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  1. Surely you mean painting tiny miniatures of all the peoples and beings of the world so that you can place them on your well-ordered world map, sorting them by colors, weapons, helmets/hats, etc.? None of this gear-driven Mostali stuff! 😉
  2. There's definitely suggestions that Arraz may have been an earlier Sun god, and that would align with a focus for the Harono temple for stargazing. Or, perhaps the aloofness of Harono lends itself towards a focus on the celestial lights rather than the world below.
  3. This was my interpretation as well. The draconic (or possibly serpentine) form might also explain further aloofness from the Earth and why Harono did not become the Husband-Protector (while we know that Yelmalio did).
  4. She may also be a connection to the living, or a channel for the living to help enable the questers. But for the LBQ, that would be living mortals, not the gods (most of those noted are already dead or sleeping in the Underworld). GS p.118 does note Ginna Jar as the "ghost of Glorantha", sometimes personified as female, sometimes male, so does bear that spiritual aspect of the lost world as well.
  5. There are early (old) versions, IIRC from Greg's Harmast writings, where the quest was called the Lifebringer's Quest, not the Lightbringer's Quest. And the focus may well have been on restoring Ernalda (or perhaps both Ernalda and Yelm).
  6. Let's just assume that Sorala is the active one resisting the poison gas as it's always easiest to have the character active and the one that rolls the dice. As you note, she has a 65% chance of success to resist. She rolls a 74. She fails, so she is overcome by the full potency of the gas. And that's the Resistance table in a nutshell.
  7. Sounds like the Sartar "book" may end up as a box set too along with the upcoming Starter Set.
  8. And the red worm. We mustn't forget the red worm.
  9. Well, except in Nochet where he is simply renamed Harono and it is his temple that lies within the Sacred City. But this is a deity who is kept separate and perhaps isolated and relegated to very ritualized functions and never invoked as a Husband-Protector. I'm not sure we can read too much into this. This section has the feeling of an "unfinished" bit (perhaps from MoLaD units?) that was brought into the text, but doesn't really seem in accord with the ongoing development of thought around the Holy Country. Overall, Esrolia is just denser in population, but it wouldn't surpri
  10. No, it is not definitive. Ginna Jar is effectively the "wyter" of the Lightbringers. She can represent the memories/dreams/wishes of important folk they have known, but does not have to.
  11. Basically it's a conflict between the two sources. Estavos and Dunorl are brothers. This was the Sartar Companion (p.29) text: The Brandgorssons The four children of Brandgor Bronzebones have dominated Ernaldoring clan affairs and played a leading role in the Colymar tribe for the last two generations. All were thanes of the House of Sartar prior to the Lunar Conquest and are legendary for their loyalty to that House. The surviving Brandgorssons are now elderly but extremely influential. The prestige of this family is such that the Lunars and King Blackmoor treat them extremely ginge
  12. Fyi, MadKnight Casting is running a new RQG Miniatures kickstarter: Notably including the 7 pregen characters, a full unit of Lunars (either mounted or unmounted), Agimori, and Ducks (and who doesn't need Ducks!).
  13. We all know that from within Hell, Yelm asserted the power of Justice throughout the world and summoned his murderers to Atone for their deeds. The Rebel Gods made obeisance and accepted that they could not make Life without his presence. Only so was the Compromise achieved and the world reborn with the rebirth of the Living Sun.
  14. Free Love? 😉 The immersion of Fire into Earth? In Esrolia where each city has a Queen, and the land has some 200 noble houses, there's a constant back-and-forth between rival factions to be the leading force in the land. The Warm Earth faction is led by the Demivierge of Rhigos, the Queen of what is effectively the #2 city in Esrolia after Nochet. Rhigos is close to Caladraland, and she has actively courted Caladraland leaders to her cause. After the Siege of Nochet and the subsequent death of Queen Hendira, the Red Earth faction is greatly weakened. As of 1625, the struggle for l
  15. They don't live in cities! What more needs to be said? They're an uncouth, unwashed lot who don't know the proper order of life. There's dying, where you go to the Underworld. And in some cases when you are killed, your soul may get divided and scattered so that you can only be resurrected if all the parts of you are brought back together. Then there is getting devoured into Oblivion, or the Void, by Chaos. That's what happened with Vadrus, Splendid Yamsur, and quite a few other gods. And it's why you don't want to be eaten by the Crimson Bat. Genert is a slightly dif
  16. Or, mythically the Sun is more powerful because only he can resurrect the world at the end of the year. 🙂
  17. She has to find her way out of the Underworld and Land of the Dead. It's a thing heroes can do.
  18. It's ruled primarily IIRC by the volcano priests at the Vent.
  19. I've now realized that the Shadow Plateau is obviously the Haunted Mansion.
  20. That's what happens when you put the Mickey suit on and agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  21. Then Nothing can possibly go Wrong!
  22. The populace. They get to mingle with the gods, have their pictures taken with them, maybe even feast with them at the rituals. It's a wonderful place. Until its not.
  23. That depends on the players. Some will, some won't. But that's true of any scenario. I usually find myself as the primary "show runner" if you will in my campaigns. And that's fine as long as I enjoy the storyline, and the players indicate they're enjoying what I produce. Sometimes it requires a "show, not tell" approach by the GM to lead them there. Suddenly the world has gone from black-and-white to color, and they discover that they aren't "in Kansas anymore". Or, for those who still aren't sure, I liked some of the approaches taken in 13thAge Glorantha for "narrating" R
  24. I do have difficulty in understanding why though (our reliance on definitive written religious texts, perhaps vs. an older, shifting oral tradition?). For myself, I found Glorantha very liberating in that regard, particularly with the release of works like Glorious ReAscent of Yelm. What that work told me was that if Greg was willing and able to recast the stories/myths, and tell them from the other side, then any of us could do so as well. The myths aren't carved in stone. Nor are they one-sided. Every myth is told from the position of the protagonist. But every "antagonist" or part
  25. First, I suggest that the myth-creation be a joint effort by GM and players. That will help keep it constrained and not just be a treasure hunting expedition or game mechanic exploitation. (And whatever the myth ends up being the GM is free to throw in other plot twists.) Second, use the Runes of the deity as guidance for the gods. What personality traits and characteristics are involved with the Runes. (E.g. Lhankor Mhy has Truth and Stasis. He keeps and retains knowledge. He may be stubborn in withholding knowledge he's gained. Or greedy for knowledge he doesn't have. Those both
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