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  1. The Facebook post of 10/25 that's referenced in the first post in this thread. It listed: Upcoming releases in likely (but not guaranteed) order: ...GM Book Other RQ releases coming later on: The RQ Campaign - along the lines of the Boy King campaign for Pendragon Heroquesting
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    Jeff posted over on the RQ FB page, and I thought it would be useful to cross-post here since he is a fascinating character, and there are some great tidbits within. More notes people might enjoy. This time, Sir Ethilrist. Ethilrist is sometimes thought to be an incarnation of Hrestol. He encountered Hrestol himself in the middle of Hrestol's own quest, ravaged Hell, and Ethrilrist gained great loot and his herd of 2600 Black Horse demons. And yet. Ethilrist's followers worship Hrestol as a god and Ethilrist as demigod. And somehow gain Rune magic from Hrestol (!). An
  3. I believe that's it for mentions. However, IIRC Cragspider's caves later become the Library of Londarios in the 4th Age.
  4. This is Glorantha not earth. You might need a recommended amount of Earth, or Fire, or Air, but there are no vitamins and minerals here! Preventing disease occurs through "right living" based on your gods, and keeping Disorder minimized so that disease spirits do not find a way to enter the world.
  5. My questers always enter the Other World physically - they effectively pass through a "portal" opened by the Worship service into the Godtime. The only place you don't go bodily is the Spirit World.
  6. Yes, another team - they gain the Serpent Crown, and are busy fighting the Arkats (and who knows which team(s) the Arkats are under).
  7. But that's more worldwide, and you also have to include the Mostali and the merfolk and the Brithini at that level. From the Dragon Pass view, though, those are less significant through much of the Hero Wars whereas the Castle of Lead, Cragspider, and the Mistress of the Trolls are right there.
  8. Yes, I believe so. And the Uzuz are far more powerful than the dark trolls, and presumably unleashing the hordes of Hell (or at least parts of it).
  9. Team Androgeus! In WBRM, it's the Independents of the pass (Tarsh Exiles + Grazelanders + Androgeus).
  10. I would not exclude death from Heroquests any more than I would exclude them from normal adventurers - I think there's a balance to achieve for a good story (a TPK is not much of a story), but with tension and drama and the reality of death always present. There can be a story after death. Questers to the Otherworld usually bring along prepared enchantments to contain a spirit or soul or magic of what they hope to gain. Therefore, if someone dies, you've got a vehicle to save their soul! Admittedly their body is now something else (a sword, an animal, etc.), but they've returned!
  11. Guide p.94 & 183: "Although the trolls do not speak of why they swarm, a persistent rumor terrifies all non-trolls: the Great Mother of Dagori Inkarth is pregnant and hungry." Guide p.747: "Uzko pay obeisance to the Uzuz Eldest Kin of the Castle of Lead. The largest of the Eldest Kin is visibly pregnant." Guide p.748: "In the Castle of Lead are Uzuz children. Dehori and other shadows roll out of the Castle of Lead. Men, Plant Men, and Stone Men tremble in fear." Guide p.749: "Uz come out of their mountains and eat Men, Plant Men, Stone Men, and Water Men."
  12. If you die while on a This World heroquest, you are clearly dead (unless you succeed in a Divine Intervention), but you have some chance for Resurrection. Odds are that your foe is not so great that there is any great threat to your soul (unless it's Chaos). You will be escorted to the Halls of the Dead, and your god will likely speak for you and bring you to a happy afterlife. If you die while on an Other World heroquest, there are a number of possible outcomes depending on the myth, the Otherworld location, and when/where in the myth the death occurs. Generally, when you die you drop
  13. Congrats @Nick Brooke - great recognition for what you've already been doing so well!
  14. It's just an example case. I think plenty of us have games that have multiple events per season - and when on the road, it's often fairly continuous over X number of weeks.
  15. I think its just out of view (or possibly blends in with her back). Krarsht did not have pincers, but claws. This is the krarshtkid from the RQG Bestiary.
  16. Yes, the top picture looks like Krarsht - a big maw with six clawed legs. She chews holes and tunnels through the world. Dwarfs hate her. The second pic looks like Bagog, mother of the scorpionmen.
  17. I don't know that it has been explicitly detailed. IIRC variants for character creation were mentioned at one point. Might have expanded rules for things like nets and tridents which were not covered in the core book. Battle rules were mentioned as well. I think originally was going to include heroquesting, but think that has grown into its own book. Trollpak 1 presumably is the RQ Classic book. Trollpak 2 would then be revised for RQG. My guess would be two of the RQ3 books. Sun County and perhaps Shadows on the Borderlands. However, Dorastor could be another candidate
  18. The Waertagi were the original masters of the Seas. They wish to return to this state. That's really the primary conflict between the Waertagi and the followers of Dormal (who want truly open seas for all). And then there are the Vadeli, too, who also wish to control the Seas for their own goals. And, of course, the merfolk may wish to keep the seas clear of ships altogether. Both want the Boat Planet to rise, as that removes the curse of Zzabur that enacted the Closing. It's the Brithini followers of Zzabur who want to keep the Seas closed (and keep everyone out of Brithos).
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    And that's just one. If you happen to be providing the perfumes and unguents for the Ernalda temple for the seasonal ceremonies... ☺️
  20. As @Oracle noted, I do all my maps with MS Powerpoint. Both Nochet and Whitewall were done with that tool, but I also use for 'battle mats', regional maps, etc. They are all hand-drawn. I take advantage of free-form shapes, editing the points as needed, and use various techniques for outlines and fill to get layers, etc. Here's an example for a future project in a slightly different style than the cities - but entirely done through ppt.
  21. Windwalk is Gagarth the Wild Hunter.
  22. If you want them to be. I think somewhere Sandy Petersen may have commented that all the dragonewts that ever existed have been born already. However, I would fully anticipate that a True Dragon (perhaps even the Inhuman King) could contemplate the idea of a new dragon, and that idea becomes 100 eggs in the Dragon's Eye. Each of these eggs will birth a new crested dragonewt, from which over time one will evolve faster than the others and draw upon the others as it transform over centuries into the envisioned dragon.
  23. They were used by the Lunars in both the conquest of Boldhome in 1602 and the assault on Karse in 1619.
  24. Of course, dwarfs make for interesting NPC's. My favorite was in my old Imther campaign where a dwarf sought human aid in proving his theory that there was emergent Chaos in the machine. Naturally the reason he sought human aid was because the dwarf hierarchy had rejected his theory - and was incredibly paranoid that the dwarf leaders were now after him, and incredibly naive about humans and that they might want his tools for their own use. The dwarf was correct, though, and his experiment did produce Chaos which the PC's had to deal with. More recently I introduced a dwarf "merchant"
  25. I can accurately state that I've rolled a 01 on my current WIP! 😜
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