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  1. On 7/9/2019 at 8:41 AM, g33k said:

    I envision troll-made drums even bigger... maybe with dinosaur-hide?

    The Uz argue that the world itself is an enormous drum which was knocked upside-down when the burner invaded wonderhome. Hard to get much bigger than that! I'm sure they have some rather impressively sized ritual replicas. They also create some remarkably powerful drum-like effects by simply banging on the walls of their caves with large rocks and whatnot. 

    (and THANKS for the Taiko links... i have sadly managed several times to try and google up "that traditional japanese drum thing" in assorted variations without any luck)

    I know i've posted it before, but the "Enlophone" is one of my personal favorite Uz "instruments" 


  2. On 6/22/2019 at 4:38 AM, Minlister said:

    I was thinking to describe a special troll cult to a "Dark stallion" or"Dark seed" hero, reputed for always fathering proper dark Trolls instead of Trollkins. Obviously the object of intense rivalry between competing Kyger Litor high priestess! Is there anything like that already in existing publications?

    One thing to keep in mind is that while trolls are aware that men are involved in the child-making process as a general principal, they don't generally acknowledge them as parents. Women are under no obligation to keep track of their sexual partners, much less assign a pregnancy to any particular one of them. Women who are fond enough of a single partner to remain monogamous enough to be fairly certain of a father will typically be extremely loathe to share him around with others.

    The upshot being that it would be rather difficult for a male uz with such an ability to become aware of it, much less develop a reputation for such prowess. And if he did, the first thing any priestess would do is make sure to keep him to herself and ensure that no-one else found out. After all, you can't have a proper matriarchy, if you let mere men take credit for truly important things like producing healthy children. The very idea! Everyone knows that it is the Mother that matters. Never mind Krogoth there, he's been quite naughty, and isn't allowed to go hunting or play with the militia until I say so.

    Not to be a complete wet blanket though, the idea would work spectacularly as a men's Secret Society. A secretive confidence-man/priest selling "little blue (moon) pills", or teaching "Arkat's Secret Love-Chant" to gullible rubes / aspiring favorites. You could likely plot a fair series of adventures around a male troll with this ability trying to keep it secret so as NOT to get stuck for the rest of his life in some priestess's harem.

    of course Gloranthas Will Vary, and need not all have their Uz as oppressively matriarchal as I consider them to be.

    also, IIRC, Arkat is credited with fathering several Uzuz (who may have been "adopted" companions), and I believe I recall a troll hero (Varzor Kitor?) credited with both siring and giving birth to Uz.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Joerg said:

    Mainly because trolls and heat aren't on good terms with one another. You would need a dangerous Fire-eating Zorak Zorani or a crazed Gadblad smith or an Argan Argar volcano tamer to produce heat.

    The use of digestive juices on the other hand is a very Darkness approach, and I would place the art of chitin-shaping firmly in their hands, and possibly in the appendages of some of the timinits.

    The result would be a stiffer form of linothorax, a bronze age version of duraplast.

    Very much this, though I am personally also quite comfortable with a simple "they use magic" - either to convince the bugs to grow in the right shape (gorakiki can be quite accommodating that way) or to directly shape the chitin afterwards. In fact, i'm much more comfortable with a troll singing songs to the bug spirits to make his armor fit right, than with Uz using heat in mundane crafting.

    4 hours ago, Joerg said:

    There may be magical brass cauldrons that require no fire beneath them to heat their contents. Most certainly Mostali-built, and possible in troll possession as plunder, but troublesome plunder that will attract Gremlins and Gobblers. Which brings up the question: how do Mostali constructs taste to trolls, and how intoxicating are gremlin or gobbler tartare to the uz?

    I think Dwarf constructs generally taste rather unpleasant - like undead, almost, but without the delicious maggots. But the Dwarves themselves are soo intoxicating it makes all the thankless nilmerg-smashing worthwhile. 

    4 hours ago, Joerg said:

    (And while I am at uz culinary appreciation, how does pottery compare to raw clay in taste and nutrients?)

    Clay isn't a whole lot more tasty for Uz than it is to us. They'll eat it, of course, because it can be eaten, but it's not very yummy. Pottery is Burnt clay. Nasty stuff, but could be choked down if there is simply nothing better available. It's fun to smash, though, so there is that at least.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Darius West said:

    Apiary and silk making represent two forms of human industry based on insects.  Neither is intrinsically linked to the Uz either, as far as I am aware. 

    Uz are not over fond of complex crafting, so Silk fabric (really, cloth of any sort) is not something they can be bothered to make, though silk nets and ropes are quite common.

    The Bee tribe is one of the Great Tribes of Dagori Inkarth, and a hive of Giant Bees appears prominently in the Grubfarm adventure of the old Into the Troll Realms. Upcoming material also mentions their importance. (though sadly, it doed not revisit good ol' Protosome Blackbite and co.)


    [in Dagori Inkarth] Bees are the second most important insect, though mostly confined to the Vale of Flowers. The Bee Tribe is home to tens of thousands of man-sized honey bees, which produce vast quantities of honey, along with many stranger and more magical substances. The constant caravans of Honey from the Bee Tribe to the Castle of Lead may be one source of the persistent rumors of an unrivaled cache of Gold within that structure.


    I do think trolls use lots of Insect Glues, Acids, and Chitin in various ways that Humans by and large classify as "Magic". I suspect that many of their more precarious-looking structures are far sturdier than they appear on account of assorted insect-derived glues and cements used in their "construction".

    7 hours ago, Darius West said:

    There is a question I would like to ask however, and that is why Gorakiki Ant is not more prominent.  Does Gorakiki Ant even exist?  It isn't in the new write-up for that cult.

    Giant Ants DO seem a bit under-represented in Genertela, and I do not at this point know the exact mythic reason for that. If pressed, I might guess that the Ant Queen was one of the many victims of the Chaos Siege of the Castle of Lead (destruction of Genert's garden). Or, it could be an ancient curse as Joerg mentions above. 

    On a more practical level, I suspect that Ants may be organized and advanced enough to make them inconvenient for trolls to exploit the way they do other insects. I am personally very fond of ants however, and they do get a mention as being more prolific in parts of Pamaltela:


    Jungle trolls celebrate the variety of Gorakiki’s children, and great diversity of form and species can be found even within a single nest of worshippers. Many of the insects here defy classification and may take on outlandish shapes and garish colors unknown beyond their particular nest. Giant Ants are quite common in the region and are often worshipped and given sacrifice, though they are treated more as uncertain allies or a force of nature than as pets or livestock. 

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  5. Timinits and Uz are both found in Jrustela, but I don't think they have any particular alliance. Proving a connection (or refuting it) sounds like a job for PC adventurers, with the Ultimate Truth of the situation very much dependent on how well the Questing Heroes roll at critical junctures of their adventures...

  6. I am not aware of any explicit uz/wasprider connection. I would not be terribly surprised if the waspriders had certain traditions or practices that might look suspiciously gorakiki-ish to a sufficiently interested Godlearner. I doubt that either Uz or Wasprider cultists would agree with that godlearner that there was any similarity between their respective worships.

    The Uz Krolar cult are dedicated chaos-fighters, and particularly hateful of scorpion-men. Unfortunately, like in many such cases, it can be difficult for humans to distinguish between chaotic Scorpion-men and the (totally fine and upstanding) Scorpion-Uz fighting them. 

  7. Krolar is the troll Scorpion-god. Swems the goddess of worms, and Molukka mollusks. 

    Arthropods and mollusks exist on a spectrum of Darkness and Water association... the Darkness ones will hang out with Uz, and the Water ones with merfolk, with plenty of overlap. 

    @g33k - Moer Uz Moer better! We are all doing our best to fully satisfy your darkest hungers asap.

  8. Engizi works great for a "smuggler" with high Honor. The goods must flow, and the river goes where it must. I don't think the character would really view themselves as a smuggler so much as an honest trader who simply has to sometimes work around ridiculous and unreasonable restrictions that various unworthy "authorities" try to place upon them. Moving goods is a sacred duty - the only "crime" involved would be allowing petty bureaucrats to stop them.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Scout said:

    "Or they may attack one at 1/2 skill rating with one weapon and the other at 1/2 skill rating with that weapon and with the full skill rating using the other weapon."

    The red part is not clear to me. Which exactly is 'that' weapon and the 'other' weapon?

    I think this means that you do not have to split both attacks if you do not wish to. So when attacking with sword and dagger both at 120% skill, you can make 4 attacks at 60% (splitting both) - or two attacks at 60% with one weapon and a single attack with the other weapon at full skill.

  10. You can use the Magic Points of a bound spirit as if they were your own, which is right handy.

    I believe bound spirits are also "automatically controlled" if you release them to perform a task (though they must be re-controlled to return to the binding after). Having a pre-bound spirit then saves at least 2 rounds of spell-casting up front, which can be a very big deal as well.

  11. 14 hours ago, Crel said:

    ... and the rest of the trolls quickly made space around the two ...

    Beowulf was fortunate that this particular war-band was not especially loyal to Shrivok. It would be more typical for them to all pile in together against a stranger, unless they were relatively certain that the hoomie wasn't a legitimate threat.

    It could well be that several members of the warband will now look to Beowulf for leadership, him having killed the previous leader. He might find that he has acquired a bit of an Uz entourage who will follow him around expecting him to lead them to suitable victims for slaughter and torture and other Zorak Zoran style fun. The angrier he gets at them for misbehaving, the more they will see him as an ideal warboss...
    (just a thought that occurred to me, so I figured I'd share - not that you appear to need additional story hooks!)

    neat stuff!

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  12. Battle Choir has nothing on the Zorak Zoran "Drum Corpse"!  Zorak Zoran also rather obviously has a long tradition of aggressive Battle Rap dissing enemies and talking up their own prowess. 

    I'm sure somewhere there exists a "xylophone" (xiolaphone?) made out of various sized trollkin captured in stocks and variously bashed and prodded to make entertaining "music".

    I suspect most of the most entertaining ideas are far too organized for most troll territories, but the Shadow Plateau and surrounding areas may have enough Human influence to create more elaborate musical traditions. In most cases, Uz are perfectly happy with chanting along with drums. More complicated arrangements and instruments are just so much decadent nonsense. "Stop singing and fetch me something to EAT dammit!"

    1 hour ago, GianniVacca said:

    OK, here are my Darktongue syllables: https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2018/12/darktongue-101.html

    Thank you Very much for that!!

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  13. Many excellent suggestions already! 

    But don't forget about you friendly neighborhood Fungi. A few good-sized puffballs can fill the area with spores of whatever horrifying effect you care to inflict on your adventurers.  Hallucinations, rotting flesh, glowing skin, unsightly (but harmless) mushroom growths on exposed areas... all superb fungal effects.

    Darkness spirits of whatever sort are also commonly used as "traps" by the Uz. A large dehori bound into a doorway can go a long way towards keeping out pesky surface-folk. Or even just a bored ancestor taking offense to intruders and loudly screaming and casting spells at them. Fear, Forgetfulness and Hunger spirits are easily found and bound by troll shamans. 

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  14. 16 hours ago, g33k said:

    I thought there was a Rune-level requirement in one of the Uz cults to eat a blood relative... ?


    7 hours ago, PhilHibbs said:

    Enlo are not Uz.

    True, though Enlo have only been around for around 800 years, and the Karrg's Son requirements are not that recent.

    Fortunately, the corpses of the deceased are no longer Uz either. The requirement basically ensures that a clan's most valuable males remain close enough to home to attend family funerals on a regular basis. You can't kill Uz for food, but you ARE permitted - and even expected - to eat those who die of other causes. The rules can always be bent in a pinch... "whut? 'e pissed me off - ah didn't Mean to kill 'im. Oh well, ah guess that's dinner sorted then" but you have to be able to convince the priestess and your fellows that the killing was justified on a basis other than pure hunger. 

    The need for a Taboo against eating Uz is just another of the uncounted ways that the theft of Death broke the world and made things bad. In Wonderhome, you could eat anyone you wanted to, and have a good laugh about it together afterwards. 

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  15. On 11/24/2018 at 9:49 AM, soltakss said:

    That's because Gbaji cheated and chewed his way out after he was eaten. 

    The answer is clearly not to eat them whole, but to bash them on the head, dismember them and then eat them.


    On 11/24/2018 at 2:00 PM, womble said:

    Doesn't flame (cooking) usually inhibit regeneration? I know trolls don't normally care to take the time to cook their dinners, but perhaps they'd make an exception for things like Walktapi, to avoid indigestion while their alimentary corrosives did their work?

    Proper preparation is critical to the safe devouring of the more noxious chaos foods. Many troll Clans have secret rituals and methods to allow consumption of various normally inedible chaos things. Only Zorak Zorani trolls habitually burn their food (which for normal Uz means applying any heat at all) and that is done to show off how tough they are, eating ruined food -not to improve the flavor or digestibility. 

    RE the OP - Few trolls will knowingly eat Iron, or chaos that is not of the sorts their clan knows how to consume safely. Otherwise, pretty much anything else is fair game. 

    A few notes about Roleplaying troll hunger from work-in-progress trollpack materials:

    Trolls are always hungry. Even when gorged to the point of bursting, you will look about for something to chew on or consume. Just about everything in your environment calls out to be eaten, and it is a constant struggle not to consume everything around you. Better foods are harder to resist, but anything will do in a pinch. It is far preferable to chew rocks and gulp air than to eat nothing at all.

    The best possible food is living flesh. Consuming live food is just about the greatest pleasure you can imagine, and you often imagine it. Unfortunately, many living things are forbidden or impolitic to make a meal of, so you must usually resort to lesser fare. It is strictly forbidden for you to kill other Uz for food, and some of your earliest and clearest memories from childhood involve being beaten soundly for trying to sneak a bite of your nursery-mates.

    The second-best foods are dead flesh and living plants. These make up most of your actual meals and are plenty delicious enough to survive on under most circumstances. Dead plants are ok, but not very satisfying, and completely dead things like stones and metal are barely palatable, but still better than going hungry. 

    You don’t actually Need much more food than a human, but you are very unhappy if you cannot manage to consume roughly three times what a normal human would each day. Lower quality foods do less to satisfy your hunger, and it is difficult to physically ingest enough earth or dry wood to feel even moderately satisfied. It is difficult for a troll to become fat, and obesity is a much-prized sign of wealth, prosperity, and the leisure to truly dedicate oneself to eating.


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  16. 2 hours ago, Jeff said:

    YGWV, but not in ours. Thanks to the diligent work of Claudia Loroff working out recipes from across the lozenge, we have discovered that Genertela does not have the potato.

    Which simply proves the Blue Moon association. Taters are SECRET. They do not speak, but have eyes everywhere. 

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  17. 3 minutes ago, scott-martin said:

    Mighty boz who keeps all the balls in the air, can this help explain why up to 16% of "enlo" are SIZ 12 thugs when so many of the illustrations are of the teeny SIZ 7-8 dollkin? Starve and neglect a twin and you might end up with something like a big human.

    In part, though SIZ 12 can look pretty small when crouched and groveling as the enlo are prone to do. It is interesting to think that abuse and neglect could stunt what might have otherwise been a big burly Uzko into a weedy and crippled (but still "superior") trollkin. Troll children are generally very, very well cared for, while trollkin, not so much. 

    I'd suspect that most twin uzko that end up in the 'kin pens eventually work their way up to becoming free laborers or other low-tier "uzko" again, though it's a rough path, as the Uz are careful to ensure that "uppity" or over-clever enlo are beaten into submission or killed asap. 

    I had one "uzko from the pens" Hero in my Pavis-Trolls HQ game who eventually became an accomplished chaos-fighter and trollball star, but Big'Un was an unusual case in many ways.


  18. Trolls aren't nearly as hung up on biological classification as we modern humans are. Troll "species" is as much a matter of social status as it is biological detail. Trolls often "change" subspecies based on their social status and circumstances. Modern twin uzko are considered trollkin, despite being otherwise entirely normal uzko. Very, very rarely, a suitably heroic Uzko can claim to be Uzuz. Even the occasional human can demonstrate their Uz soul via the ritual of transformation and become fully Uzko as far as his community is concerned.

    There are several reasonable possibilities that match Vamargic's history:

    • he was an especially clever Cave Troll, who claimed to be a Great Troll so he could participate in the larger Uz community as something other than a pet
    • he was an especially clever Great Troll, who claimed his parents were Cave Trolls to impress allies and frighten enemies
    • he was a one-off result of some sort of magical experiment/heroquest
    • he was a "genetic sport" born of whichever combination of Uzko, Uzdo, Romol and Spirit seems best for your Glorantha

    Personally, I find the first option most plausible, but feel that contradictory in-world sources are both realistic and desirable. After all, I'm not going to argue with a giant troll warlord who wears the eyeballs of his enemies as jewelry about the details of his parentage - and once he's eaten everyone who did, it's not a huge surprise that historical records might be vague or conflicting.

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  19. In the current timeframe, the Hero Wars are well and truly started - A giant baby has sailed down the Zola Fel river and through Magasta's Pool into the underworld. The immortal God-King Belintar has been slain. A massive migration of trolls has travelled across dragon pass to disappear into the Castle of Lead. Orlanth and Ernalda were (temporarily) killed in Whitewall causing it to stay Winter for an entire year. A True Dragon was raised up to devour everyone at the consecration of the new Lunar Temple of the Reaching Moon. The Boat Planet has re-appeared in the sky for the first time in hundreds of years.

    What happens next is up to you and your PCs. There are prophecies given in the Guide to Glorantha and elsewhere, but those can be considered more guidelines than a timeline. The book King of Sartar also details a number of events, but viewed as history from well into the fourth (or perhaps later) age.

    I don't have a clear timeline of the "upcoming" events memorized, but two that I remember atm: Trolls are chewing a few glaciers loose in the far NorthWest, which will eventually float to and plug Magasta's Pool, causing a worldwide flood.  The Elves are plotting a massive ritual to re-seed their ancient forests, and regrow them effectively overnight at some point. 

    There will be Chaos Floods from all the usual suspect places - Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint, amongst others.

    Basically, it's the end of the world - so you should feel free to have fun breaking things and smashing the place up however seems most entertaining to you.

    Other more scholarly types can probably give you more detail on the canonical timeline and order of events, but I'd highly recommend using any future dates or events as suggestions rather than constraints.

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  20. 8 hours ago, styopa said:

    Maybe the humakti sword rune should point upward?

    Zorak Zoran famously mocks Humakt for holding his death rune backwards... 

    (perhaps adding onanism to necromancy and disobedience on his list of sins against the Great Mother?)
    ((and... that's as far in that direction as I care to speculate)) 

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  21. Daka Fal is the default path for this. I'd definitely re-skin it as specific to the ancestor worshipped, but the cult details should be similar.
    IE: When the character says "I worship [ancestor]!" a god learner would nod knowingly and write down Daka Fal.

    (and welcome!)

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  22. I think in general you'd be looking at sorcery for that. A rogue Lhankor Mhy sage secretly animating corpses, or some strange soulless Western Sorcerer, or an apprentice/captive of Delecti who learned some of The Necromancer's sorcerous secrets before escaping/being sent on a nefarious mission for his master. I don't think RQG has the sorcerous Raise Dead/etc spells in the core book, but it would not be hard to house rule your own for now. (pattern on the ZZ spells, or make your own up entirely)

    In general, necromancy is very much looked down on in the Dragon Pass region. Not a lot of respectable folk will want to have anything to do with it. A human necromancer PC is going to be a bit of a strange fish however they go about it, so that gives you a fair bit of leeway in terms of backstory.

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