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  1. Hi Dean, That's perfect. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Thanks! Any chance you also did the Pulp Cthulhu sheets and have them without the paper texture? All the sheets are great as is but they are incredibly more printer friendly without the paper texture.
  3. Mike, can you get printer friendly versions of the Pulp Cthulhu and Down Darker Trails character sheets? And hopefully any of the others that are full color or have a color background? Like the ones that are used for the scenarios found on these forums. Thanks !
  4. Wow, thanks so much Mike. I just got the latest printings of both the keepers and Investigators books after reading your reply. I will try to pass the earlier printing copies along with their errata to poor doomed souls who are still ignorant of the Great. Old Ones. Almost like Jack Chick pamphlets except with much better art. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Mike. But I have copies of the fourth printing and they didnt have the errata that was from 2017 last time I checked online. I'm trying to find out what printing I need to buy in order to get the most "current" errata free version of the core book and investigator handbook. I havent even made the jump to Pulp Cthulhu yet.
  6. I'm pretty sure that Mike Mason said that there was a printing of the core rules that has the errors corrected in it. Possibly over at yog-sothoth.com?
  7. What print version of the core rulebook and investigator handbook have the errata included? That is, the errors have been corrected. Thanks!
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