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  1. Mondrud’s thumb The thumb looks like the flesh transformed itself into diamond and is severed at the very end, near the place it should join the hand. Runes of Stasis and Mastery are engraved into it and layered with quicksilver. The thumb is kept safe in a hand sized perfect sphere made of undamageable tin. No opening is visible. Cults · Associated: Mostal · Enemy: Elves · Friendly: None · Hostile: Trolls Knowledge This section will list one or more words or phrases which have specifically defined meanings relating to the public knowledge of the item. · Cult Secret: Only dwarves, specially Quicksilver’s ones know what it is and how to use it. · One of a Kind: The other thumb of Mondrud is lost. History During Godtime, Mondrud was one of the best Quicksilvers and his transmutation skills were so high that he could turn flesh into diamond. Totally dedicated to his work, even during his “free-time”, he tested the ritual on himself and succeeded by transmuting his thumb into diamond. Then the Great Darkness came and Chaos was really close. Mondrud knew his end was coming and he decided that his skills should not be lost for it represented so much for his people. He tested his second great discovery which he called the Transfer Alchemy: He severed his diamond thumb and relocated all his skills into it, hoping than it might serve his successors. Then Mondrud put his thumb into an already enchanted sphere and sent it far away, where it ultimately ended lost. Later, Mondrud was lost during a momentless snap of the void. Procedure Obviously, only a Quicksilver dwarf will be able to have sufficient knowledge to recognize and understand what that sphere holds and how to use it. Then, with a lot of practice, he could be able to reproduce the Transfer Alchemy ritual or the Turn Flesh To Diamond sorcery spell. Powers The items, powers and uses are explained along with details on who can or cannot make use of them. By replacing his thumb by this one, a Quicksilver dwarf will increase his skills and knowledge in such a way that he will come close to a Diamondwarf. Value Dwarves opposed to any form of mercantilism will kill to get this back. But they are likely not aware of what it is, so they might let it go for a few ingots. Those who commonly practice mercantilism would be pleased to analyze the sphere and will highly reward any adventurer who brings them that relic. They might even gave them some iron, cast sorcery spells on their stuff or even let one of their Makers of Iron make them an iron weapon of their choice if they provide the material.
  2. Mug of Contest A Mug of Contest, also called Thirst Killer, is a wooden mug of about 24 oz (±700ml). The inside is commonly made of oak which is covered by pine on the outside. The mug features carvings of Orlanth’s runes while the handle is often highly decorated with cats, hops, barley and Fertility runes. Bellow the mug are found two tiny Eurmal runes. Cults · Associated: Orlanth, Eurmal · Enemy: None · Friendly: Storm and Earth pantheons. · Hostile: None Knowledge · Common: It’s well known among the orlanthis, even those afar from Sartar, for it is related to a “famous no-deed” of Orlanth. · Few: Only a limited and small number of these items exist. History Once, Orlanth wanted to start a drink contest with his beloved tribe’s members. But no-one wanted to face him on that field for Orlanth is mighty and renowned for his drinking capabilities. Only one hand rose up that time, that of his burden-a-buddy Eurmal. The Trickster knew he couldn’t beat the King at his own contest, so he used his magic to enchant Orlanth’s mug and gave it the capability to automatically refill itself as long as his wearer was conscious. Eventually, Eurmal passed away quite soon and lost the contest. But the King’s mug keeps refilling and Orlanth couldn’t dare not to finish his drink! He ended up well drunk and passed away too. Eurmal thought it would teach the mighty god a lesson, but this one found it marvelous et used it often since then. Procedure The material from which the mug is created does not matter but Orlanth’s runes must be clearly visible. It must then be enchanted by an initiate from Eurmal by spending 1 POW and a drink contest must take place during the ritual. If the ritual of enchantment succeeds, a disorder and illusion runes will appear below the mug. Powers A Mug of Contest must be attuned before using it. For attunement purposes, the Mug is considered to have 15 POW and an Orlanth or Eurmal follower will automatically succeed. Failure do nothing, except losing time. The Mug of Contest to not count in any attunement limit or whatever. Then, the adventurer must spend 1 magic point anytime he wishes the Mug to refill. It is possible to user crystals, allied spirit and matrix to power it. There is a cumulative chance of 10% that the drinker become addicted to it, he will then have to refill and drink it until passed out (should it be from CON test failure or by falling to 0 magic points). Value A Mug of Contest worth at least 300L, considered it is made of wood and quite well crafted. The value can quickly increase with the material, the craftsmanship but also his age and his previous ownership as this is a common object to have for chiefs (clan, tribe, etc.). If a troll ever gets his hands on it and finds out the Mug’s inner powers, he will surely fiercely defend it! A good bargain may me done here.
  3. Totally approve this. His style is more a comic's one and do not fit quite well in the RPG line. But a gloranthan comic from Sfar would be gold.
  4. This is just awesome ! But the more you put in, the more we wait ! But the more you put in, the more it'll be good ! But the more we wait, but the more is good, but ... You're just torturing us !
  5. Nice ! I'll give it a try in my current game
  6. Yeap, that's a way of seeing it. I would rather say spirits with higher spells tend to be stronger. Stronger spirits means more danger to tame. More danger rises prices or even leads to unavailable product. Anyway, the effect is the same 😊
  7. Imo, capping is a sign of weakness from the DM. Womble gave so good advices. In my games I always let the characters go to a 4pt spell quite easily (but costly). Then there is a gap to get a 6pts spell, they need to find a shaman to make it done, or buy it pricelessly. To go above this 6pts, it will automatically be a quest reward or regalia. It may comes from a HQ or even from a big great powerful shaman as a reward, etc. Or even from a king. That kind of stuff. I also give one more option but far risky : they can either summon or spirit travel(shaman) to try to get a spirit with 6+, tame it and get the spell. But it's kind random and above all, it attracts Master Spirit ... (now that I'm writing it, even get a 5 or 6 pts spell would be risky). The only thing you need is to let the option available, players need to know this is possible. But you should play around it. And above all, it should be "kind of required" atm of the game. After all, you won't let your player face the Bat with BS3 do you ^^'
  8. That's awesome news for the french community. Hope you will enjoy this partnership as well.
  9. Hello there I began a month ago to work on some app just like yours ! I was wondering if it might already exist and I landed here ^^'. I'll be please to talk a little bit further, I send you a PM straight away Good good job anyway !
  10. I've never get the honor to met Greg. But I've met his mind through his many worlds for a long time now. And, after so many years, it still make me happy anytime i read something he created. I call it magic. Thank you Greg. Last night I saw a star I never used to see before. Must be related.
  11. Actually, if they are sending wrong dices, it will be a glitch as their shop page was misleading the customer. They should replace it or send a corrected one, that's all. As it was said before by g33k, despites the misleading, remembering the glitch and fix it on the play will be at best very unnoying. Anyway, they look really pretty !
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