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    30 years a RuneQuest and Cthulhu GM. Map artist for RPG companies including Chaosium, Mongoose, Cubicle7.
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    GMing: Cthulhu by Gaslight. Playing: Pathfinder, 2300AD
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    Chester, UK
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    47yr old transwoman hell bent on world domination with kindness. Hear me roar! (or, as I'm Welsh, tut loudly).

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  1. That's something I've never considered! Don't forget to submit it to me via email so I can list it. stephaniemcalea@outlook.com (mark it DEVACON in the subject line)
  2. Hi all, DevaCon is fast approaching! On April 29th in Chester, UK we're having a one day games convention in the Crowne Plaza (Prince of Wales suite). There'll be Call of Cthulhu, The One Ring, but also some non-Gloranthan RuneQuest! We'd love to see you there! https://devaconblog.wordpress.com/
  3. Nabbed! Looking forward to reading it
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