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  1. She's obviously just Umath's feminine, rainbowy side.
  2. The text you quoted means the spell suppresses noises enough that a failed Move Quietly is still quiet enough to count as a success.
  3. Maybe Umath's people became the Altinae.
  4. "To start off, did Umath himself ever gather about him followers beyond the scope of maybe a band of heroes, ie. something that could feasibly be called a "people", whether clan or tribe? In short, was there were a "Primal Storm"-people?" I *think* everything you can find on that is in Book of Heortling Mythology. As far as that goes, the number of people that were in Umath's Camp is the same as the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin. I feel it's about as obscure as it should be. One idea I had about Umath's camp is that it could have been a planet, sometimes known as his own body. That just comes straight from how Dara Happan myth describes him. And myself, I like to think the storm people in Umathela were there before the great darkness, with their own, old religion. It's a little more interesting than them being immigrants. Same with Helerings; I like to think there are more of them still around.
  5. IMG the Dragon Pass ducks say that Orlanth, Heler, and Engizi are the same god - who obviously has the form of a duck and not a hairless monkey - and that they voluntarily sacrificed flying when they came down from the sky world with Engizi, but can still do it with magic.
  6. Also, GTG p. 101 "Many trolls remain [in Chen Durel], willing servants of the rulers, along with hundreds of thousands of enslaved trollkin".
  7. Well, there are more modules, such as Dara Happa Stirs which is well-regarded.. You might consider trying to get a complete module list - someone probably has one - and see if any other campaign ideas fall out. Also Hearts in Glorantha and Gloranthan Adventures. Not sure if there's anything long-form in there.
  8. Glorious Reascent of Yelm and Fortunate Succession don't say anything about time not existing, except before Yelm.
  9. 1 meter hexes/squares might be easier if you're going to have people in shield walls.
  10. For a beginner a first step toward this would be to get to know the history of the publications themselves and the associated fandom. Being generally familiar with the publications would answer some of these questions. The closest thing to a written overview of that is Peter Maranci's The History of RuneQuest. The Chaosium and Issaries parts of Shannon Appelcline's Designers & Dragons are relevant too, although they're more about business and people. I think the most practical next step for an interested person would probably be to gather all the Glorantha publications that are available in PDF and do a cross-PDF search on any topic of interest.
  11. I love miniatures and prefer battlemaps to theater of the mind for most RPGs. I play more online though. The last time I played RQ was a few years ago and we did use minis. I forget what we did for flanking, probably tried to follow RQ6 as written. These days my RPG army consists of 1. Pathfinder/D&D prepainted minis for PCs. They're cheap-ish and rugged enough to jumble together in a box. 2. Numbered tokens for NPCs. Pictured are 20x27mm wooden cylinders with 15mm stickers, both from spielmaterial.de. I'd like to replace them with rectangular blocks that can be laid down without rolling. 3. A small set of 25mm minis from many years ago. I plan to keep it small because of cost, the time to paint them, and the inconvenience of storing them. On the other hand I recently ordered a Hero Forge mini for an IRL game and as a consequence I've just started to get into painting again. I like how Glorantha miniatures have been trickling out lately although it's hard to imagine that I'll ever buy many. I tried to get one of the freebie Arachne Solaras from Gods War as a display piece and that didn't work out, but I could maybe see buying one as a luxury. (In general the very small number of knick knacks in my life is quite enough.) And blackyinkin's trolls look great but if I ever wanted trolls for Glorantha, it'd be Games Workshop Orcs 10 times out of 10 - I love the way they look and I'd probably paint them green, too!
  12. Some other people have suggested nerfing the RQG version of Extension Rune spell. For example here https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/7699-rune-magic-in-rqg-limits-seem-to-be-off/ and here https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/7767-multispell-will-render-protection-obsolete/
  13. Specifically? Yeah but more specifically? My point isn't to say you're wrong. Actually, to me the implications are the interesting part. I am challenging you to do the work to be more specific about what you think the implications are, rather than just to say massive implications seem to exist.
  14. Roko Joko


    FWIW this article says what current canon is and what that means http://www.glorantha.com/docs/canon/ although it's a few years old and so does not include the most recent publications.
  15. Londra of Londros collector's edition! These look like a lot of fun but for now I'm waiting to see if they'll show up on Amazon as a lot of the Q-Workshop sets do, because with shipping it's cheaper.
  16. First you roll to hit, and your opponent can try to parry, but if you hit you then roll damage and hit location and subtract armor.
  17. There's not enough fan stuff for there to be any point in saying which is best. For published stuff, besides the Guide there's Revealed Mythologies, and bits in the 2nd age books, HW core, and in Gloranth: Intro to the HW. Not much in HQ1 IIRC.
  18. Overnight for 5 miles can happen, but it's less obvious nowadays since most of the warp nexus points are occupied by Dunkin' Donuts.
  19. The *other* white meat.
  20. FYI to anyone, in addition to this thread some other options for finding online games or players are: it's common on roll20 to post a game invitation and wait for players to find it using the search function there. some boards have dedicated LFG sections including rpg.net, fantasy grounds, reddit, and enworld. the unofficial Chaosium Discord server has an LFG channel. there's different set of boards for pbp/pbf games... some for HQG were active on boardgamegeek recently. a few people have recruited for games on the Glorantha g+ group.
  21. I think RQ is much less aggressively balanced than say D&D 5e, where point buy is standard (in practice IME, and even then, preferences vary and there isn't a firm default.) But if you read between the lines it seems evident that there's a guideline of 90ish.
  22. Element/beast/spirit sounds good to me since it gives them a menu of 5 things to choose from, not too complicated. Beast - physical stuff, animals, shapeshifting, bearish qualities Spirit - spiritual stuff, spirits, eccentric qualities Shapeshifting could be a full transform or it could be more partial, like "you can have breakout abilities to grow muscles or fur or claws"; your call.
  23. There are mystical practices all over the setting, like the Dayzatar cult, the Old Wind temple, and Sheng Seleris's path, so more than two main flavors, I'd say. Analyzing them and saying whether they all involve illumination is up for interpretation. In Glorantha writing I think the particular term enlightenment is used more than anywhere else in Kralorelan and Vithelan mythology, in Revealed Mythologies. Also, although I'm not sure that it refers to mysticism exactly, Ascended Master, the term for what used to be called a Malkioni saint, sounds like a way to say buddha without using that word.
  24. I wonder what you're supposed to do for NPC augments. I don't really want to sit there behind my GM screen rolling out the mythopoetic battle within the soul of Trollkin #5. Maybe you should just jack all NPC skills by 10% to represent their augments.
  25. Here's what it does have: * What Do Skill Percentages Mean? (Novice/Amateur/Pro/Veteran/Master), p. 63 * More/Less Experienced Adventurers for characters who aren't the default starting age of 21, p. 25 * Skills by culture, occupation, and cult on p. 60-79, which p. 25 says are for a 15-year-old * Step 7, Personal Skill Bonuses, on p. 79, which p. 25 says represent ages 15 to 21 * Additional Experience, p. 81, for 10-year increments after age 21 I don't think it states whether it thinks the chargen rules are only appropriate for heroic PCs or for everyone, but you can use p. 63 to check.
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