him to notice the dirty cheaters on the other team, and overlook any brave heroes forced to toe the line of legality on your own. All while directing your Team to bash, block, and run their way to glorious victory, or bloody disgrace!
  6. Trollpack will provide some additional details about the disease carrying sort...
  7. While it is true that applying Myths to the real world in a This World quest can be dangerous, it is usually beneficial, if you do it correctly. In the troll example, if it works to plan, your friend playing the "troll" part boosts your Orlanth magic a bit, and makes the rest of the "quest" a bit more likely to match the intended myth, with very minimal risk. In general, that will be the "most likely" outcome. Now, if you are "lucky" or have enough magical power invested in your quest, it may be that while your "troll" friend is waiting for you to show up, a real Karrg Son, glowing with Hero Umbra, arrives at the appointed location at just the right moment. This may be a very good thing - if he happens to be doing the "same" quest (or a similar stage in a different troll quest) then the outcome will still be predictable, and hugely beneficial to both parties, strengthening both quests, and drawing additional magic into them. On the other hand, if the Troll happens to be at the climax of his own "Uz barsh puny Air Gods" quest, the outcome could be very bad indeed. In game terms, the Troll then will have pulled our unfortunate orlanthi into His this world quest, rather than the other way around. This could be a "heroquest surprise" or just plain bad luck for the Heroes. I don't think that Heroquests "choose" opponents for you, so much as Glorantha tends to arrange itself so that events in Time match their Mythological "templates" as closely as possible. A this world HQ is just an attempt to make sure that the "right myth" (the one with the greatest benefit to you) is pre-eminent in a given situation. There are surprises and complications, of course, because mortals cannot hope to fully understand the full implications of True Myth. The Myth may not be quite what the Players thought, or other Myths might be stronger or take precedent in that particular situation. From a practical in-game point of view, MGF should determine how many, or how serious, the complications are when attempting to apply a particular Myth to whatever the PCs seem to think it might fit. If the myth is interesting and "feels right" then it should probably work reasonably well. If the fit stretches credulity, or the PCs try to over-use a myth they had success with before, it is time to throw in some uglier complications, or unexpected consequences. Don't forget that Myths ARE the fundamental reality of Glorantha. Sure, Time has watered them down and mixed them up, but any time a Man steals something from Darkness, it really is an echo of the Sandals of Darkness to one degree or another. Either that, or it is an echo of "Kyger Litor's Food Song" which doesn't go so well for the "raider" but is much much more delicious.
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    Uz thread

    Uzko approach sunlight the way most humans would approach a cold, heavy rain. It is unpleasant, but not really damaging. In fact, they will dress for sun much the same way humans dress for rain - big hats, heavy coats, and trying to get under cover whenever possible. Male trolls may make a point of going out in the sunlight under-dressed to show how tough they are, but most will avoid it whenever possible. Uz are prone to sunburn and heatstroke, and have a lower basic comfort temperature than humans, so a moderately warm day by human standards is downright Hot for trolls. The sun is also a primary and terrible mythic enemy of the uz, and they Hate it. Its touch feels creepy and wrong. Many Uz will have clan or personal taboos about sunlight, which could require avoiding it entirely, or always facing the sunset to hurl abuse at the fleeing enemy, or even seeking it out and maintaining a constant sunburn to remind themselves of the sun's evil.
  9. I see no reason to not simply run with letting him play Groot. If he's young, and wants to keep things literal, give him a weapon-obsessesed ex-human outlaw who's "banishment" involved having his soul bound into a raccoon as a sidekick, and let the pair loose on duck point, or some other suitably unsuspecting place. If the adventures continue long enough that some sort of backstory explaining a renegade aldryami gardener with a three-word vocabulary becomes necessary, than you have probably already won :-) You could probably get through a pretty fair chunk of adventuring without ever needing more backstory than "I am Groot." It's not like an actual aldryami's explanation of rootlessness would make much more sense to a human than that... even assuming they'd be willing to try to explain. If you want a less literal interpretation, just abstract the Aldryami background as an ability like "Weird Forest Powers" and work out what those are as you go. The real beauty of HQ, imo is that you can sit down with a character sheet like: 3W - I am Groot 17 - Violent Raccoon sidekick 13 - bronze leaf-shaped battle axe flaw - "only able to vocalize the words: I, Am, and Groot" and start adventuring - filling in details as they are discovered.
  10. I think you are reading correctly, and your interpretation is in line with what is suggested by the rules. ie: at the end of the current interval, the -6 resource depletion is removed, and the clan takes a -2 "permanent" resource hit to wealth. (see "Changes to Resource Ratings") The Heroes then are either free of penalty (default rules), or have a -3 "longer lasting social penalty" which will go away at the end of the next interval. Given that the ransom has still not resulted in the captive's release, and the situation still important to your story, I would personally be tempted to maintain the full penalty, and only drop it off once the situation has been resolved (your Heroes give up and the story moves on, or the captive is freed by other means). You can also just factor the communities distrust of the Heroes into the difficulty of future actions, until such a time as they have regained the communities trust. Which may be easier than keeping track of a bunch of penalties and adjustments.
  11. That is certainly one of the common roles of Ancestor Spirits among the Uz. Of course they mostly just remember the really important things, like Slights, Grudges, Feuds, spells, and Trollball statistics...
  12. My preference would be to start with one, and consider sub-forii in the happy circumstance that traffic in the One True Forum becomes unbearable. It is easy enough to ignore threads for rule-systems you don't personally care for, and "system mechanics" threads may well veer unexpectedly into interesting settings ideas.
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