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  1. The original version appeared in an issue of Tales of the Reaching Moon. It was then published as the combination noted in RQ3 module Sun County. That is out-of-print. There was an adaptation done for Hero Wars/HeroQuest, though, with the basics of the scenario. That can still be found in the Well of Daliath archive here: HeroQuest 1 Scenarios – The Well of Daliath (chaosium.com) under Converted Scenarios (listed as Garhound Contests from Sun County...). And it would be usable with later iterations of HeroQuest as well (with some tweaks given changes in the system between HQ1 and HQ2/
  2. I've used the community resources as factors for the characters, either augments or other bonuses, particularly on significant quests. And the results of the quests either benefit or penalize the community in turn, which is part of the story (and continues to drive further stories). The resources for the community for me function like any other characteristic for an individual. The primary difference is that the community resources are largely standardized whereas the heroes are largely unique. What I do not do is use the community resources as something like money or magic poi
  3. You can have a look at what I did when initially starting my HQG game here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1192660/ooc-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmart/page/1 It's the out-of-character thread where I introduced HQG as well as Glorantha. It was all clan based, so included some basics about the clan, community, the gods, the culture. I included some of the Flashbacks from the SKoH book as immediate background. For the initial scenario, they started at a Harvest Festival and you can see the overview here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1204787/ic-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-ca
  4. I've never used such or seen the need for such a rule in my HQG games, and would not want to see that limited. It's really no different than adding fatigue in for combat - another factor that tends to get in the way of the story.
  5. I think you'd need to lead others from the cult on a Heroquest. Start on a holy day at a temple. Successful Worship. Enter the Godtime quest and reenact the myth with others aiding you. If successful, others now know and remember this quest, but it is specific to the temple.
  6. Yes, you can certainly go to a more complex level and one-use vs. reusable is an option. Or, maybe, with a success you have to spend x points POW, with a special it is x Rune points, and a critical is x Rune points but you've now got the reusable spell. RBoM has some discussion about devising new rune spells. It suggests that a 1RP spell is about 4x more powerful than a 1 point spirit magic (or perhaps that is equal to a point spirit magic, but longer duration). A 3RP reusable spell is generally the epitome of a primary deity's power (e.g. Humakt Sever Spirit, Yelm Sunspear, Chalana
  7. Who was Lightfore/Yelmalio before the death of Yelm? The heart (and justice) of Yelm. So in that sense, their "youth" is coequal - what Yelm did as the Young God is what Yelmalio did as the Young God.
  8. Yes, they can. And my players used them to create standard breakouts (effectively like Rune spells, but often a bit more freeform, less specifically defined), used them as augments to other abilities (pretty much the RQG Runic inspiration), used for personality tests/opposed rolls (as you can do in RQG), and sometimes used to try to get new effects (which often after the end of a session became a new breakout ability). If you think about a Rune augment (e.g. adding +x% to a skill or skill category), you are basically doing the same thing as say casting Bladesharp or similar spell. An
  9. Valind's reach extends well beyond the Glacier, so yes there are mortal human followers of Valind. You'll certainly find them in the hills of Talastar, Brolia, and likely Charg. (I believe his cult will appear in the Gods book.) Now, if you mean human mortals on the Glacier, that's likely different. There it would be mostly: Ice trolls, Hollri (the ice creatures of Himile), and hrimthur (aka frost giants). Given the great expanse of the Glacier, I'd expect demigods and other children of Valind as well.
  10. As the Guide p.569 notes: "Mondoro. Within it lie Barueli, Fanjosi, and Jokotu." And see map p.570 where it is at the base of Zarygue Mountain: or the map on p.567:
  11. Generally no. You need the other enchanted Rune metals (e.g. silver, iron) to do the damage.
  12. For me, no. I've been successfully running RQG games for 3+ years now starting with the QuickStart (currently GMing two and also playing in several run by others). I've not had issues answering questions from players or finding myself confused about what is presented. (And while I did run RQ3 for years, I don't find myself going back to that for anything in my games.) I follow the same basics that @soltakss outlined. I need to refer to the combat special/critical results regularly as well as the attack/parry & attack/dodge matrices, but that's not a clarity issue. If
  13. That misses the most important aspect of Yelm though. In Hell, he becomes active. He conquers Hell. He meditates in Hell and comes to an understanding of the Other. He summons his enemies to him, and proves his Justice, accepting that he cannot be All and must acknowledge the Others. And, finally, he resurrects himself, gathering his parts to him and rising intact as the Sun. Without the last, there is no Dawn, no Time, no escape for Life from Hell. That's cool! I would tend to say the Rathori Sun is Yelm, but that he is weak in Fronela (as he was never able to conquer
  14. Seems reasonable. Mythically, Yelm is always greater than Yelmalio/Antirius. Yelm is the Sun, after all, while Yelmalio/Antirius is the Protector during the Night (aka the Lightfore planet). Yelmalio guards and keeps the Divine Justice and the Light while Yelm is gone, but submits when his father Yelm returns each day. They would likely protect their autonomy through tribute. They would recognize him as a brethren, but likely the rites and rituals, perhaps even some of the magics will differ.
  15. Definitely the best source. When Yelm and/or his son Murharzarm are killed, Yelm shatters into his six parts. "The dominant essence of Yelm was, at first, a blindingly bright glare of magnificence which radiated from Yelm like light from the sun. It drew itself aside, where it took the form of a new god. “I am Antirius,” said the god, “the pure and unsullied vehicle for Divine Justice.” And "Antirius was a son of Yelm. He is pure, not born. He sprang from the everlasting bright glow of Yelm’s immortal inner self, emanating from his heart."
  16. e.g. King Kangharl and all his attendants.
  17. As long as you've conducted a Worship service successfully on sanctified ground, I think your god can gain the MP.
  18. Yes! You'll find them (each entry appears to have a guard) in Arcane Lore p.91: "Suddenly, a hunchback in a leather cap leaps at you, pointing a bony finger. "Begone!" he creaks, "this feast is for noble blood!" If you forget yourself and lose your temper, berating this useful servant of the master of the house, you are kicked out. (Forcing your way in is suicide vs. this household of heroquesters). If you succeed in keeping your cool, a king calls off the hunchback and invites you in, unless you've been so rude as not to wear your finest clothes and armor. After entering, you can carouse fo
  19. Much of this plays out as initiation rites - basically, prove you are worthy of godhood. Each "pit" or path is a test of these young gods against the oldest powers and whether they can find a path through. In some ways, you can liken the trial of Ragnaglar as similar to that of Darth Sidious' test of Anakin Skywalker. Does Ragnaglar succumb to the Dark Side of these powers (e.g. Violence is Always an Option to get anything)? Or from a Jungian perspective, this is a confrontation with the Shadow of your soul - one that encourages you to attack or destroy your Muse/Anima because it is ke
  20. In his "initiation" by the Elder Gods, he was tossed into the Sex Pit. He emerged warped, angry, violent... As opposed to just being a pit, one could interpret this as a path to Addiction, etc. and what steps/events leads one past the point of no return.
  21. Or perhaps their Beast rune?
  22. The arrival of the bride would likely include a ride in a cart decorated with the bounty of the season (flowers, fruit, evergreen boughs, etc.) Before the wedding I'd expect a great exchange of gifts to symbolize the crafts and skills of the groom and the bride. The division of three groups at the wedding is pretty much what I followed when I ran the marriage of the Harvest Bride. That was a special "in"-clan event so I had the friends of the Barley King on one side, the friends of the Harvest Queen on the other, and then those who stood guard (and had to fight off those who sought
  23. Maybe they take on the roll of Ragnaglar but before he went mad. But if so, they may naturally be pulled towards the events that led Ragnaglar to become mad...
  24. SKoH p.195 notes: When heroes leave Karulinoran by one of the Nine Doors, they find themselves outside Orlanth’s Hall in the appropriate age. They can re-enter the Hall, whose appearance changes based on the door they use. The doors correspond to: Umath's Age, Storm Tribe Age, Early Vingkotling Age, Late Vingkotling Age, Early Chaos Age, Late Chaos Age, Orlanth's Ring (which is either the Sky Bear in the Heavens, or in Hell), and the secret door to Orlanth's Inner Sanctum. Of course, there should also be the entry/exit to the Hall that allows them to return to the mortal world. Whe
  25. I usually base it on "when" characters visit. Normally it is a feasting place as Jeff notes, but if it's during the Great Darkness, then it is an abandoned and broken place within the Underworld where the Bad Dogs lie about eating the bones of the gods. If it's during a normal feast, any of the other Storm Gods, or members of the Storm Tribe, might be there. Eurmal is bound to be there too, hopefully bound by Orlanth, but you never know. Perhaps Storm Bull is wrestling all comers to see who can win the Horn of Mead. Perhaps Humakt is testing all in their sword skills.
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