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  1. Ah of course, I totally forgot about Cyberpunk 2077 ... which I guess is not surprising.
  2. If you want to bid for a competitive license, you need to have a in-and-out business model. You need to know what the resulting product line will look like, roughly speaking, in terms of costs and revenue over its entire lifespan, considering a major risk is affording to renew the license. That applies to IPs like Star Wars. I don't think it applies as much/at all to an IP like the one in question. In this case, the problem was that Chaosium went into a nosedive -- not that the license was too hot/expensive. If Chaosium maintained/improved its quality over the years, does anyone think Stormbringer would be OOP? I mean, Mongoose got the license after Chaosium, after all. That said, I guess a production company could snap up the license and the IP could suddenly become hugely valuable out of nowhere. That wouldn't hold me back from picking up the license if I had the capacity to sell a Stormbringer reprint and a solid basis for believing it could be at least marginally profitable. FYI - CD Projekt RED and R. Talasorian plan to release a Witcher RPG mid-2016. I have no clue why it ended up being R. Talasorian. Maybe they were the only company that asked? I don't have high hopes.
  3. This thread is a great example of why I love message boards. I had never heard of this film before, much less the television series.
  4. I always wanted to pick up a copy of the First Edition but never got around to it. Now that there's Second Edition updated for CoC 7E, I'm glad I didn't. Let's hope it sees wider distribution soon. Anyone know if Gaslight will be similarly updated?
  5. Smigoran wrote " [...] provided that it's done by a solid company capable of paying regularly the royalties." It seems like D├ępartement des Sombres Projets manages to deliver. How hard can it be for an American or British company? That's an honest question; I am not discounting the possibility that some kind of wrinkle actually does make it more difficult for American or British publishers. As for it being the IP itself: Marcus Bone wrote " [...] I think the property isn't the draw card it was in the 80s." It certainly isn't, I agree, and largely because so much of what we take for granted in fantasy today has taken inspiration from aspects of Moorcock's work. OTOH I think there is something about this IP that stands out and remains very marketable.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, no company currently holds the English-language license to publish a Young Kingdoms RPG. Is that correct? Any rumours going around about what the future might hold? Chaosium's new management has an apparent appetite to get product moving. Could we see Stormbringer return? Or how about a translation of Mournblade published and distributed by Chaosium? Is there another publisher who you think is more likely or would do a better job?
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