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  1. In part, though SIZ 12 can look pretty small when crouched and groveling as the enlo are prone to do. It is interesting to think that abuse and neglect could stunt what might have otherwise been a big burly Uzko into a weedy and crippled (but still "superior") trollkin. Troll children are generally very, very well cared for, while trollkin, not so much. I'd suspect that most twin uzko that end up in the 'kin pens eventually work their way up to becoming free laborers or other low-tier "uzko" again, though it's a rough path, as the Uz are careful to ensure that "uppity" or over-clever enlo are beaten into submission or killed asap. I had one "uzko from the pens" Hero in my Pavis-Trolls HQ game who eventually became an accomplished chaos-fighter and trollball star, but Big'Un was an unusual case in many ways.
  2. Trolls aren't nearly as hung up on biological classification as we modern humans are. Troll "species" is as much a matter of social status as it is biological detail. Trolls often "change" subspecies based on their social status and circumstances. Modern twin uzko are considered trollkin, despite being otherwise entirely normal uzko. Very, very rarely, a suitably heroic Uzko can claim to be Uzuz. Even the occasional human can demonstrate their Uz soul via the ritual of transformation and become fully Uzko as far as his community is concerned. There are several reasonable possibilities that match Vamargic's history: he was an especially clever Cave Troll, who claimed to be a Great Troll so he could participate in the larger Uz community as something other than a pet he was an especially clever Great Troll, who claimed his parents were Cave Trolls to impress allies and frighten enemies he was a one-off result of some sort of magical experiment/heroquest he was a "genetic sport" born of whichever combination of Uzko, Uzdo, Romol and Spirit seems best for your Glorantha Personally, I find the first option most plausible, but feel that contradictory in-world sources are both realistic and desirable. After all, I'm not going to argue with a giant troll warlord who wears the eyeballs of his enemies as jewelry about the details of his parentage - and once he's eaten everyone who did, it's not a huge surprise that historical records might be vague or conflicting.
  3. In the current timeframe, the Hero Wars are well and truly started - A giant baby has sailed down the Zola Fel river and through Magasta's Pool into the underworld. The immortal God-King Belintar has been slain. A massive migration of trolls has travelled across dragon pass to disappear into the Castle of Lead. Orlanth and Ernalda were (temporarily) killed in Whitewall causing it to stay Winter for an entire year. A True Dragon was raised up to devour everyone at the consecration of the new Lunar Temple of the Reaching Moon. The Boat Planet has re-appeared in the sky for the first time in hundreds of years. What happens next is up to you and your PCs. There are prophecies given in the Guide to Glorantha and elsewhere, but those can be considered more guidelines than a timeline. The book King of Sartar also details a number of events, but viewed as history from well into the fourth (or perhaps later) age. I don't have a clear timeline of the "upcoming" events memorized, but two that I remember atm: Trolls are chewing a few glaciers loose in the far NorthWest, which will eventually float to and plug Magasta's Pool, causing a worldwide flood. The Elves are plotting a massive ritual to re-seed their ancient forests, and regrow them effectively overnight at some point. There will be Chaos Floods from all the usual suspect places - Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint, amongst others. Basically, it's the end of the world - so you should feel free to have fun breaking things and smashing the place up however seems most entertaining to you. Other more scholarly types can probably give you more detail on the canonical timeline and order of events, but I'd highly recommend using any future dates or events as suggestions rather than constraints.
  4. Zorak Zoran famously mocks Humakt for holding his death rune backwards... (perhaps adding onanism to necromancy and disobedience on his list of sins against the Great Mother?) ((and... that's as far in that direction as I care to speculate))
  5. Daka Fal is the default path for this. I'd definitely re-skin it as specific to the ancestor worshipped, but the cult details should be similar. IE: When the character says "I worship [ancestor]!" a god learner would nod knowingly and write down Daka Fal. (and welcome!)
  6. I think in general you'd be looking at sorcery for that. A rogue Lhankor Mhy sage secretly animating corpses, or some strange soulless Western Sorcerer, or an apprentice/captive of Delecti who learned some of The Necromancer's sorcerous secrets before escaping/being sent on a nefarious mission for his master. I don't think RQG has the sorcerous Raise Dead/etc spells in the core book, but it would not be hard to house rule your own for now. (pattern on the ZZ spells, or make your own up entirely) In general, necromancy is very much looked down on in the Dragon Pass region. Not a lot of respectable folk will want to have anything to do with it. A human necromancer PC is going to be a bit of a strange fish however they go about it, so that gives you a fair bit of leeway in terms of backstory.
  7. Deliberate, active birth control seems largely out of place in my Glorantha. However, I also think that "accidental" pregnancy is quite rare despite that. Purely "recreational" sex will clearly not have the same fertility rate as a properly celebrated procreational union. There is also the issue that for every fertility-rune priestess popping out sprogs by the cart-load, there is a death-rune Humakti moping about dampening everyones desires and possibly even causing miscarriage if allowed too close or present for too long near a pregnant woman. IMO, a typical Vingan would need to do some special worship in the earth temple to have more than a vanishingly small chance of getting pregnant from a chance encounter. No birth control required at all.
  8. They do, but it is VERY dangerous. Zorak Zoran worship is extremely violent and dangerous even for his troll followers. Humans being smaller, weaker, less armored and blind in the dark make excellent and attractive targets for the violent rages of their co-worshippers. I suspect human ZZi will always make very sure to bring extra fire to temple to ensure they are not victimized by the Uz there. Oddly, a ZZ temple would be one of the only Uz dominated places where a lit torch would not be immediately extinguished. Finding "safe" worship may make regaining rune points tricky for a human ZZi, but the fearsome rep they'd get for surviving in such a hostile cult could easily make up for it. It is also worth noting that Zorak Zoran is a berserker god - not at all the normal vibe expected for a "necromancer." Though that can be a feature rather than a problem, depending on the player.
  9. I suspect it would be extremely rare. Chitin is pretty darn good armor to start with. And Uz in general are more comfortable crafting chitin than metal anyhoo. Just breed for thicker shells if you need more AP. (that said, I'm sure someuz could have tried it somewhere... with results determined by YGMV)
  10. Lots of options available for that: A bog standard Lhankor Mhy "initiate" sorcerer with the Fire rune mastered. An (apprentice) Shaman specializing in Fire spirits (see Oakfed) An Elmal Initiate for a smattering of Divine fire magic. (see the elmal/yelmalio thread for waaaay more info than you probably ever wanted to know about this) or, possibly a Volcano worshipper from Caladraland - just a smidge outside the core area (south of Esrolia) but near enough to be plausible. wrt the draconic char ideas, though I'm likely a bit late to the party here, she could always be an actual "Dream Dragon" except that the dragon is dreaming that it is human and doesn't know how to regain its "true" draconic form. That gives you as GM a lot of leeway for how and when to introduce draconic elements. She could have a variety of re-skinned spirit or divine spells related to her draconic nature (Protection gives her scales, Disrupts spits little balls of flame, etc) Or, she could just occasionally get flashes of her draconic nature as GM fiat. Even to the point of actually transforming fully into an actual Dream Dragon in some hopeless situation where total party wipe might otherwise reasonably occur. She could have one or more skills (like a "dragon rune" affinity) that slowly increase and allow her access to new abilities, or they could simply show up "randomly" at the GMs whim. Because her character actually IS a dragons dream, there doesn't have to be a whole lot of backstory or logic to the whole thing. She seems like a perfectly normal human, or at least like a True Dragon's perception of what a perfectly normal human might be. She'd be oddly ignorant of some things "everyone knows" and deeply knowledgeable about other arcane things that she could never possibly have experienced as a mortal. (like understanding what a dragonewt is doing and why) anyhoo - just another option for you to use, adapt or ignore as best suits you.
  11. The Uz... though it is far from life-giving in their case. So, yeah, your point still stands. The Mostali might be a bit upset that it keeps rolling around instead of sitting atop the spike like it ought to. But given that the spike itself is still a looooong way from being repaired, a slightly over-mobile sun is not likely to be anywhere near the top of their must-fix list.
  12. Instead of recent history, Trollpack has a highly detailed Clan creation system that traces through pre-time and history and creates an individualized "cultural trait pack" for the player's Clan. Then there is an extended "coming of age interview" that reveals each character's personal skill and ability specializations. Unlike humans, a troll's historical sense tends more towards ancient then recent events. The humans that attacked last fire season are really just an echo of your clan's trials during Gbaji's Bright Empire. Your clan's special Chaos Enemy from the great hunger will be yours as well. All but the most impoverished clans maintain active access to dozens of ancestor spirits who hold grudges going back centuries, that they learned from Thier ancestors in turn whose living memories could have been formed before time itself. By and large, the Uz have kept themselves aloof from the "major events" covered by the Core Rulebook char creation. Even when involved, each troll clan would have such a vastly different experience and memory of such events that building a coherent timeline would be impossible. For Trolls hanging out with humans, using a subset of the human chart for personal past experience, and the skills and jobs in the Bestiary works just fine. Even the most human-friendly troll isn't going to share any really important cultural secrets with outsiders. @Zozotroll - I'm still tweaking numbers and whatnot, but will be looking for playtest/feedback at some point well before any public release - keep an eye out for that here, and we can probably get you a preview at that point. (I don't have any useful ETA for when that might happen, though)
  13. In Wonderhome, nobody really cared too much about such distinctions, so there could be some confusion there. On the other hand, the genealogy is pretty far separated (see p77 in the Glorantha Sourcebook) with Uz coming down from KL, through Dame Darkness, and Dehori from Dehore through FatherOfDemons/MotherOfSpace. I can't think of a ritual or remembrance available to mortals wherein it would seem strange to encounter Dehori, or recognize them as different from Uz. Since the exodus, darkness elementals are common enough that to "forget" them would seem strange, and the divisions of the world are sufficiently "set" that it would be equally odd to mistake them as kin... But all things are possible in Darkness and there could always be an isolated Clan or Tribe somewhere that believes differently.
  14. It really depends on your point of reference. A typical priestess of Kyger Litor will tell you that Kyger Litor is the sum of Living Uz and their various Ancestor Spirits. Dehori are the elemental fragments of shattered Dehore. Obviously different, and easily distinguished one from the other. Between those two categories you will find the "orlanthi all" of easily-contacted and useful darkness spirits. The remaining spirits are more difficult to deal with, not having clearly established rules of engagement/etc. They are either left alone, or negotiated with individually by a shaman if that particular shaman feels some need to do so. They are better than non-darkness spirits, of course, but still generally more trouble than they are worth. The most powerful and useful of those spirits are worshipped as Gods (Zorak Zoran, Xiola Umbar, Argan Argar) in their own right. The division is not foolproof, though, as certain Dehori have at times been adopted as Uz, and occasionally founded lines of descent of their own, becoming both ancestors and dehori. A human is unlikely to draw or benefit from such fine distinctions, and could happily include any darkness spirit or deity at all in the single convenient category "dehori" without losing any sleep about it, or suffering in any meaningful way for doing so.
  15. It might be useful to think of elemental or other "embodied" forms as an inverse of a humans "spirit form". The spirit "lives" on the spirit plane, but is able to project itself into the foreign middle world by creating a body for itself. Some bindings are weak, and only permit the spirit to view or listen to our world, while others grant a fair amount of control and agency to the spirit. So, just as a human can temporarily leave their body behind to travel the spirit world, a spirit can temporarily control a body to explore the middle realm. A few especially powerful spirits can maintain permanent presence in both worlds (like a shaman and his fetch). While other beings may be magically powerful enough to warp the border between worlds and make it unclear just exactly which realm holds sway. IMO, a "spirit" is anything "native" to the spirit plane, which can still have some ambiguous edge-cases, but should still make sense most of the time.
  16. It will be RQG - though I do have an awful lot of HQG-specific material that will hopefully get into print at some point as well.
  17. It is some way off still. The manuscript is largely ready, but there is still a bit to be done on that end, then art and layout, etc. I'll probably have more info after Gencon.
  18. +1000 I've been playing the hell out of TW:Warhammer2, and thinking you could ALMOST do a decent glorantha version via mod. On the other hand, the warhammer property is only currently planned through tw:wh3, so there could be a window to a make a Glorantha version happen. I think it might be a bit of a hard sell, given the relative "niche-ness" of glorantha and the expense of that kind of AAA title, but one can dream 🙂
  19. I don't think it's really what you are looking for, but this is the Dehori description from the upcoming trollpack "types of Uz" section The Glorantha Bestiary has stats as well as an example "unique" Dehori. Mythically, when Subere hid from Light becoming the dark beyond dark, Dehore broke into countless pieces - all the various Dehori. There are certainly wayyy more than 22 of them in total, but there could easily be a tradition of 22 "special" ancient and huge ones. Personally, any limitation to the quantity of dehori seems contrary to their mythology, but darkness probably the best place of all for YGMV, as even the most knowledgeable of gloranthans will be either ignorant or deliberately misleading about such details if pressed. A few possible "known" Dehori might include Hellroar (ZZs spirit of retribution) Cragspider (according to some interpretations of some early stories) maybe Basko, the black Sun. The vast majority, however will be nameless or forgotten. In general, Uz divide darkness spirits into two main categories: Ancestors, who at some point had an Uz body, and Dehori, or all the other assorted spirits of darkness.
  20. The works of Edward Lear appear in lots of place names and some of the odder inhabitants of Koromandol. And have a very distinctive visual style. http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/ll/ybb.html http://www.gutenberg.org/files/13650/13650-h/13650-h.htm#songs For Bliss in Ignorance, films like "blood feast" and "2000 maniacs" were apparently inspirational in parts https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056875/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_33
  21. I like the idea - this sort of HQ stretch seems full of delightfully unintended consequences. A partial failure might just put the chief to sleep for a few seasons/years (removing him as a crutch for your players) A badly botched quest could drag the party into a poorly prepared Lightbringer's Quest, where they unintentionally resurrect some old enemy of theirs. If successful, the resurrectee will likely have to become an Odaylan himself. He will be hairier and grumpier than before, and likely wander off into the woods on his own and have little time for all that annoying chiefly claptrap he was into before. (again getting him conveniently out of the way) As an alternative to giving birth, the quest might require your Odaylan and the chief to "swap souls" giving the PC a distinctly "Orlanth Rex" outlook in addition to the above change in the chief. (assuming, of course, the player is amenable) Lots of possibilities - full of MGF.
  22. Much like the aldryami, female Uz in particular have a very wide range of physical appearance, or would if they didn't shun light so strongly and Blind or Extinguish or otherwise interfere with anyone trying to get a "good look" at them. Trying to nail down exactly what someone with a much higher Darkness than Man rune "looks like" is tricky at best. In general, I think that more magically powerful Uz tend towards extra mammalia. It is unclear weather magical prowess allows them to form themselves to be more "uzuz-like" or if the physical characteristics naturally correspond to increased magical potential.
  23. Well, they still can't Defend if they wish to move this melee round, rather than the next one - which is a significant disadvantage. Which then brings up the question: If you attempt to Retreat in the scenario above, does the broo's attack next melee round count as "re-engaging" since he can attack before you can move? I would personally rule NO, so long as you continued to only defend, and you could then move on your normal move SR without penalty. But I don't know that the rules have anything specific to say about that case. (again, probably ok given how unlikely it is)
  24. The appendix is included with the Errata manuscript.
  25. It gets easier with practice. As long as you are focussed on ensuring that the players are engaged, you should be on the right path.
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