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  1. You can use the Magic Points of a bound spirit as if they were your own, which is right handy. I believe bound spirits are also "automatically controlled" if you release them to perform a task (though they must be re-controlled to return to the binding after). Having a pre-bound spirit then saves at least 2 rounds of spell-casting up front, which can be a very big deal as well.
  2. Beowulf was fortunate that this particular war-band was not especially loyal to Shrivok. It would be more typical for them to all pile in together against a stranger, unless they were relatively certain that the hoomie wasn't a legitimate threat. It could well be that several members of the warband will now look to Beowulf for leadership, him having killed the previous leader. He might find that he has acquired a bit of an Uz entourage who will follow him around expecting him to lead them to suitable victims for slaughter and torture and other Zorak Zoran style fun. The angrier he gets at
  3. absolutely, though I think my more immediate inspiration was (hmm, that got big)
  4. Battle Choir has nothing on the Zorak Zoran "Drum Corpse"! Zorak Zoran also rather obviously has a long tradition of aggressive Battle Rap dissing enemies and talking up their own prowess. I'm sure somewhere there exists a "xylophone" (xiolaphone?) made out of various sized trollkin captured in stocks and variously bashed and prodded to make entertaining "music". I suspect most of the most entertaining ideas are far too organized for most troll territories, but the Shadow Plateau and surrounding areas may have enough Human influence to create more elaborate musical traditions. In m
  5. Many excellent suggestions already! But don't forget about you friendly neighborhood Fungi. A few good-sized puffballs can fill the area with spores of whatever horrifying effect you care to inflict on your adventurers. Hallucinations, rotting flesh, glowing skin, unsightly (but harmless) mushroom growths on exposed areas... all superb fungal effects. Darkness spirits of whatever sort are also commonly used as "traps" by the Uz. A large dehori bound into a doorway can go a long way towards keeping out pesky surface-folk. Or even just a bored ancestor taking offense to intruders and
  6. boztakang

    Troll Diet

    True, though Enlo have only been around for around 800 years, and the Karrg's Son requirements are not that recent. Fortunately, the corpses of the deceased are no longer Uz either. The requirement basically ensures that a clan's most valuable males remain close enough to home to attend family funerals on a regular basis. You can't kill Uz for food, but you ARE permitted - and even expected - to eat those who die of other causes. The rules can always be bent in a pinch... "whut? 'e pissed me off - ah didn't Mean to kill 'im. Oh well, ah guess that's dinner sorted then" but you have to be
  7. boztakang

    Troll Diet

    Proper preparation is critical to the safe devouring of the more noxious chaos foods. Many troll Clans have secret rituals and methods to allow consumption of various normally inedible chaos things. Only Zorak Zorani trolls habitually burn their food (which for normal Uz means applying any heat at all) and that is done to show off how tough they are, eating ruined food -not to improve the flavor or digestibility. RE the OP - Few trolls will knowingly eat Iron, or chaos that is not of the sorts their clan knows how to consume safely. Otherwise, pretty much anything else is fair game.
  8. Which simply proves the Blue Moon association. Taters are SECRET. They do not speak, but have eyes everywhere.
  9. In part, though SIZ 12 can look pretty small when crouched and groveling as the enlo are prone to do. It is interesting to think that abuse and neglect could stunt what might have otherwise been a big burly Uzko into a weedy and crippled (but still "superior") trollkin. Troll children are generally very, very well cared for, while trollkin, not so much. I'd suspect that most twin uzko that end up in the 'kin pens eventually work their way up to becoming free laborers or other low-tier "uzko" again, though it's a rough path, as the Uz are careful to ensure that "uppity" or over-clever enl
  10. Trolls aren't nearly as hung up on biological classification as we modern humans are. Troll "species" is as much a matter of social status as it is biological detail. Trolls often "change" subspecies based on their social status and circumstances. Modern twin uzko are considered trollkin, despite being otherwise entirely normal uzko. Very, very rarely, a suitably heroic Uzko can claim to be Uzuz. Even the occasional human can demonstrate their Uz soul via the ritual of transformation and become fully Uzko as far as his community is concerned. There are several reasonable possibilities tha
  11. In the current timeframe, the Hero Wars are well and truly started - A giant baby has sailed down the Zola Fel river and through Magasta's Pool into the underworld. The immortal God-King Belintar has been slain. A massive migration of trolls has travelled across dragon pass to disappear into the Castle of Lead. Orlanth and Ernalda were (temporarily) killed in Whitewall causing it to stay Winter for an entire year. A True Dragon was raised up to devour everyone at the consecration of the new Lunar Temple of the Reaching Moon. The Boat Planet has re-appeared in the sky for the first time in hund
  12. Zorak Zoran famously mocks Humakt for holding his death rune backwards... (perhaps adding onanism to necromancy and disobedience on his list of sins against the Great Mother?) ((and... that's as far in that direction as I care to speculate))
  13. Daka Fal is the default path for this. I'd definitely re-skin it as specific to the ancestor worshipped, but the cult details should be similar. IE: When the character says "I worship [ancestor]!" a god learner would nod knowingly and write down Daka Fal. (and welcome!)
  14. I think in general you'd be looking at sorcery for that. A rogue Lhankor Mhy sage secretly animating corpses, or some strange soulless Western Sorcerer, or an apprentice/captive of Delecti who learned some of The Necromancer's sorcerous secrets before escaping/being sent on a nefarious mission for his master. I don't think RQG has the sorcerous Raise Dead/etc spells in the core book, but it would not be hard to house rule your own for now. (pattern on the ZZ spells, or make your own up entirely) In general, necromancy is very much looked down on in the Dragon Pass region. Not a lot of res
  15. Deliberate, active birth control seems largely out of place in my Glorantha. However, I also think that "accidental" pregnancy is quite rare despite that. Purely "recreational" sex will clearly not have the same fertility rate as a properly celebrated procreational union. There is also the issue that for every fertility-rune priestess popping out sprogs by the cart-load, there is a death-rune Humakti moping about dampening everyones desires and possibly even causing miscarriage if allowed too close or present for too long near a pregnant woman. IMO, a typical Vingan would need to do some
  16. They do, but it is VERY dangerous. Zorak Zoran worship is extremely violent and dangerous even for his troll followers. Humans being smaller, weaker, less armored and blind in the dark make excellent and attractive targets for the violent rages of their co-worshippers. I suspect human ZZi will always make very sure to bring extra fire to temple to ensure they are not victimized by the Uz there. Oddly, a ZZ temple would be one of the only Uz dominated places where a lit torch would not be immediately extinguished. Finding "safe" worship may make regaining rune points tricky for a human ZZi,
  17. I suspect it would be extremely rare. Chitin is pretty darn good armor to start with. And Uz in general are more comfortable crafting chitin than metal anyhoo. Just breed for thicker shells if you need more AP. (that said, I'm sure someuz could have tried it somewhere... with results determined by YGMV)
  18. Lots of options available for that: A bog standard Lhankor Mhy "initiate" sorcerer with the Fire rune mastered. An (apprentice) Shaman specializing in Fire spirits (see Oakfed) An Elmal Initiate for a smattering of Divine fire magic. (see the elmal/yelmalio thread for waaaay more info than you probably ever wanted to know about this) or, possibly a Volcano worshipper from Caladraland - just a smidge outside the core area (south of Esrolia) but near enough to be plausible. wrt the draconic char ideas, though I'm likely a bit late to the party here, she could always
  19. The Uz... though it is far from life-giving in their case. So, yeah, your point still stands. The Mostali might be a bit upset that it keeps rolling around instead of sitting atop the spike like it ought to. But given that the spike itself is still a looooong way from being repaired, a slightly over-mobile sun is not likely to be anywhere near the top of their must-fix list.
  20. Instead of recent history, Trollpack has a highly detailed Clan creation system that traces through pre-time and history and creates an individualized "cultural trait pack" for the player's Clan. Then there is an extended "coming of age interview" that reveals each character's personal skill and ability specializations. Unlike humans, a troll's historical sense tends more towards ancient then recent events. The humans that attacked last fire season are really just an echo of your clan's trials during Gbaji's Bright Empire. Your clan's special Chaos Enemy from the great hunger will be your
  21. In Wonderhome, nobody really cared too much about such distinctions, so there could be some confusion there. On the other hand, the genealogy is pretty far separated (see p77 in the Glorantha Sourcebook) with Uz coming down from KL, through Dame Darkness, and Dehori from Dehore through FatherOfDemons/MotherOfSpace. I can't think of a ritual or remembrance available to mortals wherein it would seem strange to encounter Dehori, or recognize them as different from Uz. Since the exodus, darkness elementals are common enough that to "forget" them would seem strange, and the divisions of the worl
  22. It really depends on your point of reference. A typical priestess of Kyger Litor will tell you that Kyger Litor is the sum of Living Uz and their various Ancestor Spirits. Dehori are the elemental fragments of shattered Dehore. Obviously different, and easily distinguished one from the other. Between those two categories you will find the "orlanthi all" of easily-contacted and useful darkness spirits. The remaining spirits are more difficult to deal with, not having clearly established rules of engagement/etc. They are either left alone, or negotiated with individually by a shaman if
  23. It might be useful to think of elemental or other "embodied" forms as an inverse of a humans "spirit form". The spirit "lives" on the spirit plane, but is able to project itself into the foreign middle world by creating a body for itself. Some bindings are weak, and only permit the spirit to view or listen to our world, while others grant a fair amount of control and agency to the spirit. So, just as a human can temporarily leave their body behind to travel the spirit world, a spirit can temporarily control a body to explore the middle realm. A few especially powerful spirits can maintain
  24. It will be RQG - though I do have an awful lot of HQG-specific material that will hopefully get into print at some point as well.
  25. It is some way off still. The manuscript is largely ready, but there is still a bit to be done on that end, then art and layout, etc. I'll probably have more info after Gencon.
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