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  1. The Rune spell is used by Priests, etc., the Spirit Magic spell is used by Shamans, etc.,
  2. I’m sure Chaosium knows, yes.
  3. I’m recruiting again. Two players in USA time zones got character generation done but haven’t been able to make any sessions. C’est la vie. The party is 4th level, 24 adventures done, Storm Bull, Rebel, Zorak Zorani, Monk, Ranger. If you’re in a time zone suitable for Sydney time, please consider trying it.
  4. Yerezum Storn received worship under the EWF, and it demanded it of my players in 13th Age Glorantha, but the Orlanthi had sworn oaths to King Berevenenos, and the Uz had accepted the mission from Sarna Ya'qal, so that came to naught. The Uz Monk of Sky River Titan captured the spirit of Yerezum Storn in his shield of tears, which I'm sure will not have complications at all. 😉
  5. Orgorvale Summer is the goddess. She's a demigod, granddaughter of Orlanth and Ernalda. In my 13th Age Glorantha game, she emerged from the Queens Tomb like Janet Webb at the end of The Morecambe & Wise Show to thank her liberators in person. 😉
  6. I just checked it and it warns of an invalid certificate date. My up-to-date Chrome on up-to-date MacOS with no antivirus etc., tells me: (Disclaimer: network & systems administrator) Edit: They're using a Let's Encrypt certificate so something went wrong with their automatic renewal. Perhaps they'll fix it once the weekend or GenCon is over.
  7. The Red Book of Magic (PDF, December 2020, Version 1.0) is missing the spell Recover Spirit referenced in RuneQuest: Glorantha Bestiary page 27 and CHA4029 Adventure Book page 51.
  8. You’re welcome! Thanks for checking! I just searched my PDFs on my iPad and I don’t have that one.
  9. Guide to Glorantha p.31 Glorantha Sourcebook p.131 (IMHO the waiting star is Theya)
  10. I’ve noted it in the Red Book of Magic corrections thread. Edit: Noted in the RuneQuest Rules Q&A thread as instructed.
  11. The Gardener subcult of Aldrya spell Recover Spirit is missing.
  12. This is the Shanassee Tree on page 51? It’s Special Rune Magic of the Gardener Subcult of Aldrya in RQ:G Bestiary, page 26. It’s in Cults of Prax, page 104 of my RQC PDF.
  13. Dragon Pass: Land of Thunder says
  14. Glad to be of service. I have all the physical books, but it’s faster searching the PDFs. 😉
  15. The pagination of my PDF seems to differ from your copy. Mine says
  16. Gonn Orta's castle is in a pass between some of the Eleven Big Giant Mountains in the Rockwood Mountains between the Elder Wilds and the Wastes according to Griffin Mountain p.175 In the Glorantha Sourcebook, see the map on p.144, look for the mountains between the green Elder and the orange Praxians east of the grey Dagori Inkarth. If you download the free Argan Argar Atlas it's map 20 and shows Gonn Orta's Pass between Skik and Tarnk.
  17. Glorantha Sourcebook p.76 explains her parents, children, and some worship, including “She is also called the Mother of Death, for that Rune was made or found within her cavernous being before it was brought into the Surface World.”
  18. My 13th Age Glorantha campaign includes an Uzko Monk of Sky River Titan from the temple at Crabtown.
  19. I doubt it. I’ve always understood it to refer to the prison in Melbourne, Victoria. Pentridge Sun County is full of Australian references. 😉
  20. Recently on RPGnet I used the captioned version of the HeroQuest: Glorantha cover in the Glorantha Sourcebook to explain what's happening in the picture to a Glorantha newcomer. I look forward to complex images like this receiving explanatory captions & keys in later publications. 😉
  21. The RQG Bestiary groups them with all the Praxian Riding Animals on pp. 153 so I expect the Ostrich Tribe to have the same cultural & religious affiliations as the other Praxian tribes, like the Morokanth and the Bison Tribe. IIRC the 3rd tribe of the Two Legged Alliance were Loper riders (RQG Bestiary pp. 150). Birds tend to be Fire/Sky rune creatures, but they don't stay that way. So I'd say the Ostrich has Beast above Fire/Sky since they lost the Waha gambling contest. If you quest back, you might encounter Ostrich as a Fire/Sky creature in Genert's Garden. Like the Augner of Rinliddi (Anaxial's Roster p.22).
  22. There's a fair amount published, but not collected on the Well of Daliath, for example.
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