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    One recurring theme of Uz quests is the pattern of "Things were great! Then Big Evil came and ruined everything. But we survive." vastly simplified examples: Boztakang - I'm crawling around in the dark, hooray! Hey, what's going on in that pit/crack/whatever??? ogod chaos eww! But I beat it, and tell my friends in case it comes back. Three spirits in darkness - We's chillin in the dark, hooray! Hey, what's this new thing? ogod Aether, eww! But I (bit it in the fase/turned my back/snuck a peak) so I can deal with it now. Battle of Hanroo field- Wonderhome, hooray! OGOD IT BURNS, IT BURRRNS!! but we snuck away via the backhill path, and komor is better than oblivion, I guess... In many situations, Uz turn the Heroes Journey on it's head - they are the "unknown" violated by outsiders, and have to find a way to muddle through afterwards. They are also the Ravenous Monsters who seem to be conquering all until something small and bright and apparently harmless undoes them against all odds. (Nysalor/pretty much any human adventuring party ever) I know that's not the specifics you are looking for, but It might help in winging HQs from the Uz point of view.
  2. The char with skill over 100% does not HAVE to split their attack. It is just an option. So, the master here could attack once at full 120% v 60%, -20% to both for the skill over 100, giving a single attack of 100% v 40% with 6% to crit, 30%special, OR they could choose to make the two attacks as you describe. They could also make the attacks 70v60, 50v40 or 50v60, 70v40 or anywhere between.
  3. come now, I can personally swing a sword 20+ times in 12 seconds... the "one" parry is the one that matters, just like the "one" attack is the one that matters. Spells take some time, so we don't have to compress that, but we do abstract a lot of chanting, calling names, and adjustment of mental state into a single "spell" roll. Yeah, realistically, sometimes 3 or four melee rounds will pass in a second or two, while in other cases, opponents will spend a minute or more waiting for a chance to take a telling blow. RQ abstracts that down to a relatively reasonable 12 seconds per meaningful exchange. I'm afraid I really just don't understand your objection here...
  4. High skill allows you to make 2 blows out of the series "count". The abstraction is that a normal fighter is only going to get one "good opening" to attack per round. A weapon master is skilled enough to spot additional chances that someone less skilled may not. In a fight, a novice might swing their sword 20 times in a round to the master's 2, but the master will make those two swings count, while the novice is unlikely to connect at all (gets one "attack" at low percentage) You could even imagine the 3 attacks of a master with 150% or better skill as a single sweeping blow that takes out multiple locations - cause she's just that good.
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    trollball ?

    The lack of Trollball updates is largely my fault - i've been neglecting it a bit, sadly. Fortunately, I'll be meeting with Jeff a few times over the next couple of weeks, and that should get the wee trollkin of inspiration running around in my head again. I will have a playable version with me at GenCon, and will be glad to demo for folks able to attend, schedule permitting. How polished/complete/official it is will depend a lot on my personal ability to focus on it between now and then. There really is quite a bit of uzly goodnis taking form in the shadows, preparing to burst forth into the world of light and pain... it's just that, well, trolls (and troll authors) make poor Mostali, so the schedule is not all it could be.
  6. you are forgetting the SR used to fire the weapon the first time: SR 1 - fire first shot SR 2-6 - +5 to Ready next shot SR 7 - +1 to fire second shot able to ready, but not fire a third shot this round. 7+5+1 = 13
  7. The entire work is profoundly inspired by the original Trollpak, obviously, and nearly all of the original material will appear in to the new version. Book 1 has by far the majority of the previously-existing material. Even so, more than half of book 1 is brand new, containing detailed advice and hooks for using Uz in your regular campaigns, two well-detailed troll Clans, and six all-new adventures (with a couple nods to old favorites) suitable for a typical adventuring party (heheh - "typical" adventurers). Book 2 then deep dives into Uz culture, religion, and everything you need to know to play troll Uz characters from the Uz point of view. Big Clan and Char creation sections, with detailed Job descriptions, and cult write-ups for the Seven Sacred Ancestors, and other important troll gods and ancestors. It has a series of adventures for a party of young trolls, set in the Great Caves region, focussing on clan life and Uz culture. Book 3 gives a broader description of Dagori Inkarth, with encounters and a massively expanded description of the Redstone Caverns, detailing the seven major clans, Cult writeups that didn't fit in book 2, and even several of the Uzuz residents of the deepest caves. It then takes the campaign from Book 2 in several unexpected new directions, culminating in one of the definitive events of the Hero Wars. Work continues, with a few exciting developments that I am not certain are meant to be public just yet.
  8. I hear they are touring with Yinkin Riot
  9. Because Dragonewts are the only Gloranthans known for regularly coming back from "death" in a new body. Also, they are clearly the most wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey of the elder races.
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    It might be a very disappointing "petrified tree" - maybe just a hole in the ground, where the tree used to be, or a few bits of stone with tree-rings barely visible in them. Aldryami could sense the residual power, but anyone else would think they are nuts... (hehe pun only half intended) Remember that trolls have been there all along, and any obvious or easily removed source of "elf power" would have been stolen or desecrated by now.
  11. For Uz it is the "good eating" and "great hunger" - the transition triggered more by Zorak Zoran killing Flamal than the advent of chaos, but close enough to be synonymous.
  12. Slander and Lies!! The darkness was just fine and non-chaotic until Sky and Storm started squabbling and broke the world. Sure, Boztakang mighta spotted a few dodgy things here and there, but he smarshed 'em good and proper, and they kept outside like they was meant to be. It was dumb ol' orlanth tossing the burner down out of the sky at us what made everything bad. harumph. on a more on-topic note - what are the runes of the Feathered Horse Queen? She seems a pretty clear example of "Earth Mastery" and is certainly worth a look in that respect. (I imagine the info is in the Guide or such, but don't have time to go searching just now)
  13. he enjoys stealing, it's simple as that.
  14. 1: the current designations are "Trollpak" for the old material, and "Trollpack" for the new. Though each book has it's own subtitle. The new version gets an extra letter because there is more of it (and Jeff isn't super fond of deliberate misspellings). I suspect the individual book titles will be more prominent for the new material than the trollpack part, but will be happy with whatever chaosium decides to do. 2: the scenarios are very much designed with HeroQuest in mind, and may be a bit tricky to translate to RQ or 13G - there just isn't that much plain old fighting in most of them, which is where those systems really shine. Just guesstimating, maybe a third can translate quite well by creating appropriate stat blocks, another third could be used with some more creative re-imagining, and the last third will have to be treated as back-story or played out free-form in some fashion. 3: I honestly have no idea. As far as I know, there is no KS actually "planned" at this point, but I would not be hugely surprised if they didn't end up taking that route. I suspect a lot will depend on available funds and perceived demand and other things I don't have a lot of insight into.
  15. At this point, books one and two are "text-complete" and 3 nearly so. Approximately one third of the first book is material from the original trollpak, and the rest is almost all new material.
  16. One of the fundamental traits of Darkness is that it hides things and makes them difficult to know. No human can ever really know just exactly which underworld demon they are dealing with, because it's dark down there, and your eyes are going to lie to you. Trolls understand this intimately, and don't make a huge distinction between a God, a Spirit with some or all of the powers of that god, or even a troll devotee of a god. If it is powerful, and acts like they expect that god to act, what difference does it make? Any sufficiently angry and violent spirit is Zorak Zoran, and my Mom is Kyger Litor, as are troll Mothers, along with all the various maternal ancestor spirits we summon on holy days to give us strength and wisdom. Even for the Uz, what "really" happens in the Dark is mostly unknowable. The best you can do is put a name on something, tell a story about it, and hope you are strong or influential enough to make your version stick. And the further you go back into the Dark, the less distinct and recognizable things become. All the various Dehori become Dehore, vast and singular. Each and every troll is Kyger Litor, as are all trolls together, plus the parts of her from before trolls. The twin Gods of Rage and Compassion become closer and less distinct, and ultimately, Subere engulfs and conceals all. Finally, there is just Darkness itself, hungry, cold and unknowable, consuming whatever dares approach it too closely. exactly!
  17. The last thing Uz need is MORE hunger... an entity like the Black Eater would be worshipped propitiatorily, if at all. Unless, of course, you are using the term as a title for Kyger Litor, in which case they all worship her, but certainly not for her hunger specifically. I also suspect that the Black Eater's influence amongst the Morokanth has been rather exaggerated in certain sources. It might be useful for those who want to eat flesh on occasion, but does not seem to me to be likely as a major overall cultural influence - that is Waha's job. The rune affinities of the various praxian tribes are very much secondary to their identity with Waha and Eritha, and IMG at least that holds for the Morokanth as well. In general, while darkness is useful to the Morokanth in many ways - to mask their unusual appearance, to help them consume flesh when ritually necessary, and for the stealth to compensate for their lack of mobility as compared to the other tribes - it does not define their culture to the extent sometimes put forward. They are still praxian nomads, first and foremost, strange as they may seem at first. [ and on review of the OP - chaos fighting, of course...] I am also tempted by the idea that Morokanth believe that the covenent requires them to be "fed by" their herds, and that the other tribes are simply being ignorant, barbaric and bloody-minded by taking that to mean you should eat the animals themselves. IMO, the image of the decadent Morokanth lazing about, being hand-fed by her trained herdmen, is far better than a bit of long pig on the BBQ any day. Obviously, eating off the ground is a huge taboo amongst them, and a proper Morokanth would rather starve than graze themselves.
  18. You could very much use Call of Cthulhu rules for a game like this... in fact, it might be an ideal rules system for such a game. Lunar Investigators trying to deal/treat with Ralz without going insane and embracing chaos themselves. You would want to introduce an Illumination mechanic - possibly as a pool of "false SAN" that Investigators could use to overcome/mask their ever-increasing chaos taints.
  19. It is worth noting that the Morokanth (culturally) do not believe that they cheated. Her beliefs are an entirely appropriate thing for a Trickster to believe, of course, but they will not endear her to her tribe-mates :-)
  20. this being a critical component of the secret ritual for creating new ducks...
  21. so long as the John remembers that Trollkin are pretty much unable to not eat anything put in or near their mouths, it might work. though it would take a pretty desperate/perverted man to find even the most comely enlo attractive... they are by their very nature immature in all the least enticing ways - screechy, easily startled or distracted, painfully stupid, and significantly deformed. A copper would be asking quite a lot...
  22. They were alive, but then Yelm came, and killed them all. The few that were not killed had to flee to the surface world, or be Dead. The Underworld is not Wonderhome any more. It is a sad, dreary place full of dead things. Dead trolls especially. Fortunately for the trolls that are alive in the middle world, they know how to escape death when it comes for them, because that's how they got to the middle world in the first place. The Dead eat because they are hungry, just like the living... unfortunately, Death makes everything taste all ashy and smell like iron, and nothing you eat while dead will truly fill you up. You either have to eat constantly and be miserable, or starve and be miserable. That is why life, as painful and terrible as it is, is preferable to death. Now eat this good food that uncle Og brought us, or I'll let auntie screams-and-howls possess you again, and she'll finish it for you.
  23. It is fun. Though my mighty llama-riders did get thoroughly schooled by the dirty pygmy impalas. grrr! Super easy to pick up and learn. Has a nice balance of luck and strategy for a casual game, and manages to be competitive without feeling cutthroat. The art matches the gameplay really well - lighthearted and fun, with a very gloranthan weirdness to it.
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