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  1. Is it possible for something like a Baboon to Attack with a spear and Bite in the same round? Does this fall under the rule of Attacking with both weapons OR Attack with one and Parry with the other in the same round? Or would the Baboon be able to Attack with a spear, Attack with a bite, then also Parry or Dodge? Sorry if this has been covered, I searched and was unable to find this information in the forums. Cheers, Toad
  2. I really enjoy the new styled runes from the Red Book of Magic. Anybody know if there are plans to make these available for personal use?
  3. Quick question... can someone engaged in Spirit Combat with a spirit also make an attack with an enchanted weapon in the same round? (i.e. A player is attacked and engaged in Spirit Combat. Can they attack with an enchanted iron dagger in SR 5 then also resolve that rounds spirit combat in SR 12?)
  4. Hi all, a Yelmalian player in my game was killed by a particular nasty worshiper of Thed and the party is in the process of taking his body back to a Chalana Arroy healer for a resurrection. I want this ordeal to have more weight than 'OK, you died and are now resurrected'. My question is this... what could the experience as a spirit be like for the player during this transition time, trying to stay close to his body? Also can the assistant shaman in the part communicate with his spirit with spiritspeech or would he need to discorporate first? Cheers - Toad
  5. Adding a new skill to my record sheet... Love (PhilHibs) 60% Thanks man, Toad
  6. I have seen and downloaded graphics that someone has created for all of the Runes, they are great. But I can not seem to find graphics for the 6 Sorcerer Techniques (Command, Combine, Dispel, Separate, Summon, and Tap). Does anybody know if those exist somewhere? Thanks Toad
  7. Just Beautiful. Cant wait to order this.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts and clarifications guys. Cheers, Toad
  9. OMG that is hilarious. The story I read was most likely written with those rules in mind, but I have never seen them myself. Thanks for the link, I can not wait to use this in my campaign. I am still curious about the nature of a blessed weapon though, is it considered enchanted/magical? I would think so. Cheers, Toad
  10. I read a story once, somewhere forgotten, about a bunch of newly initiated knuckle-head Humakti who decided to use their blessed gifts all on the same weapon. In effect this blessed a single sword with double damage, enhanced hit points, and the such... then they all fought each other to win the right to possess it. This started my brain thinking... First off, is a weapon blessed with Humakt's gift considered enchanted and thus magical? And secondly can a Humakti Blessed weapon be transferred? What happens to that weapon when the Humakti dies, riddled with broo arrows or lured into drinking poison laced ale from a not so friendly Eurmal trickster? Can the broo then pick up and use that weapon with all of its blessings? Can the Eurmal trickster? If it was initially, is it still an enchanted weapon? What if it is picked up (retrieved) by a fellow Humakti, will it retain its blessings? Toad
  11. Hi All, I am putting on my evil enchanter hat for this question... In the RQG book it states that for enchanting an object "The POW sacrificed for the enchantment does not have to be provided entirely by the enchanter; if the enchanter sacrifices at least 1 point of their own POW, others can voluntarily contribute to the sacrifice, with no limit." Can you command a bound spirit to sacrifice its own POW for this purpose? Or would the 'voluntarily' qualifier preclude this? Toad
  12. Very good points. I think sometimes I get too fixated on crunch, especially when setting up overland maps on Roll20 so that measurements are accurate and usable. I will assume measurements will be the same as RQ2.
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